Euringer - Fuck Everything Lyrics

"Hey, alright, c'mon. C'mon!
I'm coming!
I'm coming, hold on, I'm coming!
I'm coming!"

C'mon, and let me show you what it's all about
Scream and shout and make your mama want to cry
About you, oh no
Hey, baby, let's go
Let's never stop never stop no
And if we never come back then
Fuck everyone, all of it
Everything, oh

We can make a move in the night
Pack it up and grab your best friend 'cause you know
That they will never get away with it
Hey, never stop never stop no
And we will never come back so
Fuck everyone, all of it
Everything, oh!

Baby, let's go
Baby, don't stop, this world is no friend of ours
And when we present all of the evidence
F-F-F-Fuck everything (everything)
Oh, partners in crime
'Til the day we die
Oh, all of humanity
They will maintain, every shred of their innocence
F-F-F-Fuck everything (everything)

"Hey (What?)
Hey (What?)
Hey! (What!)"

Hey, something good always comes out of the bad
And they'll never find the love that we had
Living each day as if it was our last
Money talks, and bullshit walks

And if we never come back then
Fuck everyone, all of it
Everything, oh
We can run away in the night
Just say when, 'cause I am ready to die
Bullets with our names on it
Oh, we will never stop, never stop, no
And we will never come back so
Fuck everyone, all of it
Everything, oh!
Baby, let's go
Baby, don't stop, this world is no friend of ours
And when we present all of the evidence
F-F-F-Fuck everything (everything)
Cry, kiss yo mamma good-bye
The most beautiful sound in the world is
"Go fuck yourself"
And when we read all the garbage in the headlines
F-F-F-Fuck everything (everything)

Everything (everything)...

Without you, I could never get away from it
Without you, I would never get away from it
Without you, 'cause we know where all the bodies are buried
Without you, I could never get away from it
Without you, I would never get away from it
Without you, 'cause we know where all the bodies are buried
'Cause we know where all the bodies are buried
(You have the right to kiss me now)
'Cause we know where all the bodies are buried

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Euringer Fuck Everything Comments
  1. Ellie Shaye ღ


  2. griffin the dragon slayer


  3. cerfland crystal

    Pure Work of art

  4. VerziiK

    "The most beautiful sound in the world is Go Fuck Yourself..." is one hell of a line. Thanks for creating this music 🖤

  5. John O'Brien

    Howdy Mr. aīīd Mrs. Euringer,
    I know y'all won't read this but I love you guys. You helped me get strong enough so that when my brother in-law attacked me, again, I could protect myself but walk away... No fighting around his kids, am I right?✊✊✌️
    Merry Christmas yah Fīlthy animals°~• 💚❤️💚❤️💚

  6. This guy

    Need the lyrics jimmy. Now. Right fucking now!

  7. evelyn

    Gonna tell my kids this was Mary and Joseph on crack

  8. Vandaleyes

    That sucks that he knocked up a fat broad.

  9. TheStormfall

    i watch this video 2-3 times a week

  10. Arvid Kirkbakk

    Baphomet walks among us.

  11. David Nett

    I been looking at all these comments and I'm surprised noone has commented on chantal's nipples lmao, very nice btw and great song!

  12. Sally Violet


  13. limptera13

    i dont know what to do with my hands

  14. Mathew Swieczko

    Plugged in my speaker not my headphones and accidentally played this full blast for the entire song at four am in a house full of roommates that don't get along, a suspicious truck parked outside and some crazy person started banging metal together or shooting outside so I'm trying to escape by listening to this, well now I hope they have a sense of humor. I love the work these amazing people do, I've been a fan since the second I heard em., Haha I don't even want to admit it to them and let it get awkward as fuck haha.

  15. Benton Shelton

    I know this is a wedding video, but it functions as a what could have been break up video as well.

  16. first last

    What's up with the Ronald mcdonalds

  17. PreBound

    This could be the crazy left's anthem.

  18. Time For Pancakes

    When the singer of the band you loved in high school now looks like the teacher you hated in high school.


  19. JimmyCringe


  20. Kenshar1984

    Speed 1.5 makes this so much better!

  21. Jonty Hawkes

    great dancers

  22. hugo marcelo perez


  23. TheMrMediocre

    My favourite bit is where they fuck everything

  24. Atrilla The Young


  25. tindrick

    Bat an 🌰acorn on the heads . Love it one ov the most beautiful videos iv seen.
    M love m *.~

  26. Fox Skyecordan

    Jimmy such a king

  27. Nostalgia Police

    I've sped it up!

  28. Ratchet Sullivan

    This is my fav non punk song of 2019 IT RULES

    loune fitzgerald

    I read it as '' fav punk song'' and i was boutta have a stroke lol

  29. Sarah Johnston

    Jimmy. I can’t stop staring at your wife’s nipples. I’m so sorry. 😂😩

    Crazy Funny Cats

    Sarah Johnston 🥶chilly day


  30. PreBound

    Alternate dimensions. Whoever experiences life in this dimension has the coolest version of Mr Rogers of them all.


    And yes they do because I been to a couple and they suck.

  31. Dark World Inc

    I feel this song so much. This is your best song to date Jimmy. Just fucking great man.

  32. Taro

    This is genuinely entertaining, so few musicians are today. As well as a surprisingly good sound.

  33. Vickey Akers

    I like your song these are everything from me I love

  34. Steve Lee

    Been a fan since before myspace (i rarely say fan), Well done Jimmy, Chantel, such amazing harmonic resonation when i listen to this. goosebumps galore everytime.
    thanks for supporting each other and sharing the outcome. You are truly master artists.
    congratz to the acro dancers, outstanding performance.

