Every Time I Die - I Suck (Blood) Lyrics

I'd rather beg your forgiveness 
Than solicit permission
I'd rather know that it broke your heart
Than doubt that it will

Every time we divide
We put zeroes under the line  
And we publish it as our proof
That nothingness is divine

I can't find a way to grind your heart to a halt
It was probably just the wind
I don't ruin you like I did.

I would rather be a jealous man
Than an off-duty cop
I tried to be a babe-in-arms,
Not a bull in a china shop
A sheep in wolfs clothes

I'm a hangman without a rope.
Who am I trying to kid?
I don't ruin you like I did.

When you live your life being scared to death
Then you might as well be wounded.
If you spend your nights being short of breath
Then I'll keep these shadows moving

(If only you could see me now.)
If you could only see me 
I'll take what I can get even if it's restraining orders.


What do you take me for?
What do you take me for?
Did you think I could garner attention with tact?
What do you take me for?

What am I trying to prove?
What have I done to you?
Left at the altar and asked for a bed.
What did I expect you to do?

Give me an audience
Black loveless eyes
I have hundreds of costumes, but not one disguise.

Places everyone
Fangs out

I'd rather beg your forgiveness 
Than solicit permission
I'd rather know that it broke your heart
Than doubt that it will

I would rather be a jealous man
Than an off-duty cop
I tried to be a babe-in-arms.
Not a bull in a china shop

I will see 
You in the dark
I will see 
You in the dark

Castrated stranger with candy hearts.

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Every Time I Die I Suck (Blood) Comments
  1. Matthew Cadaverous

    That "take care" in the beginning, you know we're in Buffalo lmfao

  2. LaserGadgets

    How can he even afford a camera? Oo his full time job is being a weirdo.

  3. Art Raws

    Did you think I could garner attention with tact? People don't even know what "tact" is. Except us.

  4. Nicolas Di Cesare

    Incredible energy. Riffing remind me Remission era Mastodon

  5. Jayden Boggs

    Is that "INRIhab" playing in the background in the beginning?

  6. Matt Wilson

    I've been listening to Metal, some punk, some hardcore, for 22+ years and I have no clue what the fuck took me so long to get into this band. I'm embarrassed..forgive me. This band is nearly perfect.

    Jacob Boone

    Matt Wilson yesssss. Matt yes Matt. You're right on the head

  7. Дмитрий Гелих

    You suck (period)

  8. Tim G

    0:16 INRIhab playing very faintly in the background.

  9. Dizzy

    Anyone mind giving their interpretation on the music video or the lyrics to the song?


    Lol he was stalking her in a very creepy, stalkerish way, wanting to get his rocks off. She eventually turns the table on him, she becomes the predator and makes him powerless.

    I don't think it happens like that in real life, would have liked to see him get arrested, but it's an interesting concept for the video.

  10. KARvER


  11. Samuel Wood

    this song makes me wanna throw a mad right hook

  12. henepee

    They suck (dick)

    Swooce Mothmane

    +henepee you're a piece (of shit)


    Swooce Mothmane lmao

  13. paul santos

    i have hundreds of costumes but not one disguise

  14. kelly naz

    what the fuck

  15. Michael Lawson

    Thought the creeper dude was Tom Morello when the video first started...

  16. Keb Moji

    Keith's lyrics man. Damn.

  17. Jordan s

    hey check out my etid guitar covers. you won't be let down

    Bailey Davies-Prout

    Subscribed :)

  18. Angel Noose

    These guys make pretty good music.

  19. Tom os

    Who has pictures of themselves in their own house?

    Bailey Davies-Prout

    A lot of people

  20. Christopher Leinhart


  21. Citizen Oftheworld

    so....pretty much Dillinger Escape Plan?

    Sidney Frances

    +Citizen Oftheworld
    What? ETID is a mathcore band like them, if that's what you mean.

  22. André Neves

    This video is sick and dumb in so many ways. Praised be the abuser. Relativizing it all is just out of reality. Shows how much these guys just want to believe what they want, not facts or statistics. Anecdotes like this are false symmetry. Great lesson for men: keep the rape culture as it is, might get you a girlfriend sometimes. (Note that the band endorses the compulsive behavior of an abuser as OK). Not commenting the sound, but the guys from the band (and the producers) are not worth the air they breathe. Making joke of oppression ppl have to go through everyday is not smart.

    Troy Wicker

    little late but... FUCKING GOT EM'

    Barack "I have AIDS" Obama

    it's quite obviously not meant to be a representation of real life. It seems to be some kind of fairy tale where the "heart" has some significance. Maybe watch their other videos I'm pretty sure they're not serious

    ace Brown

    Yeah not really sure why they went this direction for a music video but I assure you no girl would just provocatively jump on some weirdo guy that was stalking her. So I don't think its made to be taken seriously or is trying to downplay the seriousness of rape/stalking victims. If anything this could be interpreted as a stab at the justice system who are constantly fucking things up ie false rape accusations between gf/bf, and in like the video they arrested the girl without knowing what the hell was going on. Or just how weird scenarios often get misinterpreted in general.

