Evanescence - Away From Me Lyrics

I hold my breath as this life starts to take its toll
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds
But oh, God, I feel I've been lied to
Lost all faith in the things I have achieved
And I

I've woken now to find myself
In the shadows of all I have created
I'm longing to be lost in you
(away from this place I have made)
Won't you take me away from me

Crawling through this world as disease flows through my veins
I look into myself, but my own heart has been changed
I can't go on like this
I loathe all I've become


Lost in a dying world I reach for something more
I have grown so weary of this lie I live

I've woken now to find myself
In the shadows of all I have created
I'm longing to be lost in you

I have woken now to find myself
I'm lost in shadows of my own
I'm longing to be lost in you

Away from me.

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Evanescence Away From Me Comments
  1. anika jeanne

    Is this song about drugs?

  2. El Remolino

    2:37 CHESTER WAS THAT YOU? btw. Damn I miss Chester so much.

    B R

    No. But I miss him too.

  3. Daniel Pearson

    going over it now, my MP3 uses the name for this song, but for the song called 'Lies' on the same album.

  4. Daniel Pearson

    it's so odd. this song doesn't match the song on my MP3 player of the same name, band, and album, taken right from the album itself.. any idea why?

  5. Rodriguez/Villaloboz Family

    I wonder why this isn’t on Spotify🤨🤔


    Origin isn't a released album you can buy i dont think but idk

    B R

    @bri1507 I thought it was.


    @B R well it prob was idk, but that mainly consisted of demos and unreleased songs

  6. kellustzall

    Its story is just like the movie I've just watched: Freie Fall 2013

  7. Bianca Oliveira

    Não importa o quanto eu descubra outros gêneros e artistas eu sempre volto pra cá. Minha origem

  8. I AM

    Back when Evanescence was real.

  9. Amanda Vitoria

    Amoooo evanescece

  10. Alex Rodriguez

    Misspelled "Veins"

  11. hi hungry I'm rat

    god I love this album

  12. Andrea Meza

    Who else came here becuase of that Mob Psycho fan-animation?

  13. Felix Vigilante

    Whose the guy singing? His voice is amazing! ♡

    Gabriel Vega

    David Hodges

    Felix Vigilante

    Gabriel Vega thank you!

  14. micael rodriguez

    where did you find that font

  15. Obay Ibrahim


  16. Giusseppe brahma

    I am amazed , this song is an elevated spiritual feeling so deep and clear...

  17. Imgunnagetyou

    *sucks air thru teeth* *deep voice* WOOOOOOW

  18. Deto Cerqueira

    I used to think it was "in the shadows of the lie I created" lol.

    Eagle The Assassin

    Deto Cerqueira well, that seems like it doesn’t impact the meaning deeply, in contrast it fits perfectly.

  19. Evanescence_1981

    When Amy's "Find" overlaps with David's "Woken" and it sounds like
    "I've woken now to fuck myself"
    Yes you can't unhear it now.


    Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why.

    Ultimate Pornstar

    Sounds like "finke" to me.

  20. Lívia Yumi

    nossa q nostalgia q bateu aqui ❤

  21. Jayden Rose

    that moment your writing a story and stumble upon the perfect song to go with it...

    Hannah Pike

    Jayden Rose Same tho

    Eagle The Assassin

    Omg yes!

  22. Dominic Morgen

    Amy Lee's voice is dark and beautiful. It is like a fallen angel, darkness overwhelming it, yet holding immeasurable beauty inside of the simple tones and words. The lyrics themselves hold more meaning than every modern song combined. These words came straight from the heart, straight from the soul. The meaning is so... beautiful. Dark. Amy Lee, like me, sees straight to the heart of what's going on, sees past the illusions that humans put up, sees into the darkness rather than the painted image humanity puts up. Incredible does not describe it. Nothing can describe the meaning, the tangible meaning behind it, especially to those who understand.

    Mina Tonic

    you speak so beautifully


    I agree but stop commenting this on every evanescence vid lmao

    Sai / Redstrike

    This is the most detailed paragraph in the history of humanity XD

    Golden Fruit Cat / Bootleg Iruma

    Yes. I agree

  23. Isabel Rondon

    My favorite Evanescences Song ever!!

  24. Jonas Bjerregaard

    I miss David Hodges being in Evanescence!


    Ja! his voice matches perfectly with some songs like that one!

    Ndie Microcrédito E.I.

    The Evanescence of David Hodges and Jessica I just miss.

