Every Avenue - Between You & I Lyrics

Would you believe me if I said I was sorry
The question wasn't mean to hurt,
It was just my fear of losing you.
And now you're filling all the space that surrounds you
I'll soon be tucked away underneath your bed
Where you gave yourself to me.
Where I gave myself to you.

Maybe it's all for the best,
But I just don't see any good in this, no.
Maybe we'll find something better
But the lovers that leave us
Will always hold the place

Maybe it was wrong of me to think I could keep you
And maybe it's the last few drinks
Taking over my mouth and all I've been thinking
I want you to know that I am fine here without you
But I can't bring myself to lie to you.
And since we're being honest, I feel I should tell you
I've been filling up the empty space between you and I

Between you and I, she could never compare to you
Between you and I, I still keep your pictures underneath my bed
Where she gives herself to me.
Where I give myself to you.

Maybe it's all for the best,
But I just don't see any good in this, no.
Maybe we'll find something better
But the lovers that leave us
Will always hold the place, oh...


Maybe it's all for the best,
I just don't see any good in this, no.
Maybe we'll find something better
But the lovers that leave us
Will always hold the place
Yeah the lovers that leave us
Will always hold the place

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Every Avenue Between You & I Comments
  1. Briana Hale

    I remember when I related to this song so much. I just want you to all to know that your person is out there, and one day this song won’t hurt anymore

  2. Roberto Hidalgo

    I remember when a i hear this song when i was fall in love for someone who don't love me..

  3. Tricia Fernandez

    tangina saket

  4. HayesByeGrey

    I was just looking back at old messages I had with my ex (now good friends). I needed time away to focus on myself and I am not able to speak to him while I’m in the process of working on myself. It hurts because he has always been there for me but it’s not about him, it’s about finding my happiness and love for myself.

  5. toxic

    I really miss you so much

  6. Lexie Gilbert

    Who hurt me so bad when I was 11 that I was listening to this????? Lol

  7. Okay I Believe You

    me singing to wii u and switch

  8. Jared Hubble

    So glad I remembered this song. So many sad times associated with it but it’s still an amazing song.

  9. luis amaya

    Went through a bad break up....she hurt me so bad this just hits my feels so damn hard because it hits so close.

  10. Yewr Mii

    ...maybe it's for the best♡

  11. Imaani Beauty

    Nice 👌 here to show you some love and support hope you can do the same

  12. Lisette Renee

    Returning the love 🌸

  13. Ea Haruhara

    The scene never dies. Sorrowful Nostalgia for the alternative 90s kids, 2009 forever.

  14. i M

    Wow, this song brings back a lot of memories in my highschool days.

  15. Ea Haruhara

    10 years later. I still miss you.

  16. Live Louder

    I found and old notebook with a bunch of playlists written in it and this band came up a lot. This is the first song of the playlist. Wow middleschool. What did you do to me?

  17. nx_saosin

    “But the lovers that leave us will always hold a place.” I miss you so much.. I really thought we were gonna make it.. I just wish timing wasn’t an issue for you.. it’s been 8 months and I still cry myself to sleep at night because of what happened to us. I hope she’s treating you well, Nathan. I love you so much.. please take care of yourself, wherever you are now.. I’ll be missing you..

  18. Ashley Silva

    Still listening

  19. In The Shadows

    I wanna hear a acoustic version of this song 😍

  20. Gigi Panda

    So every boyfriend I've had has broken up with me and this song has helped me out a ton. I mean I don't even think it's an official break up until I hear this song. I don't even search for it it just pops up

  21. Themagicalmystery

    One of my fav bands!

  22. Mystique Lou

    No maybe thats your way the past lovers should remain what they are : a fixture in the past

  23. Mystique Lou

    You ve been filling the empty space even before , like always....!!!😉

  24. Amanda Persinger

    This song still tears me to pieces

  25. Kayla Noe

    Maybe it’s all for the best , but I just don’t see any good in this... my feelings every single day about living. Somehow I have held on for my boyfriend and mom... but depression sucks

    PennyLane Roche


  26. Jake Young

    Between you and I.

