Everlast - What Is This? Lyrics

What is this, this is Everlast
What is this, this is Everlast
What is this, this is Everlast
What is this, this is Everlast
What is this, this is Everlast
What is this, this is Everlast
Step up while I inject an overdose of intellect
An overload of my vibrations better yet a new sensation
I was lost but then he found me no corruption dissed around me
I was taken to a higher, level of funkdifia where souls of men were burned
They were taught but did not learn about the righteous laws of God
Who threw the seeds over the side, takin' roots and tryin' to grow
Though the process might be slow please stay with my question
What is this
What is this
What is this
What is this
What is this

Not speakin' on my physical, mental or my horror
I'm speakin' on my soul for the burn would beat you whore
There's no such thing as love of your life, it's the hands of the God
So don't treat his ricious laws with blatant disreguard
In order to follow the Lords path here is what you must do
Do onto each of your brothers as you have done to you
This golden rule is all you need and you'll be rewarded
The man that don't will pay the price and believe me you can't afford it
Because this is Everlast, what is this
This is Everlast
This is Everlast
This is Everlast

This is for the one-two war of over who's God is the right one
Can it be the Asian one, the black one or could it be the white one
The answer to the question isn't controversial
There is only one God and his love is universal
If you sit in great redemption all you need to do is ask him
Then you will be both prepared for a life that is Everlasting
So take heed to the word's I'm sayin', grab a good book and get hip
To the teachings of the holy coral or the Bible's holy scripture because this is Everlast
To the teachings of the Holy Qur'an or the Bible's holy scripture because this is Everlast
To the teachings of the Holy Qur'an or the Bible's holy scripture because this is Everlast
To the teachings of the Holy Qur'an or the Bible's holy scripture because this is Everlast
To the teachings of the Holy Qur'an or the Bible's holy scripture because this is Everlast
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
What is this,
Who is this,
Who is this,
What is this
What is this
What is this
What is this

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Everlast What Is This? Comments
  1. relentless


  2. SETH other

    It took me a lot of years to learn that the line was "God forbid ya ever had to walk a mile in his shoes" and not "guy with the big yellow hat walked a mile in his shoes"

  3. Reed Styers

    I was no good got through it thanks God

  4. TrueLegendGamer

    Mac's story basically describes my dead friends story.

  5. 108johnny

    Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise...

  6. Carl Price

    This song and these comments are getting me all teary eyed.

  7. Giorgos Ouzo

    TYVM for the up .Greetings from Greece/Canada..To all the dislikes theirs always Lady KAKA and Bieber

  8. Swan

    Don’t judge people by their situation without knowing why they’re in that situation. That’s all I can say.

  9. Dolores Claiborne

    Amazing song

  10. Jordan Lund

    Is this the best song ever written or is it just me?

  11. Gram Armstrong

    11k people, dead-heads in the Sunday morning church pews, swearing Allegiance to some lying lazy ass fat-fuck preacher....

  12. N J

    forgot to mention that we reap what we sow. ask the Holy Spirit to help you make the right decisions.

  13. Levian Townsend

    Martha is blind

  14. Chris John

    everlast this song , peace

  15. Ty Moon

    2020 this song still means so much

  16. Rose Rose

    My bf and I are trying to outdo each other by naming the most douchebaggy early 2000 songs we can think of then making fun of the vids. It’s between this and Butterfly by Crazytown

  17. Charlie L.

    PTSD is real. Today, I went to a friend's funeral. Coming from a military background and having faced the worst of the worst really screws people up. He took his life. He suffered alone. A hero in the field. We supported each other. Back on our own soil, we get no support. I would rather face bullets coming my way than the silence of helplessness. At least I know where I stand. Goodbye my friend. I hope one day we will meet again.

  18. Tammy Nickens


  19. cobrabill1

    I love this song so much despite never having experienced any of its pain.


    My comment was an understatement.

  20. Matt Pazz

    This was released Approx 10years after jump around. Big change tune.

  21. Cg Crosby

    I don't judge folks it's not my place I have l8ved every angel of life homeless. No food no shelter no money but I'm thankful daily I'm not a alcoholic or user anymore ..I'm honored I stand on American soil an I breath daily thank God for that my heart goes out to the military people whom fight for our country our rights an our freedom thank you all service of the military for giving me the right to live an wake daily on American soil

  22. heller cafe

    Everlast what​ it​ like

  23. kingdom child

    Fuck this music!

  24. Stelios Gerochristodoulou

    when i was a teenager . . .


    There is always someone having it worse than you so behind and push through.

  26. marcus richards

    Recorded in 98 released in 91 and its still issues we face as americans, more people need to hear this, and i vote it should be our national anthem

  27. Unr8d N8v

    Him and Eminem had a beef a while back....but em still hasnt made anything as relevant and accepted by everyone like this track by Everlast. Sorry Em, you won the battle, but Everlast is on anothet level with this one STILL.

