Evanescence - The End Of The Dream Lyrics

I found a grave
Brushed off the face
Felt your light
And I remember why I know this place
I found a bird
Closing her eyes
One last time
And I wonder if she dreamed like me

As much as it hurts
Ain't it wonderful to feel?
So go on and break your wings
Follow your heart till it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream

I'm not afraid
I pushed through the pain
And I'm on fire
I remember how to breathe again

As much as it hurts
Ain't it wonderful to feel?
So go on and break your wings
Follow your heart till it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream

Why must we fall apart to understand how to fly?
I will find a way even without wings

Even without wings!

Follow your heart till it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream

Follow your heart till it bleeds
And we've come to the end of the dream

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Evanescence The End Of The Dream Comments
  1. Amazing Grace

    I’m trying to sing this song but I don’t know where to come in

  2. Michael Brodie

    Seems like this would go over well at the right venue in Las Vegas & bring back the glamor it once had.

  3. Tiffany B

    This song one of the most powerful songs. "As much as it hurts, Ain't it wonderful to feel". Gets me every single time!

  4. Fran Vallejos


  5. NiceFuga

    Excelente como todos os seus trabalhos sempre foram Amy, um dos eternos fans brasileiros que você tem!

  6. Vitor Adonay

    The perfection exists. This call Amy lee

  7. DB Academy

    Hoolly Wha- did that just happen. I mean... that is. ah. no words really. she's just from another planet. unbelievable.

  8. Mokki GO

    She really moved me with, "As much as it hurts, ain't it wonderful to feel?" It really is. I used to have a limited set of emotions which consisted of boredom, anger, and amusement. I couldn't understand other people's feelings and, when I wasn't using a superiority complex as a defense mechanism, I envied the emotions of other people. I found myself angry that I was different. After a bit of studying, I am able to have an array of emotions and really feel things. I can honestly say that I think that this is better because I don't feel as abnormal anymore which helps mentally.

  9. harrier0

    Can I just say.... WOW!!!

  10. Marwan Saad

    Evanescence my favorite band since the 2000 my I was in iraq and my dream to see them life or meet them I came to United states in 2013 then in 2018 my dream Comes true I meet them take picture with Amy lee and see them live it was fast but the best time ever I wish to them again.

  11. Supriya Halder

    You are great

  12. YelLow Birb

    I always listen to this song (this version) when I miss my parrot, who has flown away in June 2019 and died. I was in depression all the school-year and Michelle (my bird) was the only one who makes me happy. And now she is gone, I have lost my meaning of the life and wanted to do suicide. Then I listened to this song and it stopped the pain for a while. I still cry listening this, especially "I found a bird closing her eyes one last time". I believe one day I will find a way even without wings and have a new parrot, like Michelle, because I love them very much. But I will never forget my little birdy, who showed and learned me how to find happiness.
    I really love and miss you so much, Michelle. I pray that you have gone to a better place.

  13. ΕJK94

    I believe this song has her BEST LYRICS ever! So much depth.. such a beautiful meaning and so many amazing quotes. "Follow your heart till it bleeds" "As much as it hurts ain't it wonderful to feel?" "why must we fall apart to understand how to fly?" "I will find a way even without wings"
    Ok seriously every single lyric is beautiful :P

  14. Luis Molko


  15. Karen Lo

    How beautiful, this is now one of my favourite songs. Got to get the cd.

  16. Cliffy N Jovelyn

    I always felt this song was about how someone realizes life is short, so follow your heart in your life as much as you can until you reach your last breath at the end of your dream.

  17. Deborah GuzmanAlbright

    Me, myself, and I

  18. Amanda Alves

    Saudade dos clipes dos vídeos que ela fazia, e do estilo das músicas antigas, eram belíssimas. Porém, as músicas continuam excelentes, parabéns pelo desempenho❤❤

  19. eric mayle

    This is a very beautiful and haunting version of this song.

  20. Aiko Kibruku


    Dont mind me this is for me of my fav part

  21. Nara the internet nerd

    This song to me, represents the bridge between life and death, and what comes after death.

