Eurythmics - Aqua Lyrics

Don't touch me
Don't talk to me about it
Don't touch me
Don't talk to me - ever again

I don't feel anything
All sensation is closed to me
I saw you put the needle in
(I can still see) everything

Take me to a quiet place
Throw me in the water
Watch the bubbles surface as
I'm slowly sinking under

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Eurythmics Aqua Comments
  1. Toady en cai Erik paul

    On da run Huntington

  2. Toady en cai Erik paul

    Borst prothese
    Valse nicht george was zeus

  3. maha77

    such an iconic album cover

  4. Toady en cai Erik paul

    Borst prothese
    Kwien van freddie

  5. aramanth

    *Love the more complicated Eurythmics.*
    The sparse mesmeric "Aqua", the gritty powerhouse of
    "No Fear, No Hate, No Pain, No Broken Hearts", to the
    serpentine psychedelic energy of "Paint a Rumour".

    Eurythmics' experimental side is often overshadowed
    by the "hits" like "Sweet Dreams" and "Would I Lie to You".
    Great songs too... but dig deeper for the treasure!

    Other great experimental pieces are "Ministry of Love",
    "Grown Up Girls" (a surprisingly Hi-NRG song that could
    have been a hit), "Sing-Sing" and "I Need You".

    Thanks for posting this classic!

  6. Neil Vance

    Still amazing. You can't recreate this one! Well done Annie & Dave!

  7. Samuel Rummer

    Rumoured to be about Herion use?

    Willie gordon

    @Sam Rummer Was Annie a drug addict?

    Jaime Miles

    Willie gordon No but Dave Stewart was. I thought I heard the song was inspired by his use of said drug.


    Instrumental Hip Hop rework of this song here!

  9. gowashgo

    Brilliant !

  10. Kevin Jones

    The account of a junkie’s life....a brilliant track.

  11. Brooks Brown

    I loved being scared of this song in my younger days. I was completely freaked out, yet obsessed with the Eurythmics' early '80s albums and all these years later and I still feel the same way. The chants in this song and the lyrics bring the most terrifying imagery to my mind. Eurythmics were a genius band.

    Silver Soulsinger

    Brooks Brown Do you listen to Kate Bush? Waking the Witch!!!

    Brooks Brown

    @Silver Soulsinger YES! I love Kate Bush!

    Neil Vance

    For me this was the chill out track on Touch. Excellent and original.

  12. Reverend Benzo

    This was the B side to Who's that Girl. I had this 45. I liked this song as a kid but it kinda creeped me out a little. haha

  13. Maureen Wagg

    Still own the first vinyl copy of this album. Never going to give it up.



  15. Stephen Velez

    as a twelve-thirteen year-old, i used to listen to this RECORD all the time. ALL the time. this song always scared me. i love eurythmics with all my heart, my favorite musicians ever.

  16. J F

    The 4 people who disliked this are fucking stupid assholes.

  17. Metemi

    Take me to a quiet place, throw me in the water.
    Watch the bubbles surface.

  18. Emily Lander

    Blue, is a song I like. It is also a song that a just when I got out of Drugs. 


    @Emily Lander Huh?

  19. mysticaltyger49

    "Aqua" is about Annie being tortured while under trauma based mind control programming. Most likely it was some form of water torture. See YouTube videos on "Monarch Mind Control" for more info.

  20. turfsniffer

    This, and paint a rumour, is my favorite touch song. Teenaged angst soothers!!

  21. dereka79

    No, don't think so. Think she is actually saying "Aqua" over and over in the background but slightly different than the normal pronunciation.

  22. Adam Sukenick

    Not their best song. Makes sense it wasn't a hit.

    Isis2012 E

    Adam Sukenick Awesome song, but your basic brain couldn't comprehend.

    Kevin Jones

    I beg to differ....the best songs are not hits....hits are the vehicle to sell the album.

  23. KatherineExe

    Is that African language being sung in the background?

  24. AndersAndErSjov

    I've found all of them.

  25. jbauer72

    wish the other tracks from this album were posted on YouTube. i miss COOL BLUE.

  26. erikthevikingful



    to brismike65 ~ Thankee, we're on the same page/groove with this number. Cheers ☼ ;-j


    To brismike65 ~ With the feeling & emotion [email protected] it conveys, this album certainly lives up2 it's title. As 4 its aspect of hate involved with tempestuous relationships, yes, there is [email protected] I found, (listening then and now), [email protected] I relate/d more to the sorrow felt [email protected] follows after. When the molten heat of the hate cools ; on reflection, leaving a sadness & brooding (which later turns to stone & cold indifference). An amazingly 'textured' piece all round ; yes. Brilliant ☺ ;-j


    To bod369 ~ Cheers! ☺ Enjoy ;-j

  30. dereka79

    This track is soooo HOT!!! From the base, to the creamy hypnotic keyboard, to Annie's background vocals, and of course her smooth and haunting lead vocal. Goodness!!! Yes, this is true music and creativity!!!

  31. Ropuchopuch Sp

    Beautiful and unique music.

  32. gowashgo

    simple and clear, brilliant !

  33. gowashgo

    Did you finally write this song ? ;)


    ☺ Cheers! .... oh yea... it's top quality is 'Touch'. I see you found 'Cool Blue' ....don't miss 'Regrets' & 'The First Cut'. I think the other tracks have been covered by other posters, search around....

  35. arlon rando

    One of the best voices - ever.

    Take me to a quiet place
    through me in the water..

    I love it.