Europe - Got To Have Faith Lyrics

The race is on
I found my way
Something has changed since I've been away
The fear is gone
and I can't wait
I feel the rut, still got dues to pay

Well I had enough
Gonna stand up straight
Rebuild my life
Well you gotta have faith
and it will be tough
gonna fight each day
'til I'm back on top
Well you gotta have faith

Full speed ahead
I waste no time
Now I know how to live my life
I've been knocked down - come back around
It put some soul in this heart of mine

Well I had enough
Gonna stand up straight
Rebuild my life
Well you gotta have faith
and it will be tough
gonna fight each day
'til I'm back on top
Well you gotta have faith

I get the feelin'
I can go that extra mile
I get the feelin'
I can reach that open sky
I get the feelin'
Things will never be the same
I get the feelin'
That I can WIN again!

Well I had enough
Gonna stand up straight
Rebuild my life
Well you gotta have faith
and it will be tough
gonna fight each day
'til I'm back on top
Well you gotta have faith
Well you gotta have faith
Well you gotta have faith

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Europe Got To Have Faith Comments
  1. Paula Louise Collins

    God, The FeelFor Speed!!!!! 🤟🤟🤟❤️

  2. Adriana Moreira


  3. Noor Bjurstrom

    I like the reference to The Final Countdown at the back, on the video, I think it's a good way too move on by not forgetting the past

  4. Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

    Joey(Tempest) :you Get toHave"FAAITH":Wooow, HiHiHiHiHi... "AGREE" with you:Huuuf, Oki?, HiHiHi... but with"yourLYRICS":would"UNDEERSTAND"you"AAll", Oki?, HiHiHiHiHi... cause"myEnglish"is+"SLOOW", Oki?, HiHiHi...

  5. VMX12k

    Brilliant track, love it! Has the passion of the earlier (Superstitious) era. Yes, this is now 10yrs old, but still an awesome track in need of some real exposure!

  6. Cecilia Yañez

    Eh!!! me gustaría escucharlas toooodas en el concierto👏👏👏♥️27-09Chile

  7. Mark Chaplin

    In 2004 it was the first song I had heard from Europe in a very long time. It was different yet familiar.

  8. Yenney Rossi

    La musica antica o nuova è per sempre, non ha età o lingue ★ Grazie Europe band ♪♥♪

    Raphaela Oliveira

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  9. Lyana B


  10. Хыыы Ъеь

    А где снимали клип?

  11. JJRJ 85

    RIP Drummer's Hair

  12. James Souza

    Guys I’ve got the DVD show it’s awesome

  13. Adriana Moreira

    My heart 💜💜💜💜Joey 💜💜💜💜

  14. Adriana Moreira

    Very hot Joey !!!!

  15. Rayer Scarpensael

    best song of europe, in other times this would have led the charts, but that as before jungle took over europe, the continent i mean

  16. Piera Costa

    Beutiful song and voice.kiss

  17. Lucia Cavieres

    europe the best in the world thank you for beauty songs Lucia from chile

  18. Mark Chaplin

    Great, great track

  19. marco mostertz

    here is ghostrider 3 we go crazy to europe

  20. marco mostertz

    taken from DVD ghostrider 3

  21. marco mostertz

    ghostriders extra miles

  22. marco mostertz

    ghostrider 3 goes crazy in europe in love my dvd

  23. Rayer Scarpensael


  24. casaimperiale

    sei meglio di David Bowie...tu sei tu ... TU sei Joey Tempest

  25. Elena Cavicchi

    Un grande abbraccio a Joey, è un Uomo meraviglioso. Ama veramente tutto ciò che fa .Molti complimenti per essere Sposo .Un Uomo così Fa tutto per la persona che Ama Tutto, perché è naturale che sua così.Sposi e genitori, si fa tutto per i figli, perché è naturale che sia così . Joey portafortuna.Un uomo così.

  26. casaimperiale

    wow e riwow visto i voli che abbiamo fatto e per magia planati bene ..adesso è meglio andarci piano e non forzare la magia e la fortuna .
    meglio have a knight with a three-wheeler.

