Evancho, Jackie - Guardian Angels Lyrics

Guardian angels around my bed
Joining me in my prayers
They hush the shadows when they dance about
They shoo away the bears

Guardian angels to comfort me
If I wake in the night
They gather all my dreams
Their halos are my light

They dry my tears
If I should weep
They tuck me in
They rouse me from my sleep

Guardian angels around my bed
Standing by till I rise
There's one with shining wings to hold my hand
And shows me Paradise

Guardian angels to comfort me
If I wake in the night
They gather all my dreams
Their halos are my light

They dry my tears
If I should weep
They tuck me in
They rouse me from my sleep

Guardian angels around my bed
Standing by till I rise
There's one with shining wings to hold my hand
And shows me Paradise

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Evancho, Jackie Guardian Angels Comments
  1. piotr kaminski


  2. Armando Terron

    Lovely duet. But Mario Lanza rules here.

  3. Richard Forty

    There are two reason why any Jackie Duet is incredible:
    1. She only does a duet with the best, and the best seek her out because she is the best.
    2. She knows the true meaning of duet, that it is not a competition, but a unified performance, where both try and make the other one look even better, so the whole is even better than the sum of its parts.

  4. Karl Dobersberger


  5. Ryuji Omote

    Guardian Angels by Plácido Domingo featuring Jackie Evancho

  6. David Klein

    True Jackie fans know who is a guardian angel of Jackie.......Kimberly.

  7. Robert Evers

    She is Bel Canto Extreme

  8. Steve Reynolds

    Beautiful song!

  9. Jmbl Classica

    Grande e maravilhosa dupla.Nao pode haver melhor neste planeta.

  10. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    La excelencia de Jackie <3 <3 :)

  11. 전동그랑땡

    beautiful duet..

  12. Ernie N.

    So beautiful! I hear Jackie's voice and it always brings tears to my eyes! God Bless you Angel and Swan. You are truly from Heaven!

  13. RMPsumma

    A great voice.

  14. Manfred Kraus


  15. Sherman Smart

    Jackie has sung with two of the"Three Tenors" Placido Domingo and Jose Carerras. Makes me wonder what a duet with Pavarotti would have sounded like.

    Tony L

    Sherman. I've often wondered the exact same thing!!! In fact, one time I played Luciano's and Jackie's versions of Nessum Dorma at the same time to see how they would have sounded together. Luciano's version had a much faster tempo. So my experiment kinda failed. However, hearing their voices together for the first lines was miraculous and I had butterflies throught my chest, with tears welling in my eyes (and I rarely cry). It would be too epic for us to comprehend.

  16. Rex Cluff

    I love this duet. The song is beautiful and these two voices blend well. Jackie's voice is like velvet, soft, smooth and yet full bodied.

    Richard Forty

    There are two reason why any Jackie Duet is incredible:
    1. She only does a duet with the best, and the best seek her out because she is the best.
    2. She knows the true meaning of duet, that it is not a competition, but a unified performance, where both try and make the other one look even better, so the whole is even better than the sum of its parts.

  17. Reginald Workman

    Can't keep my eyes dry

  18. Buckaroo543

    Devastatingly beautiful.

  19. Fred Norman

    Oooh Jackie....That is good

  20. Okey Nelson

    No one can deny how fantastically beautiful...

  21. angela123 altintas

    is she okay?

  22. Maria C. Rodrigues

    Jackie você linda. muito susseso para você.

  23. Silver Schooner

    Domingo, Bocelli, Carreras, Brightman, Streisand, Sumi Jo, Bennett, Il Volo, Three Tenors and a host of others she has now done duets with. Quite a resume and not 17 yet. Who's next? This young lady is on some kind of journey...and I am enjoying listening to every moment of it! We are witnessing living history as it's made. Fantabuloso, as Jackie would say!

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    Silver Schooner Great post.

    Silver Schooner

    @Lorenzo Hernandez Thanks, she's great! :-) 


    I am just glad that Senor Domingo has chosen to do duets with real, up and coming new talent. Years ago he paired with Willie Nelson I believe it was. Country and Classical don't mix, like oil and water

    Richard Forty

    There are two reason why any Jackie Duet is incredible:
    1. She only does a duet with the best, and the best seek her out because she is the best.
    2. She knows the true meaning of duet, that it is not a competition, but a unified performance, where both try and make the other one look even better, so the whole is even better than the sum of its parts.

