Evancho, Jackie - God Bless America Lyrics

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free.
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

God bless America, land that I love,
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans white with foam,
God bless America, my home sweet home.
God bless America, my home sweet home.

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Evancho, Jackie God Bless America Comments
  1. Rehoboth

    That was just gorgeous in that classic Americana style, don't hear it done with this kind of loving respect often. Nice job Ms. Evancho and thank you very much.

  2. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Alamater Royal Soprano Cynthia Corcoran UN 🦁🐎🎥

  3. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Alamater 58 percent for each illegal launded show to buy my parcels.

  4. Ron Mangrum

    God bless you dear lady, and God bless America forever! You thumbs down people. Move to Russia or North Korea they don’t like us either! Oohrah, Marine Corps!!!

  5. C L

    Jackie is the consummate performer and has been since she was 11. She is confident, poised and genuine. Asking the audience to "sing along" shows she was not there to showcase herself but to share a tribute to her country with her fellow Americans, and graciously offering a curtsy demonstrates her respect for the audience. Jackie has, in all the times she has performed for a national event, always given a straight forward un-embellished and humble performance in honor of the occasion. She's a true role model and one of the finest vocal artists today. Her concert performances are captivating, as she brings the audience into her heart, often moving them to tears with the awesome purity of her voice, while making the song personal in a way that draws you into her experience. You leave feeling you been touched, not just entertained. Jackie is in a class of her own.

    It's unfortunate in a way that the media continues to promote her as a past AGT contestant, because she is in fact a vocal prodigy. David Foster, the 16 time Grammy winning producer, actually discovered her as a 9 year old and is responsible for having initiated her career by producing her gold album, "Dream With Me" after AGT, and then her first PBS Great Performances concert at age 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLijmcVeR2Q

  6. R D

    "A very tiny voice" LMAO Really? Jackie Evancho 2016 (:01 - :09): www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnF8wW_0HKc

  7. ArdillaChismosa

    A very tiny voice... go and listen Whitney Houston's version of this song, with a powerful and strong voice !


    @C L OK


    @C L Ok. Shes a gifted girl and sings beautiful, but Whitney's voice wasn't only powerful, She used to be so creative while singing, and always used to sing her songs in a different way. This girl sings like a robot machine... the same , always .

    C L

    @ArdillaChismosa ("robot machine"?) I'm not criticizing Whitney. Why insult Jackie? It's not as though Whitney could have been asked to perform for this event. Jackie is a highly desirable performer and a respected artist, having performed several times for Washington national events, including the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2010), the President's National Prayer Breakfast (2012), A Capitol Fourth (2013), and the Memorial Day Concert (2014). She didn't appear at this event to bring attention to herself and show off with vocal gymnastic, but to pay tribute to her country in a straight forward and humble manner, demonstrated by inviting the audience to join her. If you don't approve...so what?


    @ArdillaChismosa Jackie would totally agree she loves, loves, loves Whitney. Jackie Evancho is a multi Genre' performer who never seems to sing a song the same way twice. Here maybe a little research would help…. https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4


    @C L This person has obviously not done any research into this artist?

  8. 長井浩昭

    My best singer💖
    Beautiful voice👍
    I love rilakkuma and korilakkuma💖
    Rilakkuma and korilakkuma japanese characters😁
    I love Jacqueline Marie Jackie Evancho 💖

    she is very very cute and beautiful girl💖

    God bless usa and God bless Jackie💖

    by from japan(ノ´∀`*)


    Thank you, God bless your beautiful country, from America.


    Thank you very much 😊
    Thank you for your nice comment👍
    I regret that I have never lived in the USA (´д`|||)
    I want to go to USA someday even if I can't live😊
    I want to go to Newyork,Philadelphia,Pittsburgh😸
    I want to visit and see the citycape,scenery scenery, etc😊
    In a country with such a nice guy like Jackie😁
    I hope you can visit someday(ノ´∀`*)


    長井浩昭 You will, one day, just don’t visit California, it’s infested with Anti-America bullshit. Go for Texas, the people are actually people!

  9. R D

    This is one of 5 national performances Jackie Evancho did for the Obama administration. She's also done performances for the NFL, MLB & NHL. Plus 3 solo concerts as fund raisers for the PBS national television network. She had the biggest selling debut album in 2010 and was the youngest ever to do that. Trump was thrilled and honored to have someone of her caliber sing at the 2017 Inauguration.

