Etta James - Trust In Me Lyrics

Trust in me in all you do
Have the faith I have in you
Love will see us through, if only you trust in me
Why don't you, you trust me?
Come to me when things go wrong
Cling to me daddy, woh yeah and I'll be strong
We can get along, we can get along ,oh if only you trust in me
While there's a moon, a moon up high
While there are birds, birds to fly
While there is you,a you and I, I can be sure that I love you...oh...
Stand beside me, stand beside me all the while
Come on daddy face the future, why don't you smile?
Trust in me, and I'll be worthy of you ...oh yeah, yeah
Why don't you trust in me in all you do?
Have the faith that I... I have in you
Oh And love will see us through, if only you trust in me Yeah...Yeah Yeah
Why don't you come to me, when things go wrong, cling to me and woh,
And I'll be strong
We can get along, we can get along oh, if only you trust in me...

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Etta James Trust In Me Comments
  1. natalia ynocencio

    -damn i love this song-

  2. Chet Blue Official

    My music taste and Mad Men brought me here <3

  3. Fernanda

    Thanks Samsung

  4. LaRon Rosser

    0:25 when that beat/chorus kicks in. What a genius musical composition. Etta is timeless!

  5. Brunna Carla Riquelme

    Mad men ♥️

  6. 2Stoned 2Care

    Her voice is unmatched

  7. Ellen

    Samsung Brasil 😂

  8. Maurice Nintendo Switch

    Samsung Galaxy: Secured by Knox 🤭

  9. tiquin de tudo

    Que música mds❤❤❤

  10. Nae Lewis

    Stop comparing these Extremely Talented Singers! Etta James is a Legend...and will always be...there is no comparison! I have both versions...Etta James Version...And Beyonce Version...Beyonce paid tribute to Etta James by playing as Etta James in the movie "Cadillac" not only that..Beyonce told Etta James when she sang "At Last" paying tribute and respect to Etta James...Beyonce said...To Etta James basically if it was not for you...I would not be up here Singing. Understand and Respect Etta James is a. "Legend" and gave the world ...some soulful music that truly hits the "Soul" they are in different time era's...They are not and never will be in competition...They both are extremely talented and soulful singers in their own "time era" do not compare..them....I am a Etta James Fan and A Beyonce Fan. And both of them have soul and can really....Sang....not Sing....but Sang. Do not compare them people.
    .Enjoy the music ...and enjoy both of these Legendary Singers.

  11. Boomer112

    My favorite part is definitely 01:20 to 01:35. The rest of the song is beautiful but nothing i would listen to.

  12. Pardaleskateandestroy

    What a voice

  13. Jara


  14. Marry Volwerk

    Dat is prachtig.

  15. Søren Honoré

    Blues at its best 🙏🙏♥️♥️


    Colonna sonora di una pubblicità

  17. aeron artsu

    samsung brought me here

  18. Anna Maria Furlan


  19. D I L L I G A F

    Who was here before Samsung ad start to put this song?


  20. Bergo Massimo

    Cristo... ma che canzone meravigliosa e che voce fuori dal mondo avevi Etta !!!! Giuro, ho i brividi ogni volta che l'ascolto...
    I love you Etta


    Had the Samsung Knox ad before this. Precious.

  22. Tomato Flipper

    Samsung ad

  23. Daniela Chiesa


  24. Madamnesia

    m a g n i f i c a

  25. Papa Thesaurus

    Why’s everyone (mostly) in this comment section insulting and brnging down Beyonce? Etta is exceptional, got her talents and specialties but so does Beyonce. Is there really a need to demoralise another person to satisfy you? God, the double standards of humans

  26. Manuela Gattoni

    Fantastico ! Trust in me.....

  27. Jeanne Parmentier

    Etta was unique..... never compare her to anyone else !

  28. a l y s s a .

    To the people from the Samsung commercial y’all should have been listened to this been a hit

  29. annamagari

    Pura classe

  30. Ela ggg

    From Matt king

  31. Martin Sam Dollete

    Came from Samsung ad jajajaja

  32. Glenys Wana

    Man! she's got soul

  33. Danial XIV

    to those who are from Samsung ad, I like your taste!

  34. Montse Barrios

    Bufffff brutal sin mas

  35. Noni Way

    Sing it Etta. RIP gurl.

  36. Ыуат май

    Who’s here from the Samsung ad?

    Иди нахуй

    Блуат ман

    TheNuclear Gamer

    Ыуат май me

    Khalid Fatih مغربي في سويسرا


    Unam rod

    mee too xD

  37. NatsuMayri

    Came here from Zane’s IG storie lmfao

  38. LEGIN27

    Taking nothing from the GREAT, INCOMPARABLE MS. ETTA JAMES....she laid the blueprint and cadence for this song "TRUST IN ME"!!! BEYONCE' bested ETTA in an unusual student eclipsed the teacher on this track FASHION. I wish the movie CADILLAC RECORDS would have included a performance of this song by BEYONCE", she truly did this song justice and is one of my favorite BEYONCE' songs where thanx to MS.ETTA JAMES, BEYONCE' shows off both vocal grit and range that I have never seen or heard her do in any other song she has recorded or performed. WOW, a classic remake of a beautiful song.

  39. Kmd Looo

    beyonces version is also good in its own way. if beyonces version came out before ettas yall would be kissing her ass instead

  40. AlowellSouthVEVO

    Who is here after watching the new samsung watch announcement??

  41. Sittinon Nokthong

    Followed by the Samsung Knox clip.

  42. mojtaba abdalaziz

    Who is here bcuz samsung's ad??

