Evanescence - Haunted Lyrics

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Hunting you, I can smell you - alive
Your heart pounding in my head

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Saving me, raping me, watching me

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you... loving you
I won't let you pull me down

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Evanescence Haunted Comments
  1. Carlos Stornaiuolo

    Turbo Tastic

  2. serial killers fascinate me

    "Saving me, raping me"

  3. ksxkxkd l

    This song is flaunted by jacob

  4. Foxx999

    I once watched a live sex show with this as the background music.... it was fucking epic!!

  5. Guido Octavio

    2000s gothic... god, what a pleasure that i couldn't taste better

  6. Samuel Nunes

    Musica da formatação de time no Brazukas bomba pach ps2 kkk

  7. Chris Lorenz

    Vollll hammer mega GEILOO die Band und hammer. GEILE music😍😍😍😍😍😍👍❤

  8. Curiosidades do Momento

    They are deep in their Songs , I Love them❤❤❤

  9. Diamond Knight

    Shes sooooooo beautiful

  10. Juan Schvartzman


  11. lucas []

    re-l mayer canta muito

  12. CLAY gaming

    any help im suicidal

  13. Daniel Vargas Vega

    Definiria esta canción como una mezcla de rock industrial y rock sinfónico.

  14. Claudine Jimdar

    Is there a symphonic version of this song? ❤️😍

  15. Amber134 Xo

    This is about someone who has been gone for awhile, but the singer (in this case, Amy Lee) thinks that person will return because she is haunted by him/her in her dreams. She secretly is searching for the person, feeling closer and closer. A more literal interpretation can have the singer being stalked by someone from her past.

    So that’s the meaning to this song

    From songfacts.com

  16. André Cirilo

    Brazukas 2006 do PS2 quem mais?

  17. sammi metalhead

    Stalker alert

  18. Blood Angel

    Am i the only one who finds this song very sensual?

  19. Satori Falcon

    Hey, kittyera. Is Evanescence your favorite band singer?

  20. T H E E Z E 1 3

    in this image she looks like Re-i Mayer from ergo proxy

  21. Lenka Brejcha Avila

    I loved this album and this was one of my favorite songs. 💞💞
    I have an anecdote with this song: as a teen whenever I heard this song I had dreams about being haunted by invisible forces, nothing traumatic, but it was always whenever I listened this song in particular. Shouldn't be surprising if it weren't because my native language isn't English and back when I heard this song I was a 14 year old who had no knowledge of English language,(I only learnt English when I was 18 years old, four years after hearing this song) so I didn't knew what this song was about back then, yet it's meaning was clear in my dreams.
    Fun thing? Still has that power until today.

  22. Ernesto Solano

    Buen aporte

  23. Honest Erica

    I💖this song

  24. eu_niranhö

    10 days later of me birth!

  25. Johsey 4u

    i loved this since i was 7 or 8 i cant remember wat age

  26. Sebastián Ignacio

    4:06 best part ever

    Edward Barrera

    Funny, why are you here, if you don’t like the song

    Sebastián Ignacio

    @Edward Barrera I like the song but not the filling

  27. Max Paschke

    you could have just ended the video at 3:07!

  28. XjøacøX

    This song went up when i was born

  29. Elite Gamer

    Does she feel me wanting her and watching her? I certainly hope so!!

  30. luiz felipe

    Quem aí ainda curte uma boa música em 2019 ?

  31. Jonny078 !

    Brazukas 2006 😎😌

  32. Hogers Silva

    Comentários 666

  33. Hogers Silva

    Mais um like pra vc Vandinha 😎

  34. Jeje Werewolf

    I think maybe this is the best song for Woman in black movie soundtrack

  35. Mike Sturgeon

    Heaaars FREDDY

  36. Casandra Koertgen

    Breathing your code vitamin c 1,000mg in water

  37. Achenaf Isis

    Făceam un film horror cu prietenul meu și eram 100% hotărâți sa punem melodia in trailer... Dar nu am mai putut face filmul pentru ca el a avut o problema.

  38. Amanda Gonçalves da Silva

    Favorita 😍

  39. Canal Phelpera

    Bomba patch Brazukas 2006

  40. R. Aspiazu

    A true band never rips by itself. The same happened with 30 seconds to Mars and any other relating to make a crucial change over rock or even metal history. I feel so dissapointed.

