Evanescence - Never Go Back Lyrics

Everything is so dark
And I know there's something wrong
But I can't turn the light on

In that split second change
When you knew we couldn't hold on
I realized I lived to love you

Save yourself
Don't look back
Tearing us apart until it's all gone
The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves
But I remember

I won't give up on you
I can feel you in my heart, just show me the way
I don't belong here

I can still see your face
Where it's burned into my mind
I die every time
I close my eyes, you're always there

Save yourself
Don't look back
Tearing us apart until it's all gone
The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves

But I'm the one who's drowning
Without your love
I am lost and I can never go back home

All across the ocean
We are calling, calling

Are you there?
Nothing left for me till I find you because it's

All gone
The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves
But I'm the one who's drowning
Without your love
I am lost and I can never go back
I can never go back home

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Evanescence Never Go Back Comments
  1. PixzelBeast

    i ' v e b e e n c l i m b i n g u p t h e w a l l s

  2. Radwa Mohamed

    My fave song EVER

  3. Лиза Хлеб

    Somehow reminds me about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though this is about tsunami

  4. Scyclo 4189

    Eh I prefer the synthesis version

  5. Zeinab Gh

    People said nihilist blues from bmth has similarities with this song
    But I can't find one:\
    They're completely different


    Zeinab Gh the verses for both the songs have nearly identical melodies. instrumentally they are different but melodically they are suspiciously similar

  6. [broken machine]

    At first I thought nihilist blues kind of sounded like Erase This, and now I’m realizing that that song and this one have pretty similar melodies and I am now very discombobulated.

  7. Abraham Ebuka

    2018 version is better

  8. james musisca

    such a sad song. i'm misty and i can never go back home

  9. patriece jenkins

    Love this song and like evansceance songs

  10. IMMORTAL17

    Nihilist blues does sound kinda like this song but only the beginning part.

  11. Ridho ra

    nihilist blues

  12. Kelsey Wood

    its actually laughable that people think bmth plagiarised this.
    i mean i get that the verse hooks have a similar flow but come on, I honestly thought I had to be ready for a copy cat move. Not at all.

  13. Adi Pambudi

    im here because of nihilst blues. try hear nihilst blues by BMTH guys.

  14. VHS Quiver

    This is much better than Nihilist Blues.

    Walter White

    VHS Quiver Imagine being this wrong

  15. Robert Daniel Curtis

    Wow, this is the first time listening to this song ever. I've always loved this woman's voice, but her songs are even better than I remember.

  16. Muhammad Roqib

    Im here because bmth

  17. Dalton Greene

    Who else is here because of nihilist blues by BmtH


    I heard that first and honestly this sounds very different


    The first thing I thought when I heard Nihilist Blues was that the first verse sounds exactly like Evanescence's Never go back. I see I'm not the only one

    Ahmed Ali

    Ilona agree

  18. Midian Filth

    Quien fue el pendejo que digo que está rola se parecía a la de bmth? Ven como si están bien pendejos

  19. Julian Sauco

    Who’s here for bmth

  20. Taha Ettouhami

    Evanescence is way better than BMTH. I'm glad being a fan of this group.

  21. Alexandra Naumova

    I'm here cause of BMTH

    Galih Pangestu

    me three

  22. Joyce

    Anyone here from nihilist blues?

    Constanzo Palermo

    nope haha :D i've loved this song since it came out in 2011

  23. Tyler Durden

    BMTH nihilist blues sounds exactly same.

    Gerry As

    Tyler Durden no foking way

  24. Nevada Gay

    This sounds nothing like Nihilist Blues, why are people accusing Bring Me The Horizon of plagiarism?

    שי זינגר

    Cause people are stupid

    Jeeto Fuckface

    It's the vocals in the first verse that sound very similar to this - a single melodic line and people are shitting themselves yelling plagiarism

    Davide Marconi

    0:17 - 0:45. Listen this part. This is literally a copy-paste

  25. Yev Shek

    Wow can’t believe they copied bmth....

