Evans, Faith - Make Love Lyrics

Won't you come over
'Cause I wanna make love
Baby just tell me if I'm doing too much
Tell me how you like it, baby
'Cause I'd do it, just wanna make love
You can just tell me if I'm doing too much
I wanna make love, make love, make love
I just wanna make love, make love, make love

Oh, listen pretty baby, let me tell you what I love
About the way that you make me feel, yeah, oh
Every day and every night you,
Break it down, make it right, I don't sleep
Come on and touch me, babe

Won't you come over
'Cause I wanna make love
Baby just tell me if I'm doing too much
Tell me how you like it, baby
'Cause I'd do it, just wanna make love
You can just tell me if I'm doing too much
I wanna make love, make love, make love
I just wanna make love, make love, make love

Now that you hear me baby
Come and lay me down and taste
My sweet love, I can't get enough
Every day you're my life
You gotta love me right,
Don't play with my heart, I need you babe
Oh yeah!
I really make your heart beat, baby
I wanna give it all to you
Anything you want from me my baby
There's nothing that I won't do

Won't you come over
'Cause I wanna make love
Baby just tell me if I'm doing too much
Tell me how you like it, baby
'Cause I'd do it, just wanna make love
You can just tell me if I'm doing too much
I wanna make love, make love, make love
I just wanna make love, make love, make love

Over again, over again
Over again and again and again
Over again, over again
Over again, over again
Then keep do it again
Do it again, do it again, do it again
Letting me do it over again, over again

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Evans, Faith Make Love Comments
  1. Nurse 7Love

    Keke know she a freak freak 😂❤️

  2. Ron Harrison

    Faith is Beautiful 😍

  3. Phoenix Son

    Faith, I love you!

  4. david brewer


  5. Casandraloveunicorns casandraloveunicorns

    This was my song thoe😍😍

  6. Osheanna Osby

    Faith Evans look like Katelyn off of Flash

  7. s ii

    2 bad ass vocalists

  8. Clothedia Felder

    I love you guys this was an amazing song

  9. Love Yu2

    I love me some Faith 4 life.. Love the song..But, this video is dry asf... Faith, you goid in red..❤

  10. Lowen Stevens

    Just discovered this record in 2019, haven’t stopped playing it yet.

  11. Lynda Jordan

    This song was is so hot!!! They need to stop sleeping on it.

  12. Mason Tee

    Now I gotta play Reasons, Caramel Kisses, & Come Over for old time's sake!!!

  13. Antonio Jeter

    The vocals are outstanding!!! Faith has been dropping fire since I first heard her in 1996!!! And Keke has the smoothest transitions in the game. The two performed a great song! 2019 still rocking!

  14. Ini Oshun

    It's a NO for me dawg.. lyrics are terrible

  15. sisco Williams kamba

    Love it ❤❤❤

  16. Keith Witcher

    Faith Evans and Keke Wyatt's Make Love song and music video is a classic. I wanna make love to Faith. I wanna massage and kiss her feet. Faith Evans Incomparable album is good. I like the album pictures. Faith Evans is my 3rd favorite black woman music singer behind Beyoncé and Aaliyah(RIP). I love Keke Wyatt too.

  17. xxxladarrius xxxred

    I’m feeling it

  18. J.L. F.

    WHAT!!! Oh hell to da naw. Where in the hell was I when Faith Evans and Keke Wyatt did a song together. 🤔I must of been dead, must of...😲 Mad at myself, mumbling and shaking my head. Enjoying it NOW in 2019

  19. Rugerman205

    This song is lit 🔥

  20. Lawanda Henderson

    I forget about this song until I seen it nice duo do something else

  21. Kellie Brown

    Loving this song. Gorgeous video

  22. Shanika Kilbourne

    like the song but to sexual she got the hand cups and licking it

  23. Larry D Wilmore

    !!!🛑🛑🛑!!! This is a 🤬🚨🚓🚑🚒🚨is some Beyoncé type💩!!! (If she was Poor, Broke and Desperate)!!!

    Faith looks like she left straight from church to the club and got lost! This is not her and discredit to her stature and vocal prowess!