  24. Béatrice Danièle Hervé-Berthelage


  25. theodore williams

    She's out of this world!

  26. Steven Thomas

    I've listened to Jackie sing several duets. In some, she has the first part, in others, the harmony. In this, her part alternates between 1st and 2nd. I'm very glad that she has learned to harmonize and not always carry the main melody. I, myself, am very bad at it.

  27. jeff rosenstein

    Pre order Jackie's new Christmas CD from Amazon There are 11 songs including this one and Pie Jesu with Placido on it Also O Holy Night with Vittorio Grigolo and Hallelujah with Peter Hollens. Jackie (according to Jackie) will also be releasing a new CD early in 2017 featuring some new original pieces and will be somewhat more towards POP.

  28. Rocio Soares


  29. Sándor Máté

    DIO savu Eŭropon!!! (Esperanto)
    ISTEN óvja Európát!!! (Magyar)
    DIEU sauve l'Europe!!!
    GOD bless Europe!!!

  30. Karin Belle

    Dear Jackie, these are the songs we like you for! Go on with these kinds of songs!

  31. Karin Belle

    Finally she sings heavenly songs again. Bravo Jackie, that is beautiful!!!

  32. Eric Hamel

    Well, I can't seem to locate this duet with Jackie to buy as a single!!  I'm NOT buying the album ... and for sure NOT without Jackie even on it.  Guess old Pacido just lost out on this sale by his bad choice.

    Brad K

    I believe this might be on her upcoming Christmas album, 'Someday at Christmas' to be released on October the 28th. It will include 9 previously released Christmas songs, one with Placido and two other songs.

    Eric Hamel

    Thanks Brad.  The other girl singer is an extremely good singer;  I listen to her a lot. But, Jackie just IS THE VOICE that works for this piece!!  I'll be looking forward to checking out this album.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    This song will be included on her Christmas Album this year.

    Eric Hamel

    On HER Xmas album.  Great!  Thanks Lorenzo.


    Well, since it is Mr. Domingo's choice I am sure he can live with his choices. In other words, your loss, not his!!!

  33. Robert Evers Evers

    What a voice! A voice from the Gods

  34. R. Gold

    Darn it...wish I could click on the "like" button every time I visit. :D

  35. mira takagi

    I singing and vibrato is a great intonation to sing a great duet of the tenor was in charge of the part you sing stretched a unique beautiful voice. I is is like singing. Also, I like the rhythm and melody. (Matches to my guidelines. Pseudonym Alien 78 producer Takagi S · critic Takagi S) It is amazing the configuration of the mixing-track-down image of the sound. Supplement, to the world of sepia is nostalgic memory, monochrome is a strong sense of realism, but I felt a futuristic image cool.

  36. mira takagi


  37. greenaissance1

    Very nice.

  38. werner lackner


  39. arifah prihartini

    This is one of my favourit pairing Jacky with senior singers ... great great great ...

  40. Eric Hamel

    Actually, I think the sound mixer did a fine job here.  The tenor is always a stronger voice than the soprano ... the trick is to adjust the volume for each so as she can be well heard.  this was way better than both her recordings with Bocelli.  That was a drown-out tragedy!!  Both such great singers.

    Jordan Nash

    +Eric Hamel And to play with the mix, I use Daum 'Pot Player' software which allows me to set my equalizer for either a 'pop' or 'ska' balance. Properly equalized, her voice absolutely *shines* through. This fixes a lot of problems with listening to YouTube on a PC.

    Eric Hamel

    @Friday Bridge  Well Jackie and Bocelli  are both great singers ... but both recordings I've heard on YT I could hear Andrea bellowing and Jackie making some background distraction.  Both YT recordings were horrible!!  And this Guardian Angels is just right.  That's all I know.  Duets like this is why I even care.  It's beautiful!!

    Jordan Nash

    @Eric Hamel That just about makes my point for me. Listening on YouTube, that's the reaction I have had. However, playing it through a different sound program, you can set the equalizer just as you can on a stereo. Bocelli's performance was recorded on a cell phone, and it needs the treble added back so you can pick Jackie out of the background. Yes, 'Guardian  Angel' is quite beautiful. Without some help, Bocelli's duet is a muddle. In order to use Daum Pot Player [which is free], you have to download the youtube video, though. [As a matter of fairness, I make sure to buy a copy of any song I download if it is commercially available somehow.] 