  27. Jesus Jimenez

    Such power this band is amazing

  28. Gianfranco Piralli


  29. Mark Chaplin

    First track I listened to on their return. Blew me away.

  30. camelia b

    I love the beautiful way Joey pronounces in English!!!

  31. camelia b

    Beautiful song, piece of joule!!!!

  32. francoise bouchachi

    tres bien c est pas un mnet

  33. Andres medina garzon

    Super, Europe rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  34. arrtee dyal

    what a beautiful song🎶

  35. Jhey Styles

    Europe the best band ❤❤🎸

  36. Phil Giordana

    EU-compliant gloves, good boots, good jacket and pants. That's how you ride!

  37. Lady TatR

    Joey still looks cool and beautiful!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Far Off Grace

    Europe had a Hiatus of albums for over a decade. Then this is the first song on their comeback album.

    They know how to make a comeback, that's for sure.

  39. lycanthropyxxx

    This is just wrong... Terrible mockery and disrespectfull to The Ghost Rider . Hes not some kinda faggot struggling with petty feelings . Hes just doesnt give a fuck . He wants that rush and feel his giant balls grow heavier after each race and feel them already growing while driving like a boss knowing hes perfectly able to do this without killing any1 . And hes willing to share that feeling with us trying to awaken your spirit to do something we really love . Something which makes you feel like a man for sure.

    Adam Kimm

    lycanthropyxxx I'm pretty sure they have his permission considering they'd need a signed contracting to use the footage.

  40. Elena Cavicchi

    E non mi scuso di niente

  41. Elena Cavicchi

    Stessa linea centrale o centrata.....affermo senza freno,,,,,,,

  42. Gabriel Aguiar


  43. Phil Giordana

    Why is the guy switching directly to second gear?

    Fumagalli Alice

    Phil Giordana

    Phil Giordana

    Fair enough...

  44. Hanna Pekola

    I want this one to spotify

  45. NTKLife

    Ghost rider

  46. Tahiana Morales

    fantástico que bueno está este video

  47. Tahiana Morales

    fantástico que bueno está este video

  48. Capucine LEBLANC

    Je veux un nouvel album obligé que se soit une tuerie 🤗

    Richard S

    +Capucine LEBLANC If i got i right, you want a new album ? There are 4 new albums after this one! The most recent "War of Kings", the best album (IMO) "Secret Society". Good song, try Last Look at Eden.

  49. Maria Duarte

    Boa música.

    Isadora Silva

    Maria Duarte vdd

  50. Mikael Ramírez

    They cut out the ending...

  51. Adream withinadream

    Europe is out with a new album called "War of Kings". Right now there is a video out for the song "War of Kings" and the whole thing is on Spotify. Check it out!

  52. erica wynn

    My Forever Life Anthem Song! Europe still kicks major awesome ASS!;)

  53. Up_

    to jest zajebiste!

    Siusiak Thompson

    @Up the irons Niedoceniony zespół pod kątem całej twórczości, nowych płyt. Tylko te Carrie, The Final Countdown i Rock the Night. :p A ich płyty po reaktywacji to są majstersztyki.

  54. Michael Holmgaard

    Since their reunion, "Start From The Dark" is still my favorite album. There are so many songs where I can just headbang the f*** out of everything ;)
    I am not teh biggest fan of their more "bluesy" stile, which they have developed recently, but there still some masterpieces on every album -Europe fucking rocks! 

    Many hails from Denmark :)

    Michael Holmgaard

    @Drac0300 I like that one too ;)

    Andre Sihotang

    some recent interviews I read, it was John Norum who is 'responsible'. Last Norum solo albums are blues-rock, and he seemed can ensure his bandmates to follow that path which they seem to like and agree. Bag of Bones to me a John Norum project and honestly I dislike it, but their most recent  new single War of Kings, they seem now a bit favor away from bluesy of BoBones album. Can't wait to buy the new album. One thing is clear since LLaE, Mic Michaeli keyboards become dominant again albeit in different way compared to OoTWorld. My favorite is Secret Society, it is a modern rock album which more corelate with current time, I love many songs on it


    New album ?! Haden't heard about that ! Gotta check it O.O

    Ari Awan

    @Andre Sihotang the reason John Norum left Europe in 86 because they became too keyboards & pop oriented, he's always been into bluesy hard rock sound like their first 2 albums. So yes, Norum is one of some reasons for their "new" sound.
    Besides, imo The Final Countdown is their weakest album, so glad John (Norum) returned and this time for good.

