Every Time I Die - After One Quarter Of A Revolution Lyrics

Cleaned up the mess I'm in, now I am born again.
Naked, spotless motion without strings.
I've flushed the filth to sea, the limbs and sharp debris but if that water rises woe is me.
Hearts aren't beating they're counting down.
Breaths aren't stolen they're groomed and given out.
The closet is teeming with broken bones.
I'll be driven out and swallowed whole.
I walk a crooked mile with the devil on my back puppeteering, schemes with every step.
But I once could walk through walls and drift above it all, pursuing endless love to endless depths.
Hearts aren't beating they're counting down.
Breaths aren't stolen they're groomed and given out.
The closet is teeming with broken bones.
I'll be driven out and swallowed whole.
Object all you want but I am not done with you.
Lives will be lost.
Children will grieve.
Entire nations will crumble and blood will run deep, but we will be redeemed.
You and I will be weightless.
We'll stay unborn so death can't start the clock and love can seep through our pores.

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Every Time I Die After One Quarter Of A Revolution Comments
  1. Oggydogg 313

    Hey I’m ETID and all I sing about is partying and fucking whores and drinking ain’t I COOL!

  2. Ana B. Magallanes

    This video brings back so many memories. One of the BEST shows I have the pleasure of saying I ever went to when I was younger!! Never left another show as sore and bruised up as this one. Sooooo worth it

  3. BINX

    My dads the one hanging from the roof

  4. thestrangeceleb

    One of the most memorable shows of my life. You can tell from my expression on the opening scene! San Antonio ALWAYS does it right for ETID!!!

  5. ace Brown

    pete wentz is supposed to be on vocals on this track, not hearing it though what the eff.

    Chris Benoit

    Hearts aren't beating, they're counting down.

  6. shop 09

    Saw these freaks last autumn, what a party!multitudes of bodies sailing off the stage! and the band encourages stage diving! Even Jordan B.( guitar) jumped at the end. My favorite band.

  7. shop 09

    Naked stagediving? Must be one o' them big city thangs....our town ain't big enough for to have dangling paticiples, epidermis showing & such

  8. InfiniteDominance

    You need to see this band live if you haven't. Saw them last night, it was like this exactly for the entirety of the show. Fucking nuts

  9. IsThatComicSans

    I like how near the end josh is all like


  10. Bullocks

    when people say american crowds dont go hard I show em this

  11. Jordan s

    hey check out my etid guitar covers you won't be let down

  12. ASpieth19

    What time is Pete's part?

    Austin Hilton

    +ASpieth19 "Hearts arent beating, their counting down"

  13. [ReDash] Entertainment

    Хуя се жестко

  14. Connor Stith

    It seems like these guys, '68, and letlive. would put on an amazing concert together


    +Connor Stith you read my mind


    etid, letlive and code orange kids wasnt a bad bill,

  15. AzCannibalChris

    I wish the venue at AZ were this great. too bad most the security in all of them are assholes and the hardcore dancers get in the way of everything.

  16. Benjamin H. Nobi

    They opened with this a month ago in MA and it was exactly like the video. Easily one of the craziest shows I've ever been to

  17. Enrique Hernandez

    White Rabbit!

  18. dcartref

    Never fails to get the blood pumping

  19. doppy KORL


  20. Luis Fernández

    this video sucks. Song is awesome.

    Alex mamo

    Luis Fernández it’s just live footage

  21. CathartikRequiem

    I went to a show of theirs recently. The SECOND that the lights turned down....before they even came out....before any of them even touched their instruments....the ENTIRE crowd started moshing. It was INSANE.

  22. doppy KORL

    1:24 let me just lay right here, cause Texas

  23. doppy KORL


  24. blizakebowman

    most certainly not. He complimented her...I might have been angry had been critical, but we happened to share the same view on her ass. Glad we had that in common

  25. ugh ok

    did you lay the fucksmack on him

  26. frankiepumpkineater

    fuck this


    fuck you

  27. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    a friend of mine try to show me what hardcore is, he showed me attack attack, i showed him every time i die, no he is a motherfucking crazy guy who hates attack attack XD

  28. V519200

    There is a special place for people who stage dives. The floor

  29. Zach Leger

    Needs more stagedivers

  30. pharaohgirgzz

    That looks like so much fun.

  31. Atticus Rhodes

    This show was off the chain... By far the craziest one ive been too- naked dude be trippin jumpin into the crowd and shit... very energetic set to say the least.. I Miss The White Rabbit!!!!

  32. redwingtrekie24

    San Antonio knows how to do it ;]

  33. Cole Nichols

    so... many... stagedives... 0____0

  34. Alexandre Klein

    way to be a debbie downer

  35. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    i don't remember someone asking your age little brat, just enjoy the music please

  36. hiddenshadow901

    I went to one of their shows. For my first concert. And we were up front, against the stage. I'm 14. It was SO fun!

  37. BleachedWings

    Alright uhm...What did Pete Wentz do in ANY of this awesome?

  38. Thierry Tremblay

    1:34 best stagedive EVER.

  39. popnotmyface

    Crowd surf to the bar for a drink? Why not.