    Constanzo Palermo

    Ev released this years ago..... its from their selftitled album from 2011. The song is about the Tsunami in Japan.

    Sarah Ria

    Yev Shek what ar u talkin btch.

    Haley W

    Constanzo Palermo whoosh. the original commenter was kidding because people are saying BMTH copied this song

    Jazer426 Zzzz

    @Haley W not copied sampled

    Chapter 7

    whoever bmth is, they suck anyway so who cares

  26. שי זינגר

    *This is not nihilist blues*

    Constanzo Palermo

    its better

    שי זינגר

    @Constanzo Palermo much better


    lol yeah it’s better than nihilist blues because amy lee is a queen

    Ahmed Ali

    Yeetles Agree

    Boushra benk

    i am dead hahahaha ,i came for the same reason AND YEAH THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO with nihilist blues.what were the fans there talking about

  27. thariq dana

    nihilist blues

  28. Dicephalous 90

    Stupid people push me to go to this video, ITS FUCKING DIFFERENT WITH BMTH NIHILIST BLUE LMAO

    Velvet 91

    It's literally THE SAME SONG. Shame!

    Walter White

    Animal Instinct A couple melodies maybe, everything else, no

  29. apri lubis

    Lagu kelen di plagiat sama bmth. Gas kan kepala si oli yg mulai anak edm, macem anak Medan yg marok2 edm wkwk

    Gerry As

    apri lubis dari mananya sih yang sama? Ga sama loh,kalo mirip iya,karena tangga nada cuma tujuh dan banyak kemungkinan nada melodi hampir sama

  30. Hanura Hanura

    To me this song represents how my old friends are gone and have moved or made new friends and how we drifted. I don’t like the guy I really liked and I lost two of my best friends. My entire family changed and my whole world fell beneath the waves metaphorically. I feel lost and trapped and I know I can never make it back to my old world ever again and I realized that the one person I’ve held onto for two years now I grew to like and I could never let go of him. It may not be love but I believe it could be some day. He reminds me of my old friends and was also friends with them but we still have contact. I’ve made new friends but it’s all different. My family is growing more and more depressed and it hurts. We’re all falling apart but in the end we’ll all share the same fate whether it’s sooner than most or later. We all die. Is it all worth it? I believe it is if you find the ones you hold dearly in your heart forever.

    Ray Zisumbo

    Hanura Hanura interesting

    M zinger

    Life is all about changing and evolving. It’s hard to let someone go or meet someone new but if you will only stick to things and people you new you would be stuck, unable to move forward. There are some exeptions, like family or your soulmate. The best advice i can give you is to keep your back straight, hold your chin high and do what feels right in a long run.

  31. Ernestia Ignis

    I can relate to this song- in an almost literal way.
    There’s this guy I just about love- I think about him every day.
    However- I have this psychological disorder in which the firing of my limbic system is overloaded to the point where that portion of the brain is basically shut down- in essence, I can’t feel anything, and have no sense of introspection. It’s like I’m standing behind a glass wall all alone and all the world I ever knew and everything I ever was is behind it.
    Including him.
    It’s like- I’m pounding and screaming behind a glass wall to be let out, so I can live my life and also cuz I think this guy is the one- but my inability to feel my emotions or introspect prevents me from even relating to him, even though at one point... I could.
    It wasn’t always like this. The few moments I spent with him before this happened to me are burned into my memory strongly- I remember them clearly, and I crave them. I know they impacted him too, but he’s actually living life.

    Now I talk to him, and have even gotten physical, although we aren’t in a relationship- but it’s not the same.
    I can talk to him, but I still in essence, remain behind a glass wall unable to communicate or feel. It’s just the way my brain percieves the world.
    It’s painful.
    The thought that he will go, actually find someone to love and live life- while I drown, unable to even connect with him- is what I find in this song.

  32. f l e u r • n o i r e

    I will NEVER go back! :)

  33. Chelsea Avery

    I see something unique.