  10. baritonebynight

    She was the best Trump could get. That's not saying much.

    C L

    She was chosen before others CLAIMED to have been asked. Jackie had performed 8 times before this for events in Washington during the Obama administration, beginning with the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at age 10, Then twice for the National Prayer Breakfast of 2012, twice for A Capitol Fourth of 2013, and twice for the Memorial Day Concert of 2014. Not the "nobody" you thought she was, but a highly respected performer and recording artist.


    I guess she was the best Obama could get 8x. ROFL.... Its usually a good idea to do your home work, so when you attack a young women for no reason, you know don't sound like an ignorant political hack.


    @C L maybe this fool should change his handle to moronbyday

  11. Rehoboth

    Lol...…. Here she is fronting a Hard Rock Anthem for Kip Winger in NYC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7-hPBmi_-4 She is just unbelievably talented.

    C L

    For sure, but some can't seem to accept the idea that she won't limit herself to their narrow expectations, naturally compelled to explore her potential. Experimentation makes them nervous as though they don't trust her integrity when she takes a brief departure to test her capabilities.


    @C L I don't get it either, of course expanding her range and genre' is good for her career, good for her, good for music and good for her fans. I can only see any other view as self centered and narrow minded.

  12. Winston

    An angel. America, a dream. About one nation, under God, free, forthright and righteous.

  13. Lach Kirishima

    Marvelous and calling to reflection rendition of the most thrilling American religious and patriotic hymn.
    Fascynujące i pobudzającego do refleksji wykonanie najładniejszego Amerykańskiego hymnu religijnego i patriotycznego.
     Bellissima interpretazione del affascinante e il più toccante inno religioso e patriottico Americano.

  14. Rehoboth

    Some things are just indescribably beautiful.

  15. Analyn Swingle

    She's the best American artist ever and beautiful talented young lady. She looks stunning

  16. Anne Craven

    God Bless Jackie Evancho for standing up for her love of our country! Beautiful voice, beautiful young woman.

  17. C L

    "Please welcome back..." This is Jackie's 6th performance at a national event in Washington D.C. since the age of 10 when she sang "O Holy Night " for the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony". Following this appearance, 6 months later, she would sing the National Anthem for the Presidential Inauguration. Unfortunately the CNN audio feed was distorted, leaving the impression it was a poor performance, when actually Jackie sang live under adverse conditions and executed a fine traditional rendition as expected from her. She is a national treasure who deserved the honor, but was treated unconscionably by those who disapproved of her accepting it. 'Jackie never disappoints" (David Foster), and she didn't disappoint the audience in Washington D.C. on that occasion either.


    For months the DNC organized an intimidation campaign against Jackie and all the other performers thru Social Media at MovOn, The Daily Cos, HuffPo and others. They actually assigned the artists to be attacked and gave the minion their talking points and angles of attacks. Cold. calculated and truly despicable, follow them back to their little lair some day, see what fascism looks and sounds like up close and personal.

  18. George Ametus


  19. Rehoboth

    Just doesn't get much better than that. Her YouTube Page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6GeRtMgfZo

  20. MrGallan50

    we need more of this

  21. Sara Brown

    Jackie Evancho's Red Dress On her So Breathtaking and Lovely?

  22. Sara Brown

    My All Time Favorite Song Ever Because it's Was Our Song From Where My Dear Father in heaven has served his Country on Earth And Totally Loved This Beautiful Song By Mutiltalented Jackie Evancho Sings it Beautifully?

  23. Marcos Martinez


  24. Peter J Sahertian

    Jackieeeeeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  25. Rehoboth

    Epic thank you Ms. Evancho!

  26. Prema Lachanna

    that voice is the voice of of an angel.and beautiful like an angel

  27. 주상희

    Make America Great Again With Korea

  28. Holil Mulyana

    So most Beautiful voice and most beautiful personal so completely, I love you for ever Jackie

  29. Alicja Bojnowska

    PIĘKNA DZIEWCZYNA...........

  30. Randy Hudgins

    I’d eat a happy meal right off her ass.


