Eva Cassidy - Wade In The Water Lyrics

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

Who's that young girl dressed in red
Wade in the water
Must be the children that Moses led
God's gonna trouble the water

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

Who's that young girl dressed in white
Wade in the water
Must be the children of Israeli
God's gonna trouble the water

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

Who's that young girl dressed in blue
Wade in the water
Must be the children that's coming through
God's gonna trouble the water

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

You don't believe I've been redeemed
Wade in the water
Just see the holy ghost looking for me
God's gonna trouble the water

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

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Eva Cassidy Wade In The Water Comments
  1. jwddwj9

    This song is perfect to Lindy hop to, I love dancing to it!

  2. anon ymous

    No soul in this

  3. Nghiem Dinh Nguyen


  4. Polish issues

    👍🏻 I'm dying now that's why I'm listening to this before my death , hopefully I met with this amazing singer in heaven 👂🏻🙏🏻

    j mullin

    @polish issues Not sure why your dying, but watch this x Scientific proof of jesus's advice x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1b08X-GvRs&t=142s

    Linda Limoges

    Peace to you on both sides of Heaven

  5. The poetic mtbr

    I was in a store in Manchester years ago and one of Eva's songs was playing on the Tannoy, I just had to know who it was and bought the songbird CD then and there, what a voice 😎

  6. Donna

    One of a kind💥 Eva Cassidy

  7. Gary Cooper

    God’s gonna trouble the water.

  8. BlueSardigna71


  9. Brenda Brown

    She was absolutely amazing and God gave her the most beautiful voice and her beautiful voice runs deep into my soul🕊 R.I.P. Beautiful Eva🙏🏽🕊♥️🌹♥️ Thank you for sharing this beautiful video and God Bless 🙏🏽

  10. lijon Lee

    I love opera...and I thought Eva had the best tone in the world.

  11. David Van Wagener

    Um, Writers 'Christine McVie'? Don't think so. This is an old spiritual and has been around over 100 years.

  12. Nikki Edwards

    Nope....... not today not EVER

  13. Thomas Hoffmann

    One more comment are there anybody how know if she `going to play in EU more specific in Denmark ?? and if so i would like to know.. she` to good if you what i mean she`got the rythme the soul, the blues but most of all her voice so she have a greath futre in front i think if she want it

    Wingo Poe

    Thomas Hoffmann Sorry to have to tell you this but Eva passed away 🙁November 2, 1996 at the age of 33. Her beautiful voice lives on though.

  14. Maryanna Chris

    Magnifique !!!

  15. Lil Chelle

    This song never fails to make me cry for two reasons. The first is I know what the song is about and the second our dog had cancer with seizures and wouldnt eat or drink but if I sang this song hed drink water (he was only this way briefly prior to his passing).

  16. Sharon Sekhon

    Harriet Tubman sang this song to warn escaped slaves to get off the trail and go in the water and escape slave owners and their dogs.

  17. Kelly Lindsey

    An amazing soulful , jazzy voice!

  18. anthony white

    My favourite track...trk 5

  19. ZznKick

    Bb I 🤔 not enough to say the words that I❤️💜💗💕❤️💕soo much 🙏🙏✌️&❤️ always 💗💜❤️💕💕😍😍💕😘👋😊✌️

  20. Tracey Whitney

    Yes, yes, yes...

  21. Rhett Vincent

    Died the year I was born but her work will live on forever. Thank you for the music Eva. 💗

  22. Danielle

    To me, this isn't the best version. I've heard more meaningful and passionate versions than this. I really tried, but I couldn't feel the passion behind this.

    Cooper Gates

    Which songs are there where Eva's is the greatest then?

  23. Justine Barnum

    Knowing the history behind it, I cringe when non-black people sing and capitalize on spiritual songs. Nothing wrong with just singing it but if you earned money from this, hopefully you donated to a black charity. May not have the same emotions (pain) and soul as black people in this song but you still did a good job. If anyone is interested, I suggest you listen to these songs by black people and you can hear the difference.

  24. Francine Kay

    And she sung this with no soul. No soul because she cannot "feel" those words truly.

  25. katie m

    This song makes me feel relaxed and chill, Eva really knows how to sing it✌💕

  26. Necromancer

    Any one here after watching Young Sheldon 2?