  34. Eduardo Flores

    This song is AWESOME 👏🏻

  35. Yesica Huala

    Muy buena

  36. Joker Heath ledger

    Hail the goddess of music I have listened to Elvis precisely to Eminem to wiz khalifa , Paramore to bullet for my valentine to black veil brides to three days grace to nickel-back to Ariana grade to Lady Antebellum to sleeping at last a few of the vast amount of bands / artist i have herd and enjoy but none compare to this voice . I swear if theres a god of any religion that voice was hand crafted to be the greatest singer of all time . # a life goal meet Amy . She probably wont see it but your the best out there i can never hear enough . .

  37. Gangster Flora

    How I'm sapost to download it?

    Max Ramos

    Flora from winx club yes Icy from winx club no VGCP don't. Buy it from iTunes spotify or Google Play Music

  38. Glenn Renner

    amy lee is a gift to humanity. it's so sad that she's not as famous as she used to be

    Hélder Magalhaes

    Unfortunately, this sort of music is not lucrative for the industry...because it is not what the majority wants to listen to. Honestly, I believe it is up to us to push it forward. Never stop listening to it, bro. It is precious.

  39. Joker Heath ledger

    Bow to the goddess of music. If not then lose you’re hearing . I listen to more than just amy but when i listen to here i know there is divinity in her voice i can feel it and hear it.

  40. N A

    :( God no!!!

  41. Moonshadow

    This song.... Is Exactly what is happening to my fiance and I. We are both 18, but... Our parents are pulling us apart. His mother thinks I'm a slut, and my mother thinks he's a lier. Idk if he has a job right now, I don't. My mother almost kicked me out because I believe something that is different from her, and that I love someone who she doesn't approve of. We are trapped, chained up. And being pulled back from our true home. Which is in each other's arms.

  42. eneyesikay

    Might be inspired by the tsunami, like Amy said, but this HAS to be about Ben, too. That's all I hear.

  43. Yoshi Azul


  44. Logan Vervicos

    If it is not metal I don’t know what it is.

  45. John Moody

    Goood sooong!!♥

  46. Jennacide Angel

    This song is just so freakin epic! But all Evanescence and Amy Lee songs are to me! Thank you so much for taking time to make this lyriced video!! 🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹 its so powerful and gorgeous. It brings tears to my eyes.. But a song that does that is one of the greatest.

  47. Jennacide Angel

    Wow. I'm deeply in love with this song and album! So beautiful so damn good. Loving the lyrics and of course, Amy lees voice is epic.🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹 I love the instrumentals and all the new songs seem to have a very beautiful and catchy beats. Love the song Hi-Lo with Lindsey Sterlings gorgeous violin playing. I'm blown away by Amy Lee and evanescence time and time again. But this song really hits home to me. Thank you for making the video with lyrics. :) I really need to buy this new album!

  48. chuchuajuaju

    I saw this on taeyeon's story on ig

  49. blinkjack 2ne1

    My TaeNy hart😔😢..f*uck

  50. Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY

    Taeyeon dedicating this song to Tiffany. Like that’s the only thing that I could relate to after seeing the lyrics. Damn it, my TaeNy Heart😭

  51. unaa sone

    Taeyeon bring me here, the song was soooo great

    Carolina Moraes

    Lmao same

    Nisha shrestha

    same 😀

    Thoya Sky

    OMG ... u came here bc Taeyeon? how did that happen? Did she sing this once?

  52. Lora16 and her LR and MEH super videos

    Cool song !

  53. Sam hil

    I love this ritme!

  54. Nigel Gotty

    every track from this album takes my breath away...classic album

  55. David Marshall

    Is she a Siren of Satan? because, the message is clear.

    Lorena Hasimja

    Ummmm no

  56. ESC Dani

    1:10 - 1:31 This fucking part of the song!! Amazing!! That silence in the middle give me goosebumps

  57. belinda flowers

    How does she take the simplest words and phrases and then vocalize them in the most amazing way possible ..