  40. Lary Nx


  41. redwingtrekie24

    the White Rabbit baby!! San Antonio mother fuckers we know how to do it right! ;] ETID come back NOW!!

  42. DeadPixel

    check the floater video

  43. Lary Nx


  44. kevin vanscoy


  45. Noah Brierley

    if a naked guy stage dived on me i would fucking punch him in his balls so hard! you dont fucking do that

  46. cwolfterror

    Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  47. Rawk4Life

    Stage diving naked is just gross, and I mean for both sides. Since several people have to carry a stage diver, I am sure no one wants to accidentally get a dude's penis rubbed up against his arm. As for a woman, if she's already sweating when she stage dives naked, the last thing I want on my hands is a pile of sweat from her body.

  48. Tom Lackner

    1:26 is priceless haha

  49. meansman01

    All of their Buffalo shows are like this plus 10

  50. Marc Labor

    no naked female stage diving is ok

  51. missbeeho

    And there's also a special place in Hell for those who stage dive while being completely NAKED.

  52. blizakebowman

    I meant to say he felt her up. Eitherway, if you want, I think I still have her number. Maybe you guys can hit a show up together and get some road head on after?

  53. Gavin Gott

    I wish I was half as lucky as you man. Mine won't even go with me to see them. Grounds for finding a new gf? Maybe.

  54. kevin santee

    They are from Buffalo but I feel they should be from the south :p hmmmmm

  55. blizakebowman

    Keith Buckley felt my girlfriend one time. Them complemented me on her ass.

  56. chronofx

    lol such anger! I know they are from Buffalo, but for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to film this video in San Antonio at The White Rabbit. Such a great fucking show. SATX FTW!

  57. Mike Hunt

    ETID is from Buffalo dipshit

  58. musicslikeadrug

    Fuck yeah man. It's all about the frontflips and back diving.

  59. mushu rules

    the best hardcore video ever!!

  60. zazooo07

    theres a place for people that dont enjoy some head-walking,...its called the back of the club

  61. Scott Hanson

    damn i thought i had been to some crazy shows before I saw this, but not anymore

  62. Brokethelofi


  63. Eric Black

    pete wentz is featured at the guest vocals

  64. Sebastien Smith

    who is the guest vocals on this?

  65. Brandon Woolrich

    My hometown. Very grateful to have a kick ass band here!

  66. Lary Nx

    So ETID NEEDS to come back to San Antonio when the new album drops...just sayin

    Follow the White Rabbit.............

  67. Yessica Curiel

    Best goddamn band around. Can't wait to see them in March.

  68. GhANeC

    @saxaxe indeed

  69. Dstryr1991

    Is that Dan from FYS at 1:31 throwing that guy into the crowd? Either way its the best bit!

  70. Mike Hunt

    @aaronconlin lol makes sense

  71. Aaron Conlin

    @B0n3rS0up I go to school in Rochester but live farther away so that's probably why lol

  72. Mike Hunt

    @aaronconlin yeah right?! i go to school in Buffalo and theyre all over the place there haha

  73. Aaron Conlin

    @B0n3rS0up What!? I didn't know they were from Buffalo, I live a little over an hour from there that's pretty sweet

  74. Jackie b

    warped tour<3

  75. AlexCasillas8

    Diego Luna 0:57

  76. earlybecomings


  77. Nathan B.

    @bekcs thought so

  78. electricbex

    @SalsaShark6 fuck all

  79. Nathan B.

    Can some body please tell me what Pete Wentz contributed to this amazing song?

  80. mguygh


  81. louisonfire

    Perfect hardcore.

  82. OniOfChaos

    i cant believe i missed this show. and after all the times i've seen them.

  83. FlaKey511


  84. Koen v. Meijel

    Why are people shitting about the genre LOOK AT THE VIDEO OMG THAT'S LIKE THE BEST SHOW EVER

  85. Jaime Abellar

    They're playing the Philippines w/ The Acacia Strain on Oct. 8... FULLY STOKED.

  86. UsEliteSki


  87. Janky Jay

    ETID come to seattle. ASAP... this video just exacerbates how badly I need to see them at some point in my life. I can't listen to this song and NOT want to fuck shit up!!!!

  88. Pamol

    I love how Andy just drops through the crowd, and his faceexpression afterwards.

  89. homesnake202

    Hah hah, no one can hold up big ol' Andy

  90. Olguín María Rosa

    @fateofthenerd Really?

  91. Serpico's Beard

    Why the hell is Shania bastard Twain in the suggestions side bar? haha!
    Every time i die fuckin' own.

  92. Jeremy Dodge

    saw these guys perform in a small bar, that was awesome. only band who could have pulled off a venue like that

  93. Dan Christensen

    If you like Everytime I die, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and comeback Kid.

    Then check this out The Revolt of Darwin

  94. Nick Sheufelt

    @brandonisdead listen to "wanderlust"

  95. Orlando Carreno

    @MrJoeydee89 haha well with a southern sound

  96. Mike Hunt

    way to represent buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Orlando Carreno

    one of the best southern bands still around...

  98. BashYouLongtime

    ETID=The perfect mix of modern and thrash. \m/

  99. BethyTexas

    and that ladies and gentlemen is how we do thing in san antonio