Eva Cassidy - Waly, Waly Lyrics

When cockle shells turn into silvery bells,
then will my love return to me.
When roses grow in the wintery snow,
then will my love return to me.

Oh waly, waly, love be by me
and bright as a jewel when first new...

But love grows old, and waxes cold,
and fades away like morning dew.

There is a ship, it sails the sea,
It's loaded high and (as) deep can be.
But not so deep as my love for you.
I know not if I sink or swim.

Oh waly, waly, love be by me
Bright as a jewel when first new...

But love grows old and waxes cold,
and fades away like morning dew

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Eva Cassidy Waly, Waly Comments
  1. gustavo weisberger


  2. tim farris

    I cannot help but cry when I hear her voice. Such a talent...such a loss too soon.

  3. susan rockwell

    I go to this song when I hate the world. It brings me back. Absolutely stunning. Eva was genius.

  4. Davebow Hol

    Really trying to determine WHOM would give EVA CASSIDY a............................THUMBS DOWN ? Do YOU even have ears??????

  5. Candice Cattles

    Rest in peace 🙏 Eva ( ˘ ³˘)♥ love U

  6. Beverly McCarthy

    I swear that when I'm trying to diet I'm gonna listen to Eva. This just tasted like buttersilk cheesecake and filled me up!

  7. Allan Payne

    Stunning. No singer, not one, takes me where she does. Ethereal; exquisite, beautiful. I cannot stop listening to her - a beautiful Songbird.

  8. Damion Pegley

    So unforgettably moving , such a haunting vocal . Truly an exceptional talent . Thanks Eva

  9. imshafted

    I wish you could identify the people who downvote things on YouTube, I would ask the people who have downvoted this amazing rendition about their reasoning behind their downvote.

    Personally, I can find zero fault in this recording - its up there with Norah Jones' cover of Black Hole Sun, something to come back and visit time and time again.

  10. waydav1s

    AMAZING voice. LOVE Waly Waly, and her version of Fields of Gold.

  11. MrJazzohjazz

    Eva’s pitch is perfectly centered .... exceptional voice with real feeling. Miss her.

  12. Manny N Valerie Gutierrez

    Eva , Your voice is amazing! Wish I could have heard you sing in person, I just received a beautiful Christmas Greeting from Margret Cassidy Robinson In your Memory Merry Christmas Eva RIP . Now You are An Angel singing From Heaven...Manny G Baker City Or

  13. steve hightower

    I'm really mad that she had to die soo soon, really breaks my heart

  14. coffee lover forever

    Dear God this is so beautiful!

    Carrie Lang

    It is. Hauntingly beautiful.


    Beautiful Beautiful Eva !!! R.I.P

  16. James Murphy-Walsh

    Stunning there is a better version though and her voice is so beautifully haunting and ethereal ❤️ adore her

  17. Ella Zoé

    I love it

  18. Michel de Kort

    So incredible song/voice love you Eva

  19. Martin Gibson

    Wonderful song, beautifully sung...but it's not the best version. The best version has so much more emotion, particularly when she sings 'Oh waly waly' in the second verse. Sadly that version which was on You Tube has been removed and now seems to be unavailable. Tragedy really as it was undoubtedly Eva at her very best.


    It's available on the CD 'Eva by Heart'... you're right, it's the best version.

    Jon Lawton

    you can hear the better version on dailymotion,


    This version is FAR superior to the cd version imo.

  20. ShindigTV

    My favorite singer--thank you for this "new" song!!!

  21. Brenda McBean

    So completely calming. A true gift in today's world. Thank you.

  22. Charlie W

    Heavenly beautifull....
    She will live on for ever in her music.


    Wow, yet another favorite from Eva.

  24. Joop van Eijk - Slootweg

    these remastered songs really sound fantastic, can't wait for the CD//DVD set..

  25. alanah brady

    Wow, thank you so much for loading this, so beautiful,

  26. Ellen Gaver

    Perfectly stunning.

  27. Mary E. Callan

    Eva gave us her beautiful voice, silenced too soon.

  28. Marc Hinton

    Miss you, Eva.

  29. Ivar Brinkman

    This Sums it up. Pure Beauty.

  30. Chris Kinkade

    The greatest voice of all time.

    Steve Kerley

    I agree

  31. Deborah Silverman

    I hope that more and more of these gems are discovered. Eva, we miss you.

  32. oirudleahcim

    Every performance of hers is a treasure. Hearing this made my day. What else is in the vaults?

  33. Elena Clark

    Love, her interpretation of the songs. She's a great singer!

  34. Laura

    That voice, so powerful and unforgettable. Love her

  35. David Stamper

    a voice taken from us way too soon....

  36. sixofnine

    Please keep finding this buried treasure!

  37. FryingBayou


  38. Paul Adams

    EVA! We miss you!!

  39. CrimsonRunnerToJesus

    Nobody like her. Every song she ever did was heavenly perfection....