  58. Sock ÷ Joeart

    I've never really liked this song that much, mostly because of the lyrics, but this one part at 1:54 when she sings, "IT'S ALLLL GOOOONE" just kills me omfg. Especially the way she says the word "it's" in this part as opposed to the first time she says it at 0:55. It sounds like she's screaming her heart out and I really feel it, mostly in that part. The chorus is so badass as well.

  59. Claudio Tapia

    why did Treyarch not use her music in Zombies?!? they would fit perfectly in the gameplay while killing off hordes of zombies!!!

    Infamous 572 Jad55d

    evanescence would be perfect

  60. Sarah James

    I just don't even know what it is about this song, but it really gets me going. I love listening to it all the way up, blasting in my earphones and hearing every intricate detail. The bass is badass. The drums, OMG, Will fucking KILLS THIS SONG!, the violins are fucking EPIC, her VOICE IS AGHHHHHH!!! The piano, beautiful as always. Those dramatic pauses? This song is a fucking masterpiece! Gah!! I cannot get enough of it. This, to me, is the EPITOME of an EPIC Evanescence song. Fuck!


    Sarah James it's about Japan earthquakes and tsunamis

    Obay Ibrahim

    Sarah James tsunami !

    Princess Star

    Are you a girl or a boy?

    Serhat Koç

    Calm down

    Hanura Hanura

    Sarah James hells yeah

  61. Marielle ForgotMyLastName

    I wish her tempo matched the rest of the song a bit better. Not saying it's bad, but that's just something with Evanescence in my opinion. That's one thing holding most of their music back from being better. If only I could find a cover that's like that....

  62. Ванёк Казанцев

    Моя самая любимая песня в её исполнении )))

  63. kg062007

    Too bad the band broke up and they will never make another album :(

    Sock ÷ Joeart

    Not true at all . . . they're still together and doing performances. She said she's leaving an open mind for Evanescence and it is not disbanded.

    Sarah James

    kg062007 Broke up, eh? That's why they are DAYS away from a Fall Tour? That's why she has said there will DEFINITELY be Evanescence in the future. Your sources suck. They NEVER broke up.

    Sock ÷ Joeart

    +Sarah James do u still like evanescence I never see ur comments anymore

    Sock ÷ Joeart

    seriously Sarah James what happened to you you haven't commented in so long

  64. Fred Maestas

    What a beautiful song Amy Lee! LUCKY ONE!

  65. Queen SoulWolf



    Sarah James

    CutieBunny Omg, I fucking know! It drives me crazy!! Just everything about it is like fucking PERFECT! I HAVE to blast this song in my headphones, all the way up. This song just gets to me so much.

    Queen SoulWolf

    yo girl i always b singing tht song too it is just sooooo AWESOME

    Jennacide Angel

    Sarah James hell yes! I whole heartedly agree with you Sarah and CutieBunny!! ❤️💀❤️💀❤️ its beauty from pain.

  66. Aliyah Horne


  67. enmanuele garcia

    pureee evan..

  68. Neecy

    Amy has stated that this song IS about the tsunami. She wrote it after she and her friends watched the events on tv.

  69. Img 500

    I love this song from evanescence 😍😍😍


    I can support that opinion

    Bence Balogh

    You mean from Bring me the Horizon? :D

  70. LadyLuna

    For some odd reason, this song reminds me of the time war, with the Doctor wanting Romana to come with him, but she refuses( Sorry, huge Doctor/Romana shipper)

    Lord Joseph of Winterfell

    +LadyLuna That's kinda special >_>


    +Lord Joseph of Winterfell thanks


    +LadyLuna *moment of silence*

  71. coldramen pmuch dead

    Wow. This reminds me of the Legend of Zelda the Windwaker (the only world I know under the waves part).

