Evanescence - Lacrymosa Lyrics

Out on your own,
Cold and alone again.
Can this be what you really wanted, baby?

Blame it on me,
Set your guilt free.
Nothing can hold you back now.

Now that you're gone,
I feel like myself again.
Grieving the things I can't repair and willing...

To let you blame it on me,
And set your guilt free.
I don't want to hold you back now love.

I can't change who I am.
Not this time, I won't lie to keep you near me.
And in this short life, there's no time to waste on giving up.
My love wasn't enough.

And you can blame it on me,
Just set your guilt free, honey.
I don't want to hold you back now love.

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Evanescence Lacrymosa Comments
  1. Monika Bogacka

    who else is a constantly depressed invidual?

  2. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Ela é gostosinha isso e o que importa,quem liga se ela tem depressão eu como ela até depois de morta,as outras eu não como nem fudendo kkk

  3. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Essa música é linda demais KKK Amy ler e uma delícia,mas gostosa que ela só ela mesma kk

  4. kill me

    Tale of a narcissist...



  6. Monika Bogacka

    Mozart died young but composed so many masterpieces💖💖

  7. Şükran Altay

    Still listening.

  8. Brenda Gabrielly Vieira de Carvalho

    Mozart with Evanescence ❤

  9. Jowjwgão pedro Menezes de oliveira


  10. Mordrid Bane

    These songs pull me into THE DARK

  11. Chelsea Avery


  12. Sqidd 3000


  13. salvi

    came here after hearing her new version of this. sorry but the new one doesn't hold a candle to this. no where near as atmospheric/sombre/epic

  14. Valdelice Costa

    Now that you're gonne feel like myself again🎶

  15. Sisca Scream4Me

    Omg love it everything Amy sings make it even more beautiful I loved Mozart Requiem original song and I love this one she didn't corrupt it she made it even better

  16. Carlos Quezada

    just as scary as haunted

  17. Emily Hall

    Love you so so so much

  18. Cassi Silva


  19. 無聊的人

    I like the song .But is there anyone can tell me what Lacrymosa mean?
    i am just a senior high school student in China.

    Дмитро Маначин

    It's from "lachrymose" - sad, sorrowfull, full of tears.

  20. julien doiron

    I prefer the first version its called anything for you which is unreleased and is what turned into this but I still like both

  21. yuri faxineira

    Just love this song..I've be waiting for this song for so long and right now Amy put it on synthesis

  22. zohar hermon

    Love evanescence. Love mozart. This is my shit

  23. Omar Ibrahim

    This make me live between my mind and my heart
    with out my world
    .not need that

  24. ysnc12

    oh my goodness, all these years when she said "set your guilt free", I thought she was saying "such a good freak" 😂

  25. Jesse Bohling

    I... Feel like I've heard this in black butler.. And so,many other shows and trailers...

  26. The Black Kakashi

    Imagine if the Phantom Troupe had came out to this version of Lacrimosa instead

  27. Kimberly Benavidez

    love her music so emotional. I love to sing her song's.

  28. Epscillion

    It really hits home, this one. Wow.

  29. HunterBug 96

    In an interview, she said she wrote this song for the Narnia movie but they rejected it because they said it was too dark. This would've been AMAZING for that movie!

    Hannah Toohey

    Hunter Newell - oh my gosh yeah it would totally be great for the movie !

    Violet Panda

    hahahahaha she would've rocked it for Lord Of The Rings though!! I loved Narnia as a kid, not so much now that I've discovered Middle Earth and Asgard **evilly laughs and sinks back in to my fandom cave**

    Josué Jiménez

    That was Together Again not this one

  30. daria Sorhaindo

    Beautiful blend of classical and modern. Nuances of Queen.

  31. patriece jenkins

    I love her music it related to me

  32. fearless b

    amazing ❤❤

  33. delphox

    how did I get here???


  34. Draco Jensei

    Love the song

  35. patriece jenkins

    it"s sounds kind of creepy but i still like her music.

  36. Colleen Marsh


  37. Solange CHENEBAULT

    J'adore le groupe Évanescence !

  38. Ally S

    I love this song, it's even more fun to sing.

  39. Jason Grills

    For those who are curious about the source for the Latin:

  40. angel balting

    this song is actually partially taken from Mozarts Lacrimosa. The song is absolutely beautiful and you like this song you should definitely check out Lacrimosa.

    Karthik Selvan

    Don't only check the lacrimosa! The whole requiem is breathtaking


    I just did!

    Leone Dos Reis Frauches

    vamos casar?

  41. Katelyn Monahan

    Originally is Lacrimose - tearful or wheeping. Used on many deaths scenes.

  42. Katelyn Monahan

    I am surprised, but in combination became great. Nice job, Emy. As usial.

  43. Katelyn Monahan

    Back round is REQIEM Mozart.

  44. Juan Garcia

    what are they saying in Latin?

