Eurythmics - I Love You Like A Ball And Chain Lyrics

Well the sound of your voice on the telephone
Make me feel distressed
Make me all alone.
Why do I feel so incomplete?
When you're not here I'm just obsolete.

My bed is burnin' all through the night.
You're the only one that can make me feel right.
Try to lay down my sleepin' head
But I'm tossin' and turnin' around instead.

I love you like a ball and chain.
(Make it alright now.)
Love you like a ball and chain.
(Feels too good.)

I'm a fool I know but I'm stuck on you.
I'm a fool I know and it's makin' me blue.
There's a river of blood.
There's a river of tears
I've been wasting all these years.

[Chorus repeats]

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Eurythmics I Love You Like A Ball And Chain Comments
  1. aramanth

    You got to love a song where the personnel information lists the person
    who did the *gravel stomping* that makes up the gritty background noise!

  2. RIXRADvidz

    there are people running around my laptop keyboard in the middle of this song!!!

    a Master Work in Sonic Construction. Dave Stewart. Master of Sound.

  3. GISELE Aponte

    Definately a bad recording!!! This does not give Annie her Just Dues.

  4. The Last Guitar Hero

    Dave Stewart's guitar solo I remembered from over 30 years ago but couldn't remember what song it was on

  5. Paul Bradley

    Dave Stewart very underrated musician.


    your very narrow view point here in the 21st century, okay, your ignorance by using the most over-used adjective in the modern lexicon is glaringly obvious because Dave Stewart is and will always be one of the Greatest Musicians On The Planet. you have no idea how much of your popular music has been touched by Dave Stewart, before the Eurythmics and after, well up into the modern day. save yourself from stupidity, study up on a thing before you proclaim absolutes.

  6. Style

    This brings back so many memories. Definitely get up and dance time!

  7. Dana Vixen

    Damn good serious love song! This would've suited 9 1/2 Weeks alongside their other single This City Never Sleeps.

  8. Patrickia Jones

    ice cold serious romance song

  9. Grover Grandle

    sounds very new york

  10. Bobby Bello

    This should've been released as a Single Imao instead of There must be an Angel, this song just reaches out and grabs u, plus so many Ppl can relate to it


    Come on, I love this but There Must Be An Angel is a perfect pop song and got them a number 1 singe in UK.


    It was released as a promotion only single. But yeah there are many songs by Eurythmics that should have been singles! I also vote for "Heaven" and "You Hurt Me and I Hate You"!!

  11. Kent Martin

    Annie Lennox is a bad ass!

  12. Gerry Aire

    the swinging-ball part at 2:55 still sounds amazing over headphones... I guess my hearing has held up pretty well over the years


    I grew up with parents that loved high fidelity equipment. So in the 80's this was the most amazing song to demo with. I remember it so well.


    a master work in sonic construction. Dave Stewart. Master of Sound