    Kry Kry Stott

    Same OMG

    coldramen pmuch dead

    Kry Kry Stott Favorite LoZ game FTW!! ^^

    Kry Kry Stott

    @Skitty Kat ikr 😍😍😍😍

  72. hade sarsar

    so cool

  73. Van Dash Frinzhy

    so good

  74. Vedran Vracar

    so good

  75. Vedran Vracar

    so good

  76. Vasco Silva

    This song has such a profound meaning. "When we knew we couldn't hold on, I realized I lived to Love you. Save yourself, don't look back" - I can't help, but imagine a tsunami, and he holding her hand, trying so save her, as the waters are dragging her. When she realizes he can't hold her hand for much longer, she just lets go of it and tells him to save himself, as she's sacrificing herself so he can live. And on the second part of the song, as she's being dragged, she closes her eyes, and sees his face, giving her strengh to not give up, to fight for her life so they can be together again. So she is able to save herself. After all the mess, they find each other, but their home is completely destroyed by the tragedy.

    Violet Anaoxia

    Amy actually wrote this song for the tragedies in Haiti.( Haidi? Bad speller, sorry)

    Vasco Silva

    Actually, it was written about the Japan tragedy. The song released to support Haiti was Together Again

    Carlisle Cullen

    @Violet Anaoxia You spelled it right.

    Tobi Aspenes

    Vasco Silva that is heartbreakingly beautiful. One question, though. Can we make that gay?

    Poliana Sigma


  77. adri adrian

    i hate scremo

    Ornessar Hithfaeron

    your mom is screamo

    Ornessar Hithfaeron

    (dear 4chan peasant, you forgot the "/s")

    Chapter 7

    I second his mom being screamo

  78. Fabio Said

    Everytime I listen to this song I get chills down my spine... It's so sad to think that a lot of people personally relate to this song. May all the people that were killed in the tsunami rest in peace.

  79. quinn's biggest fan


  80. smartalec24

    My favorite Evanescence song.

    Matt Brada

    My favorite as well. I love the opening/verse riff. I forget what they tuned down to for this song. Somewhere around C# I think, and then you drop the E like a drop D. It's badass and fun to play once you get it dialed in. Now that I know the meaning behind this song it only increases my liking of it and the awesomeness of it's message. Love this band.

  81. ElectroMusicTop

    yes, its very nice... thanx ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

  82. Marta Ilker

    This is just amazing for studying ♫ ♫ ♫

  83. abrwn8


  84. ArtSascha

    ♣ ♣Great stuff! Keep up the awesome work ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

  85. GentleRain200

    I always thought it was "We are caught in cold rain." instead of "We are calling, calling." =D


    Why does yours sound deeper and more epic? XD


    @Shallowhart001 XD Why thank you! I don't know, it seems to fit the vibe of the song.  :)


    +GentleRain200 Your version reminds me of this wet T-shirt contest I visited a few months ago. Good times..


    @jeanbobbb Oh, alright then. 😂

  86. Chris Denis

    ok Amy you can write harder songs we (the mortals) could not sing them... LOVE YOU!!!

  87. Servatis Music

    I can still see your face, where its burned into my mind, i die everytime i close my eyes, your always there.............

  88. martin846

    this is much much better than Bring Me To Life

    Patrick Damacet

    @Alessia Lunez u idiot he said bring me to life not bring me the horizon. hahahha u blind

    Alessia Lunez

    @Patrick Damacet damn ahahahah

    Denis Shakinov

    And what about Bring Me The Life

    Some Kind of Master

    cuz it's Bring Me The Horizon

  89. J Orr

    it starts at 2:26 :)

  90. Rachael

    This reminds me of Amy singing about us - her fans.. Its all translated differently by different fans.. The waves and the crowd are all of us under her feet, jumping in the pit! How she misses us, her music is for us.. Tearing them apart until they can perform! She's drowning without us as fans.. for its what she lives for, her music and her art.. 


    i love this song its my 2nd fave and if you want your voice to be like evanescence then just meditate for a minute then say this 3 times let my voice match up to the song i've been wanting to sing all along then say evanescence 10 times then clap 5 and then snap twice....WARNING!!!!!DO NOT SING FOR FIVE MINUTES OR SPELL WONT WORK

  92. Jessica Paixão

    Never go back ♡ ♥ ♡

  93. brooke h

    The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves, but I'm the one who's drowning without your love I can never go back home.