Evancho, Jackie - Pie Jesu Lyrics

Pie Jesu, Pie Jesu
Pie Jesu, Pie Jesu
Qui tolis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem
Dona eis requiem

Agnus Dei, agnus Dei
Angus Dei, angus Dei
Qui tolis peccata mundi
Dona Eis requiem
Dona eis requiem

Sempiternam, sempiternam, requiem

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Evancho, Jackie Pie Jesu Comments
  1. Laura Chantre

    This day was before my birthday!!

  2. Murphy Smith

    Always inspiring, music that stirs the soul.

  3. Zolitar Iglussey

    man that was beautiful!!!!

  4. if i get 1million subs , i will suicide !!

    i wish i can have that blue eyes 😢😂

  5. gf31415 gfrz

    After listening 300+ times, I still claim that this is a perfect performance. There is no way to make it better. It is The Ideal all artists should strive for.

  6. Heyward Shepherd

    It’s 9/11 and hearing angle sing this is very appropriate.

  7. Patty Holtke

    Thumbs down??? Sick people.

  8. Patty Holtke

    I had the church play this at my mother's funeral.

  9. Dan Martin

    You know, after 10 years of listening to Jackie, I suddenly realized that I can even feel the perfection of her tone in the vibrations of the phone in my hand.

  10. GK Olivier

    Somehow this version feels rushed and restless, not in keeping with the meaning of the words. I blame AGT. Evancho otherwise nailed it.

  11. Lee Boy

    She makes it all seem too easy. Incredible!

  12. Goku Ssjb

    I’m crying she sings so amazingly

  13. Mandy

    Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu
    Qui tollis peccata mundi
    Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem

    Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu

    Qui tollis peccata mundi
    Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem

    Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei

    Qui tollis peccata mundi
    Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem

    Dona eis requiem

    Dona eis requiem



  14. Patricia Pierre

    So lovely a voice!!! Amazing!!!

  15. jhl365


  16. βud Small

    what an amazingly pure soprano! Some sopranos sound shrill and forced...the voice of 10 yr old Jackie was incredible! 🎤👍💯💞

  17. Sean Austin

    Insane. She sounds like a 60yo opera singer. So beautiful.

  18. Abracadabra

    She’s a very old soul years and years ahead of her time .

  19. R D

    This song 'Pie Jesu' is from Jackie Evancho's first Platinum selling Christmas album 'O Holy Night' available from Amazon here: www.amazon.com/dp/B00472O3C8/

  20. David S.

    Charlotte Church did an amazing job with this song at her age as well.

    Mark Keller

    Yes she did but IMO not quite in Jackie's league. Oh, and where is Charlotte now?!

  21. Brad K

    So pure and pristine. Beautiful voice with control beyond her age.

  22. Savy W

    What does she start singing at 1:59?


    It's part of the "Agnus Dei" part of the song. The word being sung is "Requiem" which means "Rest" or "Repose" in this context.

    Ms Evancho was singing Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Pie Jesu" which incorporates "Agnus Dei". If you follow this link, you can view the full English interpretation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_Jesu

    Savy W

    @TBNTX OK. Thank you!

  23. Kirsten Keller

    I remember watching this live and didn't believe it was her voice. It made no sense.

  24. Mary Wood

    No body and sing as sweet like jackie. Shes an angel. 😂

  25. Michelle Giordano

    Jackie, your voice is so beautiful it confuses my brain. Too much beauty shouldn't be a problem in the world. Please keep singing and make it the norm.

  26. Wayne Sanchez

    If this competition had not been purposefully tilted towards Michael Grimm, had it been GENUINELY based SOLELY on TALENT, this single performance would have clinched the WIN for Jackie!

  27. Wayne Sanchez

    Jackie began to see and, in heaven, the angels and God Himself wept, overwhelmed by the sheer, incredible beauty of her voice, the sensitivity of her emotions.

  28. Keith Purdue

    Oh yes, Jackie.

  29. Silver Schooner

    Well, here I am again, only intending to listen to two or three songs and winding up listening to twenty to thirty...😛🤓

    Stephen Davis

    That is the other Evancho Effect.

  30. Christopher Barrows

    Thank God for you!

  31. Rafael Obusan

    Wow. Looks like Jodie Foster.