  27. purple frost

    I honestly do no t approve of this as a African American student a white person sould not be singing an upbeat version of a slave song

    Jimmy McCallum

    Are the 7 million different versions of Amazing Grace that have been recorded by white artists offensive too, considering the history of that song? where do you draw the line? are you actually offended, or are you just saying this to stir up shit & get attention?

    Because a little life lesson for you, it doesn't fucking matter if you're offended or not. You being offended will not & does not change anything. People need to get over their sense of entitlement, and this idea that their offence means anything. Move on if you hate it so much. I'm offended is just people getting away with moaning, that's all it ever is.

    Skye Cooley

    Your perspective is valid, of course (as it is your own), but it is a very individualistic mindset in constituting what is offensive. If following your form of reasoning, an "Israelite" or Christian could claim offense at the interpretation of their holy scriptures and teachings into song in the first place. Such a mindset ignores the larger, very human and very spiritual, message of the song that we can participate in with a shared appreciation for the history of the song and its beauty. Rather than focusing on one's own interpretation of offense, it is more constructive to ask one's self whether offense was intended.

    arlene hilton

    @Skye Cooley She assumes the singer is of all white ancestry, when she could have had a great great grandmother who was African American and could feel the song as heartfelt as someone who is considered black, because of their skin color. What I am saying is that skin color is not necessarily a determination of race. I'm considered black and some Indians from India are much darker than I am. We've got to get off this skin color thing. In 50 years, or maybe earlier, we all will be the same color, then what will we use to differentiate into groups? You might want to read the commentary, further down, between Purple Frost and me, if you can find it; the comments are not in date order, it seems.


    Well how 'bout you 'African' American folk stop using white stuff? Like cars, electricity, medical advances, aeroplanes, computers and every other benefit invented by white people. Oh I forgot, we invented everything, so stop appropriating our stuff. Your Marxist hypocrisy is very visible.

    Nikki Edwards

    Super late and I agree

  28. Neil S

    This is actually a great swing dance song. We triple step to it and it has some fun stops in it. One of our favorites.

    Gustavo Flora

    Yeah like Tanya and Sondre.

  29. Kim jong_un

    Young sheldon

  30. waka waka

    Just gonna assume y'all are well into ur 40s


    Well, you know what they say about people who assume. 🙄

  31. gabriella moore

    I sung in the kingdom choir

  32. Francine Kay

    I wonder if people know this is a Negro Spiritual...?

    Frankly Terrence

    If you did not write it, you do not own it. If your skin is dark does not mean that you are the only tint that can own it in spirit. Your Basso Profundo of darkness lends no light to this Song.

    arlene hilton

    @Frankly Terrence Here Here ! Ms Kay forgot the most important thing that music has no color but spirit. Something that is in all humans, if we choose to be in touch with it - black white brown yellow red.

    Francine Kay

    @Frankly Terrence Neither does your oppinion.

    Francine Kay

    @Frankly Terrence No No No Frank. That's where you got shit twisted. My ancesters lived in misery, pain and anger, which conceived the birth of Negro Spiritual. Interesting enough, the clue is in the name: NEGRO spiritual. So shut yo ass up and take your dumb ass back to school.

    Francine Kay

    @Frankly Terrence you people always walking up and down with a false sense of entitlement. Always minding other people's business Frankly Terence. U may not care about your ancestors, but You WILL respect mine.

  33. Kevin Ritchie

    Harriet Tubman is speaking through her.

  34. Carl Lee


  35. Chanay's Virgin Hair

    She doesn't have the right to sing this song... how many of your ancestors were whipped... she needs to take this down.

    Chanay's Virgin Hair

    @Tommy Magee it's clear your short multiple brain cells to not know politics was never discussed. If your that uneducated to understand comments made, you should not be using the internet.

    Tommy Magee


    KickAssKitty Patriot

    Jesus Christ ... You Idiot ... Go suck start a shotgun ...

    Poppy Moppet

    She sang songs she loved.


    No one has the right to tell someone what they can or cannot sing. Eva sang this song with respect and love as a tribute. If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it.

  36. Lxx Uxn

    Yeah she sung it well. But she capitalized on a slave song.

  37. Leebo

    Wow. She could sing anything, literally. Pure class.