    Eric Hamel

    Yes, I always buy the music if possible; it is the right thing to do.  Thanks FB, I'll look into that Daum Pot Player.

  41. Luiz Gonzaga Fonseca Coelho

    adorei o video com ambos cantores do brasil em 9 de março de 2016 direto de spaulo, brasilpra voces do luiz gonzaga

  42. Gordon Hutchings

    It is uncanny how Jackie , seemingly without conscious effort, always injects the most perfect emotion, tone and subtle force into her music. She has been able to do this since early childhood and is surely a mark of her musical genius.


    Gordon Hutchings


    Gordon Hutchings no

    I will
    me an

  43. Kathlene Jensen

    So Beautiful!!!!!   I  Love her VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Sigurjon Myrdal

    A great honor for Jackie. The question is - is she going to train for opera in the future?

    Joe R

    +Sigurjon Myrdal
    May I respectfully ask the question - Does she really need to?
    Consider the following: A one-of-a-kind voice, world wide recognition, the backing of David Foster, the "purest" voice I've ever heard in my professional 60+ years, a natural beauty to match her unique voice, and, finally, a professional, focused, and dynamic personality.
    I believe, barring any tragedies, she will chose to do whatever she needs to do in the future to deliver the best that she can... and I'll be there to buy the album, see the concert, or watch the show...

    cere tomer

    +Sigurjon Myrdal With that voice of hers, I would to hear as much variety as possible.  Most singers aren't capable of singing many different genres but I believe that she can.  As long as it ISN'T RAP.

    Sigurjon Myrdal

    +cere tomer - The rapper Jackie Evancho! That would be something else :). I am sure she can, but it's not on my wish list.

    Silver Schooner

    +Sigurjon Myrdal She said once in an interview that singing pop was bad for her voice. There is truth in that. We apparently shall see...centered focus or all over the place. We will be the losers or winners either way.

  45. Kathlene Jensen

    Beautiful Duet!!!    I would love to hear Jackie perform this alone!!!   Such an incredibly marvelous voice!!!!

  46. rene ngabato

    Wow! This is the first time I see this. If I'm watching this live I'd shed bucketful of tears. She's now singing with clarity and perfectly combined with one of the greatest tenors.

  47. luis Moimimio

    Duo fabuleux avec deux voix profondes et riches qui se répondent et sont en harmonies.
    Pourquoi l'avoir réservé qu'aux japonais ?
    Je ne m'en lasse pas !

  48. ANDRES R T

    INCREDIBLE FIT!! the blend, the breathtaking harmony!! It seems that you inspire even Placido to greater art, Jackie!!!

  49. derrick howlett

    THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL VIDEO, JACKIE JUNKIES!! :) AFTER ORDERING MR. DOMINGO'S 'MY CHRISTMAS' CD FROM AMAZON [AND ENOUGH STUFF TO GET THE FREE SHIPPING], IMAGINE MY SURPRISE AND CONSTERNATION TO FIND SOMEONE OTHER THAN JACKIE DOING THE DUET WITH Plácido D.!! :( Also, if I may take an analogy from Dennis Simon, below, Domingo's voice is something like the finest of aged whiskey, while Jackie's angelic voice is something like the finest of sweet wines. HOWEVER, have you ever tried to drink the finest whiskey and the finest wine TOGETHER? Well, try to imagine an opera featuring Renee Fleming and Michael Jackson, or Pavarotti and Beyoncé, and you can understand why Opera Mag called Jackie's voice 'overshadowed.' I still love this duet in spite of all that, and remain grumpy and disappointed that it did not show up on the album "as advertized."


    +derrick howlett You have to order ONLY the "Barnes & Noble Special Edition", which is tricky even at Barnes & Noble, because they carry both versions of Placido's CD. Remember that ONLY that special edition contains the duet with Jackie on this song.

    derrick howlett

    THANKS - I'll try for it :)

    Jordan Nash

    +derrick howlett I liked your analogy. Then it came to me - market the two of them as 'Whiskey and Ice'.

  50. Ronald Fry

    I really like this work. Great job by Placido and Jackie.  And superb editing and arrangement by the music team.

  51. Sally Gillies

    Harpo Marx DID write this song. His daughter's page for the family is: http://www.harposplace.com/Artist/ArtistDisco.php and you will learn many interesting things about this gifted man.

