Eva Cassidy - Nightbird Lyrics

Some old hotel room in Memphis
I see the city through the rain
I'm just chasing me my time
And remembering some pain

See there once was a boy
And on the street he'd surely die
But the nightbird took him in
And she taught him how to fly

See the nightbird softly fly
Why does she fly alone?
Is the moonlight just a flame for her memory?
Now she's gone

Two bit bars and honky tonks
Any pleasure can be found
You can get just what you want
If you lay your money down

And loney sailors do their drinking
My, my, my how the brave men do die
And the nightbird sells her pleasures
Bringing tears to my eyes

See the nightbird softly fly
Why does she fly alone
Is the moonlight just a flame for her memory
Now she's gone

So I guess I'll go out walking
Lord, let the rain keep falling down
I guess I'll go chase some memories
On the dark side of town

See the nightbird softly fly
Why does she fly alone
Is the moonlight just a flame for her memory
Now she's gone

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Eva Cassidy Nightbird Comments
  1. Jay Dee

    Anyone that downvoted this will surely burn in hell and then get worse.

  2. jstnxprsn

    I've been listening to Doug's version since before he recorded it, and it's a favorite song. So, when I first heard this version, I admit I wasn't too thrilled. It wasn'y what I was used to. Stupid close--mindedness.

    But after hearing it a couple more times, I have really come to appreciate this version. A great vocal, and the main guitar break was especially nicely put together. Very different than Doug's approach to it, with exceptional continuity of phrasing.

    Well done, Sva and band members.

    Added: Reading the comments, I just learned she passed away.
    A great loss to quality music. R.I.P. Eva

    And now there 112 people I'd like to find and kick their asses.

  3. Samuel Calderón

    2020 here!!!

  4. T Rodman

    Auto tuners are jealous, she is beyond pitch perfect...She was singing from heaven and now she lives there..

  5. Marie Kazazian

    The undiscovered Adele.

  6. Marie Kazazian

    She could sing the phone book and I would still be mesmerized.

  7. MikeShawToday

    OMG - thank you. Another Eva video. Incredible.

  8. scompton100

    I discovered her music in the late ninties. I bought every CD I could find. Voice of an angel!

  9. Robert Stein

    My beloved Catherine died Nov 3rd 2019... listening to Eva ..she so loved her

    Carrie Walsh,Winchell

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, I too lost my husband Sep 24th 2018. We had a wonderful 43 years together.

    Robert Stein

    Thank you..I am so sorry for your loss..my Dear Catherine and I were married for 61 yrs..she died from Alizheimers at home..now I am lost.. drifting..but I know she would want me to shape up..but it's hard..be well

  10. don coles

    I never knew of her when she was alive. I miss her terribly even so.

  11. Michael Deane

    Can't imagine what it would feel like to have had Eva singing a song I'd written. She gets to the heart and soul of every composition and immediately makes it her own. Sadly missed by millions but grateful we have these recordings of her...

  12. eddie wysocki

    Wow! So good! We Need more of Eva!

  13. Tom E Muncey

    Wow...……..every time I hear Eva Cassidy. One of my favorite singers of all time...The Voice of an Angel now.

  14. Philip Fontaine

    For her memory now, she's gone. How is it possible to miss someone you never knew ? But I do.

  15. Kisses Keller

    This song haunts me.
    I'll always love my nightbird.
    L' 💜

  16. Gary Young

    November 2019

  17. Michel de Kort

    Best singer ever ......

  18. Polish issues


  19. Anita Green

    My heart bleeds.

  20. Mary Minervini

    No matter the song, no matter my mood, no matter what time her voice will always bring me to tears

  21. johnblakeH

    ...is the moonlight just a flame for her memory, now she's gone?

    Eva's been gone 23 years now. I met her twice. She possessed true humility and true greatness. There will never be another like her.

  22. taggart8

    Immaculate vocals from a very special singer.Never drops a note...unbelievable performance.Keith Grimes weaving his usual magic.We love you Eva..from an old man in the 22nd row.

  23. Ian Burry

    I am...

  24. Charles Quinn Warwick

    a slice of heaven

  25. Philip

    Exquisite interpretations, exquisite voice to back it. Angelic and etherial was/is Eva's voice.

  26. Art Of Sound And Vision

    You give me wings to fly.... Thank you..

