Every Avenue - Mindset Lyrics

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

It started innocent enough, with a day just like any other
Woke up late and running behind
Americano on the corner, she came without a warning
Knocked my drink all over me
She said,
"Sorry I was rushing and I gotta get to work."
After that I didn't hear a single word she said
I was caught off-guard by her turquoise eyes
I knew right then I had to make her mine

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

Turned out my pocket, a crumpled up paper she gave me the day before
A scribbled message and a number
Said "Call me later".
Who am I to keep her waiting?
So without hesitation I sat down, started contemplating
If I wait to call her, would it be too late?
I'm staring at the phone, but I don't know what I'd say
Something about this girl drives me crazy

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

It started innocent enough, with a day just like any other
Woke up late but right on time
I got halfway out the door, then heard,
"Where are you going?"
She grabbed me by the wrist, she pulled me back in to bed
Pressed her lips against my ear and here's what she said, yeah

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

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Every Avenue Mindset Comments
  1. CreepersTKOED

    heard this song randomly on spotify and thought I recognised it turns out I did i just didn't remember hearing it lol

  2. 一琳


  3. 佐伯元規

    Love from Japan 🇯🇵

  4. Martin esInWhite

    My faborite band👑

  5. TheYoungNinja

    2019 Anyone???

  6. zera


  7. Camilla Dilan

    Still watching in 2018🌸

  8. Alan Yang

    does anyone else listen to this is 2018?

  9. PrincessChrissy

    It took me forever to find this video again

  10. YourFriendlyNeighborHoodSpidey

    It's 2017 and I still enjoy this song


    like of your watching 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040

  12. Anna Macko

    Coolest song ever! All bout mindset! I will listen to this over and over again!

  13. seventhseance

    Still obsessed with this band years later and a little salty because I never got to see them in concert 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  14. banessa banessa

    does anyone else listen to this is 2016?

    The Darnz

    Josh M haha I realise that. I meant that I was listening to every Avenue in 2017.

    Josh M

    The Darnz ahhh! gotcha haha

    Joshua bove

    May 2018

    Blake Johnson

    August 2018. Please reunite

  15. Emma-Leigh Hopkins

    This is the cutest thing ever

  16. Tom H. Jordan

    Things to love about this video:

    -Josh's face when he's hit with the dart
    -The guys' senses of humour
    -Matt's temptation by the pizza, because same
    -Matt's incredible ability to play bass with the guys while also being locked up in a box
    -Matt's still eating pizza at the end when they rescue him
    -Dave, Josh, Matt and Dennis all run into the van, but Jimmie's just like, 'fuck you guys, you're on your own'
    -This song is perfect
    -Inability to figure out whether you're creeped out by or jealous of that little girl

  17. Jessica Myslinski

    Mindset cool song yeah love you guys

  18. mike mills

    Are they gonna bang those little girls? Gross!

    ian h

    bro what the fuck is wrong with you


    n o what the fuck

  19. MrOSUrocker

    Man I really wish Every Avenue was still together, this song kicks ass


    @MrOSUrocker No problem. Happy to help


    +Cryptic Penguin same!! 😭😭😭


    +SkullHQ guess that's another band on my list I'll never get to see perform 💔💔


    @Bethany Francia Oof, that sucks.


    @SkullHQ tell me about it :/ oh well....

  20. Rob Farthing

    Still jam this every day

  21. Rex Lawhorn III

    I... was not expecting this music video....

  22. Sarah Fenner

    Please tell me this little girl is someones' little sister.  Kinda taking fan girling to the extreme.  I'm in love with the song though.

  23. Light Switch

    I have a feeling that little girl would be me. xD

  24. kstar10

    Is this little girls dad a ex navy seal or something?

  25. Chris Morose

    <3 the MV

  26. Regina

    Amazing song! 

  27. EnjoythePeace96

    The video is totally different from what I pictured the song as being haha

  28. Chester Abellera

    reminds me of Sublime with Rome's Take It or Leave It

  29. Yvonne Van Schie

    This song is Awesome!

  30. William Towson

    That little girl slightly scares me

  31. artgirl5000

    i love them!!!! their songs are amazing

  32. jokerxcore

    thats usually what bands tour out of...

  33. colorcraze1

    This is my favorite music video ever omfg

  34. Paravillintiniay

    This little girl is me.........

  35. Sam Tyler

    Great song

  36. 11123486

    it's just like a king of sparta singing

  37. Joshua Christie

    I miss Every Avenue so much. The night I sang this with them was the best night of my life. That little girl is totally me. Haha.

  38. LovelyMissReid

    At least half of the total views on here must be mine....

  39. Maddy Pocta

    i would have just stayed in the box eating pizza.. .

  40. Alicia Gibson

    I miss every avenue

  41. Deandra Cendana

    this is adorable. although i pictured the music video would be a lot different from this one....

  42. Taylor Parks

    Hi, yes. Hello. This Is Taylor.
    Both of you Taylor's need to move on with your lives.
    The universe doesn't care what's happens to humans, Nor does it care about the emotions we as humans create for one another, So why should you? Haha

  43. TaylorEliseLucas

    Sorry, but I was just a bit offended. I didn't know that. I assumed you were saying your boyfriend was all that stuff and because yours was mine was too. That's great that he's still adorable. I have no need to calm down, I'm not the slightest bit worked up. Let's just end this ridiculous feud, we don't even know each other? Haha. (:

  44. Taylor Ashleigh

    How about you calm the hell down and realize it was a joke. lol Jesus Christ, I've been with him for almost 3 years now. He's just as adorable as he was to begin with. It was a god damn joke, calm your uterus.