    Jim J

    +Sally Gillies -Not bad for a 2nd grade education,

    Sally Gillies

    +Jim J I'm sorry you only made it through 2nd grade. I'll pray for you.

    Jim J

    Harpo numbnutz, I made it through the 2nd time.

    Jonathan Comer

    +Jim J LOL

  52. Guardian Angel


  53. Rory Rain


  54. qwerty123!

    Are there any angel songs she hasn't sung, Teaching Angels How to Fly, Concrete Angel, Angel, Guardian Angels

  55. pat lynch


  56. Dan Zervos

    I wonder if they performed together or if the producers mixed their vocals.


    +Dan Zervos I understand their vocals were mixed.

  57. Holy One

    This review was from Opera World News

  58. Holy One

    It seems like the Opera World still acts like they are the only judge in determining talent and credibility. In their review of Placido Domingo's CD of duets this is their opinion of Cross-Over performers." New Zealand's Hayley Westerley sounded sugary and whiny while Jackie Evancho was hopelessly overshadowed."Maybe, the question should be, do "Opera Stars" understand the concept of what a duet is?While I appreciate Mr. Domingo's considerable talents, I can also say that I prefer listening to Tony Bennett than to Mr. Domingo. Mr. Domingo is like 100 proof whiskey that you enjoy an occasional shot but very rarely as compared to fine wine like Mr. Bennett. Out of the Opera Stars duet I enjoyed the collaboration with Katherine Jenkins at Rockefeller Center. She realized that it was a duet and not a contest on voice projection. I hope that Jackie performs with her further down the road.

    Holy One

    +brel3274 I also really like this duet. I did not like the snarky and pompous review by that magazine. If you google Placido Domingo and Jackie Evancho  and Opera World you can read their review. Personally, " Opera " needs Jackie and Hayley more than they need opera.

    Jonathan Comer

    +Dennis Simon Couldn't agree with you more.

    Jordan Nash

    +Dennis Simon That 'issue' has been around since 2010, when she was billed on AGT as an opera singer. Actually, at best, she would be an 'aria' singer using a mic. It would be much better to just call her a Classical style singer, or even better, a 'natural voice'. Pretty soon, enough people will have heard her voice, and they will just call her 'Jackie', and THAT will be her label going forward.

    A few singers who have been through training for opera dislike the ease with which her voice and her audience has developed. To them, she made opera look too easy, maybe even trivial, which it is certainly NOT, given the incredibly hard training which THEY go through to develop a classical voice for an UNAMPLIFIED STAGE. Without a microphone, they have to train their voices for both beauty and POWER at the same time. There is a trade-off involved for the singer. Jackie won't make that trade-off. As a result, it is my opinion that opera and Jackie do NOT go together, at least not yet.

    Since she has such a gorgeous voice, and that she seems to believe that her natural voice IS her reputation, I don't think opera has anything to fear from her, but there are those for whom this is still a touchy subject.

    There are also opera aficionados. Such people have taught themselves to listen for technical perfection of the singer almost to the exclusion of natural beauty. Jackie does not seem to care about technical perfection in quite the same way, and will always appear to the opera aficionados as incomplete, and/or 'not trying hard enough' or just flat-out a technical nightmare [a bit harsh].

    Even among her fans, there are some who feel she should train harder, train better. They worry about people 'gaining ground' on her. Of all the 'other' young voices for instance, Patricia Janikova has worked hard, progressed rapidly, and has a massive talent. Some of Jackie's fans worry that someone like Patricia will come along and outdo Jackie. Personally, I don't, but that's me. I am sensitive to pitch control. There is no one better than Jackie on pitch control. [I could go on but this post is already way too long] Are there techniques Jackie should be spending some time and training on? Yes, but I suspect she will as the mood strikes her and before any damage is done.

    Long story short: People should let opera be 'opera' and let Jackie be 'Jackie'. But, you know that won't happen, so just get used to ignoring the issue.

    Holy One

    +Friday Bridge I agree, as her mom said " we don't want her to sound like every other soprano" when asked a few years ago on training with an voice teacher extensively. same reason as Barbra Streisand years ago,. we all know Barbra's voice and we can tell Jackie's voice. I do notice as a music laymen that working towards technical perfection takes away from the emotional aspect of the performance, that is only my feeling.


    +Friday Bridge I'm sure there is room for both Jackie and Patricia Janeckova, plus a few others, in our lives.
    As has been said repeatedly, it is not a competition and it is possible and enjoyable to follow different singers and styles without conflict.
    The nitpickers just spoil the enjoyment.

