Every Time I Die - Indian Giver Lyrics

No broken hearted people, no crash, no flame, no sermon at a casket nor a
howl into the grave. Every bone was in position, every hair was in position.
Every hair was in its place. A light comes. Pulled off a dark country road. New
roman suicide note. All the way closed. So it goes. No organs to be salvaged,
no teeth to be compared, we asked for no police involvement because we knew you
weren't there. We threw a birthday party and at the table in your chair, a
lightness. Pulled off a dark country road. New roman suicide note. All the way
closed. So it goes. As long as your name is on my list or your story written in
the choruses then true death couldn't get you. But when its spoken for the last
time, the weight is lifted. A third eye. So I make a vow to forget you.

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Every Time I Die Indian Giver Comments
  1. Brett

    To whomever ever disliked this, give me an address, and I will fuck you up free of charge.

  2. Josh Veverka

    My ex was really big into them. I didn't. Follow suit. Dammit I should have! Shhhhh smart chick, don't tell her. Ha ha.

  3. Flayky

    the way i see it is hot damn was on point...then they took a little time to be under the spotlight...picked it back up at new junk aesthetic and have put out 4 solid albums that are going to be a major influence on music that will follow them...not saying they should stop any time soon though lol!

  4. Red Affix

    First heard these guys in like '06/07 and didn't appreciate them as much as I do now. Didn't have the taste for the aggression but loved the lyrics. 2 years later I heard new junk aesthetic and been hooked ever since. Damn good band. Don't know what super-clever-sub-sub-genre some of the elitists would call it, but this is some good ass metal.


    its metalcore through in through but they have always had a tongue in cheek approach, especially in the earlier albums. The southern riffs are semi unique as well. If you dig ETID's sound I'd suggest Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Greyhaven

  5. Kevin Smith

    Mike Novak is almost certainly Frank from "Scale"

  6. Zachary Jollimore

    They played this in Halifax when they came. My brother and I screamed it word for word

  7. mmzen

    I hate most metalcore but this song gets it right

  8. mcdangles89

    Worst ETID song ever made, and Ex-Lives is one of their best albums.

    Raleigh Gelner

    this song is about a friend of his it's a bit of eulogy. and happens to capture that essence greatly. you know shit about music if you say this is "the worst ETID" song. better than almost everything on new junk aesthetic.

    b reid

    I heard it was about their original drummer


    That is the stupidest cheapest thoughtless brainless kind of statement anyone generally ever vomits onto fkng youtube comments.
    This is easily more awesome and more meaningful and more original than any fucking thing from their first album, and probably quite a few others.
    And it gets even more awesome played live.


    Eat shit bud, it's a bad song

    Zachary Jollimore

    mcdangles89 if you can prove to me mathematically why this song sucks. then you may survive. because on the (musical) theory side of things. this is a jarring, emotional, dissonant song. which resolves itself at the end, even the music sings a eulogy to pair with keiths lyricism

  9. Layne Willingham

    What are some other songs/bands that sound like this?


    +Layne Willingham Dead and Divine or Ritual

    Dominik Ignacik

    Like this? Beause this does not sound like most ETID songs :)
    This sounds like Cave in. Check out "Sing my Loves" from their last album.

    tripplesix x

    2 years too late. but converge or glassjaw

    Marco Tejada

    Newer Norma jean

    cory l

    Layne Willingham none.

  10. GhANeC

    Has anyone read the lyrics? I wonder who this is about...

    Raleigh Gelner

    yea, i don't think anyone bothered with that considering the dumbass "mcdangles89" says it's their worst song ever when its a swan song to a friend of theirs.

    b reid

    I've heard this is about Rat Boy, their first drummer


    @b reid I... really doubt that...


    +Raleigh Gelner so you think it's an eulogy to a dead friend

  11. Christophe Poisson

    "Eargasm giver" *

  12. Tim Barham

    It might be blasphemous, but I think Ex Lives is actually my favorite ETID album. 

    bryan ohl

    +Tim Barham I'm torn between this and New Junk Aesthetic.... and i've listened since Hot Damn!

  13. Grant Clemens

    This is driving me crazy, do they have a guest vocalist singing in this track? It sounds so vaguely familiar to me but I can't pinpoint it, maybe Jared Leto or something, but google is getting me nowhere. HELP!

    Daniel Bruner

    Placebo, pure morning.  It's what I hear anyway.


    @kingap1 Are you CERTAIN of what you're saying? I mean sure that may very well happen to be him, but It just doesnt sound like Keith at all. I would more quickly believe someone telling me that's the vocalist from Dredg or from freaking Stereophonics or something, before I'd say that's just Keith.


    @ghoawaynetcabo it's keith, he handles it live just as well too.

    Kyle Sokoloski

    listen to finale (keiths short lived side project.) It's all Keith.

    Dominik Ignacik

    Stephen Brodsky

  14. ARescueToaster

    Good ol' fashion nerd joy huh? Nice! We need more of that 'round these parts.

  15. Karyn

    No nerd rage, just nerd joy :-)

  16. ARescueToaster

    Glad you enjoyed that instead of nerdraging :) Woo humor!

  17. ARescueToaster

    That was terrible. I dig it!

  18. Karyn

    Perfect way to end an album. ETID gets it right every time... I die :-P Couldn't resist, haha!


    The ending is sooooo CAVE IN!

  20. Martin Zábranský

    This band is amazing :3