  25. Vampyra

    This song describes my life right now and it is so beautiful...I will definitely do a cover of this someday

  26. Konos 5

    my favourite song of Evanescence!

  27. Polly Anne

    got this song in my phone, wind up studios also did an album thingy called EVANESCENCE Greatest Hits

  28. Fer Núñez

    just how i feel right now...

  29. Agata Nowak

    Ev takie przyjemne! Ktoś jeszcze z Polski? ;D

    Ania Gray

    +Agata Nowak ja z Polski i masz rację to jest super

    Adriana Lopez

    +Ania Gray vguvx

  30. TheVampireItself

    I really wish they would put origin on iTunes!!!!


    Nice to meet you too

    Isabel Rondon

    Wrong, Evanescence is not christian

    Acolyte of Steel

    You're wrong, pal. Evanescence is NOT a Christian band, Amy Lee has said so herself. She has been quoted as saying that her songs "have no spiritual connotation, they're about life experiences."

    It's not real, it's just a social construct

    Anti Kriki Tourniquet is about suicide and Whisper is probably about God

    Golden Fruit Cat / Bootleg Iruma

    A song can have more meanings than existence itself does, it just depends on how people interpret them. A song can mean something different in each person’s eyes and can connect to them and relate to them in reasons only understood by them. People can believe what they want to. Evanescence may not be a Christian band but people can see them as talking to God if they want. I’m not Christian but I just want everybody to accept other’s opinions.

  31. flor

    Melhor banda ever

  32. Stenheart

    lost in a dying World i reach for something more


    I have grown so weary of this lie I live

    Golden Fruit Cat / Bootleg Iruma

    I’ve woken now to find myself

  33. Evan White

    I found one copy on eBay for the starting bud of $26.00


    Amy said that you really should just download the album instead of buying from someone else, it is not on sale officially so it isn't piracy.

  34. Evan White

    Evedently the people who run Pandora Radio have a copy of Orgin cause i heard this song on Pandora Internet Radio

  35. Sandra Cunningham

    Love evanescence love her voice would love to get all off adims

  36. David Arzola Aduntu

    luv this song too, i can feel it  :c    i hold my breath too and i hide sometimes behind a smile :c

  37. AURORA

    i love this song

  38. Katarinna Springman

    It's funny that the profile pic of these people are mostly happy, but you here this song and how strong the lyrics are. It just shows you that everyone has something going on, even when they're smileing.

    Halon Poisoning

    +Jackie F. But that's only a typing.


    +Halon Poisoning but I really am happy, even 11 months later

    Communist Ham

    The only thing I have been shown is someone who failed grammar school.

    Justin Case

    Katarinna Springman
    " I Hide behind this smile. ... "

    A Sad Pigeon

    Katarinna Springman Just because you listen to songs with a sad meaning doesn’t mean YOU ARE sad lol

  39. Bessy EvanescenceGR

    That's amazing! Where did you find the font?

  40. achritus hunter


  41. SoulCrystal214

    Maybe English isn't their first language?

  42. ThatVideoMakingKid

    That's exactly why. That and because Origin was made and released under a different label company. Origin, Evanescence EP, Whisper/Sound Asleep EP were all released under the record company, Big Wig Enterprises. While Mystary EP, Fallen, Anywhere But Home, The Open Door, and Evanescence where all released under the record company Wind Up Records. Big Wig Enterprises, I believe, is no longer in business, plus Wind Up owns Evanescence now, so that may be another reason that they aren't on iTunes.

    Michael Robert

    ThatVideoMakingKid mystary ep is unreleased

  43. Alex Rivezzi

    that sucks. i wish i had an original copy. is that why this isnt on itunes and that crap?

  44. ThatVideoMakingKid

    They did release it. But not a lot of copies. They only released 2500 copies of it so it's very very hard to find an original legit copy of it.

  45. Alex Rivezzi

    i really wish they cud of released origin. i think the songs are perfect just the way they are.

  46. ScarletF0x18

    omg I so am in love with this song <3 It's soooooo telling my life

  47. Kimberly Drayne

    In the beggining it sounds like an awesome demo!

  48. fat0elle0thin

    LUV this song SO much!! great video - thanx 4 the lyrics!! :)

  49. ThatVideoMakingKid

    @xXEmoGirlzRockXx The Evanescence Reference site. evanescencereference (dot) com

  50. ThatVideoMakingKid

    @praditamish Thank you.