  27. The10thkingdom

    I'm sorry, Chi... I wish things could've been differently.

  28. kaz bott

    this song is literary the only thing that helps anymore... I love this song

  29. Beste Seçkin

    They deserve more fun...

  30. Tommy-Lee Ziegenbein

    I love you Kelly I always will you may not have faith in us now but the day you fall for me again will be the day I don't ever break your heart or take it for granted I will be waiting for you forever and always I'm sooo sorry I love you very much

  31. Just Plain Weird

    Damn this song just makes me cry.
    "maybe we'll find something better" just gets to me 😫😫

  32. Arnold Piotr Wątruch

    beautiful , thanks -...

  33. Abigail Clarice

    This song rips my heart out every time I listen to it.

  34. Garrett Daum

    I always come back to this song after a failed relationship that I had high hopes for :-/

  35. 14mirjam

    You are bed

  36. tara Nichole

    strong sad memories behind this song still remember it all like its fresh

  37. Cole Whidden

    I wonder how much shit he got in for this song

  38. marianne vales

    Love this song 😘

  39. ashley elsie

    makes me cry every time

  40. Mark Ivy

    This comment will get lost on this old song thread so ill just say i dont know what to do. within the last week my mom died and i just found out the girl ive been dating and living with and fully supporting has been cheating on me for a while. Im only 23 but getting older sucks so bad.. i hate life

    Achav075 _

    Mark Ivy best wishes.. <3

    Cameron Moore

    Mark Ivy it doesn't get better. that's bullshit but keep your head up and you'll make it through

    Chelsea Ramirez

    Mark Ivy don't give up, life is full of ups and downs, we can't truly appreciate the good times if we don't know true sorrow...keep going...the light at the end of the tunnel will come. I'm so sorry for your loss

    Josias Menzel

    The same thing happened to me— exactly the same time. It does /not/ get better. Anyone who says that is churning out bullshit out of moral obligation. But, you learn to deal with it, and it builds on your character. I'm just as suicidal now as I was before any of this happened. Really, I am sorry. It's fucking gut wrenching. When I say, that you learn to deal with it, I mean that it eventually just becomes life for you whether you like it or not. But there are the strangest horrors in the way that present themselves as a result that you can somehow, turn into pillars to reach what I suppose is, a way of reaching a greater level of self actualisation. It's a terrible, but constructive thing. I still think, it'd be better if people like us didn't have to go through it. I preferred the ignorance. My thoughts are with you.

  41. Mr. Bobmouse

    Where she gives herself to me.... where i give myself to you...

    So much feeling in one lyric, love this song!

  42. wxstednxghts

    Love is my weakest state..


    yhea same here

  43. Jenako

    Okay, this is the first song I've heard by this band, but is it just me or does this guy's voice sound like the lead singers of Mayday Parade and Green Day...and like, a little bit of Prince combined? I could be crazy, but I dunno, man. I just don't know.

    Jessica Lang

    Your not crazy. I'm with you on that one mate.

  44. Cheyenne Howard

    i love this

  45. Nathaniel Mardo

    I heard this song on iHeart Radio, i had to look it up and now I'm hooked.

  46. ಠ_ಠ

    Rebound song

  47. Maggie Walsh

    ...this song makes me cry every time I hear it... ):

  48. yasmine murray

    I randomly clicked on this video and now I'm hooked onto the song.

  49. Bløssøm Cee

    i love this song so much it hits me where it hurts and the song helps me get over my past experiences 😭😭😭😭😭

  50. scooby Doo

    I'm still in love with my first love. so why should I find someone new when I will never love them like my first

  51. MelBroYo

    Don't forget to pre order the album on MySpace lol

    Angel Garza


  52. Lexus Doss

    Wow, um. this um. this song hits the heart. makes me wanna cry bcs its so true....