    Reverend Ghoul



    Lmao idiot

  23. decom70

    Yup, thats how to get rid of your stalker.

  24. Kris Rivas

    I'm seeing these guys tomorrow to open up for Nothing More. Not gonna enjoy this band at all lol

    Kris Rivas

    @makemeajmod this actually wasn't the band I meant. I got confused with another band. But nah these dudes are still pretty gay

  25. Maurizio Izzy Rh Rodio

    1:00 The camera and 2/3 guys reflected in the window

  26. decadepast decadepast

    Every time I die is pure fucking awesome.

  27. deadNdivine12

    Great song really enjoyed the guitars the most and the video was funny I liked how at the end the stalker was being comforted by his friends.. And what did he plan to do anyways? Why was he stalking her... Pretty lame video, but great song.

  28. Junge mit Herz

    This is so stupid and bad I dunno how to say it..but you guys really suck. Saw you last night live and nearly fell asleep. Ur wasting my time


    Junge mit Herz And ur wasting our precious air, so please kys rn

  29. Brandon Remigio

    I don't get the video
    He should've accepted her and fuck her

    Joe Miller

    He gets off on the fear and she's not afraid anymore so he's not into it. What's not to get?

  30. Zoë B

    LOL this video is funny he got off on her fear but she liked the stalking so then he was afraid xD karma

  31. Toni Sølberg

    By far one of the greatest bands ever.. Both live and on record they're freakin' amazing. Who gives a crap about genres, labels and whatnot anyways? (apart from selfie taking little shit teens that is)

  32. Dillon Thomassee

    The video is about turning rape culture on it's head. The guy is clearly getting off on her being scared and freaked out. "When you live your life being scared to death then you might as well be wounded." Prey turned to predator when she decides to flip the script.

  33. OzzyNujabezzz

    Etid is is a punch to the neck it's fucking amazing

  34. dylan lorinc

    i honestly don't understand how anyone dislikes Every Time I Die. They are musical perfection in my opinion.


    They're either too young to understand or too dense. I agree, they're brilliant.


    @Cristian Hernandez or they just didnt like the video
    like me

    An drés

    @dylan lorinc Because is your personal opinion.

    Louis Morello

    dylan lorinc i used to think hot damn was just noise, now it’s one of my favorite albums of all time

    A B

    @superchimp99 you shouldn't dislike a music video if you actually like the music. Doesn't make sense to me.

  35. Jack Torrance

    At 1:01 you can see someone's reflection on the window. Creepy.

    María Aizcorbe

    yeah, I saw it too, spoopy....

  36. Becky Woodcock

    Saw these when they supported a day to remember, they were shit tbh

    Becky Woodcock

    ok but i listen to La Dispute, just think this band is shit live


    Well they're not,  and you're opinion is invalid.


    @Cristian Hernandez I wouldn't say La Dispute are difficult to get into since every suicidal chick on tumblr reposts their lyrics to that one song where they talk about walls and darling. Don't get me wrong, they're cool and poetic but TDEP and Periphery would be a better example of trying to get used to a certain band.

    Jay C

    every band is going to have some shit shows, it just happens, i saw them at Unsilent Night and they were fucking incredible 

  37. Nitrozwerg

    This video is confusing me.

    drew niterider

    thinking more about things might help u !

    Michael C

    What's confusing?

  38. epicnate98

    3:36 Raining in a 24 inch radius ;)

  39. Trevor Snyders

    If you guys like this shit you might like these guys and will have some more songs to listen to www.reverbnation.com/flybyfire

  40. Mexican5o

    Is it weird that my English teacher introduced me to this band? O_0


    Well the singer, Keith Buckley used to be an english teacher...so, I guess your teacher impressed with Keiths lyrics:')

    Ian I-Cee

    That is beautiful

    Nic Whisnant

    Mexican5o kieth buckley majored in English in college...no surprise if you listen to the structure of his lyrics and words used you cant miss it

    Evan Sullivan

    Mexican5o that’s one bad ass teacher would love to have that teacher

  41. Luca Tagliabue

    Saw them in Milan, they're simply amazing

  42. Life's Not Fair

    Check out our music video

  43. GhANeC

    And btw Legs should be petting his leg, not Keith.

  44. qqq1701

    Well that was unexpected.

  45. katie ambrose

    Haven't heard of these guys untill I saw them last night with adtr and tssf they're increadible

  46. Darrion Alexander

    these guys sound amazing!

  47. Ub3rGoob3r

    Holy fuck that chick is HOT.

  48. nathan's channel

    I could hear music playing in the  back round 00:51 ..it startz
    stocking my girlfriend BITCH!!!.
    that's my heart for you =) 03:50 .nnooooo!! babe!! ..
    she got set up =0

  49. Kyle Farsing

    Cool video..

  50. Daevi1

    it was a love story as sweet as twilight

  51. Donovan Patrick

    I wish I could understand a word he is saying.