    Ocean Forever

    Something told me Lacrimosa meant tearful.. I don't know what Dias Illa means, though

    Juan Garcia

    +Evanescence Forever i think its Latin for weeping.

    Ocean Forever

    +Juan Garcia Ok.

    Automaton Astronaut

    Lacrimosa means "weeping" or "mournful". Dies illa means "that day"

    Ocean Forever

    Ok. Thanks.

  45. Mugetsu 1012

    The only words i can say is that i LOVE THIS SONG AND AMY HERSELF

  46. theonlyone lockthelastopendoor

    one of the saddest songs for me...i love it so much..the lyrics..the music.
    i really like the mozart part...aw..everything on this song......

  47. metalheadlass

    Not this time
    I won't lie
    To keep you near me 💔💔💔

  48. myriam zigrech

    i love the sont 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💟💟💝💝💖💖💓💓💓💓💓

  49. Konos 5

    This is a masterpiece

  50. Ana Kulić

    I just noticed this piece of music is taken from Mozart's Requiem. I knew Amy is a fan of classical music :D


    They did a good job.

  51. musicreach1234

    the lyrics by Amy fit this classic so well, you can see how well trained Amy is a singer!

  52. Ikbal vulcani

    now that you're gone i feel like myself again.

  53. Victoria Griffin

    black butler anyone


    Oh yeah

    Zeke Thomas

    I see it a little

    Elizabeth Graham


    Abril Koz


  54. Emiliano Martinez

    is Lacrimosa, dies illa, and not dias illa (qua resurget ex favila)

    Michael Hill

    Lacrymosa is a latin word for weeping(or derives from it); dies illa means "that day" in Latin. dias illa I believe is the same thing just a different form with dias vs dies(I could be wrong though because it's been awhile since i've been in Latin and google doesn't work with Latin conjugations but I'm about 99% sure I'm right)Qua resurget ex favila means "which will rise from the ashes." Ot also says "dona eis requiem" which is Latin for "grant to them rest." I had to look it up for the reason Latin was in there and it's because they're sampling some of the words of one of Mozart's pieces.

  55. Mary Anna Scranton

    okay so lacrymosa is actually a very small part of a song called dies irae. mozart just "remade" the part. he didnt write it.

  56. Alfonso Torres

    Is it just me or everytime i hear the start of the song i think of Harry Potter?!

    Daniela Araújo

    It's Mozart's Requiem.

  57. Onyx Crown

    Mozart actually composed the lacrimosa to be performed at his own funeral as well

    Pianolove 123

    @Bayê Şûr Sorry, but that part of the film is actually true. It was only afterwards that is was suspected that Count Franz von Walseg, who actually had a habit of commissioning pieces from composers and taking them as his own.

    Bayê Şûr

    @Pianolove 123 Can you please provide reference?

    Pianolove 123

    @Bayê Şûr https://www.classicfm.com/composers/mozart/guides/mozart-requiem-full-works-concert-highlight-week/

    Bayê Şûr

    Pianolove 123 thank you! But it’s just words. There is no reference in the article. We need ‘letters’ of mozart and/or his wife/close friends to be able to assert it

    Catharina Venter

    @Bayê Şûr what is your evidence against it? There are many many articles out there that state the same thing, the piece was a commission ...historians DID do the research and pieced together the history of this classic.



  58. Amore Arusko

    Is this symphonic rock :)

    Ángela Gaviria

    +Velvet Fallen yes :)

    Julia Cavalcanti

    no. its not.

    Ivy Frost

    +Doorway To Nowhere Actually it's Gothic Opera. Lacrymosa is originally an opera created Mozart. She put a gothic twist to it.

    Caroline Poirier

    Listen to some Nightwish. I recommend "The Poet and the Pendulum". Now THAT'S a symphonic rock! Love them.

  59. 《••••••echo silver•••••》


  60. marika samogin

    L'inizio di questa canzone mi mette sempre i brividi.

  61. Zi Amore


  62. Just Her

    Shes told ppl that one out of a few very talented artists were her inspiration. and one was Mozart. Amen Amy. Mozart was the greatest. And the wildest. We had to love the guy. He was totally born in the wrong time.

  63. Little Sunflower

    Don't look at the comments everyone! A bunch of arguments about Mozart -_-
    I love Evanescence and I came to enjoy the song. Now I'm just annoyed. For those of you complaining about the song, get your shit together and go watch Mozart. Don't go around complaining on videos.

  64. Emily Green

    Spelled repair wrong

  65. Anna Brown

    I wish you were my👧

  66. María Laura Canteros

    I just can't avoid singing qua resurget ex favila. Lol. I learned first the Mozarts one. I think that I could not be able to sing a cover of this song. It's funny

    Leone Dos Reis Frauches

    eu te amo

  67. Hariney Muraleetharan

    Evanescence make the best sad songs

  68. SuperGodlike101

    Mozart approves.

