Evanescence - Hi-Lo Lyrics

I don't know your heart
I don't know where to begin
But I could feel you erasing the rivers I'd drawn in
The more I stood still
The faster you were running
You don't know how it feels crawling under your skin
So far, so far away
Don't you know we could be

High or low
You never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you, but I never forgot you

I can't be your friend
Hold your hand while you bleed

There's nothing left to give you
Nothing more I need
Time to let it sleep
Oh, the damage was real
But nothing cut me so deep I could not heal

Don't you know we could be
High or low
You never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you, but I never forgot you

High or low
You never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you
But I never forgot

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Evanescence Hi-Lo Comments
  1. Tiffany Verrill

    I haven’t heard Evanescence in a while, but this is just gorgeous

  2. fady ASaad

    كسم وجع القلب

  3. john dise

    A sadly missed opportunity is amy Lee's angelic voice and Chester Bennington's angelic/demonic voice in a song together 😭💔

  4. Jan Obračaj

    This is definition of music orgasm for me <3

  5. animefavs100

    That last "FOR-GOT"when she dropped her head and hit the last note. DIED THERE😙😙😙

    Amy is tops!

  6. Juliana D. C. Mello


  7. HaXaW

    This is my Beethoven, so awesome.

  8. Katlikeme23

    Omg I'm so in love with duet <3

  9. smileyface702

    "I can't be your friend
    Hold your hand while you bleed

    There's nothing left to give you
    Nothing more I need
    Time to let it sleep
    Oh, the damage was real
    But nothing cut me so deep I could not heal
    And I gave up on you, but I never forgot you"

    Amy still be writing lyrics that speak to the depths of my heart. Thanks ❤️

  10. Rohanz Madbunny

    This is really a masterpiece. Can't believe Amy can make such a beautiful song. Cried everytime I heard this song. Reminds me about my daughter. 😓

  11. David baylor

    Musical perfection

  12. billevan1

    Unbelievable.. so good it brought tears to my eyes... wow..........

  13. Jessie37

    Fucking LOVE the violin section!!!

  14. Hazael Ortega Al

    Escuchando en 2020 y para toda la vida ❤👌

  15. Chris Parmarter

    This is the very definition of "eargasmic"!

  16. Chris Parmarter

    3:19 random bunny ears?

  17. Moon Of The Nightsky

    this song is... holy fucking shit

  18. gilbert Rodriguez

    the sun walking in the desert is as close as I let him get close to her and then I wait for a second chance while the sun waits for the next day :P

  19. 25Bayor

    I'm 36 and this is the best song I have heard ever. And I"ve heard thousands.

  20. Tammy Conner

    Beautifully done, so true😢

  21. Liberty for All

    This woman never fails to climb to heights unfathonable to mortal minds. I jenuflect to her as I follow her to hieghts she is even unaware of .

  22. Darlenis Canosa

    Me encantan las dos soy super fan d ambas sigan haciendo duetos d vez en cuando

  23. Kc Gulla

    Her voice gets better & better. She is amazingly talented. Is she really a Christian? I get confused with many songs. Does anyone really know?

  24. Ralph Martinez

    Love this 😊

  25. Krís Drєєmurr


    Came Here For That

  26. HunterCW

    del minuto 3:25 hacia adelante que es cuando se junta las 2 es un verdadero ESPECTACULO

  27. Robert Hutcherson

    That run before the chorus gave me the chills. Good God.

  28. Ibrahim Sabah

    Amy your voice is angelic

  29. Lucas Gom

    Seriously. What is wrong with the World? Where are the millions of views? This is a masterpiece


    probably cause it has no sexual scenes or curse words, like every video's supposed to nowadays :(

    Michael Ji

    @aDaMzDeD underrated comment

  30. Eweline Salvatore

    😱😱😱😱😱👍😍😍😍 oh.god,.it's perfect!!!

  31. Veronica Valdez

    I wanna attend a show!!!! 😍


    I saw them in 2018 when they toured together

    Veronica Valdez

    @Queendreamer in Colorado?! I bet it was amazing!!

  32. Михаил ЛесневBMX

    The most real Rock

  33. Mary fl

    You're my favorite person in the world 😍😍😍😍 just wish I could come to your concerts once😢

  34. roryrms

    What it looks and sounds like when people put a 1000% into their craft. Wow! Magic

  35. Trae Ashleigh

    ❤️ Your voice is such a gift, Amy! I am blessed every time I listen to Ev!

  36. jemuel laputan

    hi jemuellaputan-_-

  37. pallmallninjak

    The dedication put into this song can be seen so clearly. this is a powerful song that gives me chills up my spine at times

  38. Devin Dipace

    I love the both of them. I hope to meet one or both one day

  39. Supriya Halder

    What a song really marvelous

  40. jerospace

    Lindsey Sterling is so amazing! Then to top it off put Amy’s vocals with it...incredible!

