Etta James - Baby, What You Want Me To Do Lyrics

You got me runnin', got me hidin'
Run round hidin' runnin' anyway you want it.
Let it roll.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, aw yeah.
Yeah, you got me where you want me now
Baby what you want me to do.

I'm going up, I'm going down.
Up, down, down, up anyway you want it.
Let it roll.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, aw yeah.
Yeah, you got me where you want me now
Baby what you want me to do.

Oh baby, you don't have to go.
No, no, no.
Oh baby, baby, honey you don't have to go.
I'm gonna pack my things, and down the road I go.
Oh baby, honey what's wrong with you?
Oh baby, baby, honey, honey, honey what's wrong with you?
You don't treat your momma like you used to do.

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Etta James Baby, What You Want Me To Do Comments
  1. tubbers20

    Muted trumpet scattin'. :-)

  2. john

    Momma Bad Ass, in absolute full respect for the Queen of Blues...

  3. alan walden

    that band didn't,t turn up for three hots and a cot they rocked up coz they love it.

  4. alan walden

    ahh proper music, band loving it, etta loving it. we loving it.

  5. Ben G

    I've never seen a Black woman SO WHITE! Poor thing.

  6. django bava

    Goddamn 😎

  7. chopsddy3

    Hoooooweeeee!!! This is the “good stuff”. My motor is on fire! Let burn baby . Let it roll.
    All night long. Yeah, you right! Rock on! ✌️😁👍❤️🇺🇸

    CJ Turner

    The Queen of the Blues!


    CJ Turner
    Yeah, you right !! ✌️😁👍”🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦀🦀🌽🥔
    Welcome to the party. We have boiled shrimp, some blue crabs , corn and potatoes

  8. phil aube

    Etta had a presence like no other!Listen & Love!

  9. Ry Sir

    Still sounds great to me....14/11/2018.....!!!!

  10. Sheila Barron

    Oh Ms.Etta Love the Footage Rest in Peace Beautiful Lady ✌️♥️😘

  11. Amparo Garrido Alvarez

    I believe she was a beautiful woman who was truly gifted with a beautiful voice and she used it very wisely and she was her own version she wasn’t trying to be someone else because she had her own God given TALENTS and we can hear 👂 it with our own ears I’m truly thankful that we got to enjoy her music 🎶 May she Rest In Peace now it’s already been 6 years since the good lord send for her to come home I guess Robin Gibb was getting lonely and needed some friends up there 👆 to help him with the Music 🎶 department I love thinking 🤔 beautiful 💭 🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘🌹💕❤️

  12. Janet Nydick

    I wish I was there to experience this one.

  13. Lucille Baker

    Love this song, Thank

  14. jordan390a

    Listen closely and you can hear Janis Joplin...!!!!

  15. murp h

    A blues giant. A jazz giant. A rock and roll giant. Ballads ____ she could sing them with Anyone ____ simply a great great vocalist whose music will be listened too forever

  16. Elayne Murray

    Miss you girl so much!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx amazing sounds I tried while practicing this song, forget it! Better leave best in its own to the true Artist!!;;;
    Oh baby hunnie you don't have to go in pack my bags and down the road I go, oh babe hunnie what's wrong with you, love youuuuu

  17. Daniel borges


  18. Gwynny Kelly

    Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!! 👅😎🎶👠👠🎶

  19. Gary Honanosso

    Great classic !!!!

  20. Mel Dubin

    Great great vocalist ----- she sang anything ------- she could put some stank on it too ----- love her she was the best -- rip thanks for all the great music

  21. Michael Kelly

    Best version

  22. Anna

    Smokin..I Love You Etta, Miss You..

  23. Paula Strachan

    Leon Russell did this song at almost every show.

  24. T mC

    there's no one like Etta James, and this is one of my favorites

  25. juanita mitchell

    Shame on former President Obama:  He didn't let this pioneer sing during his time in the White House.  RIP One of the best!

  26. Valentine Janiky

    Adore !   Miss ya, Etta.   Your spirit lives on in our hearts & ears.

