Evanescence - Imaginary Lyrics

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (paper flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (paper flowers)

I linger in the doorway
Of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name
Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops, as they're falling, tell a story

If you need to leave the world you live in
Lay your head down and stay a while (paper flowers)
Though you may not remember dreaming
Something waits for you to breathe again (paper flowers)

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (paper flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (paper flowers)

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Evanescence Imaginary Comments
  1. Local Blas Parera Traverso

    todo es igual, nada es mejor, lo mismo un burro que un gran profesor, noh ay aplazados , ni escalafon, los inmorales nos han igualado, si uno vive en al impostura y otro afana en su ambicion da lo mismo que sea cura colchonero rey de basto, caradura o polizon!

  2. Vane Vivaldi

    The best era😁😁😁😁

  3. Vamika Sharma

    I just can't imagine anyone but konan from akatsuki (Naruto) when I hear this song 💜

  4. Andy Beck Music

    Pure escapism :-) I love this album to bits, its twelve songs are lite-goth gems.

  5. Deeksha Anand

    Hey guys!! Would SOO love if you could watch my cover of IMAGINARY .....I hope you like it!!
    Thank you <3

  6. alvin akbar

    I love the rhythm of the guitar when the ends parts , so baddass!!

  7. Krazy Gifted


  8. Noor Ali

    Im i the first one listening to evanescence in 2020 ?

  9. Victoria Poling

    I have depression, bipolar, anxiety and PTSD and I understand this song as well. It helps me cope when everything feels like it's fallen down around me

  10. Nigel Hinds

    2020 still listening Amy rock's

  11. Christine Carroll

    It's a shame he died.

  12. Spencer Mouritsen

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww paper flowers lol

  13. Rumi !!

    This is so underrated, it should make millions views !

  14. Person

    Beautiful voice like silky mercury dripping down into the crevices of my soul.

  15. LTS

    i love escapism.

  16. Renato Faria



    Her voice

  18. Ebrar BAU

    Maladaptive Daydreaming

  19. jason watkins

    if you don't know what issues I'm referring to? You can't possibly understand the lyrics. You might feel the emotion but you need to understand what she is saying. There is nothing fun about Lithium. Watch everybody's fool. That's your brain on Lithium. I've found that a hit of the stanky and a small glass of bourbon produces much more desirable results. and a guitar helps. That said, she is just straight up badass.

    Rhayyeaz Mahalaya Rhyou

    2.50 aig pitced screim cudent at middle life burr even rhteme one those minet let stand tremble piuree ndreed pircent mouozieic sourranding beatifuee each stand

  20. jason watkins

    wonderful individual. we should embrace the fact that people with our same issues can be as talented as she is.

  21. Nazri Buang

    Penis pilot

  22. Banditø

    This song smacks

  23. Luíz Gustavo Miranda

    Melhor banda do planeta mil vezes melhor que o podre do funk

  24. animegame100

    salvation is a dirty word.

  25. Alejandro Lopez Arraya

    Ooo thanks for "imaginary" lyrics 😉

  26. Chloé Lagarde

    me being 10 years old, do I want to BE her or do I want to be WITH her ahaha

  27. daniel souza

    Canta mal

  28. Robson Wagner

    algum brazuca em 2019??

  29. Angel Valentyne

    Definitely wish girls had this kind of depth, theses days. Not just filters Instagram followers vanity.

  30. Princess pink518

    Oh, for a second I thought this was the song “immortal”

  31. John Moon

    This song only reminds me of all the horrible things I have survived and showed me that my nightmare was just the beginning. Hope,is something you work for.

  32. ¡MaleJuega!

    /(°( • )°)\

  33. Jian Li

    hospital, the safest place? we are therre because we have problems

  34. Cristiane Quiteria

    Amy please do this type of music again! Hi-Lo is soo bad

    lacrymosa 88

    Hi-Lo is beautiful, it's just different from their style because it's part of Synthesis, which is an orchestral/electronic album. The next album will be entirely rock.

    Cristiane Quiteria

    @lacrymosa 88 With all respect I don´t like it. Miss old Heavy Dark Evanescence that ´s what Amy do best .she needs to relize she is not Bjork.

    lacrymosa 88

    @Cristiane Quiteria
    and you have no right to say that. All artists experience... curiosity is part of the nature of being musicians. I and many others have enjoyed Imperfection and Hi-Lo, now you could wait like everyone else for the new album and be happy that it will come soon, instead of getting upset with Amy.

    Cristiane Quiteria

    @lacrymosa 88 I am not upset i think she is free to try new things but as a solo artist . I dont think Amy wants to do this kind of Heavy Music anymore unfourtunately because I am a huge fan of EV .I really miss Terry The Open Door had a lot of his riffs and ideas.but we all are free to express when do not like a song.