  28. Jeffrey Rudd

    God sends strange people to people just to see what kinda heart you have for anyone knows it could be someone you won't never see again aka God's angel

  29. Mr A Team 604

    We was Rocking this song in jail! We out doing better!

  30. April kelly


  31. Tracey Grimm

    Don't judge ....who the hell are you ???? We are all equal .can't we all just get along😀

  32. kitty mom

    As a kid hearing this song I thought he was saying that guy liked to hang out "lady like" .. like a cross dressing hooker or something. I have never been able to unhear it really. 😆😆

  33. Ricky Morgan

    so he picks a guitar up and he strums a few notes...he can't rap or sing but wants to do both !
    if u know then u know...fuck everlast !!

  34. C R

    came here after hearing it during the Den Of Thieves scene where Big Nick drives home in the morning and its playing on the radio

  35. Angie Frandsen

    This music has soul

  36. Daniel Reynolds

    I can relate. Great music...

  37. Kevin Okeefe

    One of the most underated albums out there. It should heard by many more people

  38. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Gotta use the "BLUES" to make you feel better.Keep your head up!If you find yourself making playdough animals out of your Doo Doo,you maybe ought to chat with someone.

  39. Doctor Nitro

    People should have to listen to this every day.

  40. The Average Jeepers

    The dumbest thing this dude could do is pull a 380 on those that act shady 😂😂

  41. ramogogs

    January 2020 somebody??

  42. gordon mackenzie

    24 years ago I was sick and tired all the time. slipped, and fell on my backside, 3 days later after feeling like I was stabbed in the left side, had an ultrasound, i was told I had a spleen the size of a Basketball! turns out after tests, I was bestowed with a Rare but treatable leukemia. 3 Months after killing most of the dormant white cells, my Platelets and white cells started to reproduce healthy, normal cells. 2-3 years later, after tests a small amount of Bad cells were still hiding inside me. another 2 sessions and that killed everything! Its been 20 years now, and every second of every day, I feel and Radiate with Powers like SUPERMAN!!! to live , survive deadly cancer, and feel like a Conquerer is JUST! WHAT ITS LIKE!!! *)

    Patrick Bateman

    That's quite the experience. Right on dude.

    gordon mackenzie

    @Patrick Bateman thank - you so much, just livin the dream, and sharing with others so they can be a awesome part of it!!!

    gordon mackenzie

    @Patrick Bateman its awesome to survive in a world with others that can share, and realise that they may not be like superman who Ive chosen by feelings, but can also be of superhero character, and choice!!! :) bless you for your words, you just made my day!!! Happy Valentines!!! hehehe. i wish you Health, Happiness and Prosperity for all eternity!!! *)

    Patrick Bateman

    I don't care stop messaging me okay. I'm not a fucking faggot.

  43. Julia Beckner

    Everlast Say Hellos I have a video

  44. Aaron Czechlski

    this band sucks how did this crap start playing..

  45. William Eagleman

    Love this rythym..honorable mention also of the reality of t lyrics

  46. Glenn Hertel

    Look At The Bright Side, you get to loose everything,, because God wants you to live,,, so he can teach you a few things to save your soul.

  47. Karen Lovett

    Where are they? I don't live off the grid lol, but I've heard nothing new from them in a very, very long time.

  48. Backsrteetboy123

    Can't believe this the same guy from house of pain. This guy beefed with eminem too. Who would've thought? Not me!

  49. Aaron Wrecks

    God forbid you have to walk a mile in my shoes.....

  50. Cheyenne Wildlin'

    To Be Honest, This is truly my life. And I 100% (Percent) believe there are A Thousand+ that are livin this day the same way. Yet, we still add to this song in our own ways...and it still, to this day, wears our minds/emotions down. But this song is still honest and true as it is.


    i liked this song before i even knew the lyrics.

  52. joann pepin

    That's what they say when you play the game...

  53. Mark Mauk

    This Song & Jump Around were enough to make Everlast kind of a strange One Hit Wonder Legend. Twice.

  54. Codi Johnson

    From the life of an addicts sibling. It destroys lives and relationships. My brothers been locked up for a year and I haven’t talked to him. But I know it’s for the best. My niece calls me dad and I don’t question or object. She deserves the world and I’ll be Damned if she doesn’t get it. Don’t always pray for the addicts but for the ones who pick up the slack

    james bond

    Codi Johnson That's quite choosey of you, everyone deserves a prayer. Your heart is not in the right place. Don't Pat yourself on the back for doing what's right. God bless

  55. D H

    This songs speaks on a deep level. Deeper than just 1 stage of life...

  56. Jonny Brooks

    Ya blood is blood but no one is down for that .they want to lie and point fingers at people while they smoke pot and do other stuff a lot worse. And want to hate me cause I catch a buzz now an again.fux u all your t iui me will come .il see to it. Bank on it.

