Evancho, Jackie - Your Love Lyrics

I woke and you were there
beside me in the night.
You touched me and calmed my fear,
turned darkness into light.

I woke and saw you there
beside me as before
My heart leapt to find you near
to feel you close once more
To feel your love once more.

Your strength has made me strong
Though life tore us apart
and now when the night seems long
your love shines in my heart...
Your love shines in my heart.

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Evancho, Jackie Your Love Comments
  1. bastian david wolfan

    hey I'll end up tearing a tear

  2. bastian david wolfan

    I already explained it, but I omitted to say that I left home because I had to assume the responsibility of having pregnant my best friend, who died one month after giving birth to two twins and from whom I had to become a father and mother and was still a child

  3. piotr kaminski

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖Angel Voice 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. I AM

    Fantastic ! 🎵 ⚜ 𝕸EDIEVAL ⚜ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcc1u97ryQNgb_jsfPSdgVtJlazpjX5e0

  5. Lan Lan

    I woke and you were there
    beside me in the night
    You touched me and calmed my fear
    turned darkness into light
    I woke and saw you there
    beside me as before
    My heart leapt to find you near
    to feel you close once more
    To feel your love once more
    Your strength has made me strong
    Though life tore us apart
    and now when the night seems long
    your love shines in my heart
    Your love shines in my heart

  6. wayne cash

    God's gift to mankind's ears! An angelic voice!

  7. Seamus Duffy

    Dulce Pontes blows Jackie out of the water on this one.
    Jackie voice is to shrill on this

  8. Andrew Wilson

    I am in a state of disbelief. Listening to Jackie sing this, I feel the Divine is reaching out to me and I feel its presence throughout my body

  9. Gisselene Szott

    Só amor por essa voz 😍😍😍😍

  10. KingPetra

    Still the best voice around and the best version of this song ever done.

  11. aurelio sorte

    Are there such things like spirit soul, a heaven place, or God watching over. What I'm certain, there's an old heart pulsating inside me.
    So enkindled in listening to music like this.
    I'm now imagining a horizon of tranquil sea, I wish to touch it.
    A beautiful image of a woman I lost, I longed to hug her...

  12. Eric Hamel

    Perfect ... as always! Beautiful.

  13. gennaro ianniciello

    I could listen to your voice 24 hours a day,7 days a week,365 days a year.Your music is HEAVENLY.You truly are an ANGEL sent from GOD.

  14. Mária Tischler

    Ámulatba ejtő tehetség s hang!!:))

  15. Norman Smithers

    jackie may own some songs but she does not own 'once upon a time in the west', that honour goes to patricia janeckova.


    Norman Smithers I’ve heard her hummed version very very nice has she ever sang the lyric version

    Norman Smithers

    ta 4 tweet,
    not to my knowledge, i think she sang it to get attention initially.
    it may be that the song is no longer part of her repertoire as she moves more towards opera and classical.
    i believe pj is still at a music academy and therefore will not be seen outside of slovakia for a while, although she is singing at a concert in zurich at the end of the month.
    all the best.

    R D

    I heard Jackie sing this recently live. She owns this lyrical version of the song.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    I disagree. Ms. Evancho has a deep and bold sound that know one else has.

  16. Norman Smithers


  17. Roy Webb

    had only ever heard Dulce Pontes sing this, Jackie smashes it

  18. Norman Smithers


  19. Albert Mauro

    Once upon a time in the West
    Director: Sergio Leone
    Musical Score: Ennio Morricone
    Your Love:
    I woke and you were there
    beside me in the night
    You touched me and calm my fear
    turned darkness into light

    I woke and saw you there
    beside me as before
    My heart leapt to find you near
    to feel your close once more
    to feel your love once more

    Your strength has made me strong
    though life has torn us apart
    and now when the night seems long
    your love shines in my heart
    Your love shines in my heart

  20. Karthik Manickavelu

    Once Upon A Time In The West.

  21. Melanie Marcos

    if she sing like angel in heaven so nice voice i will cry when she sing

  22. Richard Moon

    Thanks a bunch

  23. Rex Cluff

    I love her emotional performance of this iconic haunting melody.

  24. Ronald C. Uehara

    A good one.

  25. Didi General

    oh wow..that is what we call singing..Who are the 12 idiots who dislike it ?

  26. Joseph Stumpf

    A beautiful song by the most beautiful voice in the world.

  27. Lorenzo Hernandez

    Not one entertainer out there that can give us this style of music with elevated sound like Ms. Evancho.

    Didi General

    maybe Beyonce' ? :)

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    Didi General Evancho was 13 years old when this was recorded. No one but no one can match this recording.

  28. GirlsLikeFairies

    besides the fact that she has an angels voice.. she's never out of pitch or anything.. always perfect

  29. Pam Lefevre

    pure merveille !!

  30. Kareen Gangell

    lifts my soul to heaven......love the talent God gave this beautiful girl

    Seamus Duffy

    No Soul, No Heaven, No God. All Her nothing more

  31. corina safta

    her performance is exquisit like all her songs . She is always beyond the perfection

  32. Danny Ross

    what a beautiful voice and beautiful soul

  33. joseph vincze

    being a father, grandfather, and great grandfather, and knowing that at 16 Jackie will date because she's normal and drop dead gorgious, this does not mean, however, that I won't be tempted to break the arm of any young man who dares to get too familiar with her person. I know, I know, it's crazy but she belongs to those of us who look up to her and point to her when confronting our own offspring. with that said, "Your Love" as presented here brings a never ending flow of emotion and occasional tear of joy and wonder. Jackie, put your promise ring back on, please, just to humor us. You are loved.

