Euringer - Wuthering Heights Lyrics

Out on the wiley, windy moors
We'd roll and fall in green
You had a temper like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy
How could you leave me
When I needed to possess you?
I hated you, I loved you too

Bad dreams in the night
They told me I was going to lose the fight
Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering, wuthering heights

Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window
Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window

Ooh, it gets dark, it gets lonely
On the other side from you
I pine a lot, I find the lot
Falls through without you
I'm coming back, love, cruel Heathcliff
My one dream, my only master

Too long I roam in the night
I'm coming back to his side to put it right
I'm coming home to wuthering, wuthering, wuthering heights

Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window
Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window

Ooh, let me have it!
Let me grab your soul away
Ooh, let me have it!
Let me grab your soul away
You know it's me, Cathy!

Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window
Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold
Let me into your window
Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy
Come home, I'm so cold...

Start giving me money
More! More, cash!
Take it from your mom's wallet, I don't give a shit
Gimme that cash, bitch
Gimme that cash
Gimme that cash
Gimme that cash
You wanna hear another fuckin' song you better give me some fuckin' cash

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Euringer Wuthering Heights Comments
  1. Megan Davis

    All of you fuckers saying this needs to be an octave lower are wrong. This is genius

  2. magicmulder

    Would‘ve been great one octave deeper, Project Pitchfork style, too.

  3. Blair Bird

    Jimmy channeling Tiny Tim is amazing.

    Megan Davis

    Blair Bird I got that vibe, also!

  4. NemesisOwl

    Never in a million years would I have thought I would have liked a Kate Bush song

  5. Harako121

    I would love a music video to go with this where Urine is standing in the forest dancing and waving like Kate Bush did.


    1000% agree

    Reyto Xeron

    I need this

  6. Where Is My Shake, I Can't Find It

    This Version Of This Song Is Cursed And I Love It, I Don't Care If Ghost Haunted Me, I'm Only Thing That Haunted Me Is Nothing

  7. Buff Natsuki

    My fever dreams, sleep paralysis demon, and the monster under my bed getting together to ruin my life

  8. Stormy Carranza

    I'm actually impressed by the song cover maturity of James Euringer. I've been following Mindless Self Indulgence since their early career. SIMPLY SUPERB!

  9. Suzi Paloozie

    Wow! I'm going to play this song to dance to at work as soon as I can get the dj to get it for me! I'm gonna rock the MF stage! I'm gonna jump that pole upside down flying squirrel style and catch it with my legs only, no hands and spin around and around like a bat out of hell just for you Jimmy! I've rocked your music from the very beginning of it all! Love it!

  10. invader zim

    this fucking slaps so hard....................... is music Legally Allowed to be this good

  11. Warriortoad

    Two of my favorite dead opposite artists in one

  12. Great2Pack

    I Am A King Of This Song, I Have A High Pitch To This Song, I AM King 👑

  13. pluhmmie

    ..disappointed but not surprised

  14. Kaylee Squires

    This shit slaps

  15. Bydand Tom

    oh my wow

  16. SuperToxicNuke

    Don't Play This At Church, If You Do It, You Can Kick Out, Who's Will Do It?, Reply If You Got Balls To Do It, Like To Do It, Dislike If You Scare To

    unknown studios official

    I dunno this doesn't sound very offensive

  17. LizzyLovesSatan

    This is probably the best cover that could be made of this amazing song! Jimmy!!!

  18. Gabriel James


  19. unknown studios official

    This is actually way more disturbing than the original

    Christopher Rampant

    You say that like it's a bad thing

    unknown studios official

    @Christopher Rampant I mean if a good thing! Fits the album!

  20. ReverseMindTrip

    i want this song playing in my funeral

  21. just alex

    Actually not bad

  22. Alexthealien

    Why does jimmy sound like Mickey Mouse


    He is mocking Kate Bush, she sings at an absurd high pitch for a lady.
    the original video from 1978

    what did you expect you idiot

    im dead...

    Youtube Commentater

    readyset Could be post irony. Jimmy is known to sing falsetto in a lot of his music, especially live during sections that aren't falsetto


    ...I... can't unhear this...

  23. Stephen Ferguson

    damn Jimmy I miss your face keep killing it!been with you for over 13 years!love you keep it up🤘

  24. Rowzee G

    Whoever disliked this song likes watching their girlfriend/wife getting fucked by men much more well endowed than they are.

  25. Scott Caruso

    I had no idea this was a cover and not an original. Love this cover! What a perfect song to redo!!!!!!!!

  26. Scott Caruso

    If I played this for other people they would think i was crazy but love it. It’s catchy different trippy and genius.

  27. Spooky McLoser

    Issa bop! 10/10

  28. Rowzee G

    All these folks complaining that he needs vocal training. 100% fuck no. If Jimmy had vocal training, I bet he wouldn't still have this signature sound. And I guarantee you'd all complain about that too. Shut up and enjoy this skinny boiz amazing warbling!

  29. Sour Stairwell



    tuesday hffmn great comment 😁

  30. Robin French

    Heathcliff disliked this


    Tbh it was probably Edgar.

  31. Elsu

    He sounds like Mickey Mouse

    Nicholas Cangemi

    I thought he sounded like Tiny Tim.


    oh you're right! (listened Tiny Tim for the first time)

    Christopher Rampant

    If you listen to the original he's not far off, actually. He almost got it perfectly.

  32. inconceivabledark


  33. itstime fortea

    uh... this song stands out as totally different from every other song jimmy has ever done and I’m fucking living for it?

  34. Panic Station

    My favorite tune while taking a shower right now 👌

  35. Oliver Mayer

    Awesome monster!

  36. Dustin New Mexico

    Man im really diging this jimmy urine tracks, i know that msi was not the radio type but i really hope that they put Thats how jimmy gets down out there people need to hear something different.


    Euringer is done by Euringer, as in it's a separate project from MSI or The Left Rights.

  37. Adam Southcott


  38. DeceasedDeer

    this song took some time to grow on me but damn. banger alert

    A Fenner

    I def get you man, at first I hated it but now....

  39. aaa

    i love this, it maKes me fuCking Cry-

  40. RumpleStiltskinYoutu

    As rich as Jimmy and Serj are, they should consider vocal training. Jimmy should be crushing Mika given his ability. He just needs training.

    Connor Patrick

    RumpleStiltskinYoutu jimmy has been doing this for well over 20 years
    He sings like that so no one else sounds like him


    also jimmy is not rich why do you think he screams for cash at his concerts

    Rowzee G

    @Connor Patrick except me in the shower 😂

    Okay Great!

    Thats what you post after that?

  41. Sean Moore

    My new crying while masterbathing song! Bwa!!!!!!!!!

  42. WorldFungusChamp

    can't believe that idiot melon said this was bad

    Apathy Power

    I don't really care about melon's opinions, I only use him as another way to notify myself that something's coming out.

    Byron Dunbar

    I don't get why everyone gives Jimmy such a hard time. He sings well, maybe it's not conventional, but he's good.


    @Byron Dunbar His range is amazing

    Youtube Commentater

    Byron Dunbar Bitches can't into falsetto

    Reyto Xeron

    Jimmy and msi have always been GODS of covers, I'm blown away someone thinks that

  43. TheUnintendedchaos

    I like this 🙃

  44. witchy Lyrics

    so strange but amazing at the same time

  45. Azel Kid