Evanescence - Anywhere Lyrics

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free
I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you
And at sweet night, you are my own
Take my hand

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the morning light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

I have dreamt of a place for you and I
No one knows who we are there
All I want is to give my life only to you
I've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymore
Let's run away, I'll take you there

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the mornings light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where no one needs a reason

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you now



Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

[Fades out]

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Evanescence Anywhere Comments
  1. Iseth


  2. Camus 09

    5:23 ese coro. <3

  3. Gisele Crispim

    Canção bonita ❤

  4. david011235813

    al igual que you y hello

  5. Sam Lianian

    The night to day is 20%c deep dry breathe of sea yellowMfog and dusty wire sharks of golded tents of furight flow going to human world of difrested dreams to make it on a steam dried way wait on the freest pain to go on a diffrence changing the dried paission of times and tales in real world lonest up fronts to nature to stsam breeze skin alive as the music in my dream to live mixed to never reveal my secretes on to make the britest star a seen new natural emoniten person to start old hearts to move them robot undoctored planet a metal cloud sky and a whye solid dry frost tunnel world imoved away from

  6. Annie

    Que hermoso😍

  7. Josyane Queiroga

    Brasil te ama 😙❤

  8. César Arismendi

    I hate spotify does not have this song available to listen.

  9. Alessandra Barraco

    Love this song so much.

  10. Raúl Coss

    Two years ago i would of kill myself hearing this song,the hatred and pain,would cloud my judgement..


    this video is over-rated don't fall for it! haha hehe huhu olala

  12. Nayle Music

    Alguien sabe porque al igual que la de you no aparecen en ningun album ni nada asi??

  13. Dawn Pruitte

    Powerful song

  14. Letizia Azzara


  15. Pepe Argento

    esta canciòn me produce la nostalgia màs grande que alguien haya podido experimentar.

  16. Kelly Solano

    Yo me prohibí a mi misma escuchar esta canción ya que siempre me hace llorar. Simplemente sublime

  17. Paola Asesina

    I always think in Rhodonite (Steven Universe)when i hear this song, i think her story is exactly like this song :'(

  18. Bilal Raja

    It's the fourth of July 2019 and the ending gives me chills from the centre of my back spreading outwards like thunder

  19. Gean Vieira

    Whats name for last music

  20. Bahadır Kelav

    I still love this

  21. Carlos Sánchez R.

    I have used this song to teach grammar tenses in English for years. makes my students cry...

  22. Ivan Pandzic

    Love YOO UND S ONG💘👑🎼🐺♠️♠️

  23. Quentin Davis

    Who's the male voice???

    Nash Serna

    David Hodges

  24. Ivan Pandzic

    Kada moja ljubavi ,budimo iskreni ljubavi VOLIMO SE DO KRAJA ŽIVOTA. BE TOOGETHER US💓 FOREVER YOO EVA 🌟🎼🌬️💘🗿🐺

  25. Spooky For Hire

    Compared to Amy Lees newer songs, Well anything after Bring Me to Life, her vocals have evolved. Whereas these vocals are good, her vocals now are so incredibly improved and I find that absolutely amazing <3 Amy Lee is my spirit animal and will always be <3

  26. Francisco Sandoval

    La Musica De Anywhere En Evanescence Me Imagino Cosas A El Tema De Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) Y Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) El Soundtrack De Harry Potter 3 Y El Prisionero De Azkaban (2004) Director Mexicano: Alfonso Cuaron.(Pero La Musica De Anywhere En Evanescence Me Gusto Mas).

    Francisco Sandoval

    Pero Acuerdese Que Es Siempre Imagino Cosas Repito Acuerdese Que Es Siempre Imagino Cosas Gracias.

  27. ana costamagna

    this song is my ground wire when I have panic attacks or the anxiety surpasses me

  28. Menestrina Dawn

    To my twin flame .....

  29. Ivan Santos

    Cadê os br em 2019?

