Evans, Faith - When We Party Lyrics

[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
Y'all niggas is a mess
Thinking I'm gon stop, giving LA props
[Snoop Dogg:]
Ain't no party like a West Coast party
'Cause a West Coast party don't stop

[Faith Evans:]
When we party on the West Coast (on the West Coast)
Drinkin' and smokin' all night, all night long
We keep it funky on the West Coast
(They gon' keep it funky on the West Side)
I got love for my people on the West Coast, yeah

[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
When the la-la hits ya, lyrics just splits ya
Head so hard, that your hat can't fit you
Either I'm with ya or against ya
Format venture, back through that maze I sent ya
[Snoop Dogg:]
The maze is a daze, I blaze, I will amaze
Smokin' while you're loccin' with some California A's
Sippin' gin with the Hen in the alleyway
Bangin' the Cali way
[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
Talking to the rap inventor
Nigga with the game tight, fifth of that flame right
Spell my name right, B-I, double-G, I-E
Iced out, lights out, me and Cease-a-Leo
[Snoop Dogg:]
S-N-double O-P, big D-O
Old school nigga, '84 El Camino
LBC know, we love Biggie though
I.E.Y. in even Bernadino

[Faith Evans:]
When we party on the West Coast (on the West Coast)
Drinkin' and smokin' all night, all night long
We keep it funky on the West Coast
(They gon' keep it funky on the West Side)
I got love for my people on the West Coast, yeah

[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
Going back to Cali, strictly for the weather
Women and the weed - sticky green
No seeds bitch please, Poppa ain't soft
Dead up in the hood, ain't no love lost
[Snoop Dogg:]
Y'all know I'm from the West, I'm the king to be exact
You better holla at me when you need that chronic sack
I got it all, one call, no stall, on the ball
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Listen to me, holla at ya dogg
Words of the clever, forever multiply
Birds of a feather, preparin' 'em to fly
Perfection, selection
This is a B.I.G. D.P.G.C. connection
[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
It's the, N-O, T-O, R-I, O
U-S, you just, lay down, slow
Recognize a real Don when you see one
Sipping on booze in the House of Blues

[Faith Evans:]
When we party on the West Coast (on the West Coast)
Drinkin' and smokin' all night, all night long
(We be drinkin' and smokin' all night)
We keep it funky on the West Coast
(We gon' keep it funky on the West Side)
I got love for my people on the West Coast, yeah

Party jumpin' like hydraulics when we start it
Ain't no stoppin', they be puffin' on that chronic
On the West Coast
We keep it funky on the West Coast
(We gon' keep it funky on the West Side)
I got love for my people on the West Coast, yeah

[Faith Evans (Snoop Dogg):]
Don't you wanna ride with me?
Don't you wanna ride?
People come and ride with me
To the West Side
(Ain't no party like a West Coast party
'Cause a West Coast party don't stop)
Don't you wanna ride with me?
Don't you wanna ride?
People come and ride with me
To the West Side
(Ain't no party like a West Coast party
'Cause a West Coast party don't stop)
On the West Coast, yeah
Havin' a party on the West Side
Know you wanna ride with me
Know you wanna ride

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Evans, Faith When We Party Comments
  1. Dominik Voros

    This song is shit 🤨

  2. Boom Funy

    Now that's the Faith Evans I know song ends in perfect Harmony

  3. Trinity Hector

    They could've used the biggie in the movie "notorious" in the music video


    Faith love 2pac hhahaha

  5. Ismael Omar

    Why not doing this two decades ago when the two true legends were alive

  6. Sex Machine

    Faith evans is 🔥

  7. Porto Fellaz Records

    Damn why it sounds so low 🙄 with all that big ass studio and 💰 y'all didn't have anyone to tell you this?? It's definitely not mastered💯

  8. SL DryMeuR


  9. IIB Sweetwater Aguadulce Peginas

    That girl should shut up while they are rapin..

  10. Stylezzz101

    they just want to make money of BIGs death

  11. Samuel De Leon

    Quien en 2019

  12. David Rovilla

    So, she's the one my boy Tupac banged? Snoop is a fucking traitor.