  32. ragnarkisten

    Angelina Jordan in jazz, and Jackie in classical, and heaven is complete!

  33. Elena Czerwinski

    Who hit those 102 dislikes?? This is so beautiful 😍😍😍💓💓

  34. purpix1

    Can you imagine being her parents watching from the wings, seeing and hearing the crowd stand up and cheer at the end? They must have been so proud.

  35. Mais Alyaseen

    What is the name of the song plz ??


    Pie Jesu with Agnus Dei, per my introductory comments.

    Mais Alyaseen

    TBNTX thanks 💓

  36. Mel

    She has such a unique voice

  37. Maya

    It’s actually really unhealthy for her voice to do this at a young age. She’s straining muscles in order to sound like a grown woman that can end with her being unable to sing very soon.


    @Maya: The video you have seen was from 2010. She's now 17 years old, and has a thriving singing career. Check out http://www.jackieevancho.com.

    Her voice is even stronger and balanced nowadays.

    Mark Keller

    Yes! I thought she sounded incredible too! Your appreciation of her fantastic voice is overwhelwlming and inspirational...thanks! Oh, FYI, Jackie is now 18 and better than ever, named to Forbes "TOP 30 UNDER 30". I'm assuming you never did make it to medical school right?!

    Chris Hoover

    @Mark Keller - Thanks for the chuckle

  38. rene29200


  39. Something Found

    Charlote church tho... But this girl is amazing too!

  40. V Reacts

    Just beautiful and angelic. I reacted to this on my channel.

  41. Jessica Chann

    indescribably better than anything that annoying Grace Vanderwaal could ever accomplish

    Ralph Hutchinson

    Totally bad comparison, two entirely different types of singers. Grace's strength is writing music and lyrics. Jackie's strength is her perfect voice.

  42. tosius2

    Perhaps the greatest performance by any female vocalist at any venue, ever. Angelic voice breathtakingly beautiful...

  43. Theresa Braddock

    Perfection perfection perfection perfection infinity.

  44. cosette shave

    Came here from Sarah Brightmen’s song and I have to say, they are both singers in their own right yes, but this little girl is amazing!!

  45. Scarlett Scott


  46. Theresa Braddock

    Absolutely beautiful perfection controlled vocals from tiny angelic face child. Heavenly!

  47. Makedonija Ljubovmoja

    Angelic voice ! Such a White Aryan beauty !

  48. Tshepo sana

    i so love this performance. best ever vocals ever on TV, she reminds me of my mom before she passe. we used to be her biggest fans. love you jackie

    Amber Liu

    +Tshepo sana so sorry about your mother :(


    Magical 😍

  50. mark anthony rosanegro

    Better than charlotte church

  51. gf31415 gfrz

    After listening/watching to this over 700 times, I am still convinced that his is the greatest live performance in the last 50 years...by anyone.


    gf31415 gfrz Google Jackie Evancho Vincent 2017

  52. 365cumoniwnt2leyu


    Brad K

    365cumoniwnt2leyu .....Copy right laws!

    Amber Liu



    You will have to ask Sony why! Jackie is under contract to them.

  53. R D

    And on Jan 20th 2017 this girl will being singing the National Anthem at the Presidential inauguration of the United States of America. What an honor.

  54. Tigreblanco066

    "Lamb of God"...Jackie Evancho

  55. Kim McCulley-Burgoon

    you take my breath away, you have truly been blessed.

  56. aquarianspeak

    you are a wonderful singer and you should reconsider singing in trumps media extravaganza... you will be forever linked to the man and his corrupt politics.... think of your career .... best wishes


    I would like to slice you from ear to ear if you thearten Jakie agin!!!

    luis Moimimio

    @ aquarianspeak : Seen from France, it is H.Clinton who seems more corrupt than Trump. But at trump behavior level is at the bottom of the list.
    I'm just Jackie's fan and I do not care about corrupt politicians. We always vote for them.
    My only regret is not having a new duet with Evancho and Andrea Bocelli.

    Jay Jackson

    Going by your logic, that by singing at the Inauguration, she will be forever linked to the President, then that's great. I am sure being linked to the President that SAVED America from destruction by obama's puppet master Globalist Soros, will be a big plus for her.

