Evermore - Never Let You Go Lyrics

Shadows fall and the darkness of night decends
Concreate walls bring the road to an end
I don't know which way
Leads me back to you
Every step that I take
Brings your light into view

You took so long for me to find
Suddenly our worlds collide

I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I've found you and now I know
I'll never let you go

Yesterday never seemed so far away
All this time you've been
Right in front of me

You took so long for me to find
Suddenly our lives intertwine

I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I found you and now I know
I'll never let you go

When you go just let me know
And I'll appear
When you go just let me know
And I'll be there

Cos I just wanna let you know
That I will never let you go
I found you and now I know
That I will never let you go

I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I found you and now I know
I'll never let you go

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Evermore Never Let You Go Comments
  1. Lexie V

    I don't know this girl from Croatia at 4:09 and this man at 4:15

    Rob G

    neither do i

  2. The Robots Made Me Do It

    This film clip is criminally underrated.

  3. Huzaimy Hazin

    September 2018 and still digging this song!

  4. Tu Nhi Q

    Done deal?

  5. Blake Jones

    Best film clip ever in my opinion.

  6. The Unicorn

    Every once in a while, I’ll revisit this song. It blows my mind that it’s been almost 12 years since this song’s album released and almost been 10 years since I’ve listened to this song through this music video. No matter how many times I’ve listened to it by now, it always feels like the first time I’ve heard it. Talk about a song holding up over the years!

  7. kayla bettess

    glad dad showed me his songs love all of them

  8. Yuna 0890

    Love all the footage to this great song :D

  9. Aussie Man

    2017 love these mofos 👌🏻

  10. Jeremy W.

    A video that stirred a cheering applause inside of me, and the most enthusiastic thumbs up I've given in a good long time.

  11. Aussie Man

    Fuck evermore are awesome 💯 seen them live 3 times fucking sick!

  12. Greer Lindsay

    This reminds me of the music video for Vance Joy's 'Riptide'

  13. Francisco Neto

    Is that man at 4:08 Albert Camus?

  14. Angelo Vitale

    A rabbit trick at 2:54

  15. Angelo Vitale

    At 2:49, the trains go CRASH!

  16. Angelo Vitale

    Watch the pair of trains derail at 2:45. 1 2 3

  17. Angelo Vitale

    A person is going blind while flying at 2:33

  18. Angelo Vitale

    A truck that exploded at 2:31

  19. Angelo Vitale

    2:14, green means go and red means stop!

  20. Angelo Vitale

    2:11, "Are there any chicks with boobs?"

  21. Angelo Vitale

    A boy licking an ice-cream at 2:10

  22. Angelo Vitale

    A pair of giraffes are hugging at 2:09

  23. Angelo Vitale

    At 2:04, all the children are at the audience.

  24. Angelo Vitale

    A man goes "aaaaaaaaaaaah!" at 1:57

  25. Angelo Vitale

    Children pointing at 1:53

  26. Angelo Vitale

    At 1:26, a clip from "Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961)."

  27. Joshua Paul Gardner

    1:08 "What did the fox say"


    its a wolf ;)

  28. Tzaathia

    Love this song!

  29. bluetonguefilms

    thank you.

  30. Elliot Corrigan-Chaillet

    Absolutely brilliant video, well done my friend.

  31. Kieran Evans

    3:59 ..... woah.

  32. Steven Sean L.

    Wow... Everytime I'm listening to this song it reminds me of the good time I had with my ex girlfriend... I remember the time we were alone and I've said to her: Suddenly our worlds collide..
    Wish I could turn back the time...

  33. Bionic Beer Gut

    What a hidden Gem, Bieber, this is music you clown.

  34. Steven Sean L.

    I really love that video and of course the song!! *Thumbs Up*

  35. PhoenixHeart815

    Why isn't this song on iTunes??

  36. muddy gav

    makes me proud to be a new zealander when we make music this good

  37. muddy gav

    it is the official clip

  38. fosterhawkins32

    Nice love song, fantastic video.

  39. Oscar Foureyes

    great song

  40. disbenefits

    weirdly macabre but totally brilliant

  41. This is Jess

    McLeods Daughters, the marriage of stevie & alex brought me here :) gonna play this song at my own wedding :)

  42. bluetonguefilms

    thanks :)

  43. sammymac49

    I never get sick of watching this!