  27. Rodney Caupp

    I just discovered Eva Cassidy a couple days ago. She is stunning. Her voice covers the full specter of music and the beauty of it... stunning.

  28. Rhiannon Brooks

    Beautiful, I am so amazed, so sad...

  29. Fernando Piñón

    Al igual que Doug MacLeod escuché (yo, por primera vez) a Eva Cassidy cuando conducía mi coche. Después de oir su versión de Autumn Leaves, aceleré para llegar a casa y poder saber más de ella.
    Con esta versión de Nightbird, cantada con toda la emoción y la magia que Eva Cassidy ponía en sus interpretaciones, tengo que decir que me ha hechizado para siempre.

  30. mano a mano

    Can you imagine, 100+ people thought this wasn't especially good? Maybe if she practiced more?

  31. shadish124

    Always will be close to this music...what an artist.

  32. Aye Matig-a

    Who's listening right now? October 2019

    Chuc Hanh Nguyen Thi

    Vietnam, December, 2019

    Tom E Muncey

    15 December 2019.

    John Quennell

    Jan 01 2020.

    isabella ericson

    January 2020

    susan rockwell

    2020, I will listen to Eva until I leave this Earth. (Possibly longer.)

  33. Ray W.

    She IS, WAS and will ALWAYS be The Songbird!!!!

  34. JBomb82

    I love this song so much. Probably one of the best covers up there with Fields Of Gold. It goes into People Get Ready just beautifully as well if you listen to the whole album.

  35. Nicely

    I feel like I know her and wish I could have all in one. You can tell she is feeling the music from her heart to ours.

  36. Paula Barnes

    She loved to play at Blues Alley. And we loved to come and listen.

  37. Ray W.

    No other singer I've heard brings about the mix of emotions this Songbird does, no one. One thing her interpretations, voice and humble Spirit that rests on the legacy of her songs has in common with those who write of her, for her and in honor of her..............The tears they bring.

  38. Blues Anni

    What a great voice…!!!!! 😍👍❤️

  39. MyNameIsLolita

    Thank you for your gift to the world song bird 💞💞💞so so beautiful💞💞💞

  40. Ian Burry

    I read these comments and people feeling sad about Eva leaving us at such a young age...don't be sad people..99.9% of people born on this planet will leave no visible sign that they were ever here except they have passed their DNA on to a new generation. Eva didn't pass her DNA on, but she did leave a legacy that will mesmerise people for generations to come.

  41. Chris Hannon

    Magical..I love Eva and her music..many times I've felt down and taken consolation in these beautiful songs..

  42. Abhishek Anand

    If asked, which song would I want to listen before I die, this would be it. I don't know why but I am certain, this would be it.

  43. stepitup

    Perfection, total perfection!

  44. Rachel Lisette

    thankyou God for giving us Eva Cassidy for a wee while 🙏💜


    Beautifully said, Rachel.

  45. Howard McGregor

    Unbelievable, the Best! Thank you!

  46. Denis

    Eva Cassidy!!! [THE BEST!!!].a very beautiful voice! oooh... I very like!

  47. Steve Helton

    My God, she's gone.

  48. Trond Idar Idsø

    Tears in my eyes, just incredibly beautiful...

  49. Bruce L

    Her timing is a piece of God given magic.

  50. henrietta henson

    Take a lot of time to really listen to the tone in her voice......it's truly magical .... heaven sent for sure 🌈💓🙏💋😍

  51. Martin Coles

    I only wish I knew of her when she was still here

  52. John Jacobs

    I'm speechless... this is just so sublime, and haunting.

  53. Lucille Baker

    Thank You So Much For Share Eve Beautiful Song Such A Beautiful Voice.

  54. ProfRaccoon

    I never understood Beatlemania before I fell in love with Eva Cassidy :-). This band wrote music history with just Nightbird. Grimes' solo is so beautiful, I am so grateful for these super musicians.

  55. JPageRocks

    There is a beautiful story about this song. Doug MacLeod wrote it and first heard Eva’s version when his wife put it on from a CD on their way back home in their car. He was so moved by her version, he pulled the car over and wept. Since that day he’s never sung it again and if requested by someone in the audience, he tells them to listen to Eva Cassidy’s rendition.


    I was a fan of Doug years ago and this was my favorite song.
    But, I had no idea anout of of that. Thank you so much for sharing that story.
    It's added a whole extra dimension to this song for me.