    OMG you should she her today a world class stunner! https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4


    Wouldn't that make it a hinny meal then?

  31. R. Gold

    If you like this performance, please consider "subscribing" to Jackie's channel (click the red subscribe button on the bottom right of the video). The more subscribers Jackie gets, the more likely she is to get more concert bookings, including possibly one near you! ;)

  32. みんみんだはー


  33. Sa Hoang

    Discovered in 2011 . So I love this song . Why ? US is not America . America own this Earth 4 1/2 billions years ago to now . I was sung this song when I was in High  School in  South VN . US took Nobel COWARDS in 1981 . America don't . America is Soviet .or VN . VC is not VN . Who against me . . . I will proof it then surly quiet .

  34. Hassan Khalaf

    God bless America from Iraq I love America and Americans

  35. wodetube123

    warmly, lovely and poetically, everytime i see this video feeling very happy!


    She is a wonderful young performer, subscribe to her YouTube and follow along. https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4


  36. achiles raven

    Shes an angel. So pretty


    She is a wonderful young performer, subscribe to her YouTube and follow along. https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4

  37. ayad mmn

    do you know . Your beautiful little one. America kills children. In absurd wars to control the wealth and money of countries


    You are historically ignorant beyond imagination.

  38. Max Cash

    Jbvvj xi0oj. Ioicci9. Looogbb9bbbbboj

  39. Max Cash

    Kjhbbii. Llncv9bnnn99. Llkbvvo9🐸🦍🦉💾💾hbbb. Kkkoov. O99v

  40. Kathleen Phillips

    I wish she was singing this 4th!!!


    Me to she does have a gig in DC Oct 24th http://jackieevancho.com/

  41. Mustang 82

    Show up for the 4th of July at White House for the Veterans it will be special.lets show our love for America,and it's freedom.

  42. Rehoboth

    Subscribe and enjoy all of her beautiful music and the amazing story free. https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4

  43. Barnabas Vorreiter

    Happy Fathers Day Weekend America ...

  44. せりあ



    Subscribe and enjoy all of her music beautiful and the amazing story free. https://www.youtube.com/user/usedmeb4

  45. L Eastcoast

    She sings that better than anyone. God bless America.

  46. Barnabas Vorreiter

    Work in Unity to Advance The American Experement to Endeavor for Good ...

  47. shmack119

    I was on that colors team shit time past by so fast #merica

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    So you took the time to make such a carefully crafted comment that will inspire million's and will be remembered by the American people for years. You words are inspirational and you deserve a medal made of plastic to be stuck on your T-shirt with bubble gum. Your all American family must be proud of you.


    Lorenzo Hernandez very 🙌🏾🤣


    Very cool, Jackie is a proud Pittsburgh native and a HUGH Steelers fan.

  48. Mnct1001

    Wow, I just felt chills run down when she said “God bless America”. I love this country 🇺🇸 It’s home. ❤️

  49. Sayed ART3D Models

    Wow ... red dress with a golden your hair and you amazing ......

  50. Vincent Florio

    Holy steamboats that last note. It's still ringing in the sky somewhere =)

  51. Thangte Val

    I love you America 😘😍

  52. aussie goldman

    yes god bless america ,,,,,, and they will be your undoing..... like so many before you . gl you


    That statement makes no sense please clarify?

  53. Badger BadgerBadger

    She's singing out of her nose still. Such a pretty child. No one will ever discipline her.


    @Badger BadgerBadger Are you mad? Ya you mad!

    Badger BadgerBadger

    Your existence is bizarre. How do you not get eaten by wolves?


    @Badger BadgerBadger even wolves have class...

    Badger BadgerBadger

    Obviously it wasn't clear to the narcissistic nonces, but even as a child, those who learn to sing well are taught to sing from their diaphragm. You should know the difference between a sound that vibrates and resonates deep inside of us, and one that barely gets out of the throat. Madonna actually used this cheapened singing style to great affect. I think it allowed her to sound richer than the typical pop voices of her time. But for a classical artist, her arsenal ought to be much greater. And it's not. It's impressive when an 8 year old can manage a vibrato. Any vibrato. Not so much when she's had her entire life to get better.


    @Badger BadgerBadger she may sing through her nose (whatever), but it's pretty obvious you're talking out of your ass. Move on....