  13. UnrealEverything Everything

    2pac forever
    Faith Evans forever

  14. Sad Life Rekkk

    Suge mandou dizer que não gostou disso e que tá mandando o Snoop pra Bad Boy

  15. Aaron Karuthasami

    But Biggie wasn't from the West Coast

  16. Luis Vargas

    This fucking hoe got the rape case on 2pac

  17. Yà kii

    Why this bitch put on the bandana like her Fucker

  18. Christopher Braxen

    OG!!!!!! Fucking love it

  19. さんvavu


  20. ja phasalak

    Wait🤚🤚🤚 who the hell was that short dude that trying to take bigs place🤷‍♂️


    Lil cease

    I'm smarter than you

    ha what a fool

  21. Shameaka Hurst


  22. Ritc hie

    Faith trying to act gangsta 🤣 aight... you claim to be a playa but I F#$k your wife, we bust on Bad Boys Ni$$a fu#k for life...

  23. Tupac Shakur

    Snoop you are a Snitch you buy your soul for money you little bitch RIP Tupac bitch snoop

  24. Luis FilipeDj


  25. Ivy King

    Snoop.cool.and all, faith nice but fuck this shit

  26. Gaming With zy

    An’t know party like dogg pound party because a dogg pound party don’t stop

  27. Teresa Alcalá

    "Bring a few of the Homies" Yup Ms Faith that's how we do it in the West Coast-Party hardy💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Don't Stop🛑😎

  28. Soraya Bella Morena

    Sno0p is a B!itch smh

  29. M K

    No one think dis wrong in regards to 2pac

  30. Adam Ibrahim

    Yo dis song is the shizzle

  31. the future is coming

    Love it 🇲🇽🤟

  32. N M

    I fw how they got his son to mouth the lyrics🙏🏾

  33. Cristian Oliveira

    E os cavaleiros de Tróia do esquadrão e minhares no um só corpo e muitos não tenosam dos cavaleiros de Tróia muitas já passou para espremeram e nois somos sem noção o povo que pensar que nóis somos espremeto do amor caraio nós somos imguais dos outros não tem diferença para deus caraio

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    Deu pro tupac

  35. You Go bosd

    Fire 🔥 I ain’t know bout this

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    Tight tho

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    We still ride for you Pac. Big up to Faith Evans and Biggie.

    As for the fake gangsta, well keep faking..

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    She been passed around like a blunt at a house party

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    Bad Boy killllla

  40. Free Mind

    Hit em Snitch a$$ Pu$$y$ up...

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    Looks like my parents partys all in there 40s and late 30s

    Thug 4Life

    Sounds like y'all missed out on the Golden Era of Rap- the 90's. Ain't no coming back , once it's gone it's gone, at least we kept it hella💯. Ain't nutin wrong wit bein a 🎰0's or 🎱0's kid we threw Fists🥊 while y'all played🎮

    George guerrero

    Stupid I was born in 92 you fuck head I'm from east los I was just saying everyone in this video was fucking old I'm 26 puto

  42. rayman

    this short ass dude supposed to be Biggie?? lmfaoo

    Alicia Hockaday

    No, that is Lil Cease who was a part of Junior Mafia and Big's hype man.

  43. Mr Scratch

    Snoop is a living prof that weed stops you ageing 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Shameaka Hurst


  45. M U

    Tupac will be turning in his grave snoop dog u fuckin rat back stabber


    Good vibe

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    Ain’t no party like a Dogg pound cause a Dogg pound party downy stop

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    Tupac Best Quote That's why I fucked your bitch West Side

  49. sebastian Aranda

    First off fuck your bitch ....... WEST SIDEEE

  50. Postess H.

    I love to see Faith sing solo.

