Euringer - Trigger Warning Lyrics

Hello, and welcome to your trigger warning, alerting you to potentially disturbing content
If you are sensitive to the subjects in this recording and wish to avoid intellectual growth, emotional development, and the challenges of real life—if you wish to avoid your fears and sights that you find difficult, upsetting, or even repulsive, you may want to avoid this recording
Be advised that, within this record, you may hear words and subjects ranging from: military combat, child abuse, incest and dirty sexual content, furry sex, fetish porn, backwards masking, rape, death, interspecies romance, vomit, Nazi paraphernalia, police violence, blood, synthesizers, discussion and examples of everyone having sex at the same time and taking a chance at life, corpses dancing, more blood, drug use by minors and drug use by adults, torture, cannibals, dismemberment

Protecting you from psychological harm is our ultimate aim. Your triggered reactions from this recording can be intense and unpleasant, and so please be seated, hug a teddy bear, or small cute animal. Sip some form of herbal tea, and relax:
This is just your safe space

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Euringer Trigger Warning Comments

    Wut but like yeah tbh

  2. Gandalfs Sbane

    lmao this rules

  3. writingthefuture [Sunny]

    oh fucj okay

  4. Great2Pack

    Jimmy Urine AKA Euringer, I Like You

  5. rigtio8887

    6 people got triggered by synthesizers


    2 more got triggered by your comment

  6. SuperToxicNuke

    i'm over this Trigger Warning

  7. ericramsamy

    Just want to say that this album is great. A piece of art like Jimmy wanted

  8. I'm mess

    i think i'm dead oops

  9. The Smokologist

    Whoever thumbs downed this is such a fucking loser.

  10. regan cornett

    i am *too* excited for this

  11. Pat Leaf

    thanks. I ordered the record but super cool to hear it tonight.