  56. ungersj

    I have never read so many comments by men brought to tears as I read on Eva’s songs. She was really special at deeply moving a person

  57. Chris Hannon

    Just fckin awesome..

  58. Gary E. Michaels

    Doesn't get much better than this. Missin' you.

  59. Paulette Raygor

    Her voice is pure.velvet. and 👼 singing still

  60. Carl Lee

    Mellow to the max

  61. Charles Fong

    80 dislikes! If Eva doesn't touch you, you might have sociopathic tendencies

  62. Robert Truesdell

    Eva should be in the Hall of Fame where she is the ONLY member. She's in a class all by herself. Eva Cassidy, I was not aware of you when you were alive... and I will regret that for the rest of my life.

  63. Alfred Smith

    She always leave me breathless. She can sing any type of music flawlessly.

  64. Bob Aldo

    Her voice/singing is so moving that I find it impossible to do anything else, think of anything else, while she is singing but just listen and feel.

  65. Magenta

    Magnificent. Eva is right there at the top.

  66. Malamute Rescue and Rehabilitation

    I have listened to this song like 4 times now. Each time the tragic beauty of the story, and it's amazing presentation, bring a tear. How fortunate my life for having found this breathtaking art!

  67. Nancy Ann

    Just saw Doug Mackleod play at a small club. He was very entertaining. He didn't play Nightbird, but I told him I was just playing this Eva Cassidy version to a friend recently and how beautiful it is. And it is.

  68. Una Hansen

    Love your voice my angel 💜💜💜

  69. Chris Hannon

    Wow this amazing

  70. Chris Hannon

    I love Eva.. I've just listened to Song Bird again too and it gets me everytime.

  71. Conrad Sunkiojack

    When you are genuinely inflicted by the blues, it is easier to sing it. Ms Cassidy gives testimony to the truism.

  72. bethyk8

    Where did you get this footage from? I have a live dvd but never seen this! Beautiful!!

  73. telegrahame

    Sounds like Bonnie Raitt, love it!

  74. Alfred Smith

    I first heard her while I was sitting in a Starbucks, and Fields of Gold came on.I got chills, and asked the barista who was singing. She went and found out, then gave me the name of Eva Cassidy. I later found the CD Songbird in my dad's collection after he passed away, as well as a couple of her jazz CDs. I've listened to them all several times over. Never get tired of hearing her, and the music never gets old. Legendary talent, gone way too soon.

  75. Tara Kinsell

    She was a perfect singer. There are no words to convey how she makes the listener feel, especially those who are singers themselves. She inspires me so very much.

  76. Doug Ballou

    Jesus Wept

  77. Jason Skitteral


  78. Melinda Heaton

    I'm sad she's gone

  79. Melinda Heaton

    I like her better then Adel

  80. noiseintheoffice

    Eva can sing anything.

  81. Susan Kande Sings Hindi Classics

    Beautiful ♥

  82. Mark Sze Chai Chan

    Did I just find my favourite singer?

  83. XaX

    Love you Eva <3 God bless your soul <3

  84. El Chupacabras

    R . I . P cute babe

  85. Sheila Barron

    Rest in Peace Beautiful Eva♥️

  86. Sand monkey D

    Simon cowell missed a trick there what an amazing talent Eva was RIP x

  87. Lex Stikvoort

    incredible just great no words for it xxx

  88. Ruth Wilson

    One of the BEST voices EVER...!

  89. quadrant2005

    an Angel never to be forgotten..

  90. space junk

    Sang with emotion unlike today's so called artists, who's gonna remember miley cyrus Katy Perry and lady gaga in 10 years time nobody. They hardly sing classics. Eva had a timeless voice. People will listen to her songs always.

  91. Jerry Mariano

    Why so soon?

  92. Gareth Price

    My God! What a Loss to life and music. Eva Cassidy One of the VERY greatest singers!

  93. gerie sandmann

    Not of this world...She was an angel long before we even knew...



  95. twin- towns

    this women is pure love get on board people just listen mun,the last pure loving singer of our world,all the rest is fake xx

  96. Magenta

    Truly beautiful voice

  97. Bubi Guru

    pretty lovely interpreted - it's delicious, ornamentfully voice, possessing coloratura skills - I'm absolutely impressed