    Sam Clemens


  34. Marie Larsson

    She has a voice of an angel

  35. Ernie N.

    Angelic voice. Jackie's voice is a gift from God. Jackie sings like an Angel and a swan. I am blessed to be alive to hear Jackie's voice.  God Bless you always Jackie! You bring tears to my eyes when you sing!

    Steve Davis

    +Ernie N. I am listening to a YouTube generated playlist that is 95% Jackie Evancho, as it should be.
    Someone else just intruded. Rachel Somebodyoreother.
    The contrast was excruciating, screechy squawky crap compared to the wonderful exquisite tones of Miss Evancho.
    A voice completely unique and oh so beautiful.
    The other 'screecher' had about 48 million views and Jackie gets >30,000.
    Where is the sense in that?

    Dong Vu

    Ernie N. it's true


    She's as beautiful as a swan...but have you ever heard the sounds that come out of a swan? I could listen to Jackie every day...and her beauty is only increasing. Jackie, thank you for all the hard work.


    Dong Vu z. N

    Sam Clemens


  36. Nigel Roberts

    Hasn't she turned out to be one of gods most gorgeous creatures, and such a wonderful voice!!

    70's Smooth

    Samantha Woolley, I think I speak for everyone here when I say, Fuck you. Jackie is prefect.


    Agree....and we so need her..the kids need a role model of this caliber..

  37. Хороший канал

    . . Что она делает - величайшее чудо. Она дарит миру Мир и Счастье .. Пусть у неё будет всегда великое здоровье, пусть её талант развивается, становится ещё пронзительнее, проникновеннее, пусть она своим голосом повернёт весь мир к любви, к братству, к сплочению всех народов на всех континентах, островах - повсюду... Пусть мир благоухает и расцветает в её любви...)))
    Спасибо, Джекки!!! Пусть Бог даст тебе силы, выносливости, устремления души к бесконечному счастью в твоём искусстве и ВО ВСЁМ !!!

  38. Salome Sialsa

    She is so beautiful. Her parents raise her well.

  39. Maria Elena Villaluna

    I super like how Jackie Evancho sing... I like her angelic voice.

  40. Luv D.

    No emotion, poor diction. Technically acceptable, nothing more.

    The overwhelming talent of Dulce Pontes left a fingerprint so strong in certain songs that it is impossible to delete.


    +Rui F. Jackie's is so much better. Pontes version is no comparison. This is Bel Conto, not pop. This song is NOT for Pontes.


    BTW, Rui, you may try to listen to the tune by Edda Dell Orso, or compare Jacke's voice with Barbara Bonney

    Luv D.

    Bel Canto (not "Bel Conto"). Interestingly this is an italian expression. You should know that Dulce Pontes, without being Italian, is beloved in Italy. Any video of her has always more comments of Italians than Portuguese. Maybe because Dulce Pontes is so far from Pop as "Bel canto" of "Bel conto".

    Everett Cox

    +bobfairchild I am a HUGE Jackie fan but I have to disagree with you. Ms. Pontes sings this song with far more emotion than Jackie does, at least on this studio version.

  41. journeyer13


  42. Stephen Davis

    I seems to make no difference what she sings, she always makes an absolutely unassailable version, effectively makes the song her own and ruins it for anyone else. Who can improve on the perfection that Jackie produces?

    I listen to her almost exclusively and never cease to wonder at the magic of her voice.

    Rick Miller

    Stephen I hate to disagree with you, her version is good, but, Dulce Pontes' version, I feel is fat and away above this one.

  43. Polish issues

    niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus i Maryja  zawsze Dziewica!

  44. Carl Stridsberg

    Den vackraste sång och text jag hört/sett under mina 64 år här på Jorden! 
    Wonderfuel, Jackie! Thanks for all music! Love your voice!
    //Carl from Sweden

  45. theodore williams

    O Jackie! O Jackie! O Jackie!

  46. The Randomiser

    I salute her mom and Jackie too for picking the perfect songs which suits her voice!!!Hope she will be able do more songs in the future as her voice is getting more matured!!!All The Best Jackie😃#themostbeautifulgirlinthiswholewideworld😍☺😊

  47. spotlessmcpartland



  48. Amjad Michael Khan

    This is soooooo my song.  I wish my husband was into opera - he would definitely appreciate this song, and hopefully make it our song.

    Steve Davis

    +Amjad Michael Khan It isn't opera Amjad although Jackie does sing a few opera arias (perfectly).
    Your husband needs to be into Jackie Evancho. Although opera can be uplifting and fulfilling, there is nothing quite like the unique experience that is Jackie Evancho.

    Bruce Kelleher

    The music for this song is the theme music for an old western movie called 'Once upon a time in the west'.... Henry Fonda,Charles Bronson &Claudia Cardinale & Jason Robards

  49. Art Henderson

    Absolutely exquisite and beautiful. When she sings, it is pure magic.

  50. JuliehPeglegs

    This was originally composed by Ennio Morricone and is known as "Sergio Leone Suite" if I'm not mistaken. It's so beautiful.

    desi derata

    +JuliehPeglegs Once Upon A Time in the West.