    !!!😱!!! Is dat... ???KeKe??? Who da 🤬 did dat to you? They lied to you..! Tell me they tricked you into doing some 💩 like this...? 👀👀👀W..W..Whea Avant at👀👀👀? 🏃🏽‍♂️I’m gone tell on Avant on you🤣!!! You Done let them people put your talent on side the road for Waste Management😡 along side dat video!!!😡! (That must be the liquid of the poison on her brain leakin out her head into her hair cause sumthin is most definitely wrong)🤦🏽‍♂️!

    ✨Mary J Blige✨🙏🏽Please stay! Don’t ever go away🙏🏽!

    Please bring Kelly Price, Keisha Cole, Monica and Brandy back and Please in God’s name increase K Michelle’s salary💵 💵💵!

    !!!Word to Beyoncé!!! Please Stop encouraging those who came before you to try and be like you, ok👌

    🤭I just took a glimpse into the of future of RnB and🤫it is truly 🤬 up!!!

    To: RnB
    From: Me
    🗣🎵Wut I saw hea t’day oooh...
    can’t be taken away🎶
    🎵And I shudn’t have t’ say dis, anymore🎵
    🎶I gotta say...gudbye fo’eva🎶

  24. warrior1975ify

    Faith Evans you are an absolute queen of smooth R&B!

  25. Ashley Tyler

    Ok hey i love both of yall i been rockin with faith since her and puffy and biggie..first off keke backround vocals were to high it didn't blend well with that bomb ass voice that i love and the song should have been slow to create a all so sexy vibe to faith song "wont you come over" it should have continued from that but...what do i know...im just saying much love yall both bomb af faith you been bomb and keke baby you underated with raw talent..i dont judge its not my job i love you both colaberate some more yall didnt get a chance to really do yall shit as real vocal artist

  26. Sakiina Ali


  27. jahmod cook

    Those dancers look dumb Af. Love this song tho

  28. Rodney Brown

    Uhm..... When did this happen!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Nesa J

    Great song.. I'm just hearing it 2018

  30. Zo & Bri's life!

    Keke and Faith should do another song together

  31. China Yates

    The two great r&b lady's we have Mary j should have been on here

  32. tip michelle

    Yessss ladies 🍷 cuteee

  33. October3074

    The video was wack but the song is 🔥

  34. Deargo Simmons

    This song is fire. But this video was all over the place. & who's ever hack ass idea should be slapped, the video it self lookd better in my imagination without them back up dancers. The tru concept of this video only required to just chill & look sexy & furthermore im also more focused on that sit on dudes neck.. ( clears throat ) MAKE-UP PLEASE.... But this is just my opinion. I I love both of these ladies but it was the dancers in the video that truly messed it all up

  35. andrew13758

    Faith, you are just like a Ferrari, getting better through the years!

  36. Alive Phone


  37. Renee Shapiro

    This is exactly why Keke got all them kids...lol

  38. Latonya Lampley

    That is hot

  39. Maureen Elam

    love the song , cute but Keke need to stop making love all them kids she got. lol

  40. Latanya Kitchens

    Next time Faith & keke make a video by yourselves or get better dancers y'all are superstars you can do better.

  41. Latanya Kitchens

    These voices together are🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Avery Fisher

    Why am I just now seeing this? Someone keeps unsubscribing me too! 😳

  43. tbaby007

    I assume this is a spin off from the original song "Come Over", love that song.


    Keke wrote this song for Faith btw

  44. Alisa Grant

    They both have such great voices. Why mess up the sound by altering their voices?

  45. Erika Haynes

    This song is fire. I love it

  46. TIA Williams

    Loved it beautiful Faith ❤

  47. loveme white

    Man I love this song💖💖 played it 3 times in a row. What a good collaboration between these two women's beautiful song...

  48. Malcolm Agee


  49. Katasqa Johnson

    Beautiful ladies❤🎶 Litty 🔥

  50. Antresia Hall

    Love u faith sweet person keep it going

  51. pj's love

    Love, love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yassssss ladies......

    pj's love

    Damn im late on this....

  52. faddiegirl

    Love these two singers but hate songs that’s majority the bridge/hook/ chorus there no real lyrics Keke there to make faith look good who’s just sitting looking pretty or standing looking pretty all in the way of the dancers who could’ve had fly outfits but they didn’t want them looking better than faith I guess! Great hook but no real versus

  53. Jmar Williams

    The music doesn't go with these two powerhouse voices.