  45. TaylorEliseLucas

    I certainly will, I'll wait forever even though nothing will happen. Why can't you seem to understand that my relationship isn't the same as yours? Just because you have an opinion on your boyfriend and how he acts, doesn't mean my boyfriend acts/will act the same. People and their experiences are different. No one is the same. Thanks for the warning, but my boyfriend is not the slightest bit disgusting. And hey, I'll join in with the farting, sleeping and eating if that happens. Sounds great.

  46. Auron181

    the scary part is you have been arguing for a very long time O.O lol

  47. Taylor Ashleigh

    Just wait.

  48. TaylorEliseLucas

    1 year and 4 months.
    One year ago I wrote that first comment. Crazy. :D

  49. TaylorEliseLucas

    1 year and 4 months now actually. Haha. I win guys.

  50. TaylorEliseLucas

    Hi again, I'm back. Thought I'd inform you that we've been together for 1 year and 4 months now. Still going strong. And here you were saying all this stuff. Psht. (;

  51. maria vivanco


  52. Madison Parker

    I love this Song and Video ^.^ Too Bad they Broke Up Dx

  53. Erika German

    I bet she's completely heartbroken that they're breaking up.

  54. RecklessJimmyB

    Good Song, they kind of remind me of New Found Glory!

  55. Alexandra Bryant

    the pizza trap is so funny!! best music video ive watched in a long time.

  56. Pike

    Atleast she has good taste in music.

  57. Cátia Tomé

    this kid is the luckiest bitch in the world (:

  58. Jeff Kottman

    that was the funniest video i've seen in a long time

  59. Lissa Mahone

    I miss these guys

  60. Sophie Hayes

    We'll miss you :c

  61. Aerin Parker

    AMAZING video and amazing how they decided to make the video different or just a bit different from the meaning from the actual song. glorious voices as well ^^

  62. Spencer Cammayo

    Well at least the little girl doesn't listen to One Direction.

  63. Wastednights

    Now here's a little girl who knows good music.

  64. Tom H. Jordan


  65. Manae Proffitt

    I wish i was that little girl...... lol

  66. Maria Vanessa Chang

    Oh man the song is fucking amazing and the video is so flippin adorable I cant even handle this all at one go ok

  67. Joshua Christie

    I get to sing this with them in Chicago. I can't fucking wait!

  68. Aerin Parker

    zildjian Cymbals~

  69. Panda Bear

    The drummer of all of them cuts the rope with a guitar pick? what the heck. well, great song anyway!:D

  70. Moza

    I love this song <33

  71. Mizaki Kyo

    If there was free pizza lying around, I'd probably do the same thing.

  72. Amanda Kent

    My boyfriend sent me this the other day. <3 I smiled the whole time I listened to it. :)

  73. Brooke Vega

    Da'wwh, are you two still together? :)

  74. Falisha Totzke

    It makes me happy Jason did this video. No offence, but I miss the 06 crew. <3

  75. blackandbluegroup

    Great song btw!

  76. blackandbluegroup

    Who is the guy, who suddenly apears in the car? The guy with the hat sitting behind Dave.

  77. Mathilde Jckre

    Juste , génial quoi ! J'adore ! *-*

  78. Ben Fox

    So yeah. This was filmed on my campus. It's super weird to see all these dudes get kidnapped or whatever right next to where I go to class.

  79. Homemade Corndog

    im the cousin of the little girl in this video.....

  80. Thomas Lam

    at least the girl has good taste in music

  81. Mitchell Adams

    thats why guitars are so epic

  82. chloe carter

    i like the screaming to let him out when hes trapped in the box :D makes me laugh :3

  83. Muppit29

    the pepperoni pizza thing would work on me...
    i iz so stupids...

  84. Andrés Aranda

    A pepperoni pizza in a box? It's a trap! I don't care! :D

  85. TaylorEliseLucas

    @taylorbumbum Or maybe.. Maybe you're just with/have been with the wrong person, if you think they're so gross. I'm in love with him. It's not stupid. It is possible. 8 months and counting, and this is still our song.

  86. Emme Aipperspach

    because after escaping a crazy little fangirl, it is a genius idea to run and hop into a creeper van...

  87. Taylor Ashleigh

    meh. no reason she cant be warned.

  88. sabbywabbyful

    when she stuck her finger through his gauge <3 lol

  89. Taylor Ashleigh

    Not being mean, just truthful

  90. Sabrina Castillo

    Those guys are naive,
    And little girl is like genius but
    Gets too scared easily.

  91. Taylor Ashleigh

    Psht, Talk to me when its 2 years, trust me, after 2 years of every day together, you'll change your mind about how cute an adorble he is when all he does is fart, sleep and eat

  92. Mirko

    I think it isn't healthy for his vocal chords.

  93. TaylorEliseLucas

    It's 7 months, tomorrow actually. Love is possible in high school you know.

  94. Ryan Billiam

    4 months isn't very long at all. Unless you're in high school

  95. skyharb0r

    when the girl puts her finger into his lobe lol

  96. simplicity

    I believe I'm in love :]

  97. Ryan Hansen

    Am I the only one that thinks this music video was absolutely retarded? I was expecting it to be at least a little bit similar to the song...

  98. shelby danner

    1:57 I dyed laughing. <3

  99. Christie Salley

    Love this video. It's so clever

  100. Sara C

    i think i might've taught my daughter a little TOO well to love every avenue O_o