  38. Kadeeruh

    Update Dwayne Wade was in the water

  39. Roberta Westerberg

    As I journey on the path that Eva traveled before she died of cancer, I am uplifted and comforted by her music. I silently ask God, when can I go home? And through my tears, God tells me to persevere for another day.

    Rocco Colello

    Godspeed on your journey, Roberta.


    I'll pray for your complete healing and restoration and God's perfect timing ❤️🙏🏼 Numbers 6:24-26

    Nyesh Artishan

    Roberta Westerberg ...Wade in the water.....Jesus is the Living Water!

    God Bless you sister

  40. Athina M. Al.

    Just gonna leave the lyrics here:
    Wade in the water
    Wade in the water 
    Children wade, in the water
    God's gonna trouble the water
    Who's that young girl dressed in red
    Wade in the water
    Must be the children that Moses led
    God's gonna trouble the water

    Wade in the water, wade in the water children
    Wade in the water,
    God's gonna trouble the water

    Who's that young girl dressed in white
    Wade in the water
    Must be the children of the Israelite
    Oh, God's gonna trouble the water

    Wade in the water, wade in the water children
    Wade in the water,
    God's gonna trouble the water

    Who's that young girl dressed in blue
    Wade in the water
    Must be the children that's coming through,
    God's gonna trouble the water, yeah

    Wade in the water, wade in the water children
    Wade in the water,
    God's gonna trouble the water

    You don't believe I've been redeemed,
    Wade in the water
    Just so the whole lake goes looking for me
    God's gonna trouble the water

    Wade in the water, wade in the water children
    Wade in the water,
    God's gonna trouble the water

    Tro Go

    Sorry but that's "yonder" she's singing - not young girl. The idea is that they are looking afar off in the distance. From the original African-American spiritual - the lyrics were referring to the biblical foreshadowing about baptism in Christ, as when God delivered Israel from Egypt out through the RED SEA (that's why they are dressed traditionally in red, blue, then white for redemption). Many do red, white, and blue now to correspond to the US Flag and an adaptation was by the Underground Railroad helping slaves escape from cruel Southern slavery to Northern freedom at that time. I love her voice and the symbolism of what God can do for a nation or just one human soul.

    Anyways - I though it was cute to say "young girl" though the grammar suffers a little - there's a little lady I know that I could sing this to that way! Blessings! CXI https://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=KGDYLNNX

    Francine Kay

    Do you know what that means...?

    Richard Hanbury

    It’s yonder definitely yonder

    Richard Hanbury

    Francine Kay it means over there or distance


    Thank you! God bless you Numbers 6:24-26 😊

  41. Nancy Nash

    I love you EVA... if ever there was someone I would have loved to sing with it was you...
    so will have to be heaven... you are simply the best... the best the best...

  42. Bennetta White

    (**** Beautiful ,Beautiful,Voice****.)

  43. C. C.

    Never believe only black people can sing .. No no way... She was pure gold.... 💚🌹angel voice

  44. Steve Wexler, OD

    We sing this song at Mass. After learning of Eva's soulful rendition, I will be sure to personally groove it the next time it's sang by our choir.

    Cooper Gates

    Gotta get the Tobymac on sometimes, too.

  45. AcousticSong - Guitar & Co

    Never overdoing it, such an easiness. Beautiful artist.

  46. Mandy Cote

    ...I just had a listen...that was SWANK! And I LOVE swank!

  47. Kiera W

    I was in dance class the other day, and we learned jazz choreography to this. I was really fun and I instantly fell in love with it

  48. Faze WØLF

    What a amazing voice you have!!❤😍

  49. Toslima Begum

    Am sad you died we will pray for you peace and rest

  50. Lanae' Donut

    How obvious can Underground Railroad codes be?

    Gerogia Resident

    Do not know Underground Railroad codes. Educate me please.

  51. CoJaFlow

    There is a dance competition video of mine that I have shared around with this song on it. Out of nowhere, my video is now blocked all over the globe. Is there no longer an option to just pass on whatever revenue could be accrued?

  52. Ferran Pastirulo

    Looks like 37 illiterates have listened this song

  53. colsome miah

    These were tapes she had inclosed..imagine what she could have done given an actual studio: no accompaniment needed

  54. verita Snow

    How could anyone dislike Eva Cassidy? Something seriously wrong with those 26 people!