  54. みけ助


  55. ka na


  56. RK831

    A beautiful rendition indeed, but I cannot pick this one over Kate Smith, who sings it with pride and love for America. Listen for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zF7a0wB-Lg

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    Kate didn't sing this at the age of 16. Nobody has ever sung this song on National TV except Ms. Evancho at such a young age. And that's a fact!


    @Lorenzo Hernandez TV was not around in 1938 when Kate sang God Bless America, but everyone listened to radio back then, and this song was broadcast nationally. Kate sang this song when she was 31, nearly twice the age of Jackie, but regardless of age, Kate's rendition is the best. I cannot explain exactly why, but when I hear Jackie singing it, I am in awe of her singing talent; when I hear Kate singing it, I feel how much I love America. God Bless America is a patriotic song, not a talent showcase.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    @RK831 Everyone knows that. Ms. Evancho has a more beautiful voice then Ms. Smith, I've seen and heard her sing year's ago. Right now it's Ms. Evancho who is on stage and being Patriotic, she's the one that's pleasing the massas. Why dig up ancient history. That was then, this is now.

  57. Peter Latton

    God Bless Jackie Evancho...🌹


    God bless Her true AMERICAN! Jeff CLARK

  59. Rehoboth

    What an American Rose she is.

  60. Joshua faith

    God bless 🇺🇸

  61. Bruce G.

    Wow. I never hear that song anymore. What has happened to my country?


    Don't you know? Its was deemed evil 40yrs ago by the elites of academia and their political handlers. And that's exactly how 3 generations of our children were indoctrinated.

  62. Ray frey

    Exelent Jackie

  63. Prosecute the treasonist congress Liberals Suck

    I love you Jackie Evancho 4ever I love you Jackie Evancho 4ever and ever

  64. Elaine MacGregor


  65. Rehoboth

    Nice to see the beautiful Jackie Evancho and a little patriotism for a change amongst all the haters.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    So true, so true. They are vicious, like those zombies.


    @Lorenzo Hernandez They pulled out every stop to intimidate the young artist. Like the good little fascist they have become. They didn't realize, well raised Pennsylvania girls don't cave into bullies.

  66. David Klein

    In Heaven, Kate Smith is smiling! She has left this song to the right person! There's no one alive today who can come close to Jackie's version! It should be sung by Jackie Evancho every year on a Capitol 4th! And every American sporting event.

  67. joe smith

    I bet her parents are so proud. She is now so pretty


    She was a 16yo old here. She is now a multi platinum, multi millionaire living in Manhattan.


    LOVE this song ,she's awesome

  69. Martinatious Janko

    Who the f gave this a dislike?

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    @God of Roar That's the most idiotic question I've ever read. Served in Marine Corps, you have to volunteer to get in. How about you?

    God of Roar

    @Lorenzo Hernandez How do you feel about serving a country that's bombing 8 countries, blowing children up for greed right now creating terrorists? A country that's been at war every year of its existence?
    A country that still genocides indians, that has people working 3 jobs who are still in poverty, that has people die each year because they can't afford coverage, that still allows modern architecture, under pays it's soldiers, has one family have more wealth than the bottom 40%, Allows food industries to poison people for greed, and causes early balding in men? Gives no prisons to corporations? on and on and on.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    @God of Roar It's called reality. The one outside of yours, the one you've created for yourself, the one that let's you think other countries and people we're fighting don't mean any harm to us or our way of life. Communist and socialist countries control their population by fear. This country has never started a war, we finished them. War is ugly and cruel. The Germans and Japanese were wrong and they lost but think what would have happen if they had won and I mean really think about it, visualize the outcomes. The Russians raped thousands of women when they got control of East Germany, its in the history books. America helped rebuild West Germany. Japan enslaved their people and women were treated like subhuman before they attack Pearl Harbor, America allowed their culture to continue and helped rebuild their countries through American industry. America has introduced successful business methods and models that allowed Germany, Japan, South Korea, Africa and Europe which was in ruins after the wars to succeed. I'm 71 and would still protect the innocent and day dreams who blame America. In the real world, you have be awake to the truth.