  22. Stendhal Official

    🌀 I think it's the best masterpiece ever after "Never go back" synthesis 🌀

    Amazing Grace

    I honestly don’t even know which one is better. they’re both just so...😍

  23. inejud 13

    Who need billie? Arriba evanescence!

  24. Podrick Payne

    Her voice truely is an amazing instrument played with with perfection

  25. Gond Gaz

    ❤🤟i just like evanescence and marlin manson🤘🤙

  26. 0SIPR

    Such strong voice .. Amy Lee is the only great female singer out there..I adore her

  27. Kris Stern

    I wish the end of a #dream is for those who believe (in what they hold dear, not necessarily something religious) a beginning of a new life full of bliss, blessings, and fulfilment

  28. Inspecteur Derrick

    It ‘s the most powerfull song that i ever eared

  29. CLS 320

    hye bb 2019

  30. Michelle Donnan

    I found a bird...and wondered if she dreams like me...i will find a way even without wings

  31. Михаил Сергопольцев

    Погибель нашла,
    Смахнула грязь с лица,
    Увидела свет
    И вспомнила, почему я здесь.

    Пташку нашла,
    Она закрывала глаза.
    Как я - мечтала она?

    Чувствовать приятно, да?
    Хоть это больно иногда.
    Ломай крылья,
    Но не отступай.
    Слушай своё сердце.
    Оно бьётся, пока мчишься ты к мечте.

    Не страшно мне,
    Мой путь был полон боли.
    И теперь в огне
    Дышать как помню.

    Чувствовать приятно, да?
    Хоть это больно иногда.
    Ломай крылья,
    Но не отступай.
    Слушай своё сердце.
    Оно бьётся, пока мчишься ты к мечте.

    Чтобы летать уметь,
    Разбиться надо.
    Но и без крыльев
    Я найду награду.

    Слушай своё сердце.
    Оно бьётся, пока мчишься ты к мечте.
    Слушай своё сердце.
    Оно бьётся, пока мчишься ты к мечте.

  32. Haniff Md Mahmood the servant

    Published on 9 Nov 2017

  33. mustafa jameel


  34. Amanda Merrill

    This song is so powerful!!! I have goosebumps all over right now! Repeat time..

  35. Virgo Heart

    This song is gorgeous!
    Shut up!
    Fight me.

  36. Irene Hogan

    I’ve always thought that End of the Dream was one of the most under appreciated songs in their self titled album. I hope that now people are liking this version that they can revisit the original and maybe hear something they missed the first time.

  37. Reem Quraini

    Breathtakingly beautiful I cry every time I hear this masterpiece ❤

  38. KAMU KAN

    it is the voice of one of the deepest enthusiasm of human beings. It is rising the tension by making relaxed you.

  39. shadowkyng40

    Voice is still awesome after the pregnancy. Diva.

  40. paulasborges1

    thanks Evanescence por existir

  41. Malek

    2:27 best 'Again' i have ever heard

  42. Random Person

    Angels don't exi...

  43. Marilyn Perez-Aviles

    This song is amazing. 💖💖💖

  44. Darkmoon S

    Amazing I love it so much especially Amy lee voice 😍😍😘💗

  45. Sir Scribe

    She’s even more amazing live! I count myself blessed to have seen her perform this album live at the King’s Theater ❤️

  46. Foreal Tho

    this version vibrates my penile gland the right way

  47. Sheila Ruiz Justicia

    Esto solo se le puede llamar una palabra y es ARTE.💖🇪🇸

  48. Miracles Happen

    This is so beautiful it leaves me speechless!

  49. Franco Jesús

    Wooow!!!!! This Art!!! ❤️

  50. TheDawgchew

    They not letting her voice shine, They are equalizing levels waaaaay too much and making the background music the forefront.


    Bro. Bro....

    *Her voice is amazing in this* she really outdid herself and this song really exposed her voice to maximum level. Do you not know how HARD it is to sing this. The background music is perfect and did not overpower her voice. Edit Idk what kind of cotton balls you have stuck up in your ears but her voice is crystal clear and to me this is the most powerful song she's ever made.