  57. Christopher Burton

    Then you might really know what it's like... 😢

  58. A̸̽͘͠Ǹ̸͘T̴́̓̕IC̴̓H̸͊͌̕R̴̐̚I̴̽͠S̵̾͠T̵̓͑͠

    The family everyone is watching has been brainwashed into us of what a "real family" life is like. No family is that happy so never try to live up to it!

  59. Sandro Mauro

    This is SO CLASSIC!!! 🤩🎧

  60. Ran Snyder

    The realest one ☝🏾

  61. clyde alexander

    For the kids eh fisa regs maybe next time

  62. clyde alexander

    Like a drooping tobacco leaf

  63. clyde alexander

    To repay debt by the economic center of gravity concerning tech change

  64. clyde alexander


  65. 1perfectstrangerr

    Good tune..

  66. Regina Riddle

    The truest song ever written! Great song!

  67. Smokin Hemi

    I’m 13 and I just realized the meaning of the song
    Be nice to everyone you never know what there going through bad or good

    Am I the only one who felt really bad for the old man

  68. William Larson

    Still jammin in 2020

  69. Dewnis

    Dude went from jump around to this.

  70. cp canadian

    mb i'm just pissed, it fraud what's going on, it so fraud, why you homeless why you not working, ok i understand, why am i ok give me a place to live give me a job, so stfu bitches, i'll live in a van in -20 it ok, it army suvival shit

  71. cp canadian

    no one cares about jobless or homeless so fuck off, don't pretend you do

    Sticksel Pixel gaming

    Unlike you some people have empathy for the less fortunate

  72. Logan Kline

    My dad and I jammed on this 20 years ago an we're still jammin to it. Killer tune

    Tommy Boy

    Once a jam always a jam.

  73. Sho Nuff


  74. David Rigley

    No matter how many times I listen to this song, it still sends shivers down my spine.


    David Rigley me too!


    I think it’s because of how it is still so relevant and most likely always will be.

  75. Kalan You

    Yep. Still a fukin Banger

  76. Hannah Kabo

    Chills down my spine ❤️ 2020

  77. Caden Kishel

    for prolife right?

  78. Nenad Genov

    tne besst snit aj evetr heart

  79. Caden Kishel

    sad but good!

  80. Play List

    Do you know what it is like?

    Tommy Boy

    Does anyone really? ;)

  81. Jessica King

    Trinity 180

  82. M Mealey

    Dang Oh 🎉🎉 life is good 🤗

  83. Agnes Dolar

    I love this song💜

  84. J Mack

    The hardest thing is to know they'll never love you as much as you love them. Being bastardized by your father and only seeing that your accomplishments make them love you and realizing the potential you could have had was ignored and your life was a lie until you were old enough to realize they never really cared at all...

  85. Samantha Llewellyn

    Loved this song since I was 12 years old and still listening!

  86. MWayne Priest

    I love rock who wants to rock

  87. Miranda Zullo

    I've been through some hard shit and this hits home. How judgemental the whole world is.

  88. joe besemer

    Best line... Smoked a couple of dimes a couple of time before I broke they heart. Well maybe not but it his home here!

  89. Al D'Pete Row

    His song me hit so much at the old time, get back to - when I'm in blue.
    Might be it gonna be play on my funeral I liked to. :)

  90. Michael Demarco

    One of the few songs with a message that makes you reflect

  91. Devin Paul

    He's leaning against a wall with bedhead casually smoking a cigarrette and looking like he has stomach pain.

    He's a bad boy.

    Jason Ferrell

    Don't watch then

    Devin Paul

    @Jason Ferrell Go fuck yourself.

    Sticksel Pixel gaming

    @Devin Paul great counter point my friend you truely are the master of debate

    Devin Paul

    @Sticksel Pixel gaming Sarcasm? On the INTERNET?!

    Do people KNOW about this?!

    Sticksel Pixel gaming

    @Devin Paul what part of "Go fuck yourself" indicated sarcasm. If you want to show sarcasm put /s.

  92. Play List

    I have a product of a non abortion... I call her my oldest daughter. Her FATHER had a lot of money, he wanted her aborted. I could not imagine my life without her.

    Sticksel Pixel gaming

    I uderstand but that is one specific case of not aborting. What if she didnt want the kid or if she could die from having one. That why abortion is an important program. For the people who need it.

  93. kay lucifer

    The good old music bak when radio was good

  94. Kevin Dabrowski

    Hopefully many will realize never judge !!!

  95. Aaron Danforth

    3 years after this Oldies Song My Mother who had worked & saved for 20 years, developed a Brain Tumor. After My Mother Died 1 year later, My step father told Me & My Sister to leave & never come back. He took All My Mothers Cash Savings & House. A few Years later He lost all of it after divorcing & losing half of it to his next Ex-Wife remarriage. He was so broke after lived with his children.

    Danny mathis

    Karma is a bitch & she has puppies. That sux bruh!

  96. Carl Duncan

    I can relate to this song from multiple angles