  41. Henryk Beronio

    This song is tribute to the ship's who sunks in the oceans
    MV Wilhelm gustloff of Germany who is the tragic wartime maritime disaster who kills 9000 souls
    MV Doña Paz of Philippines who is the worlds peacetime maritime disaster who kills 4000 souls

  42. Rafael Lucero

    This is so cool....i never thought classical music will rocks like this🤘🤘🤘🤘

  43. 앙쥐

    1:17 무한 반복💕

  44. Christopher Bingham

    This was an amazing combination. Two incredibly talented ladies uniting to make some really great music

  45. Rampage

    Amy Lee is an Angel sent from heaven & she's here on earth to sing & perform for all us humans & she's here with the goddess of Violin Lindsey.

  46. Ketty Santos

    Soy muy fan de tus canciones felicidades por esa voz tan bella y unica te sigo desde tu primer disco 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  47. Tima -Elf- Monbebe Army - ExoL

    Oh, the damage was real
    But nothing cut me so deep
    I could not heal

  48. Goody Monster

    Save us Amy!!!

  49. teaM iara alek

    Meu pai é fã de Evanescence desde adolescente, cresci vendo ele escutar Evanescence e outras bandas de rock. a que ele mais escutava era Evanescence, eu falava que era chato, que ele só escutava aquilo, e hoje com 12 anos amo Evanescence, acompanho cada música, e é legal poder comentar com meu pai sobre isso, rock. sobre os estilos de rock, ele é mais pro lado de Linkin park, pink Floyd, Evanescence , já eu gosto mais de rock pesado, system of a down é a minha favorita. esses caras são lendas, eu amo a Amy demais aaa❣️

  50. Simo Häyhä

    Wilhelm Gustloff

  51. DonnySpeaks

    Finally, this hit 5 mil views. We need to get it higher!

  52. Música Electrónica

    I loved thes miusic 😍😍😍😍😍😍🇸🇻

  53. A. K. Babin

    Amy's Angelic Voice + Lindsey's Angelic Violin = Why don't they do this more?

    J C

    Lindsey Stirling - Love goes on and on feat Amy Lee. That is also a very beautiful song.

  54. Brian Turner

    My goose bumps had goose bumps.

  55. İlkin Zülfüqar

    Wilhelm Gustloff

  56. Independent Thinker

    Evanescence should induct Lindsey Stirling as a permanent member of the band.

    Victor Silva

    Mike Haffler ❤

  57. Maytal Acedo

    damn it! how did I miss this thier both fantastic!!!!!? XD

  58. Kristofer Ramirez

    This sounds like the old evanescence. Love it

  59. M M

    it's the rice

  60. Supriya Halder

    Amazing performance specially your video

  61. Black

    Evanescence's voice is killing me. I always remember that I'm alive after the song End

  62. Richie Radd

    You had me at the trombones...wow

  63. Antimonkat

    I didn't even know Evanescence was still making music, sweet. How did I miss this song since I love both so much.

  64. Robert Cornelius

    This song couldn't make the top gazillion. Horrible

  65. Cheryl Lindsay

    Amy Lee has got to be one of the most incredible voices ever! Love this so much!

  66. Dark Claw

    3:25 💥

  67. Felipe Ramos Coutinho

    Ótima música e as uma das melhores e lindas do grupo.

  68. xltoujague89

    Makes my eyes leak every time

  69. Giorgi Chichinadze

    The most underrated song ever...

  70. Carla Murray

    Exquisitely gorgeous video!👏👏👏👏👏🔥♥️👍

  71. Nabamita Das

    The starting somewhat sounded like Nirvana's Something in the Way...

  72. Mohd Iraq

    Aku minat lagu serta music lagu ni

  73. Por do Sol


  74. Rosy Tube

    I will never for got you !!
    You will always be in my heart forever and ever > I will love you to the end of my life !!♥️😍❣

  75. Anthem

    So underrated song !... love it 😍

  76. Poundra Akira

    This is so majestic

  77. Alberto Esquivel


  78. Alberto Esquivel


  79. Alberto Esquivel


  80. S.S. Harmony

    4:29-5:08 MV Malabon Sinking

  81. Rick Castro

    4:29-5:08 the song when you are sinking ships

  82. Rick Castro

    Song for MV Winford Gustloff

  83. MasterMazeProductions

    I still find it hilarious that America's Got Talent dropped Lindsay Sterling cause they didn't think she was good enough to continue on their show. DEAR LORD DID SHE SHOW THEM :D

  84. Elizandra Vieira

    Amazing girls! 👏👏👏❤

  85. blacklotus1991

    I love it

  86. The Outlaw

    This literally had my jaw drop

  87. Cara Kerner

    This was my morning alarm for a few days. I had to change it because it made me so calm that I almost fell asleep again, but these were the most beautiful mornings in my life ❤

  88. I AM

    if you have not bought Synthesis yet, I would suggest you treat yourself now. It is amazing. I can't stop reliving Amy Lee over and over again.

  89. I AM

    Lindsey is amazing, such a well done masterpiece addition to this song. it is pure honey to the ears.

  90. I AM

    This song sings to my soul.

  91. Mike Decker

    Fate working its magic bringing these two together!

  92. Batwoman

    The concert was amazing.

  93. Victor Andradee

    Beatiful 👏👏👏👏 Emy Lee.

  94. Ashira Diaz

    I love the song😍😍😍 but lindsey lacks a shoe???😅 3:40