  57. Honza Marek

    WOW, I wish she have bigger lungs :)

  58. Dixon Negron

    Cannot keep a dry eye listening to this angel💕

  59. Olivia Kubera

    she has a beautiful gift from god. amazing voice!! god bless her!!

  60. Nazik Run

    пот фонограму

  61. Tigreblanco066

    Nobody, absolutely nobody!, can sing this song better than Jackie at age 10, that day she was more than a simple human being, she was blessed by the hand of the same divine creator.

    El Swift

    I second that emotion

    - BDL

    Look up Sissel, but Jackie was definitely insane, especially at her age.

  62. Del Latham

    she has a beautiful voice especially for this song!

  63. Limber max gustanov rivera

    "Cordero de Dios"

  64. Ms. Paris

    this song gives me chills. the words are so. beautiful. merciful Jesus you who takes away the sins of the world. grant them peace😍😥💕💕 beautiful worship song.

  65. Rebecca Cortez

    Thanks be to Heaven for this wonderful voice from God.

  66. Luminus Kallivretus

    This is perfect! This girl has a dreamy voise! It travels you to the Heavens! She'll make a lot of money...

  67. - BDL

    still the best rendition of Pie Jesu AGT ever had on their stage

  68. naylen gonzalez

    Still so beautiful 😭


    Yes, but I'm very impressed with her "more-adult" voice, six years later. She's carved her own future.

  69. life Wolf 200

    only the angels can sing like that!

    Kobus Engelbrecht

    life Wolf 200

  70. Simrantage

    She was one of my biggest inspirations and still is. She's the reason I started singing and I have never been more happy. One day I will meet her and thank her for everything. She's beautiful, extremely talented and of course very kind and modest. I love you Jackie🌹

  71. Sam Rickard


  72. felicidamia123

    a angel

  73. HazeyPom

    So Beautiful, I cried

  74. Shawna Spadafore

    How... Is...... She..... So....... Amazing?!?!?

  75. Kimberly Fitzgerald

    wow amazing

  76. Linda McGraw

    Praising the Lord, with a heavenly voice... As for me? I'd make a joyful noise. :)

  77. Markéta Přikrylová

    She is not mere human, she is an angel who came to us on earth to please us divine music


    give me a break!!!!



    Saverio Salemme

    365cumoniwnt2leyu a taste of God's Paradise.

  78. Mighty

    Perfection !

  79. ॐNamasté Belindaॐ

    Beautiful <3

  80. john cole

    I think this is as close to an angel as you can get without being in heaven.


    Her album version is just amazing. This is great though.

  81. Deborah Hogan

    God has blessed her with the voice of an angel.

  82. Barbara 53

    A small glimpse of Heaven! Thank you, Jackie! =)

  83. ~*×Crackhead×*~

    listen to pie jesu made by andrew Lloyd hmm they sound pretty familier. don't they FAKE


    +Fluffy ducky You might be forgiven for thinking that in these days of fakery and many others have thought so too but Jackie, apart from having no need to fake anything as she is so damned good at whatever she does, is a particularly ethical person from a very ethical and honest family.

    She has proved beyond any shadow of doubt on so many occasions that it is her with no aids or enhancements - things she has no need of as they could not improve on her singing in any way at all.

  84. Ayli Anv

    Why do so many people say that she will ruin her voice??? How do you know she is not using proper technique ????

    Jonathan Comer

    +Ayli Anvaripour Just a bunch of evil wishers blowing smoke is what I believe. 5yrs later, over a hundred concerts performed, 3 PBS specials,and so many more accomplishments her wiki page reads like a novella, her voice continues to sound more beautiful with every day that passes it seems and we still have at least a decade to go before her magnificent voice reaches its peak. I'm glad I am alive to witness this marvel as she matures.

    lanna lane

    +Ayli Anvaripour Sarah Brightman remarked on it and said that her voice needed to be protected. At that time Jackie was still an amature and didn't have teachers who were really in the business, so I assume Sarah knew what she was talking about.

    Shawna Spadafore

    +lanna lane she said she wanted jackie to save it and preserve it she never said anything about her technique she was probably implying Jackie should stay away from the smoking and drugs and alcohol. I think people that criticize her technique are jealous

    lanna lane

    You seriously think her parents were going to let her get into those things?  Why wou you say that to a little girl in front of the world?