    Ari Awan

    Bag of Bones is my favorite "reunion" album, always crank it up esp Not Supposed To Sing The Blues.

  55. RedlineR24

    Ghost Rider FTW!!!


    +RedlineR24 I cut this Video from Ghost Rider Movie. Sony take it from me, coz i have no rights to dispay it.

  56. JillannaMoon42

    Sabe alguien cuando se grabo el video es q he leído q se hace diez años hoy y quería saber . espero respuesta. Gracias

  57. MrCoffeeholic81

    Just saw Europe first time for me in live concert, and gotta say they really rock! Check  the final countdown on my channel if you like.. Sorry for hardcore Europe fans it was only song i could take on video since i was enjoying music on there.. :D

  58. Per Rylen

    Väldigt lite rök till ett så EXPLOSIVT band...:)

  59. cris kiss80ś

    Forever in my heart !!!

  60. Ja jl

    Por Q se corto la melena porque Q Pasó Q se hizo emo


    Mucho , mejor asi aunque de  esto hace 10 años ya ahora ,mas corto, una manera de romper con el pasado renovación me encanta el valor de volver a la música merecen mas apoyó y reconocimiento son mas q 1 canción

  61. rikugame dekamerin


  62. GJ1998ARG

    Sexy Swedish, lol, im not gay XD

  63. Jess Sanchez

    Ya no se mira tan homosexual como en "The Final Countdown"

    Antonella Rose

    Jess Sanchez
    sabes el no se veia como homosexual era la moda de esa época y muchas bandas tenían el mismo look .

    Gabriel R

    Era una moda homosexual

  64. Nefeli Solia

    Got to love the song!!!

  65. Rock Fan

    Why so few views? This song is a masterpiece!


    Lo es tienes razón

  66. Hanna Armas Perez

    Europe the best! ♥

  67. Dominika Sławik

    Oni są jak wino - czym starsi, tym lepsi :)

    anne yang

    oklusiek berkowitz

  68. Ele anor

    Love this song !.

  69. SuperMassimo20

    Great song and great band!!!! still listening in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. TheMichelecappuccio

    2013! XD



  72. Xavier Esparza R.

    Para mi esto ya no es Europe...!!

    Antonella Rose

    † El Poeta Maldito †

    sii es europe el hecho de que ya no toquen canciones como las que hacían en los 80s no da el derecho a decir que no son ellos

    Europe Forever !!!!!

  73. CarrieTempest80s

    Album: Start from the dark
    Song: Got to have faith
    Band: Europe
    and with John Norum

  74. ladymalcomfraser

    Quotissimo !. Anche in Italia si dice che migliora, come il vino....;-)

  75. ladymalcomfraser

    2004. :-)

  76. Leon White

    this dude nver gets old

  77. Suryo Pras

    Pure class

  78. Сергей Яковец

    Молодцы, хорошо рубятся

  79. Ave Kamil

    Genialne ;)

  80. Cris Nuñez


  81. GastonG .GastonG


  82. Luiz Fernando Boaventura Teixeira

    The almost unplugged version is better.

  83. perropanchil

    Lo suscríbo, guauuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  84. Oceandream26

    Wow that rocks!!

  85. Ruben Al

    I get the feeling
    Things will never be the same
    I get the feeling
    That I can win again.

    Well, I've had enough
    Gonna stand up straight
    And rebuild my life
    Well, you gotta have faith

  86. Emily Vitale

    europeeeeeeee encantaaaaaa !!!

  87. Europe Rock Band

    watch their news songs! New Love In Town, Last Look At Eden, firebox ...

  88. Chupa Cabra

    wow he changed much O.o

  89. MetalBere

    i love the song, rock on Europe, better than ever

  90. Zen

    this album and after are good but last two are not.

  91. micheleeurope


  92. Pablo_69

    Far better than "Final Countdown"