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    Faith your to old sit down, trying to be a thug 😂😂😂

    Krystian Janusz

    To👎 too

  52. bernard Owusu-Ansah

    Paying tribute to the two greatest rappers of all life .. RIP 2 pac n BIG ... continue partying in heaven #RIP2dagonesouls

  53. jleron22

    Love this vibe, wish big was here to see how the east & west coast have moved passed their differences...Rip big & pac

    corneil Madison

    I'm a biggie fan all day but pac was better


    @corneil Madison I agree

    corneil Madison

    @jleron22 I've listened to both all my life but I actually listen to pac he was dangerous on the mic like a Malcom x but in rap, what he was saying in his raps is so deep, I was in awe,


    @corneil Madison true indeed, I totally agree, he had so much depth, and spit from the heart, what made him so real

    corneil Madison

    @jleron22 true

  54. Damien Smith

    YALL Niggas be trollin😂😂😂😂😂 yes tupac wore his bandanna that way but its a WESTCOAST THING...SMH

  55. Alex Olabode

    So Tupac really dig dig you so why still denying that?? Lolzzz...tupad bandana, west coast, no party like in west coast...Bring few of the hommie is like saying bring pac along on a low key stuff

    kRaYzie DaClown

    Lol damn you looking too hard foo, kuz how the tf you get that from that. .idiot haha

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    Snoop a snake frfr

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    Faith look high in this video

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    Love you faith big fan

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    A bitch and all her bullshit

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    Hello good morning raping

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    Pacs bandana! Ya fools smoking! Everybody wears it like that in Cali/ were pac wasn’t from!! U beautiful Faith/ at me fucking haters! Fuck pacccccckkk!

  63. Bliblou Bloubli

    When Pac was alive, Biggy asked to New York people go to shot Snoop. He said that in radio. After that Snoop said no problem we are brothers! Pac wanted to kick his ass down. But he didn't do that So already at this moment Snoop was a traitor. So don't be suprise now. Because Snoop like Dr Dre wouldn't miss to have fans on east cost. That the reason why both are rich and still alive they are cheater traitors and sneatchs!

  64. G Banksia

    What a load of shit this music is..

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    Snoop dog was friends with biggie?


    Badboys tight with southside crip , snoop knew keffe d back in the day.. aint no way he would have beef with puffy

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    Biggie smalls ..West Coast? 😂😂

    Lucy Rivera

    Biggie is from East coast 🤔 since when faith like west coast...smfh

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    Fuck bitch faith, live lil kim, snoop traicionero

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    Stevie j beat lol

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    The King B.I.G

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    Man, I can hear Snoop and Biggie go back and forth all day.

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    For real

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    Rip tupac, snoop Dogg is Happy you dead, he is a snake a true definition of a betrayal.

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    If pac and big were still alive I think they will squash the beef now

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    Konkrete kounty ep1 check us

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    To old for me now but nice try

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    Now she's f#@ as fuck

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    biggie flow bring back memory

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    Snake Dogg
    MAKAVELI rest in peace

    morro muroc barbaros

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    Search ing

    snake dogg is so SNITCH !!!

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    From Italy thanks Biggie since 1992

  85. Channel of Benjavitus

    If they felt it necessary to have a biggie body double the should've got Jamal Woolard or Wavyy Jones.

    I get that lil Cease was really close with Big but still, I just think that would be nice.

  86. Stephen Beale

    https://youtu.be/HOrq0poGIWs Desiree says pac smashed definte

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    Who is the guy that is filling in for biggie in this video he looks pretty good tbh

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  90. Chuck Zhang

    That guy is not biggie.. can someone explain?

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  92. Raul Cuellar

    I just came to say "fake" "fake" "fake" bitch looking like a grandma...her voice is washed up...no talent....her talent was guided back in day...but now...geez give it up lady.....this video does no justice....im not for biggie or pac ...just here for a good video...and this aint it....look like a senior citizen party

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    The notorious one. We miss u fam

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    So cool ... RIP Biggie Pac peace

  99. Faith Evans

    Look out for the video for #NYC featuring Jadakiss coming very soon! #TheKingAndI is available now! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-king-i/id1199923319

    Jimmy Cicéro

    Faith Evans Grazie mille 🌹

    Sergio Morales

    Fakui beach viva México y Tupac Shakur


    Good for you Faith keep promoting drinking and smoking to the young. I see you throwing up the devil horns. Wow. I guess you have to do what they tell you to do. Music masquerades agenda.


    calibaby calibaby don’t trip on that they were all acting. No beef. All acting. All the time