  59. steamguy101

    Magnificent! IMO Jackie is starting to show the "scars" of vocal maturity (meant in a positive way, pick your own adjective). If you didn't know she was only 15 years old you would say she has the power of a diva--of any age. Keep it up Jackie--we can only imagine where you'll end up and we can hardly wait for your future. With Love, B.

  60. Kathlene Jensen

    So incredibly beautiful!!!  Jackie Evancho ..has a once in a lifetime voice!!!!!

    theodore williams

    No two ways about that!

  61. James Tulk

    This is so beautiful it leaves me in tears.

  62. theodore williams

    Our Jackie! O Jackie ! O Jackie!

  63. Jordan Nash

    By the way, JJ, this is a beautifully created video. Congratulations!

  64. davekanak

    Jackie Evancho and her God given voice are treasures for the world.  I have prayed for many years for God to guard Jackie and her family, with His angels.  :)

  65. cere tomer

    Still only 15 years old and singing like this.  Simply beautiful.  I hate to rush people, especially youngsters but I can't wait to see how she sounds when she's 18 or 21.


    +cere tomer U and Me, both.

    R. Gold

    +Grumpy181155 Four of a kind! ;)

    cere tomer

    @R. Gold Four of a kind.  That's a hard hand to beat.


    I hope you and all fans will hear Jackie when she's 47 or even 57 before she retires after a brilliant, stellar career.

  66. Clive Plank

    only 3 dislikes so far....the trolls must be slipping

  67. Stephen Nowinsky

    Jackie has such Gorgeous Vocals its hard to stop listening to her sing.

    Silver Schooner

    +Stephen Nowinsky Yea we know.....'Trapped in the Jackieverse.'

  68. Coupydog

    Simply elegant & stunning!  She's something for a 15 year old & just keeps getting better!!!

  69. GIRAM

    Woow, simplemente hermoso, !wow!, de poner los pelos de punta. Como suena de bonito esto, mi cantante favorita Jackie Evancho en dúo con el gran Plácido Domingo, "Guardian Angels". Con esto si me provoca invertir en los mejores bafles Bose.

  70. Daniel Fox

    This week I purchased this album just because Jackie sang this duet with Placido. The extended version of "My Christmas" can be purchased on line at Barnes & Noble.

  71. garcam03

    I played this 5 times and I could not speak for a while. It is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. All the things that this girl has accomplished and she cannot even drive a car yet. Thank you for posting this on youtube. This is just plain beautiful!


    +garcam03 And if you really want to blow your mind listen to her just released Safe and Sound and then Teaching Angels How to Fly all so very different but all unmistakably JACKIE


    +qwerty123 ! Thank You

  72. John D'Angelo

    I listened to Idena Menzel's version and Jackie Evancho's version.  Idena did a very nice job, but I preferred Jackie's version better.  I think it was more powerful and should have been on the regular album instead of the Japanese version.

    cere tomer

    +John D'Angelo Yes, this version with Jackie Evancho sounds richer and more fluid.

  73. shoa31

    My God, she's only 15 yrs old. More to come folks, more to come.

  74. Rick L.

    Beautiful! I can't put words to the feelings this stirs within me.

  75. Jordan Nash

    Placido Domingo's powerful, resonant voice and Jackie Evancho's free floating soprano voice work very well together. His voice can be overpowering for many sopranos, but her crystal clear voice hangs in there beautifully, right alongside his without getting overcome. Together, their voices are magnificent.
    By the way, this is a bonus track on Placido's "My Christmas" CD, and is only available by asking for the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition. [The 14th track] Sorry about that.

  76. jimoha003

    That was lovely, I hadn't heard that song before, LOVE their voices together and a great arrangement.

  77. Ednaldo Soares

    amo# você beijo!

  78. Barry Donald

    Hard to believe Harpo Marx wrote the music for this great song! Fantastic duet!

    cere tomer

    +Barry Donald Harpo Marx!  Wow, I had no idea that he wrote music.

    Alan Levin

    Harpo was classically trained--check out his segment on the harp in most of the classically movies!

  79. Stephen Nowinsky

    Thanks Jackie Junkies for posting this PLS make sure the Jackie Community hears and sees this.

  80. Jonathan Comer

    WOW! That was freakin' awesome!