    Donovan Patrick

    @Kyle Newk I can barely understand him. some of his other songs are easier than others.  


    @Donovan Patrick Look up the lyrics to this song and you will see every reason why it deserves to be screamed incoherently. 

    Donovan Patrick

    @shoktek420 got you bro lol 

    Toni Sølberg

    It's simple... Learn English ;)

    Donovan Patrick


  52. BearsStillRule

    this song is ingenious 

  53. Ryan Valero

    So that's how you get a girlfriend.. Who would've thought??

  54. Saraievo

    Saw IV...

  55. michael stewart

    Im confused?

  56. kawa kei


  57. Casey Lee

    These should be good in Cardiff in Feb. not looking forward to "The Story So Far Though" they're lame as fuck :S 2/3 bands on that show are good (Y)

  58. Jon Koury

    I'll actually probably be at that St. Louis show haha. But yes, Every Time I Die is great live. However, like any band it's a lot better when you know the music. I heard of them by seeing them live, and afterwards checked them out. Second time I saw them was sooooo much better

  59. TheChrisdevour

    When people say they have only just heard of this band because of A Day To Remember is crazy news!

    Adam Taylor

    TheChrisdevour sad if you ask me! A day to remember is nowhere near as good as every time I die, and they never will be.

  60. Daniel Wray

    If you ask me a day to remember should be opening for everytime I die. Not the other way around

  61. Michael Alfonso

    Youre not special...

  62. haiitskealey

    when i found out theyre supporting a day to remember in february thought i should check them out lets just say i havent regretted it one bit

  63. Tim Gledhill

    You might consider pursuing a career in stalking/raping? Just the way I'd interpret that.

  64. Unhoy Matrimony

    'What do you take me for?'

  65. Jake Lewis

    Love the sound of these guys, Had to look them up when I fount out they're supporting a day to remember in February

  66. dethraayy

    soo.... not too make anyone feel tooooo awkward here, but this video gave me full chub/half wood....srsly... honestly not even sure why

  67. Casey Saunders

    i get the feeling thats what they were going for

  68. ozzy2k11

    this video left me lost for words lol

  69. HollowSoul

    Gotta love ETID

  70. chuck ware

    I saw them back in '05 with Lamb of God, Atreyu, and Unearth...they're definitely worth seeing live...

  71. Rogelio Mendoza

    @sandyghetto go. You would not want to miss seeing both letlive. And etid on your together. I'm seeing them at the Roxy in l.a I'm fucking excited to go balistic


    i'm not too familiar with these guys but they are going to be in St.Louis soon with letlive. and a few other bands I love letlive and i am wondering if it would be worth seeing these guys too

  73. CavemanofTech

    then u sir have never seen the clip lost and found by dead dreamers

  74. CavemanofTech

    thank you

  75. Austin Allen

    The idea is that women fall in love with attention and that can be just as bad as the men who idolize them.

  76. noskilz04

    This is also proof that Sony cameras are the number one camera for stalkers.

  77. Isaac Vargas

    The worst video I've ever seen, unexpectedly

  78. Pako Cortes

    like si erez de Mèxico

  79. priestkilla

    songs about how women don't know what they want, so it makes perfect sense.

  80. Snurglefluffs

    That means you're not drunk enough.

  81. Sam Willwerth

    This is proof that rape is not a man-only crime.

  82. metalife0n0deth

    That is the most stupid thing I have ever read.

  83. Adam Lerner

    I don't understand!

  84. Terrence LeBeau

    I saw them two days ago, and damn they played all of Hot Damn! it was a pleasant surprise.

  85. Terrence LeBeau

    Okay so here's my theory: she is getting stalked, she's terrified, then it occurs to her after he leaves a note (attached to the heart, which the heart is symbolic) so she realized that she has his heart, he loves her for some reason, so he won't hurt her, so when she finds him she can do whatever she wants for revenge because she now knows he won't hurt her.

  86. victor martinez

    These guys changed so much fucken love them <3

  87. Anthony Frost

    These guys are like the hardcore gwar

  88. Manuel Vazquez

    I think it's an Edgar Allen Poe reference.

  89. Jimmy Bezotte

    They put on such a great live show.

  90. Derek Lamoreaux

    at this point they're pretty much a modernized southern rock band.

  91. Greg Brewer


  92. Evan Horn

    Going to see these guys chelsea grin ice nine kills for all those sleeping iwrestledabearonce and capture the crown monday at buffalo

  93. justmusic

    Wha happen in the video? 0-0

  94. Zachary Dale

    hardcore punk, southern metal, or metalcore. (Metalcore IS the bridge that gaps Metal and Hardcore lol)

  95. [A]fterGlow

    i didnt get anything about this video...lol

  96. Conor Bean

    I think ETID kinda bridges the gap between the two, and they add some lo-fi rock influences too.

  97. jasmine ramirez

    I was more interested in the video

  98. mrJYjelly

    so that's how you stop a rapist?