  27. Because I Want

    3:20 Louis Armstrong has come😂

  28. bluenote824 jones

    read her book,,it's great !!!!!

  29. Mel Dubin

    The Great One simply puts some stank on it ----- go on love !!

  30. Bubbles Alexander

    The saddest part about Majority of this is the New generation has No appreciation of Greatness


    @Frank Furfaro
    Get real, he can't touch her on this one.

    CJ Turner

    So true

    CJ Turner


    CJ Turner

    That WOMAN ain't the QUEEN of the Blues,for nothin


    @CJ Turner For this song alone, she deserves the title. I can't stop listening to it.

  31. mike n

    one of the greatest things about being raised in Cleveland,ohio back in the real daze 70s was we got the chance to hear the best music you will ever hear wow. it was literally electrifying , the cleve agora had coffee break concerts and all the music managers would send the bands to Cleveland to debut and if we like them they would produce them , noke Cleveland.

    Rae J

    We were probably in the Agora at the same time. LOVED that place! You're right about Cleveland being the place to debut. We were in the right place at the right time, for sure. I stopped in a bar in Parma one night to have a beer with a couple of friends and ended up staying until the place closed because the band was so good. It was Lynyrd Skynyrd. They ROCKED that place down. Only in Cleveland. I miss those days. We were part of something special. Cleveland ROCKS.

  32. Tasha Cook

    Somebody have a sip of Gentleman Jack for me.... Because I'm on the wagon.....

  33. HMNtrchWSdnidAbnkL0N

    so thankful I met this legend in person.

  34. Bob Aldo

    Nice version of Jimmy Reed's big hit.

    Bubbles Alexander

    Bob Aldo Yeeeesssss!!! #History

    Wolfgang Ebel

    Bob Aldo vv

  35. tbirdflier

    Etta and Jimmy Reed rocked this tune like no others... and that's it!

    Bubbles Alexander

    tbirdflier Right!!!!! #History

    Troy Blackman

    Elvis did a rocking version on his 68' special as well

    CJ Turner

    Damn RIGHT

  36. R. R. Rubin

    when is's live it ain't no jive

  37. Dzera think


  38. john j evans

    Great Jimmy Reed cover.

  39. john j evans

    Etta James what more can you say just fabulous.

  40. R.A. Dick

    HaHa, my husband is moving to the beat of this song.

    Shirley Welch

    How can you not? LOL!

  41. rapidler2244

    she is one of the best RIP ETTA

  42. King Bee

    The earth literally still shakes when you play her music...and she's been gone for four years now!

  43. uncommonclassix

    bad ass woman.

  44. Lon Warneke

    Oh Yeah!!!

  45. Lupu Tiberiu


  46. lothar kaiser

    Fabulous  !!!

  47. Muziekgenot

    Such a great big woman, LOVE YOU ETTA

  48. Mike Yeomans


  49. Ernest DeJohn

    speechless wow never heard before

  50. Claude Garcia

    quel bonheur!

  51. jimmmmy41

    She's so badass!

  52. Daniel Martine

    One of the baddest ass versions ever of this Jimmy Reed classic. Love her simulated trumpet growl vocal solo in the middle. Amazing...

  53. The Uptownflavor Network

    I remember going down the Embaracadero in SF with my mom as a teen or in my early 20s to see Ms. Etta play! It was life changing!!!

  54. John Wayne


  55. Vito Bertaudeau


  56. essie finch

    Go My Sister!!

  57. Muhamed Abu Diab

    "Now, my mama killed a chicken
    She thought it was a duck
    She put him on the table
    With the legs stickin' up"
    From Tommy McClennan original song "Bottle It Up And Go":
    'Bottle It Up And Go' TOMMY McCLENNAN (1939) Delta Blues Guitar Legend

  58. Sean Hayes

    She's a good attitude;)

  59. BlueSkiesCali

    Get down, baby girl.

  60. Noah Fricke

    Pretty good version, I like Elvis's version better though

    Michael Kelly

    Its better


    Elvis the usurper, couldn't carry her bags.