  81. Michaelarch ArchAngel

    Wow very nice sound and they blend nicely

  82. Cathie Novak

    Magnificent and breathtaking!

  83. Lorenzo Hernandez

    Brilliant. Words will flow in support of this duet.......
    The light deems and the eyes began to close. Your Safe and Sound. The whisper from your subconscious sends you a message you believe is your guardian angle saying something only you can sense or feel as if you're dreaming and the passage of time does not exist. Then, the morning light brings you back to life.

    Daniel Fox

    +Lorenzo Hernandez  Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

  84. robert brunet

    This is emotions in its purest form!!! 🎶🎶🎶😘

  85. qwerty123!

    I think they really screwed up. This should have been on the US album and Idina should have sang Pie Jesus


    +qwerty123 ! I know, I mean I like both women, but I'm sorry this time the voices were qualified for different songs...

    Jordan Nash

    +qwerty123 ! Actually, I think he will sell a lot more CDs because people who hear Jackie's version will have to buy the B&N Special Edition CD, rather than just download the track. [I hope].

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    Will be on Jackie's new Christmas Album this year.


    Magnificent blend of two marvelous voices...Jackie can hold her own with whomever vocals with...wish that CD was available to we in the USA..


    +NANCY B CASTNER Can it be released to radio in the US if you have some Classical stations?

    Daniel Fox

    +NANCY B CASTNER  It is, but only through Barnes and Noble, USA.


    Jackie is releasing it on her CD

    Richard Forty

    There are two reason why any Jackie Duet is incredible:
    1. She only does a duet with the best, and the best seek her out because she is the best.
    2. She knows the true meaning of duet, that it is not a competition, but a unified performance, where both try and make the other one look even better, so the whole is even better than the sum of its parts.

  87. tosius2

    There has never been a more beautiful combination of voice and visage than Miss Evancho.  Angelic voice breathtakingly beautiful.


    +tosius2 Now ain't that right.

    theodore williams

    +tosius2 Why have I fallen in love with this duet?

    theodore williams

    I totally agree with you.

    Blind Princess

    A lovely young lady with a lovely voice.

  88. Peter Lazar

    WOW! This whole video is a work of art in every respect. Wish it was available to purchase.

    Jordan Nash

    +Peter Lazar Actually it is. You have to go to Barnes & Noble and get the B&N Exclusive edition, where Jackie's duet is the 14th track. I know, you have to buy the whole DVD, but they're doing you a backhanded favor. MP3 audio quality isn't really good enough for her voice. DVD quality is better.

    Chris Hoover

    +Friday Bridge No, that's a CD, not a DVD isn't it? The video is only here.

    Jordan Nash

    Hi Chris, yes, a CD. Sorry for any confusion.

    Jonathan Comer

    +Peter Lazar I have this little app called YouTube Downloader. Works great. You have a choice of downloading the video or just the music.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    This work of art will be included on her new Christmas Album 2016.

  89. jeff rosenstein

    OMG, so fantastic

  90. aKeyBoardWarrior

    Jackie is so gorgeous as always! Greetings from finland


    +Tukaelm Jarvinen Hope U put It on Facebook.

    cere tomer

    +Tukaelm Jarvinen Right back at you.  Greetings from America and we wish you a happy new year.

  91. doug crawford

    . . . they should tour, or do a month on Broadway . . . anyway, this is "excellent "

  92. brel3274

    Simply some of Your best work, JME. Glad to see It is now on YT, so that the whole world may discover this huge gem.


    +brel3274 Also, check out my channel for the Anthem at the Steelers game, I managed to get it from WPXI

  93. davgalactica rozo

    The Greats want to work with the Greats :)

  94. roddiener

    Two of the original Three Tenors plus Andrea Bocelli before the age of 16? Brava Jackie!!....Luciano is looking down and smiling.

    doug crawford

    +roddiener . . .great observation . . . wonderful sentiment . . .ps, Also, it's worth paying for in support of an artist . . . so I did . . . just saying (fans) . . .

    doug crawford

    +Grumpy181155 you can, and  I have,  buy the single off the Great and Powerful "Amazon" . . .

    Daniel Fox

    +Grumpy181155   Guardian Angels with Jackie Evancho can only be purchased in this country through Barnes and Noble  (with the Bonus Track ). This is originally the Japanese version of "My Christmas".  I hope that helps?

    Blind Princess

    This is what I call great singing.

    trevor Phipps

    Daniel Fox