  41. Jhonathan Martins

    spider man 3 trailer song

  42. Joyvan de Sales

    Awesome song. 💚

  43. DarkSpino306

    Dead Silence brought me

  44. Rodrigo Dos Santos

    Melhor música do Evanescence

  45. Eliora Ben-Gurion

    Me: *relaxes and immerses myself in sadness*
    Amy: _raping me_

    Me: why didn't I mentally mobilize offensive jokes to protect my sensitivity?

  46. PrInCeSsAsLoVe

    I was so scared to this song as a teen, especially for the beginning

  47. André Maringue

    Evanescence e linkin park melhores rock do mundo 😎😏

  48. S. Nalo

    "Still can't find what keeps me here when all this time I've been so hollow inside"

  49. Luigui Luigui

    I love graveyard songs😍

  50. Nancy Z

    Canta bonito 💞

  51. Gareth Adamson

    Dark music needs a comeback in pop culture to wake people up.

  52. Bruno Viertürer Maddën

    Música tema do Jogo Winning Eleven PlayStatio2

  53. Glitter Silver

    Ergo proxy?

  54. funboy

    Love hearing this while walking in the woods with my dog. 😔🤟

  55. Renata Onete

    My dark Angel....Amy Lee .. 🎶🎼❤

  56. Justin Willing

    Haunted Ghostly heart

  57. Carter Hatfield

    2018 any one ?

  58. The OP Shogun

    I miss this.

  59. Luis Sandoval

    Exelente canción fans mexicanos

  60. Seith Seather

    I love this song, but it said with lyrics where is it?

  61. Ivan Beta

    Winning Eleven ♥

  62. Anderson Sobral

    The best álbum !!!

  63. MissBethSabAmyJoker

    I remember how the first seconds of this song used to scare the hell out of me when I was 14 and had just bought the album.

  64. Keith Costello

    back when she was super young, i remember having a huge crush on her

  65. Jasko Players

    Cccooollll slušam pjesmu za nocunu morukad spavam

  66. Romy AKA Misha

    Take me back to the era of 1998-2004 ☣️


    Nossa, velho... Que som foda. Puta merda. :'(

  68. Caroline Skrleova

    Dark *-*

  69. Onizuka

    hey look Re-L is singing haha, I love Amy Lee and the fact that one of my favourite anime female characters is directly inspired by her is just amazing.

  70. anita gabryelle

    Eu amo esse banda

    André Maringue

    Amamos 😙😍

  71. яØÐяïǥØ รØÜƶǺ

    2018 firme e forte.................................

  72. Chantel Brown

    I used to not be able to listen to this song at night cause it scared me in middle school. HECK! I'm going to college next week and this song STILL creeps me out!! But it ls SO beautiful.💜

  73. Douglas Medeiros

    Bomba Patch 4.5 - Mundial de Clubes 2006

  74. MonoJonito

    My favorite Evanescence's song.

  75. Gabriel

    Bomba Patch (Winning Eleven 10) - Good times S2

  76. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente banda ótima música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

    André Maringue

    É que triste 😥😒

  77. Renata Onete


  78. Julia S2!

    2018 😍❤️

  79. angelina mendez


  80. jisoo's aesthetic

    I miss her :(

  81. José Alves


  82. Lüna Roche

    Tros belle music

  83. Cokky Z

    I am scary but I love this music ❤

  84. Azrael Light

    0:37 when all this time i've been been so aloneee inside.....i know your still there nbababbanananan die!!!!

    Azrael Light

    2:08 watching me haunting me !

  85. Filiz Ilhan

    Haziran 2003!!! Göstermese de BILIYORDUM:)

  86. bruno Mendes

    Quem se lembra do Brazukas 2006? Na hora da formação? 😍😍😍

    Neto Santos


    Jonny078 !

    Kkkkkkkkkk vim aqui por causa disso

    Andre Neri

    Bons tempos

    Felipe Kyo Franca

    Verdad kkkkk

    André Gustavo

    Descobri essa música por causa do jogo. Kkkkkk bom demais

  87. Cristiane Paiva de Lima paiva

    Começa pim pim pim e um som louco forte

  88. Cristiane Paiva de Lima paiva

    Tem um som desta música muito forte agora no álbum not for you e esta🔥👍

  89. adil bell

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