    He Is Hephaestion

    @poonchydub1 quit crying

  61. BlindMellowJelly

    Sometimes I listen and read these comments and ponder the thought......If I played this tune loud in some filling station in ass crack florida.....which one of you would tell me to turn it down and shoot me dead if I refused.


    +BlindMellowJellyInc And here I thought my pondering were out there


    Well a young man was shot for having his rap music loud....that was my point. The shooter is in prison now but was it the rap music or could it have been blues or any type of black music that set him off.  Anyway that was my point, I was angry that night he was killed.  Peace and Love  keep thinking

    Tim Land

    BlindMellowJelly It depends on, are you playing it , or attempting, to play it ?

  62. Pay Jerome


  63. raul yanez cortes

    I love you baby what do you want me to do? sh#$.

  64. raym1955

    I've heard many versions of this song, and I love them all. This lady did a great job, doing a great song. Jimmy Reed did a great job of writing songs that each and every artist could make their own, and it lost nothing during the process. Thanks for posting, Great combination of talent. Really enjoyed.

  65. Steve

    Now go listen to the original...Jimmy Reed.

    Keyla Guadalupe Perez Corral

    No te podia faltar la sensacional voz de etta que cancion nadie con ese estilo es unica.

  66. Ayaba Awoyemi

    The funky way we do it! 

  67. fleur bleu message

    question de temp  tu vas  voir

  68. FlowerDoodles1



  69. BjavaBbotBme

    Hot, Hot, Hot ;D

    Greg Parker

    Thanks for sharing a blues from Jamesetta. Compare 'At Last'. Very versatile. (Great, in many ways). Regards.


    @Greg Parker Have a great weekend, Greg!

    Greg Parker

    @BjavaBbotBme Thanks to you & S.M.I had a great few minutes,here. Regards.

  70. Philip Scurry

    Anything You Want Babes!!!

  71. JeanAndrewsBand

    Awesome Performance!

  72. azam khan

    could someone please tell the title of the 2nd song she sings

  73. theoriginalbadbob

    Check out her live CD, from '63, where she does the vocal "harp" solo even longer and much better.

  74. iain gibney

    etta <3 jut love me bad girls

  75. Evelyn Marie


  76. Martha Cyrus

    Sho' nuff good stuff. Lady Etta James, love it!!!!! Thanks for posting

  77. Gail Safrit

    You gotta LOVE this woman and her HUGE talent!

  78. jay perez

    so proud to be here

  79. jay perez

    bang on ! ! ! !

  80. Lee Groce

    She is gorgeous and a super blues singer........Peace

  81. MrGogechka

    2:53 this is great

  82. Mike Keohane

    First time for me too. Super.

  83. V Haddox

    Nice! No one like Etta.

  84. screwmaster404

    Pray for that person.

  85. JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters

    One person has no soul.
    RIP Etta, we love you

  86. Mr. PianoMan

    hey there, thumbs up, if you are still listening to this in 2012, 2013... FUTURE



  88. serpentinecreature

    RIP Etta.Always love you. Thank you screwmaster404 !

  89. Xx_get_REKTED_xX

    Who on Earth disliked this? They are nuts!

  90. shakedownstreet48

    Wasn't she in love with Chess and he with her?? The guy who started Chess records..

    lendl kaiser

    Thats the way it was in the movie, "Cadillac Records" !

  91. bidittu1

    the Queen

  92. screwmaster404

    @topazdevere gotta love Etta

  93. screwmaster404

    @mariaokka Thanks for the comment. I am posting another version by Etta tonight.

  94. Maria Kastanis

    perfect Etta...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. xkecoupe

    thanks Ed,great singing and the guitar...

  96. fieldfullofthistles

    @screwmaster404 Thanks for that. Just read about him on his website. Ive seen him live with Paul McCartney but didnt really know anything about him. Great playing and Etta James is - well - awesome.

  97. screwmaster404

    @fieldfullofthistles Brian Ray on guitar.

  98. fieldfullofthistles

    The guitar work is tremendous - who is it?