    Alex S. Alexandre


    Gaby Bispo




    Gisele Crispim


  30. Tiago Moura

    Love that music

  31. Yara Ribeiro

    2019 br

  32. Monica Navarrete

    I was reminded of this song after watching Banana Fish... my heart... it fucking hurts so much, ughhh.

  33. Marina Eleftheriou

    I love you Jeremie, thank you for coming in my life and made beautiful

  34. Mary Alonso


  35. Azenate

    Conheço esta música, más só ontem, descobri que era dela. Amo Evanescence, amo Amy Lee. Gratidão Universo por conhecer música tão bela. Amarei para sempre. ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  36. ام يوسف

    2018 😭😭

  37. Sergio Explora

    Quien dijo que no se podian hacer grandes temas rockeros de amor? Grande Amy Lee!

  38. thlamuana Knox

    2018 october

  39. Daniela Aguirre

    Alexandro 🖤

    Alexandro Nucamendi

    Daniela 😍😍

  40. Jonathan Casazza

    Esto es demasiado hermoso para este mundo, una puta obra de arte, poesía, amor, pasión, lírica, composición, melodía. Perfecto <3

  41. Merve Begüm Dilber

    It’s 2018 and we’re still here ❤️

  42. Flávio Russo

    Muito show!!! Não canso de ouvir!!

    Beth Bueno

    Flávio Russo não tem essa musica no Spotify ?

  43. Hazel González

    Xoé y Haz

  44. Moshi Mosh

    Thanks for lyrics

  45. Sergio Explora

    100% love

  46. bogoljub djordjevic

    if my girl love this song than I love too

  47. Oscar Aguilar


  48. Isabele Tinúviel

    It will always be my favorite <3

  49. Muhammed Thiam

    o my love star I need you stay to see you bless love let we go ahead wish y are in my heart sweet the best for ever

  50. Syah Silanz

    2017 still give me a tears

  51. Samuel Yuri

    I've made some covers of Evanescence, listen to my channel.

  52. Daniel Vázquez

    La letra está mal

  53. Becka J

    my wedding song 8 years ago to my husband. This song is so beautiful!

  54. Robin Grosch

    Wish there was somewhere to download this.

  55. Rebeca Rodrigues

    amo essa música!

  56. lithium kbp

    Y pensar que la mayoría de la gente solo conoce "My Inmortal"... esta canción es un poema desde la nota inicial hasta la final!!!! GRANDE GRANDE AMY LEE!!!!!!!

    J Marin

    Eso q no esuchaste todos los discos ya q evanescence tiene canciones realmente hermosas y poeticas. Ejm: Before the dawn

    Villamil Tejada

    @J Marin October....

    Fernando Quevedo

    Forgive me, October, Where will you go... uff! muchísimos temas hacen grande a Evanescence.

    Ely Schecter

    Katia Romero Tienes toda la razón, la mayoría de sus canciones son bellísimas y la voz e interpretación de Amy Lee lleva a otra dimensión y en vivo es lo máximo!!

    Ammie Rivera

    I laugh and get it and got it better I b gone beybey bey Ms ammie

  57. V CAT

    i love it...

  58. natalia 100love

    the end is amazing

  59. Silvia

    Quien canta con Amy???? linda voz

    Vanessa Angel

    david hodges

    Lirius Sweet

    Não,é o Ben Moody.

    Sam Hemwick

    é o David Hodges sim, só pesquisar q vai ver

  60. gabriela fierro

    esta es otras de las canciones que me gusta de evanescence


    Does anyone know what version of Where Will You Go that is at the end? I'm dying to hear it 😭

  62. Ellen Carolina

    What's The name of The part in The end of The song? Sorry The inglish i'm From Brazil.


    It's the vocals from Where Will You Go? by Evanescence, I'm pretty sure.