  44. marcelloaccurso1

    3.25 is my defintely my favourite moment of this wonderful video. Thankyou Evermore! You've made my day.

  45. bluetonguefilms

    thank you :)

  46. don'tblink

    I adore this video. Always have. I used to watch it a few times a day until every image engraved in my brain. It's not only fantastic that you match every word with an image, but every beat, every drum hit, every piano note, every guitar strum. It's simply beautiful. Well done!

  47. bluetonguefilms

    this is the official video clip. the band appear in the video twice. :)

  48. OseeD

    i actually thought this was the official video clip, good work!


    Bearded Gaijin it is the official video.

  49. bluetonguefilms

    thanks :)

  50. bizzo2303

    Love this song and film clip

  51. bluetonguefilms

    @silnetofsn thank you :)

  52. Francisco Neto

    for me, this is the best clip i have ever seen! Seriously, if there's any one that good i want to see. Perfect match of words and images, absolutely gorgeous, a master piece, definitely! genious work! Speechless!

  53. Francisco Neto

    Awesome lyrics, fantastic video, great song!! Loved it!

  54. bluetonguefilms

    @Woodzie90 thanks :)

  55. Woodzie90

    One of the best video clip!

  56. Jennifer Blackie

    this is such a gorgeous song.

  57. TheKirsty Show

    Haha... 2:22 Dann's hair is epic!

  58. Taruno

    this music video is .. perfect.

  59. Saf

    really love it at 3:24 !

  60. SinLord

    @Jaaaaaddeee lol it'd be easier to go search about malcom in the middle intro :P i love that show *.* it's Creature from the Haunted Sea i think

  61. rmweav11

    I miss her.. :/

  62. bluetonguefilms

    @Jaaaaaddeee not sure. we got all the clips from getty images. you might be able to find out by looking there.

  63. Jaaaaaddeee

    I love this song & Video!!
    Thanku for posting!!!!
    Where is 1:28 from?
    like the original :)
    I've seen it on Malcom in the Middle.

  64. anye76

    Alex Ryan & Stephanie "Stevie" Hall forever McLeods Daughters.

    This is incredible work putting this video together. The pictures with the music were fantastic, the best I've seen in a long time. Job well done. This is an amazing song.

  65. Shimxo

    It's sad that Justin Beiber has a song with the same title, now people will never stumble upon this great song.

  66. Mark Mills

    ahh this song just makes me think of my goregous girl hayleyyyy :D

  67. Sabrina Joergensen

    I can't believe why this video doesn't have anymore views. it's a great song, definitely one of my favorites! :)

  68. nella4

    great vid,awesome song! :)

  69. bluetonguefilms

    haha. no worries.
    that Eskimo video is awesome!!!

  70. bluetonguefilms

    i think you may mean Eskimo Joe's "Don't Let Me Down"

  71. joannepictures90

    Grate vid and song! I totally love it;)

  72. Marc Sudholz

    brilliant song, incredible band

  73. bluetonguefilms

    yes. and they appear earlier as well.

  74. steven hayes

    Cant stop watching! Its absolutely amazing! and very touching gets me every time

  75. steven hayes

    4:10 who is that girl? ive seen her b4 somewhere?

    Vincent C

    isn't she from sarajevo?

    Lexie V

    ​@Vincent C Nope she's from Croatia

  76. heatherterry

    Awesome song!

  77. Lauren Beaver

    i miss when they were cool like this:(

  78. dannyboy163

    2:06 SO CUTE!! :D

  79. Jean Marron

    Wow, that´s a very very very very good video!!! All classics and a perfect song with it!!! I´m REALLY impressed of this masterpiece of art!!!!


  80. rattaro

    How did you convince the band to sit in a falling gas truck? :)

  81. skater4foundation

    actually, the overall assemble of the collage took creativity, the way the assbembled the footage to mach the song was great. 4.5/5

  82. skater4foundation

    wow, well done, you guys are great, im going to attened film school next year in hopes that i can make masterpices like yours.

  83. Вахтанг Романович

    2.04 :DDDD Such emotional

  84. bluetonguefilms

    what about the shots of the band that look like stock footage? that took a bit of creativity :)