  69. Mzelle Mwa


  70. Danny Atas

    Love this song. A year or two ago, we took the beginning of this song and incorporated it into our high school marching show

  71. Timothy Donaghue

    Amy did justice to the original. She trained in classical musicianship as a teenager. I honor her endeavor to bring life to an old classic.

    Property Of Jesus

    Me too :)

    Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl

    classics never get old though, mozart certainly dont

  72. Mr. Cat

    For everyone complaining about how this is a ripoff of Mozart, stfu already.  A composer's work is free to the public for use and besides, the original lachrymose (yes, that is how is spelled grammatically) was based off of Mozart's wife's perishing. Honestly, in my opinion, he felt as if she did more for him than he did for her and was in grief.  Amy probably linked that same feeling to a past relationship.

    Gia Stern

    +Mr. Cat i thought motzart died before his wife and this was about his father dying

    Lin Moriss

    He did die before his wife

    Parta Canna

    No, it was about his own death. The requiem was unfinished.

    jeena djo

    Mr. Cat wife hhhhhhh

  73. Vitor Ribeiro

    Lacrimosa - Tears(Weeping)
    Lacrimosa dies illa - Those days of tears

  74. Lyr Blackwell


  75. Matrafoxatii Ms

    what is "dias illa" and "lacrymosa" ? :D
    I mean what are the meaning of them 

  76. Lola Tix

    Cette chanson... Que je l'aime !

  77. Caro Claudia

    Very nice music.
    beautifully recovery
    I'm a fan
    She captivates us

  78. Majo jey cali

    were gonna sing this in Met life at new york city on December 11th can't wait 

  79. 777Dubliner

    Wow, this is pretty good i thought she was going to actually sing Lacrimosa but this is pretty good

  80. Jade G

    I know this is originally Mozart. But if you take the time to think you might understand that maybe she likes this song so she used it to create a song about her being raped and the pain she felt amd how hard it was to escape from the black hole she was in.


    she wasn't raped and exactly what DominoCat said

    Kelsey Lawson

    +O'Karina! She was Stalked

  81. Kimberly Johnson

    I actually love this song it makes me think about my own love live

  82. Viper

    Lacrymosa = "Weeping" in Latin
    Dias Illa = "She Stoop" in Latin

    Elizabeth Hogan

    Well, hello there, The Guy.

  83. Abi Watson

    I can't change who I am, not this time - I won't lie to keep you near me. In this short life there's no time to waste on giving up. My love wasn't enough.


    Thanks Abi

    Katie Angel

    Your love is always enough for those who deserve it. 💖🌟

  84. blackwallstreetkid89

    They used the Mozart version on hunter x hunter too. Either way I like both versions.

  85. Izabelle Chappell

    This is so beautiful, definitely my favourite Evanescence song :)

  86. animegirl17

    I love this song on the album. Favorite one. If you don't like it, I respect your opinion.


    Mozart's masterpiece is better than this shitty dumbass song. Originals are always better than wannabees and impostors.


    +TondrilaTube THIS Neanderthal? "Looking for Mozart?" Surely, you jest.


    @JustJanetification I listened to the song, they're pretty similar 

    Just Janet

    +TondrilaTube lol...you missed my point.


    @Janet Carlee Yeah, I know (and you're using the wrong account) 

    Just Janet

    No. I'm using the account I WANT to use. gfy

  88. Kaori Aze

    Mozart <3 :3

  89. Casey5693

    What does lacrymosa mean?


    @***** Oh

    Harleigh Cutting

    @***** Well, I sang Lacrymosa for chorus and below the title it said "Day of Sadness". Is that correct?

    Sarah Muffins

    @Harleigh Cutting No, I can confirm that Jerome is right. What Day of Sadness was was probably a non-literal translation, an attempt to make it sound better as sometimes words don't have the same heaviness and meaning in different languages.

    Harleigh Cutting

    Oh. Okay. Thanks for the confirmation.

  90. Lizzie BL

    I find this song a bit creepy but otherwise perfect, maybe just because it´s creepy.
    Generally, I love Evanescence

  91. Rosanna

    A bit scary, this song... :o


    Der Song isch cool, Lele! >:( I ♥ THIS SONG!!! ♥.♥ 4EVER...

  92. Cassie Shaffer

    Pretty beautiful mystical enchanting and just gorgeous

  93. berbatov3890

    How to ruin a great piece 101

    Kat ღ

    Ruin? It is a great remake but anyway I respect your opinion...

    Lyr Blackwell

    @Lady Vampire ღ ღ yeah respect. Lovin the profile pic... really fits with the song if u noticed


    +berbatov3890 How to have no taste 101

    Zeke Thomas

    berbatov3890 why do you say it is ruined


    I got used to feel creepy and scary emotions from lacrimosa so I think this lyrics don't fit the soul of that great piece.

  94. Stacia Vu

    Love the Mozart intertwining with the song