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    @God of Roar Why all the immature anger. Your not fighting anyone except that box you can't get yourself out of. America is strong and no other country would dare spread their socialist agenda except for a few in the US government who go fishing for money by catching weak minded cowards that are afraid of their own shadows. Man up. Boo!

    God of Roar

    @Lorenzo Hernandez You countered nothing I said. Norway agenda's will make it to United States, and it will be great Bernie 2020, bitch.


    LOVE her a true AMERICAN treasure!

  71. tosius2

    She certainly cleans up well...

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    You don't, hope you learned something. Silly

  72. Michael

    God bless America

  73. Ronald Delp

    hey she does what Taylor swift failed to do!

  74. Vicco Miya


  75. Chaka Dugar


  76. Mrbigp59

    Great job Jackie   and yes god bless America and our president and you as well for standing for what you believe in.


    God Bless her!

  78. New Dimension

    she's grown beautifully!

  79. joe smith

    Had me singing. Love you Jackie

  80. LBF522

    What a truly beautiful voice.

  81. Ilya Stark

    What a beautiful voice! God bless America!

    P.S. From Russia

  82. fan zhang


  83. xee doll

    Wow !! 💯💯❤️🙏🏼🤙🏼🙏🏼❤️💯

  84. Ingvar Kamprad

    Hates a Trumper! She sucks!

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    She sang for O-blabla twice. Dummy!

    Jordan Nash

    It's one thing to think stupidly, but much worse to put it on display like you just did.


    She is here honoring her nation for the Obama administration? At a civic event sponsored by "We The People" Maybe thats hard for you Russian trolls to understand.

  85. durasi copy di copy

    lovely voice,

  86. Rehoboth

    Now isn't she just the most beautiful young American artist.

    Wilbur Finnigan

    Rehoboth With CLASS and dignity !!!!


    She is certainly easy to look at ...

  87. Reyhan Manik

    Good bless amerika my favorite country

  88. michael talas

    She made me feel like I was in the 3rd grade where I learned this song :)


    seen her on America Got Talent, now she is awesome and amazing woman

  90. Rehoboth

    OMG Peter she is remarkable, where do you find them?

  91. Felipe Sanz

    Hermosa preciosa


    LOVE that, thanks Jackie

  93. Rehoboth

    Look she brought Republicans and Democrats together for a moment in song. Its a minor miracle.

    feedmemore h

    Ik. Liberal would hate on this


    feedmemore h  Unfortunately that's true and many have, however the many in the crowd at least mouth the words with a little sneer.

    feedmemore h

    @Rehoboth Yes I agree and it's sad what liberals are doing turning against the USA

    Joseph Merkt

    @feedmemore h I'm as liberal as they come and I love this.

  94. Robert Evers

    Best voice ever

  95. Autumn Spring

    Beautiful voice! I like how she commented on how beautiful song it was and how she invited everyone to sing along!


    That audience was full of Congressmen and women. The last time they stood together for anything was that day. At the request of Ms. Jackie Evancho.

  96. Sherlocktheselective

    And God Bless You Jackie!

  97. Danny Montes

    Gracias por todo los mensaje de todos los seguidores de este canal bunos mensaje hi negatibos mensajes nos no guste este es el precidente de los Estados Unidos la berdad megusta hoyir esta canción bien ho mal bibimos en un pais bendicido por Dios cuantos ha muerto pasando las fronteras para poder yegar haqui siempre el señor presidente dente nos es para musho nos es de su hagrado pero con negativismo loque hacemos es henojar lo mas hayque segarle por el lado hamable hi los ba ha solprer 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Dios es paz amor hi amor para el mundo entero para poder yebar paz en nuestro corazónes de nuestras familias Dios nos bendiga nuestra madred tierra bendita Gracias que tengan paz en sus hogares 🏠

    Jay Jackson

    Dios te bendiga también. Pero Estados Unidos es una nación soberana, y nuestros internos deben ser respetados. Aquellos que quieran venir DEBEN hacerlo de la manera legal. Cualquiera que elija violar la ley es el único responsable de lo que les sucede. El presidente Trump apoya totalmente la inmigración legal.
    God bless you as well. But America is a Sovereign Nation, and our boarders need to be respected. Those wanting to come here MUST do it the legal way. Anyone who chooses to break the law are solely responsible for what happens to them. President Trump fully supports Legal Immigration.