  35. chris fuentes

    i'm here for you,

  36. wayne jones

    PHUKIT!!!💥👊 😁

  37. Richard Hughes

    James, I have loved your shit for a long time. Thanks.

  38. Bastianovich Castillo

    i miss the punk style......

  39. daimon hellstrom

    Her nipples are way too aggressive

  40. Austin Baxley

    Just ya know show all of the tits its ok lmao

  41. Kyle Merovin

    Does the taller mime remind anyone else of Aubrey Plaza?

  42. Thor Knapp

    Jimmy's eyebrows have been going to the Eugene Levy School Of Expression.

  43. tatuado2428

    Is it just me or do the backup dancers (in red) look like Oliva Wilde and Scarlet Johanson?

  44. Ryan Jeffers

    What an amazing suicide silence tribute ;p

  45. Aaron Jackson

    Still one of the best lyricists to ever exist

  46. ミɱα૨ҡเεɱα૨ҡ ۵

    Wait, are the dancing twins supposed to represent their own twins she's pregnant with? Cuz if so, that's brilliant.

    A Miserable Emperor

    You're Right

  47. Problembeing

    Pinnacle stuff.

  48. Nyx _

    2:05 goals

  49. Nn Bb

    Jimmy so old and he’s still doing this shit, I love it

  50. iankyn

    I do that

  51. Waleed

    must be cold

  52. CharmedPop

    I can't watch this video without thinking of the last season of Game of Thrones.

  53. Taylor Alexander

    What religion is this?
    I'd like to know considering I just converted 🤣 Love this so much

  54. I hate dolphins

    Jimmy's mom: I hope you have two kids just like you.
    Jimmy: hold my beer.

  55. Calcifer Moonblood

    HE. GOT. AGED! then again its been nearly, if not 10 years since i saw him live.

  56. Shane Sochocki

    im so glad I just watched that. that was amazing

  57. Allison Elizabeth

    I love this Illuminati bullshit ❤️

  58. twin Armageddons

    i mean he made a song saying “i wanna make some babies” so he did

  59. Nightraid yourface

    will pick up album next paycheck fucking love you guys

  60. AxelStacks

    Reminds me of suicideboys somehow ???? it doesnt make sense to me either dnt @ me

  61. explorin vamp

    This has paganism all over it

  62. Gabe Araujo

    Turkey’s done

  63. AyyLmao

    This sounded better than what I was expecting I'll be honest 🤷

  64. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    Well while I agree that sometimes the most beautiful sound in the World, is a Fuck You, gotta burn the World down indescrimanatly, we all go with it....

  65. Jeffrey C. Miller

    Amazing. Love the dancers too.

  66. Mr. Nicholas

    Holy shit this band is still around? I remember listening to them almost 20 years ago. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

  67. Brad Smith

    This sounds like bitter, cynical Sparks. Which is a funny way to spell "I love everything about this, it is perfect", but there we are.

  68. convicsik

    Dem babies ain’t going hungry that’s for sure ...

  69. Frederick Northern

    Ok i fuks with this!

  70. kris t

    Freaks ! Nice pokies though

  71. kevin darlington

    I don't know if its because I'm a DOM ( Dirty Old Man ) but I could not stop looking at those big nipple she has in the areola patch looking through there just a big nipples I didn't even hear a word they were saying

  72. Smartyrdumb ?

    I approve this message!

  73. CallOfDrewthulhu

    I am pretty sure I have never heard anything by whatever band these two are from but this is some good medieval angst. Bold choice to openly -wear the stag's horns- though milord

  74. kevin byrnes

    If doctor Seuss 40yrs l8r after doin way to much lsd and raised thing one and two?

  75. Maciej Machowicz

    Kurwa zajebiste xD

  76. fancyultrafresh

    Was not anticipating liking this as much as I did. Good to have you around Urine.

  77. Dark World Inc

    I love this song. It's the best I have heard from Jimmy. I feel it so deep. I understand what is it like to be with someone and other people trying to get you to leave them or them to leave them. Fuck everything! Great great great love song.

  78. Darryl Smith

    So not his baby?


    That symbolism is lost on 99.98% of the listening audience I suspect. I do not know enough about the band to know if it is intentional, but the song rules so that is what really matters

  79. N.Z. Storm Waver

    And the best cosplayer couple award goes to.........

  80. AliceStarr 666

    This video is just so beautiful. 🖤 I love this song. 🖤

  81. S M

    Everything was kinda nice and trippy til the birds from nowhere. Meangirls, hey? Fine, still I can admire beauty

  82. John Clarke

    Garbage. What is this? A weak ass the darkness/die antwoord video. Thanks for wasting 3/minutes of my time.

  83. Lynn Dale Tankersley Jr.

    I came for the nipples

  84. h4y6d2e


  85. Amy Bednarek

    Rag(gity) Ann and And (y?)

  86. Eliot Lamas

    This is amazing and beautiful in so many ways. Killing it 🙌

  87. Franceska Tha Queen

    Did I write this in another universe

  88. SamWize Ganji

    You guys rock. I wish I was your neighbor.

  89. You Survive

    Heh heh......TIDDIESSSS.....

  90. Mr Wizard

    This video and song are comically bad lol..


    Fantastique ☠🎧☠

  92. TheGir58

    The only thing weirder than this is rub by peaches

  93. Elysse Czopek

    I really like this song 😃