  63. RinTluangi Ralte

    Dramione feels

  64. geraldine posse

    love this song

  65. a2projetomusical

    I love This Song and Band

  66. Valeria Monserrat Guerrero A.

    my favorite band

  67. Karen Oliveira


  68. tonic☂rain

    that sweet guitar-duo ... soothing and stunning

  69. Sephora Absynthium

    Why can't I find this on iTunes :'(

    Guy Bermudez

    Sephora Absynthium it's off there demo

  70. Gary Jaramillo

    There's no need to tell anyone they'd only hold us down........ What a beautiful song. I love it. 

  71. Marcilio Gurgel


  72. Comet Lightburst

    This is a beautiful song you can sing with your girlfriend/boyfriend.


    I hope that is not the case for me...


    yes :D we have considered this song to be ours with my girlfriend. We don't sing usually, but this one - we sing.

    Giulia Bala

    R.I.P. forever alone

    Isabella Marchi

    so if someone has dedicated it to you, does it mean that you are important to it?

  73. Emma Sullivan

    Love this song, was my wedding song and has a lot of meaning to me and my husband

    Rishi Sanchez


  74. rosesarered1love

    This song really reminds me of Tobias (or Four) and Tris... :D

  75. Daniele Ronzani

    we'll be halfway to anywhere...

  76. susy meira


  77. Sarah Foof

    hhhmm :(

    Sarah Foof

    annnnd about 4 minutes through...I cry haha

  78. Qweer Todd

    i agree with ater lusbel .. we are sharing same feelings :)

  79. RaReKoSyAp

    I really love the intro! 0:00 - 0:22

  80. Frankie J

    Beautiful <3

  81. PATKA

    So perfect... Miss you honey... :(

  82. TaesBae

    @John Hart its from Origin. Its very rare to find. Amy got it out of all the stores. If you find a copy it'll cost you about 100+

  83. Ater Lusbel

    I don't know for how many years I have been already listening to this song, but whenever I listen to it, it feels like the very first time, and I get the same feelings I got the first time I listened to it. It's amazing.


    Ater Lusbel omg same


    Yoo fr. The 1:00 gives me goosebumps everytime

    Vanessa Salas

    Me too .love it so much, i saw a house md video with it .

    Şahan Tuştaş


  84. NightDreamer37

    Such a sweet song! <3

  85. Dragonangel2

    Her voice is like the heavens

  86. Becca Fuller

    @ Blackwiddow10  exactly what you just said.  When I'm feeling angry or depressed or any other negatively charged emotion - I blare Evanescence and it just all goes away.  

  87. john hart

    what album is this track from or is it a b side or from a soundtrack ?

    Carlo eee

    it's from their first album as a band. Not officially released, only locally. Before fallen.

  88. Judah Breese

    I have to give her some credit that as goth I can say that some goths are surprisingly racist and say that africans can only be certain kinds of goth. I think it's stupid but that's what some people think, goths can only be white. It's ridiculous but that's almost a bit of a stereotype

  89. BK785 BK&AF


  90. Deliklah Samit

    Lovely song!!! And the final seconds are beau! :D thanks !!!

  91. Atarioo

    Marry Me.

  92. Sakura Dispe

    This is a song making you forget everything but when you want to understand what shes saying you will remember about the world so just close your eyes listen to it then your soul will go out of your body and go to a place where Evanescence sang. I start listening to Evanescence when my dad tell me about it. My first learned song of Evanescence is Bring Me To Life next Anywhere next My Immortal then Before the Dawn. She make you forget everything. I am no more in this world.

  93. joaco tube

    I love this song.....remember when i was young

  94. The Armoured Alchemist

    When you depressed or feel bad. hears a good tip
    Turn your head phones up to maximum, close your eyes, forget about the world.
    And listen to Evanescence and let it awaken you soul. :)

    Raúl Coss

    This song if you are depressed it can kill you


    Yap right...if you are depressed then. This song is like to take you to do something....terrible... look the lyric... Better listen to a more positive song...
    I did love this song last couple years ago...but now..i dont