  53. Tina catz

    i listen to this more from his POV. he broke up and i knew he would be back within a week and a half and of course he was. Now he is sorry for breaking up. i know him very well. we've been together for years. He does this. I never minded because I knew he was confused and scared about growing up and being serious. But now... i just dont feel it anymore.... the relationship got so tiring on me holding us both up all the time. I sit here knowing getting back together right now is not what i want. i want to be alone for a while. But letting go is never easy from either side. *sigh* i wish i would just say no already.

  54. Elaine K

    "Maybe it was wrong of me to think I could keep you" sighs

  55. CrazyCat4

    Turns out it's about giving up his dog for a cat...

    Nileshkumar Ghurahoo


  56. Tarryn-Lea Collins

    A few years ago two parents went out to dinner a few hours later the babysitter called and asked if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids room. The dad said "get the kids out of the house and we'll call the police. We don't have a clown statue." the clown was actually a killer that escaped from prison 10 years ago. If u don't post this on ten videos, the clown will be in your bed with a chainsaw in his hand at 3:00 am. didn't feel like having this happen to me

  57. Unknown Villager

    We have the same name. That's pretty neat

  58. @CauseImmBatman

    5 years, 2 months, 1 day, 7 hours... I was the happiest man alive because I was her batman and she was my catwoman and now my stomach hurts and my heart wants to stop knowing he is gonna hold her hand and every time they kiss, she'll forget me more and more. But I will always love her. She'll always be my one true love.

    Anthony Maranan

    @CauseImmBatman I cannot leave a like on this comment but I hope somehow, someway, you do feel fine right now. I know it hurts a lot. Days wouldn't be the same without her. I'm sorry you've been hurting man. I hope you happiness would find you. All of the best.


    How about you grow a pair? 😉


    @The10thkingdom You've clearly never had your heart broken.


    Although 5 years is a bit excessive

    Juan Taco

    Super late but I'm in that boat it's been 5 years now, but I just hope shes happy

  59. p0613v

    I miss my best friend....

  60. karena b

    2:29 - 2:42 ouch.

  61. Trinity Elizabeth

    First loves are amazing at first but they suck, but with the bad their is a good, it makes your final love even better

    Kaje Mathews

    some people get their first loves forever.

    A DaVinciTheory

    +KatieJean Doyle I did 💙💘

    Kaje Mathews

    @tiffany Campbell I don't sadly, well as far as I can tell ohwell

    Kaje Mathews

    Mine was for the best.

    Matthew Bonfiglio

    Just reconnected with my first(I was also hers) i been single awhile and she is divorced.. we live in different states but I'm flying out there next week and end of the month.. lol I sooo can't wait

  62. Mia Garcia

  63. Felicia Nicole Land

    Why do people say that they want to be in love and when they do they wish they haven't because love sucks all you do is get hurt

    Business Slug

    @Felicia Land He might be interested in you, and I don't think anyone would laugh if they found out someone cared about them

    Felicia Nicole Land

    @Inspiring Idiots you would think different if you knew him

    Cinthya Delarosa

    Love isn't getting hurt, if someone truly loves you then they wouldn't hurt you, they know right and wrong. They know the basics like not hurting you, being loyal, giving you the attention you need,

    Felicia Nicole Land

    @Cinthya Delarosa your right thank you, you made me open my eyes

  64. victoria parisi

    I'm glad I've reached a point where I can enjoy this beautiful song without crying to it.

  65. MsVamPireChic

    The part at 2:13 to 2:41 always gets to me.

  66. Person

    I don't wanna feel this way ;-; *sobs*

  67. fleur

    my soul aches when i listen to this song

  68. Robert Henderson

    I'm longing for my Pin te Pin.

  69. Ice

    *Trying to cheer up myself* 
    *Finds this song* 
    Me: Oh, Thats nice.