    R D

    During this AGT run in 2010 and while she was recording her Dream With Me Album, also in 2010/2011, Jackie was under the guidance of Scottish opera trained singer Yvie Burnett. There are videos which show Yvie working with Jackie during that time. I would trust she had Jackie's best interests in mind while working with her.

  85. lol


  86. Joan Roland

    i am on my death bed rand she is one of the angels I know what is in store for me she is n example 'anerica s got talent should have voted her best she is to good for that showshe is in a class by  herself

  87. zigman froid

    to your response about her lip syncing , you would be sadly mistakin , there were 2 times she made mistakes that I have seen , if it was lip syncing from sarah , trust me there would have been no mistakes at all. you cant tell the difference between the hole in your ass and the nose on your face because they are both in the same friggen place.

  88. zigman froid

    say what , videoarchiveman listens to milli vanilli , no friggen wonder he cant tell its her real voice, its either that or your just jlealous that your wife doesn't sound like that

  89. X X

    very beautiful ! in so many ways

  90. bugnutsrunnels

    when it comes to the perfect singing voice, Jackie is the real thing.

  91. Abracadabra

    Voice of an angel .

  92. Marcus Silveritis

    5 Year,s later and no child singer has come close to her talent and grace.I have looked everyday for 5 years

    Baching Mad

    There are plenty of singers like her, they are just not getting noticed

  93. Stephanie Baker

    Videoarchievman I think your an idiot for thinking it's not her

  94. zigman froid

    video I really think that that stupid brain of yours just cant comprehend music, you just cant get it can you, not gonna try to prove it to you just gonna let you go on being the retarded ignorant idiot that you are.

  95. Doris Church

    a voice from heaven ! sings from the heart ! God blessed you Jackie

  96. zigman froid

    OH YEAH , before I forget videoarchiveman ,,, she has sang side by side with sarah , in reality were not the stupid ones , and in this case nor are we the ignorant ones.

  97. zigman froid

    hey videoarchiveman Im glad to see that jesus does exsist , and yes that is her voice, I have seen her live , if her voice wasn't real she would have never been invited to go sing in the white house, or on the many TV shows she has been on, this is nothing short of as miracle , oh wait your jesus you already know that.


    all you fucking morons are deluded.

    Jonathan Comer

    You're an idiot. Go back to watching those movies with the little boys in them that you like so much and listening to menudo.


    @Jonathan Comer Thanks for watching my channel. I haven't posted any Menudo videos but since you are interested let me know which ones you like and I'll try to upload some for you.

    Jonathan Comer

    That's ok. I never liked that gay, over-processed boy band music to begin with, especially the 80's music version but perusing your channel leaves no doubt where you are coming from.per your remarks here.


    @Jonathan Comer don't just peruse it , watch. some videos. it's not all what you assume.

  98. Ronald Arias

    she makes me want to have a baby girl


    +Ronald Arias
    Only problem with that is that Jackie is unique.
    I have three lovely daughters but not one of them could even begin to emulate Jackie.

    Stephanie Rose

    What a terrible thing to say about your own daughters.
    How can they even compete with that?
    Why measure a person by a talent?


    Perhaps I was unclear but I would not change my daughters for anything, each one is a treasure in hher own unique way.
    What I was saying was that despite them being equally precious, none of them can sing a note.

  99. videoarchiveman

    if that's her, I'm Jesus Christ. Probably Sarah Brightman.Are you people that stupid to think that a little girl could sound like that? give me a break!


    LOL good one!


    it's truly amazing how you and everyone else is so gullible. tons of stupid people in this world.

    zigman froid

    whats truly amazing is that this little girl has been around the world , in the white house to sing for Christmas, has been on several TV shows and specials and to so many places that would never ever think about hiring a fake, she has been to Julliard and god all knows where else and that feeble little mind of yours just cant accept the fact that she is real, you are just to stupid I guess I don't know or is it because you  come from a family where they don't know if they are supposed to call it their sister or cousin?


    you are hilarious

    zigman froid

    and you are to narrow minded to know what is real and what isn't.