  43. GREY ONE

    Secured by Knox

  44. Stoned Mermaid

    Ugh I just love this

  45. DJ BRS

    Beyonce sucks she’s a fake copy. As always.

  46. G J

    It's also good relationship advice...

  47. Mag Bo

    Great voice!

  48. Stoclet


  49. Kevin Since

    have the fff-faith i have in you
    COME to me me me when things ... thangs go wrrrong
    cling to me , & i'll be ssso STRONG

    while there's a moon - 7 birds chirp chirpin' as they fuh-ly la la la laaaa~a ways
    while there's u - u & uh uh i
    in the light , in all things gay

    In that small cafe
    The park across the way
    The children's carousel
    The chestnut trees
    The wishing well

    oh , i'll be seeing ~ thinking ~ breathing you (!)

  50. Wolfgang Lunar

    As a Millenial, I want to say I love this song so much. Compared to the crap we have now about money and hoes, this is a True love song!

  51. CarlDuke

    Try the classic version by Eddie Fisher which she borrowed.

  52. Blade Runner

    i usually try to find the postlude recordings on 'mad men'. this one took me a while to find....

  53. Sergio Medina

    Wow. The emotions this song creates reverberates my soul.

  54. Anhelica Blessed

    While there is you and I, I can be sure that I love, stand beside me!!! Yeeeees come on daddy face the future!!!🤵🏿👰🏾👌🏽🤴🏿👸🏾😚😘😍😍👑👑💗💕💖 trust in me

  55. Anhelica Blessed

    Cling to me Daddy🤴🏿👸🏾

  56. Young chinoo

    Come to me without more speculation
    Have no fear, give me your hand, my dear

    Trust in me in all you do
    Have the faith I have in you
    Love will see us through
    If only you trust in me

    Come to me when things go wrong
    Cling to me and I'll be strong
    We can get along
    As long as you trust in me

    While there's a moon on high
    While there's a bird to fly
    While there's a you and I
    You can be sure I love you

    Stand beside me all the while
    Face the future with a smile
    Trust in me and
    I'll be worthy of you

  57. youyou 01

    Hi everybody,who Can make music like that today?
    Chef d'oeuvre.

  58. Gerardo Florez

    Shout from Madera CA

  59. Gerardo Florez

    Reminds me of my Ex

  60. bonnie benini

    Heard this today for the first time....yesssssssssssssssssssss<3

  61. bonnie benini

    that was a singer..........wowwwwwwwwwwww

  62. Lydia Leach

    Love it

  63. latiedra cottrell

    Good music

  64. Thomas Lombardo

    Loved it then still loving it now. 💛💛💛

  65. Sally Lou

    Here I am again a year later Friday January 18, 2019. Just finished watching the same Mad Men episode. Closing credits. Had forgotten about this song. Glad to find it again. Have a great year. Till we meet again. Sally Lou

  66. Ghislaine Nagy

    what a great song

  67. T DeLapp

    Beautiful, sweet sound.

  68. Paola Nanni

    Che voce.......😍😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Carylon Biggs

    Love These Music

  70. potate gonna patat

    this song deserves more views

  71. Rick Castro

    Abby we need to trust eachother

  72. Halie Wingo

    I LOVE Etta James. I was born in the wrong era

    G J

    No, the new music really does suck these days.

  73. locadisa

    No Beyoncé here, Etta all the way. Etta and Janis Joplin. Two powerful blues singers during their time. In this song Etta displays how she was so unique in her style. She claimed that she learned all she knew from Johnny Guitar Watson. Understandably.

  74. itisi

    I had this cd and my daughter used to sing this song when she was 4,precious

  75. Melieta Wallace


  76. Lilly

    what an amazing woman!

  77. Tommy Bones

    Etta James has always been one of my top vocalists, along with Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald,  Aretha Franklin just to name a few of the greats.

  78. Geraldine Kestner

    Etta makes no mistakes. ❤

  79. Pat Parker


  80. T P

    Beyonce makes this sound like how it should. Listen to Beyonce's first and then listen to Etta's. Etta's sounds like she's trying to cover Beyonce's version


    Etta was a raw blues singer. Beyonce is a pop singer. Styles are different. Listen for the pure richness in Ettas voice that comes from this traditional blues songtress.You can tell that she is singing from the heart.

    Kaminua Sunray

    Yes Etta James was singing this song from her heart. Heartfelt, an easy natural flow. What an amazing voice! Make GOD sit up and take notice!

  81. Oscar Gonzalez

    Respect she is singing.
    raw .
    no auto tune like today

  82. Marlo Rice

    Oldie but goodie!💕 reminds me of driving in sunny LA!


    a meaning only I would know about...

  84. K. R.

    Trust Noone!

  85. maryjanew20

    Never gets old.

  86. Phyllis Foster


  87. Michael Dean

    Nice. Beyonces versions better.

  88. Dolores D Rivera

    All right now... sweet.

    Dolores D Rivera

    I love it thank you whoever sent it bring back in the day memories? Yes

  89. Lane Haywood

    Her voice amazing

  90. Issa Bop

    Wow...magnificent. She never did sing the song live like this ever again.

  91. Joshua James

    Madmen brought me here... anyone else?

  92. D.L. X


  93. preia Eubanks

    I love when Etta sings her song but Beyonce did ok

  94. nadia


  95. nancy Vega

    Great Lyrics!

  96. Ghost

    I love etta james and shes is a legend but I prefer Beyoncé version. She added so much more to the song in a good way.

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    Michonne gtfoh


    one sided loyalty is for suckas stay pressed sis

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    Michonne like I said please

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    Ghost you keep lying sis.