Every Avenue - Whatever Happened To You Lyrics

You got your new pills, some kind of cheap thrills
we use to bet who'd be the first one to make it out

You got your rat race, i got my goose chase.
were running circles round the same thing, aren't we now?

But time will never wait.
I learned the hard way,
cause I don't recognize
the face in front of me

I am the same as I was when I was younger,
whatever happened to you?
I'll never change with the lines on my face,
I'm still the person you knew.
whatever happened to you?

You know you had a chance,
the world in your hands
you could have had it all
if you'd have got your shit straight

You're off the deep end, and all your old friends
Are sick of drowning in your sorrows. Listen now.
We fought the same fight, and i stood by your side
but I can't stick around and watch you crumble

Time will never wait ill learn the hard way
cuz I won't recognize the face in front of me

I am the same as I was when I was younger,
whatever happened to you?
I'll never change with the lines on my face,
I'm still the person you knew,
whatever happened to you?

I am the same as I was when I was younger

I am the same as I was when I was younger,
whatever happened to you?
I'll never change with the lines on my face,
I'm still the same person you knew.
whatever happened to you?

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Every Avenue Whatever Happened To You Comments

    Ronan Keating so much expression when he sings..


    like the part bye bye I'll forget you (bout' time) lol


    what a beautiful song how I feel when my g-dtr leaves for college soon...


    beautiful song

  5. Cate Day

    in 7th grade we had to pick a life theme song , I picked this, didn't get yelled at for the 'shit' part

  6. Mandy Rose

    "We fought the same fight, and I stood by your side, but I can't stick around and watch you crumble" story of my life! I love it!

  7. Mia's Infinity

    I think it's you've got your own ways so common who says? Not you've got your own right so common who stays? I don't know I could be wrong

  8. Sumguy

    I feel like a lot of people didn't quite get that this is about his friend changing because of drugs.. not just because they changed. I don't view this as a "fuck you" to anyone. It's him being upset his friend went down the wrong path.

  9. Hanna Barnes

    This song... goes to my ex-best friend! The guitar solo, AMAZING! I want to see them in concert so bad :)

  10. kelly1st

    ME TOO!!

  11. Abigail Bargdill

    i "liked" it simply because around 1:53, it said " (kickass guitar solo) "

  12. RavensSarora

    Lol! I loved "Kickass guitar solo"

  13. Allyssa Geckle

    I dedicate this to my first friend at my new school, she started acting like a bitch when she realized i wasn't her little puppet.

  14. neenaissocoollike

    hi. nitya?
    If you see this, it's dedicated to you.

  15. falyn strack

    love <3 and great vidoe :)

  16. Shivani Bathija

    This is dedicated to the girl I just sent the link to :) Hope you rot in hell, sweetie.

  17. TheFizzMic

    That paper is yucky. I always though paper was white. Haha, just kidding. It looks pretty nifty.

  18. TheFullmetalRaven

    whatever happened to those i thought i was changing to be the best they could be?
    walked into the dark side, decided to leave...
    we might be lookin at different points of view, still..
    whatever happened to you?

  19. Hanna Lynch

    i love this video sooo much<3 oh and this song is just perfect for every person who changes for all the wrong reasons!!!

  20. Vale Giselle

    Nice work!!

  21. cootsykid

    @FallenAngelGoddes if there's a Tilly's store anywhere by you they might have it too. at least the one i work at sells it.

  22. dannzy001

    story of my life

  23. Tom H. Jordan

    I'm going to try and make a music vid for this :)

  24. Kayla Gillespie

    I can relate, oh so much, to this song

  25. Rohan Jacob

    To those who stayed the same when the world tried to make us change xD \\m//!

  26. Lindeau

    @FallenAngelGoddes Online, iTunes, and a physical copy at Hot Topic. I'm not sure if it's anymore or at any other places. You can probably look on their [Every Avenue's] website.

  27. mayo

    soml soml

  28. XdisXesXwhyXimXhawtX

    God his voice at the beginning is HOT ;)

  29. Richies Blogging

    my ex dumped me and i gave everything to him like a gold mine, we went to different schools,he asked me to wait for a month, i did, on the last week i got ill he texted me he's dumping me, he became the most popular guy in that school, but i heard he started to get wasted everyday. Fuck him.

  30. Mary Beth Graafsma

    this song is exactly how i feel right now, seriously this band is amazing! their lyrics are so strong and they really know how to relate to other people

  31. Lizzi Osborne

    @lovemekp most say 'youve got your airways, some chemical save' but it think the lyrics mechanicalcupcake are right because some also say this plus this is what it sounds like when they sing acoustic :)

  32. Lizzi Osborne

    its 'new' pills not little :) but nice vid

  33. Marian Ranalli

    best song off bad habits !

  34. Madison Alexis

    never thought movie maker could be so professional looking :D

  35. ScreamME15

    I wish this were true lol

  36. JonessaLuver

    can we get a download link for this ?(:

  37. steelers1fanoh11

    im so glad someone finally made up lyrics for this song...

  38. kastlexcore

    oof. harsh haha.
    luckily i never experienced losing a friend like this
    and have had the same best friends since 8th grade, its been 10 years since we met..
    good song tho.

  39. hunty54

    @LuckyEm93 nope, the ones up there "rat race and goose chace" are the right ones

  40. Rachel Leach

    this song makes me want to put two fingers up and say 'FUCK YOU' to the world

  41. Lindeau

    @MechanicalCupcake Hmm. I've never seen any lyric websites with that, but it makes sense. I'll have to look in to that. lol! Thank you! :D

  42. Bri S

    I love all of your lyric videos soo much. [:
    They're amazing quality. c:
    Oh, and amazing song. <3

  43. Anna Smith

    If love was a song, this would be it.

  44. iWasTheLastThingOnHisMindx

    I Dedicate This To My Ex Best Friend .

  45. Shelby Christine

    LOVE this song, applys quite well to my circumstance.:)

  46. Melinda L.

    haha, kickass guitar solo indeed ;)