    Kira Tew

    Her voice is shining

  51. Rose Stardust

    As much as it hurts, ain’t it wonderful to feel?

  52. Jenn Douglas

    Oh Amy!!! I love your voice. I wish you could sing to me personally =) this version of the song is soooo gorgeous

  53. MystX

    Merci pour les frissons ! Elle a toujours une aussi belle voix <3

  54. Salem

    After this album, I will never be afraid of evanescence venturing to new things again. Why, they could do a song using pots and pans and it would probably be godly XD. That's the signings for an amazing band right there.

    Also, the beginning of this song is my all time favourite beginning to a song ever. So bone-chilling. And leading to the chorus? My heart melts every time!


    The beginning made me cry hearing this for the first time. It made me think of her sister who passed away. And for me personally, it reminded me the death of a friendship of someone I loved very dearly and that person who I remember lives on in my memory. She's still alive, but not the same as I knew her. I'll always remember her for the amazing person she was before it all ended.

  55. Jasmin Stanley

    This is so beautiful 😍

  56. Guilherme Yuri


  57. Richard Letanosky

    Oh My Lord... Angelic. As good as the original!

  58. JaStMc87

    She has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. She could out sing almost anyone.


    And people think Mariah Carey is the best female singer lmao. They obviously haven't heard Amy. Not that Mariah can't sing, but Amy could definitely beat her.

  59. Britton Campbell

    Love the transition from Lacrymosa into this song. Absolutely beautiful.

  60. Essiane Nelson

    Tellement épique. Tellement magique. C'est magnifique!

  61. IOnGust

    СпасиБо! Восхитительно! Если не лучшая, так одна из лучших песен, которые я когда-либо слышал! God bless you!

  62. Melcy

    The live performance of this album is phenomenal. Especially her tour with Lindsey Stirling.

  63. Ecemnur Arslan

    I don't want the end of this dream

  64. Kafurry

    this song with hunger games, pls

  65. Logan Saint

    I Lost LOVE. With THIS Song I will FIND true LOVE

  66. Tocaraca

    The version on the Evanescence album is much better IMO

  67. Jakeline Oliveira

    maravilhosa. te amo!

  68. Fox Grifter

    Amy ... You are the Queen and you deserve the Crown .... This is what I call PERFECTION

    XPGaming Girl

    I agree. This IS what I call perfection. But... What would you call the song called "Imperfection?" Is Imperfection perfection?

  69. Alex Urbina

    Best song of Synthesis

  70. Jonathan Lee Mason

    I can listen to this one song time and time again. It's that good. It gives me chills all over my arms and down my spine. Beautiful and Inspiring.

  71. LittleLotteWanders

    I'm obsessed. I've legit listened to this at least 20 times today.

  72. Jay2MG Gaming

    what a masterpiece...

  73. Yasmim DaSilv

    Toda vez que ouço a voz da Amy Lee fico toda arrepiada 😍❤



  75. Cristiano Santos

    1:40 and 2:46👏👏👏

  76. Carlos Gurjão

    best song !

  77. Beatriz Cruz

    Esta música me encanta <3

  78. Matheus Domingos

    A voz dessa mulher é sacanagem. Que sensacional!

  79. Marisa Millington

    She is my idol.

  80. Spice OverDose

    Deveria ter sido o carro chefe da álbum, essa música é poderosa e tocante em qualquer versão... Esse álbum foi muito mal aproveitado.

  81. Andy Schlessinger

    The first three letters of their band is my name!

  82. Zelda Lane


  83. Tiago Josefiaki


  84. Sam Mears

    Is it just me, or do I hear an electric guitar near the climax?

  85. Elomar

    I saw this live and I can say: it was insane.
    Amazing performance!
    Her voice is so pure and sounds even better irl

  86. [broken machine]

    Wow... better than the original in my opinion.

  87. Shehab ali

    Best part i liked ;why must we fall apart to understand how to fly? i will find a way even without wings

  88. Francesca The Great

    I prefer this version over the original

  89. Misty Kline

    So beautiful !!!!

  90. Sinead Osborne.


  91. Indrid Cold

    Maravilhosa versão...como canta a Amy...

  92. AllanteA4