Evanescence - Lost Whispers Lyrics

Lost whispers
Awaken within me
And fly

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Evanescence Lost Whispers Comments
  1. Adria Taylor

    love this one, but wish it was an intro into another song, like the piano intro that leads into imperfections. it is def one of those songs.

  2. sam monroe

    Joan of arc was like: *plays the song*

  3. LifeofChelsea

    Beautiful as always, love everything Evanescence does, takes your breathe away everytime.

  4. Brian Hazard

    Strange... This is the first track on the Lost Whispers album, but for some reason it's no longer available on Spotify.

  5. Daniela Aguirre


  6. Franco Jesús

    Plesse this album on CD please

  7. Angela

    I need a full version of this 🤔

  8. She_ maX

    Love you Amy 💗

  9. Dave Struder

    heard ya loud and and clear Goddess.
    Have I scared you yet? Well hey that was then..let's talk ..Autism and Epilepsy..schizophrenia..complex ptsd..we can make all this AND the evil himself LITHIUM go off planet. You do not have an ugly song to send those demon minions home. Epilepsy autism type ll diabetes..all are needless sufferings. Here.. ask my dear Neurology Goddess. Y'all work it out..debbiemwilson.com. silly me..thought a man could do magic..pfft.Naw ya want or need something done good..call a Goddess. Back to the torture of that mistress wench..my wife even hates golf! I should be able to afford he pay stub to her. Eeesh. Ok the yes dear golf does byte. much Love. Yay she was a gnarly one..golf. Anne Tiger never accepted my challenge... he has a rough spot..it would have been unfair to him to get beat sonbad.. He is all better now too. And doggone of he does not have a neat Foundation too. Why I do declare Irvine is a destination..Evanescence..are you touring? Ya may wanna leave town..Imma coming yer way. . Yikes! Big bad scary Davey
    P.s. Loved this minute too! Do y'all never rest? We still adoring stuff ya did back I like o2..so impressive.

  10. Earendur Von Einzbern

    Wish I could go but, I get easily lost.

  11. Kleiderman Rodriguez

    la amo ❣️❤️😍👏

  12. SxedioD Gamer

    No Comment

  13. Daniel Faccin


  14. Amanda A

    Even this is beautiful 😍

  15. Servatis Music

    Check out my version of this on my channel

  16. Renier Bernardo

    BRAZIL 2018!
    I Love You Amy Lee (and your art)!
    Thank you for your legacy!

  17. gene patrick

    Is this a teaser? Leave us wanting more ➕. 😭😭😭.

    Pilar Sturlesi

    gene patrick it’s an intro, it says in the title

    gene patrick

    Lily Gonzalez why ❓ give an intro? Nobody wants to hear 🙊 that.It's a teaser. A song 🎵 is better, don't you think 💭?

    Pilar Sturlesi

    gene patrick no, it’s an intro

    The Jarry Channel

    Do any of you think that adding an intro music piece to an album is interesting? I definitely do! You don't see Skillet and Three Days Grace doing that.

  18. Adriano Calefe

    😍 🇧🇷

  19. Unknown Wanderer


  20. Carol y.23

    Como eu te amo mulher, chega a doer!

  21. shinigami ryuk


  22. Fernando Montenegro

    Intro do Maquinária festival Evanescence Brasil .. quem lembra?

  23. Richard Vinicius

    Amo muitoooooo!!!!!!

  24. Karen-Beth Rynk


  25. Sharon Roses

    Como eu estou feliz!❤

  26. Teneisha Lynch

    I ❤️ ❤️ love it

  27. Franco Jesús

    Fallen , The Open Door , Evanescence (album) too , I love your albums , This album is so perfect , please on CD please , Your music is so Perfect , ❤ I love you so much, i'm from Perú ❤❤❤

  28. Marcos Origgin

    Why is not on Brazilian Spotify?

  29. Denize Maria

    Amei esse final que voz é essa 😍😍😍❤

  30. Isabel

    Poderia ser mais longa né

    Richard Vinicius

    Poderia dura 9 minutos ne?


    Richard Vinicius poderia durar até 1h que eu jamais reclamaria

  31. Scremqueen Supreme

    I wonder if she'll put this intro back on Spotify

    Javier Delgado

    Just checked and no :(

    Ryan Bruce

    Gone from Amazon Music too. Pity because it's such a great way to set the mood for the album!

  32. Raul Victor

    Meu sonho que essa faixa fosse mais longa?? ♥

  33. Kalte Junge

    Peru 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪😘🎸✌

  34. Casey Gilligan

    Here before 1500 view

  35. Gabriela Briones

    Totally in love of this song 😍 espero que en la próxima gira la presenten en vivo 🙏🏻❤️

  36. luis perdomo

    I love evanescence

  37. Lara e Caroline Valczak

    Amei amei amei

  38. Denílson Rodrigues

    Etaa porraaa
    Ta saindo da jaula o monstro😻😻😻😱

  39. LessVille Paramore

    Woow amé ese final

  40. Lian


  41. Alguém L.


  42. ohana a


  43. gaming lafi الجط

    Love u so much <3
    From syria 😋

  44. gaming lafi الجط



    World of Warcraft makes you speechless? :p

    (sorry, nvm :s)

    gaming lafi الجط

    hawkstrike18+ what does that supposed to mean ? 💁


    nothing, just a silly joke!

    google "WoW"

    gaming lafi الجط

    hawkstrike18+ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👀


    yeah, maybe too silly xD

  45. Erick Alas

    I loveee youuuu

  46. Amanda W.

    Wonder why they didn't make this into a whole song?

    ari ._.

    Amanda W. Cause they don't have it yet

    Servatis Music

    Amanda W. I made a extended version of this. It's on my page

    Amanda W.

    Servatis Music I'll go listen to it☺

    Bubble Bass

    they lost it :/


    This is meant as an intro music piece to the whole album.

  47. Gabs G

    Great song! And only it's a little part of it! I can't wait to listen all the song! I love it!

    Pablo Castro

    gabby chan this is actually an old intro for Going Under from Maquinaria Festival

  48. Natália Oliveira

    Como eu amoooooooo! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Ana Flávia

    Idem! 💜

    Kim Dany


  49. Laura Castillo

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  50. ColdFusion


  51. BluGemSton2001

    OwO what's this?

    New music from Evanescence?

    well *DON'T MIND IF I DO*


    Not really "new"

    ari ._.

    snowwhitewitch no one asked you


    Rachel Berry
    And yet I answered, how rude of me.

    The Jarry Channel

    Question: When was this Lost Whispers music released? Because Synthesis is there newest album.


    Lost Whispers was first played in 2009 but it was never released officially, until now! :)

  52. Official Keona Jordan Music

    Bravo 👏 This group is so marvelous!

  53. Evanescence Channel

    I love the work they are doing when designing visually, graphics in motion, leaving the usual when publishing a still image. Thanks for giving you a more interesting aesthetic.


    Evanescence Channel están mejorando cada vez más su contenido visual. Y eso que el arte de Evanescence da para mucho mucho más. 👏🏻🤗

  54. Gabriela de Cássia

    I loveeeee ❤❤❤❤