    Lisa Pike

    perasonal choice

    AcousticSong - Guitar & Co

    When everybody loves what you do it means you have no personnal style

    Conrad Sunkiojack

    It is easy to understand why those disliked her music . It is hatred and jealousy. Callous little minds who does not see what is good, do not like what is good , and goodness shall never come to their lives.

    Conrad Sunkiojack

    As for you Acoustic blah blah blah. Mr personal style. You don't know zero (0) about song and music. You would not recognize personal style if it was spelt out on a bill board in TIMES SQUARE . You will not even have or know your own personal style. That is how squeezed your mind is. Your inability to see the abundantly flowing exquisite methodology of the great Eva Cassidy demonstrates your wanna be self. Aside from Eva's excellent vocal chords, the supporting acoustic rhythm and solo guitar playing, amongst other instruments, places this song on a height only the best ever achieve.


    So everyone should just like exactly the same music them? TBH it reeks of insecurity that you are so bothered about what other people think, especially in a subjective field like music where it is literally all about opinion. You need to re-evaluate your life if people not having the same tastes in art gets to you so much.

  55. Linda Dodson

    I only learned of Eva Cassidy last year. My only regret is the years I lived without knowing of her beautiful music.

    James Brown

    Welcome to the celebration.

    Rhonda Webb

    @James Brown INDEED!!!

  56. Wingo Poe

    "Wade in the Water
    Must be the Children of Israeli
    God's gonna trouble the Water "

  57. marco brenni

    what a singer !

  58. Larry Lawson

    Tammy Navarro I was trying to find the words, nothing was working till I saw your post, you nailed it, God loved her most.

  59. Agnieszka Gaje


  60. Paula Armstrong

    I played this to my daughter everyday whilst she was in the womb, and when she was a baby if ever she cried I only had to start singing it and she would immediately stop crying. I have just played it to her now she is fifteen and she has no memory of it! It was very useful though, especially on car journeys.

    Cmac's Tips Love your Dog

    she remembers she just to cool at 15 to say so....can't like the same music your parent likes at her age ....

    Vegard Søvik .Karlsen

    seen the Office? I just imagined you as Jann singing to her child xD

    i am Andy

    Be a great song to play at ur Duaghters 18th 21st birthday party ;)


    @Cmac's Tips Love your Dog, how would you know that? Lmao

  61. Tammy McC-N

    God loved her voice so much He took her up to sing for Him.

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Yes, He did. I can’t wait to meet her when I’m called Home! What a lovely person he spared from this world, though as humans we want her here with us. He has His reasons. He know what is best for all His Children.

    ImNotMad ButUR

    george leedom God didn’t “kill” her in a “vicious way.” We all die. It’s part of life. Satan has control over this world, at work making evil prevalent in many ways. But he didn’t “kill” Eva Cassidy either. We all of us die at sometime from some reason or other. Death is about where you go when your soul leaves this world, you’re either with the Lord, or if you’re not saved, you will spend your eternity in Hell. Your salvation lies within you, whether you believe and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and you walk this life with Christ, or you allow Satan to maintain your very soul and you are condemned to the eternal lake of fire. But one day, and by all prophecies which have come to pass that day will be soon, Jesus Christ will Rapture the Church, which is those of us who accept Him, and the graves of those who are asleep in Him will rise into their air, all Christians will rise and together we meet Him in the air. After that is the Tribulation, and those who have taken the mark of the beast will have to endure those seven years. After that, those with Satan and his minions are chained to the earth and the Messiah will reign a thousand years with His Temple. But I am rising, I am a child of God and I will be in Heaven for eternity. There is a whole lot to happen, and you can read your Bible and study the prophecies as are written by God’s Word. Don’t be angry, don’t be left behind! God wants us to choose Him. He gives us a choice. You sound hurt and angry, but you don’t have to be. The Lord can change your heart, but you have to let Him in.

    Mandy Cote

    God didn't need her to sing for Him...that is what HIS angels do! Satan likes to spread propaganda like this and it's straight from the pit of hell...DON'T listen to that non-sense!

    Mandy Cote

    ...where angels SING... I speak from experience...HYMNS OF GLORIOUS PRAISE!!! My ministering angels...O' and did I need them! God IS gracious!!!