    LogicalMess- Daily Vlogs and Gaming

    *Hug* Das all you need


    LogicalMess- Daily Vlogs and Gaming *hugs back* thanks a lot! 😊

    abbey giles

    Ice lol same

  70. T Cathorall

    3:57-3:58 u hear that sound in the backround? i love it. I cant explain the sound but it kind of sounds like extraterrestrial....? idk but i love it

    Some Weird Kid

    yusss the echo-ie sound <3 favorite sound of -the end of- 2015 c:


    it's the last few breathes of love.

  71. Kat Love

    I love you Patrick Garrett.

  72. Fagtastic Abbey

    This hit my feels too hard..

  73. Kas1991ish

    This song still cuts me every time

  74. Lilly Smith

    Well... Excuse my while I curl up and sob now... Way too many memories come back with this song..

    Angela M

    *curls up beside you*

    isaiah marcial

    Hugs both of you two *smiles*

    Ethan Cook

    *watches you three and dances*


    *curls up in a corner watching them*

    natali ivanova

    Lilly Smith

  75. Kokotello72

    i <3 every avenue ad i like this video great job

  76. Perry James

    ouch. still hurts everytime i hear this.

  77. SuperMoonshine12

    I got dumped and I found this...ouch :'( I'm fine

  78. Bella Gillard

    Me and my boyfriend just broke up
    Why did I find this song...


    .-. Ik how u feel...



    James Cooper

    7 years by sick world is nice too, for this feeling.

  79. Hannah Duncan

    holyyyyyy throwback

  80. ♪♪ lets be stupɨd ♪♪

    this.. this was amazing. wow. 
    found a new band to love cx

  81. Elizabeth Díaz

    "Where she gives herself to me. Where I give myself to you."

    Man, it would suck to be the girl he is with right now, but that part always gets me.

    Elizabeth Díaz

    @Erica-Leigh Michele Foss Sorry, it sounds awful. I'm sure you'll find someone who is happy just being yours.


    Crying right now, that part ALWAYS gets me. It cuts so fucking deep.

    Serendipitous Synchronicity

    Could I have been that girl too. I really don't know! It hurts like I am.

  82. Sarah Kay

    this would be fours song to Tris if they broke up from  divergent series 

  83. Nikki Radke

    First time hearing this song. Great great doing. Sad... The past that got me was when he told her about the fact that hes been filling the space between them but still thinks of her..

  84. Dawn Tutor

    Memories :(

  85. Catheryn Martinez

    Its a good song I just omg I'm in love with this song brings back a lot of emotional stuff tho if ya get what I mean :\

  86. Kailei Cozine

    Fave song

  87. alanna marie

    This song makes me cry for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever..... I just cry for the feels this song provides... :"c

  88. Emily Garza

    I'm only listening to this song because it's a good song feels so good to not cry over a sad song and just look at the beauty of it

  89. Sophia Rible

    Not even in a sad mood....and I'm listening to every break up song ever.... I love this one.

  90. Enya Rodríguez

    Great song :'3

  91. Sarah Martinez

    It sucks when he dedicates this song to you ..💔😢

  92. Leticia Almaguer

    I have an addiction to this song now <3

  93. Alora Wright

    Never knew how much I miss him until I heard this song.

  94. Richard Miller

    I still miss u.. uu was my everythin uuu was my world and and iiii can't do this anymore. Iiii iiiii want to die.


    i hope your ok now man

    Richard Miller

    Tbh I'm not it still hurt every single day...


    @Richard Miller 😕 awwww that makes me sad, i just want things to get better for you, but you gotta remember that one of the things in the universe is that nothing can stay bad forever

    Richard Miller

    @Christina Williams Well everything is better now... I found out that she is happy and now it's time for me to move on. But thank u for care :)


    no problem, internet friend :) , the pleasures all mine ☺️@Richard Miller

  95. David Johnstonistiredandhungry

    One of the first songs I learned on piano. Haven;t listened to this in quite a long time, but it brings the same exact emotion every time i listen. Still a good song.

  96. samantha chui

    maybe we'll find something better but the lover that leaves us will always hold the place :'(