  35. richtrophicherbs

    I'm nearly 70 and in love with Amy

  36. Sari Heryanto

    Tell me one of Evanescence's song you dislike cos I just can't find any 😚

  37. Little Smile

    2019 !!

  38. Christine Carroll

    What evancence?

  39. Diego Ubaldo

    Evanescence: my favorite band since 2007 ❤️

  40. Use Full

    She is a soulful GODDESS of mystery and all magic I tell you.

  41. KissedByFire Skye

    When you’re proud to say this was the first album you bought on CD. Was 12/13 dyed my hair black and just wanted to be her 😍🖤

    Christine Carroll

    This is possibly "indie or goth"

  42. Israel Diogo

    Adoro esse álbum fallen do Evanescence muito bom mesmo tudo muito perfeito a voz dela,a instrumentação,a interpretação das músicas realmente tudo muuuitoo mais do que perfeito 💯💖💖💖💖💖💖

  43. شبل بغداد

    2019 still love u

  44. Hawk's Hill

    anyone still here, besides me that is???? LOL!! Evanescence is MUSIC!!! Aug,2019

  45. Gelrald Oldo

    Why is life such a cunt.

    Just curious...

  46. Wu-Tang 36 chamber

    This the best artist of the world , very magical song , story and words Evanesence

  47. Adventure outdoors with kodey mossop

    2019 n still strong

  48. Generic Channel

    I relate :(
    I can only live my life through daydreams

    Generic Channel

    Oh how i long for the deep sleep dreaming

  49. Brittany Oglesby

    Love it❤

  50. Blood Angel

    My old emo days, how i miss you

  51. Richelle Van Tonder

    No words can describe the feeling this song gives me! 🎸🎤🎧

  52. Jay Dee


  53. Paty wr 2

    Minha linda Evanecense

  54. Andy Beck

    Great song, even greater album :)

  55. Jeremy Migliaccio Tate-Fabian


  56. Mr. Rolo

    Where has time gone?? Was a teenager when this music came out!! always love them!!

  57. Eva Evrishah

    my favorite song😍😍😍

  58. Christina Palacios

    wonderful song 4 being sooo old

  59. deus ex machina

    With lyrics?

  60. Bao Teriom

    depression sweet

  61. Sheogorath

    I just can't stop listening this song.

  62. Yazan

    i can't even speak when this song is playing ♥

  63. Luna the Bunny

    I've made an AMV/GMV of this song: https://youtu.be/65CHyDos2FQ

  64. Тетяна Ал-Зубаіді


  65. Syarifah Maghfirah

    Thanks for the internet.

  66. nur hasan

    16 years old... waow... and i am in here😅😅😅 for listening..

  67. frszr

    ... Mmm. L? Mm

  68. ma ram

    2019 and i Still love this song 💖💖

    dora frasth

    So u r like Alicia Baca

  69. Brittany Walton

    Anyone here 2019....wish they would resurface again☻

  70. Lusayon

    Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
    Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
    Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
    The goddess of imaginary light

  71. Lusayon

    I can't believe this album is 16 years old
    | Update.

    Robert Olteanu

    still my favorite

  72. Brad Serafin

    Still love this album.. I'd walk drinking a 60 pounder
    Pondering life.. when this first came out .. trying to break free from myself that didnt include suicide

  73. Denilson soares

    E boa👍

  74. Samiah Angel

    Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me

  75. Raimundo nogueira neto Nogueira

    Amy lee perfect linda

  76. Lex Lopez

    Days when I was high... did it for 10 years. Now it’s gone and I’m on a new chapter... still listen to evanescence and gives me strength to stay away from what I was before...

  77. Sophie Ankoku

    I seriously love this song so much, but every time I listen to it I start to cry -.-

  78. Mr Weber

    When individual people makes up lies and deceit about a story and Twists The Story around just to satisfy their self

  79. Mr Weber

    And something tells a story about what exactly

  80. Mr Weber

    The raindrops which are falling has been created by man is self

  81. Mr Weber

    Why would the wind whisper to you when twins were created by men of population

  82. Mr Weber

    Say your ringing in a doorway and individual people who disguises Monsters are calling your name

    So why don't you start fighting these Monsters off

  83. Adie Clozer

    16 years old album..and im still here :,)

  84. IttyBittyBoi

    "Come now Fluttershy, there's no time to waste!"

  85. Alex Mora

    My goddess of imaginary light☝️

  86. Andreas Krysztofiak

    Reminds me of Resident Evil and the tragic Story of Racoon City

  87. Grant Appell

    The people of Minnesota demand a better flag to represent us. If you want a flag for us all, sign the petition today! See the link below.


  88. Cesar Campa


  89. Monica Flores Chavez

    Favorite song ever🥰😍🥰.

  90. Carrie Miskelley


  91. Bruno BRF3

    My love