    Mandy Cote

    ...that would be the god of this world...satan...by-the-way...the 'l' in world stands for...lies...take the lies out of the world and we have the Word...Jesus Christ!!!

  62. Blackscorpion1963

    The tossers who disliked this need to get a life. If they stop playing Pokemon and living on Facebook and any other social media that prevents them from communicating with a human in actual REAL time then only then, and it's a very small then, will they ever get opportunity to understand what classic classy music like this song from Eva Cassidy IS.

    Mathew walentowicz

    +Scatterbrained Trainspotter YouTube is different though

    Caitlib Wedge

    U bout dumb asf lmao

    Josh Homer

    I think people might have an issue with who is singing it vs what the song is about the song's origin. I doubt it has anything to do with Pokemon and Facebook.

    Keziah Luciano

    Look man, i personally love this song. But i respekt that different people have different tastes in music. And i think you should too. Is there a word for racism in a musical way?


    Music is subjective and people have a right to like or dislike what they please. It doesn't mean a lack of intelligence, nor does it mean they don't "get it". They just don't like it. You being butthurt about someone else having a different opinion says more about your intolerance rather than their taste.

  63. Edward Foresteire

    Will you wade in the water and be redeemed?

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Edward Foresteire I am redeemed! What a joy, what a peace! What comfort, being a child of God.



  64. Babi Ana

    Listening to Eva is pure bliss......... magic voice !

  65. Andrea Rattini

    This is real music!

  66. Mario Percow


  67. Shavaria Collins

    it was very beautiful and good

  68. bob alcorn

    Could listen to all day long.

  69. Him Chanchan


  70. Daniella Pawl

    Sing out! Sing out! Oh, I love this.

  71. FalonBlu

    My family owe me an apology, I asked just listen,,,,their were tears flowing.

    Mandy Cote

    ...the Lord was stirring their waters...the tear kind!



  73. fatbackbass

    she had soul...what an effin voice

    Jonathan Mitchell

    "effin"! Charmed I'm sure.

  74. rodsreel

    This girl must have made heaven shine even brighter when she arrived there, we are blessed to have her music.

    Sherry Canon

    She. May have a a profit. Only knowing her mission at life's end.
    She was gifted.

    Richard Hanbury

    She would have God’s angels partying, even Moses

    Darren Gately

    rodsreel possibly those who add harmony to the universe do.

  75. Walter B

    I ain't never her do a bad job... on any song

  76. Jarosław Szymura

    to jest toooooo:)

  77. Brenda Mailman

    So love the way Eva sings 'Wade in the water' Beautiful and soulful

  78. BloomingfieldHD

    I would give anything to hear her sing live one last time

  79. Overthrow Media

    stop culturally appropriating black struggle

    Lxx Uxn

    Krssy T this was a fucking slave song. Thanks.


    It is a form of respect towards a great song... you left wing are batshit crazy

    Lxx Uxn


    Lxx Uxn

    J W shut up. Country music is called country music because it’s not slave music. Slave music is slave music made by suffering Africans enslaved by European American immigrants who sung to lift their spirits while their white overseers whipped them for doing so. So shut up and be respectful. Like honestly, can’t people mind their own business? Do you have to be creating every thing!? Sometimes you should just sit back and fucking appreciate and sing along, not fucking cover is professionally like it’s some sort of cute little song you found. It’s LITERALLY about escaping across river with CHILDREN??

    Lxx Uxn

    Jeremy Acton you’re African not African American. Therefore your opinion on African American slave songs is immediately invalid

  80. Toxi Com

    almost too good to believe


    Almost too good to be the best comment I've read on this totally divine song from Eva Cassidy. She's so in heaven helping lost souls redeem themselves by listening to her sing this song and endorsing others who are hearing her for the first time. I have just heard this song for the first time at a music show here in Invercargill, New Zealand 5/08/16 9.00pm. The gal who sang it blew my mind and the backing band accompanied her to perfection with a raunchy pumping bass line...as soon as my wife and I returned home I hit YouTube to find the song and well the rest is history...best wishes to youToxi Com :-) Leighton (New Zealand)

    Nadja Müller

    Toxi Com Eva is the angel sent to sing to our soul and to break our hearts free. ❤In lifetime as well as now.

    Jewel Thompson

    So true. Best recorded version ever.