  54. Dorean Heurtelou

    listening to the new song with stevie got me here.........

  55. Diamond Johnson

    Faith and KeKe both look pretty but, The dancers and choreography sucks!

  56. Mrs X

    Yesssssssah keke with that dominatrix whip & hair!!💙💙💙💙

  57. Jemina Mcclinton

    Yall show dem how its done....


    0:46 dam what a lady

  59. alexis johnson

    This video is horrible

  60. Cynthia Young

    Your voice is still salutary raspy jazzy. Go Mama

  61. Sherita Funchess

    This song is not for these too beautiful, powerful , well blessed singing woman. I feel they need anotha song. They voices is to beautiful for this song.

  62. Tondria Grimm

    Faith You're definitely doing your thang girl🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍❤❤❤.

  63. Adrienne Duvall

    This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. My two favorite singers tho.

  64. Dee Light

    oh n that Keke she is stunningly talented

  65. Dee Light

    always a true faith listener that's my girl faith is so so me.



  67. Geeblaze05

    love Keke's crazy ass

  68. Nique Rene

    Two legendary great vocalist...yeah Faith & Keke are amazing.

  69. Jayden Jacobs

    2018 anyone

  70. alexia JACKSON

    can we just get a duo album? their voices blend so well

  71. JK number5

    This was one of my favorite R&B albums of 2014

  72. Leonardo Bonilla


  73. Hope Future

    A certified hit from two of r and B's most influential female artists from the "year 2k" era...#Respect #Redbones #IBeenAFan

  74. Good Karma

    They look beautiful and singing they ass off as usual!

  75. V Felix

    The couples are dry

  76. DCee73HDD

    I love it!!!!!!ya'll bringing it.

  77. Samane

    Keke came out with those whip?!

  78. Latasha Davenport

    Love this song😍

  79. Rica Wood


  80. Leila A

    Freaking love this song

  81. LaLa Santana

    It's so grown classy & timeless beauty 💕 very fierce & expressive idk what else could describe real r&b #2018outlook 💏👰🤵

  82. Misty Norman

    Omg I just don't know what to say....this was EVERYTHING 🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖 Two of my favorite artists...I just can't this will be on rotation, Thank you Faith and My Twin Keke 💖💖💖💖

  83. Destiny Logan

    Exactly what I want to do so who's ever out there

  84. Sebastian Watson

    Faith you know you're one of the best!

  85. deaveon Johnson

    *shouting Yassssssss gahhhdamit

  86. Frankie Fontagne

    Love it!!!!

  87. BlackBerry

    ANNND UMM 2:30 kristian sweward???

  88. BlackBerry

    omg Im just now seeing this video and its good yaas keke and faith

  89. Faith Burns

    I Ben a fan since One More Chance ,good Life, I Deserve it love like this ,keep making music we have to Same name

  90. #AL2SmoothTheMountainbiker

    Listen I absolutely love your music but I would not cheat on letter C but y'all sitting here trying to get me hurt especially Keke wit THAT Blu HAIR !!!!!!!!!! Lordt

    Beautiful ladies and even more BEAUTIFUL MUSIC

  91. Tewanne Williams

    Great song , great voices. I'm with others fire the person who made video!

  92. Erin's Beauty

    I love faith but I'm not feeling the style the red lipstick makes her look a lot older

  93. Erin's Beauty

    Ughhh keke is giving so much sexy.!!!!

  94. Benita Ellis

    This goes out to KeKe Palmer remember me from Ohio your oldest childs father. Uncle Mark messed things up right

  95. S.S.S ($exy Sensual Seduction)

    I love u both... Two powerful voices blended together .. been waiting for years for sumn like this 😂😍🙌🙌 I'm here for it .. but the video need to be remade cause it looks unorganized .. and Keke Needs a longer part .. but Good job ladies .. 🙌🙌💦👅

  96. Nicholas Stephens

    2 of the best Female VOCALIST......real music never dies.

  97. MC Safi

    Both females looking delicious

  98. Darrell Johnson

    A hot collab from two RnB Queens! Loved it!👍