Everlast - On The Edge Lyrics

I'll assure you and ensure you you're the one I love
All the Gods up in heaven sent you from above
Sent you down to Earth just to make me smile
Don't you know you're the only thing that's worth while
In my life, be my wife, don't turn me down
You're the best, so say yes and I will never frown

You know you got me on the edge of happiness and despair
Doesn't matter if I slip 'cause I know you're there
To catch my fall, all in all I'm havin' a ball
Whether we're dancin' and romancin' or leanin' on the wall
When I'm with you, girl, I could never be bored
You're so fine and you're mine yes, I thank the Lord
Every minute of the hour, all hours of the day
There's one thing I been dyin to say I love you

You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge

We met by chance, I walked in an' you were workin'
I gave you a glance, advanced and caught you smirkin'
At me, the E-v-e, you know the rest
I asked you for your number and began my quest
To conquer your heart, body, soul and mind
You came around and I found that you were one of my kind

So I laid the same old drag, whispered in your ear
But that didn't work and I started to fear
That you might be too much woman for Everlast to handle
In my eyes no girl could hold a candle to you
I was confused, hey yo, what's my next move?
My boys said, "Relax E, and act real smooth"

But that approach wasn't workin' and I realized
That this girl was really different
That scared me a little but it also intrigued me
I wanted to know if you were serious, not tryin' to lead me on
So I confronted you and asked you the time
You said you felt the same way for me and that you'd be mine

You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge

So there we were, a match made in heaven
I was thinkin' about you, girl, 24/7
Every minute, every hour, all day and night
In my bedroom or the shower or when ridin' my bike
You're on my mind all the time and my rhyme's redefined
Secret letters to you and they're boldly signed
By me because I love you and I always will
And the thought of bein' without you, girl, makes me ill

I love you, I need ya, I'll clothe ya and feed ya
You'll never be lonely 'cause I'll always be there
We'll be together side by side
And when I'm out with my boys I brag about you with pride
I took a picture of you wherever I went
Took you anywhere you wanted, no matter what I spent
I have to admit, girl, your lovin' was def
But it tore me apart when you left

But now I realize I'm the one to blame
I took a thing like love and turned it into a game
And even though I regret it, I couldn't let it show
'Cause I didn't want you to know
The pain that I was feelin' deep in my heart
But now I think I'm ready to make a new start with you

You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge

Well, we've been through a lot together
Throughout the stormy weather
The only thing I'm sure of is love lasts forever
I know my love is true and I know you love me too
There's only one thing left for you and I to do

Regain the bond that we once had
And once we accomplish that, girl, we'll both be glad
I'm better off for it, you can't ignore it
The love that we feel, we both cherish and adore it
So let's stick with it through joy and through sorrow
Take it one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow

You got me on the edge
You got me on the edge

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Everlast On The Edge Comments
  1. Enrique Rick Ramirez

    I Love My wife Leslie St Ramirez

  2. Buhkamae Samuel

    My shit

  3. Aroni S. El

    Ain't nothing like B.E.S. ( nothing racial ).

  4. Kelly Gardner

    Old school!

  5. Victor Rogers

    My favorite Everlast song ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏽👍🏽

    she devil peace

    Classic talent

    she devil peace

    You have class