Etheridge, Melissa - Wild And Lonely Lyrics

Dangerous, I must confess
I hold my tongue, I hold my breath
Another night, a long dark road
With miles and miles and miles to go
A raging hollow emptiness I feel
The night is cold and I'm alone
Come and take the wheel

Because you, you've seen me in my cage
Cursed, I've been betrayed
All the night I've lost my way

And I feel so wild and lonely
Don't you want to save me?
Don't you want to stone me?
Hey yeah, oh

If I could, and I know I should
I'd be over this, I'd be understood
A howling moon and an ancient song
I've got miles and miles to go till dawn
An angry craving seeps into my skin
It's all too much, I need to touch you once again

Because you, you've seen me in my cage
Cursed, I've been betrayed
All the night I've lost my way

And I feel so wild and lonely
Don't you want to save me?
Don't you want to stone me?
Don't you want to save me?

I feel so wild and lonely
Don't you want to steal me?
Don't you want to own me?
(Come on)
Don't you want to drive me?
Drive me on a highway?
Don't you want to save me?
Don't you want to stone me?

Wild and lonely, oh
Wild and lonely, come on, come on
Save me
Don't you want to stone me?
Wild and lonely, oh

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Etheridge, Melissa Wild And Lonely Comments
  1. max schwarz

    I love this song

  2. Caroline Jamieson

    Awesome amazing brillant love
    tour music your song your gift.

  3. Pamela Bauernfeind

    melissa I love you so have gotten me thru so many STAGES of my life.....I have been reading all the messages to you and everyone has been where I have been and you have carried us thru our hard times and happy times I love you so much......

  4. Walk TheLine

    Fantastic song so glad your back

  5. Marty Halpern

    Melissa, you rock!

  6. Richard Lawson

    Melissa is just like a fine wine. The older she gets the better she gets. Love Ya!

  7. Renchi rmt

    WOW. The grit and soul in this song are just overflowing. BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for your music! :)

  8. Kat Bowl

    Saw you last week in Fort Wayne. Awesome show as usual! 😎👏💓🎵🎶🎸🎤🎙️💯

  9. poetry monty

    The song is nice until the sharp guitar sound crashes in. Then it starts to get brilliant. My favourite on the new record. I'll always love ME. For her music. Her passion. Her attitude. Everything.

  10. Josee Hansen

    Love this song

  11. Lidija Lapić


  12. Trixxie25

    I never heard of her!!

  13. Inkontinenzia

    Great Song, great Woman, love it <3

  14. Tracy Gordon

    I'm a 2 time servior an dealing with a lot of aftermath of the treatments I was 32yrs. Old now I just turned 50. Mind over matter an thank you for music ❤️

  15. AnnaJacqueline


  16. Debbie Simpson

    I so enjoyed seeing you in Arlington, TX last month.
    I was expecting a "Good" concert. Let me add, I've loved your music but had never seen you LIVE!
    Well, like I said, I expected a "Good" concert...
    What you delivered was Part of Yourself! It was Dynamic, Powerful and totally Heart Felt.
    I was Blown Away.
    Thank you Soooo Much.
    It was wonderful getting to know more about you and your music.
    It was an Honor!
    I would have enjoyed meeting you.
    After listening to you talk and sing, you seem like the kind of person I'd love to have as a Friend.
    Blessings and Love to you and again, Thank You!

  17. Richard Lawson

    You're just like a good bottle of Whiskey. It's just keeps getting better with age and so do you! I hope you live to be 100 so we will have some good music to listen to!

  18. Sue B

    Love this song! Her songs have a way of making one feel like they are about you. Melissa Ethridge, you rock! Thank you.

  19. Chuck Blake

    Love the Album. Either this song or Faded by Design should have been the title. Went back to her roots. Saw her in Lynn, Sounds as good as she ever has.

  20. Nelly De Fraga

    We love Melissa Etheridge!!! Awesome concert!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  21. Gabrielle H

    Saw you in Philly awesome concert..!

  22. Janet Savage

    Great song and guitar tone. Bravo!

  23. shirley henriksen

    Love to you from Australia 🇦🇺

  24. Richard Lawson

    As the years go by you continue to get better. Loved you from the beginning and lovin' you more now!

  25. paulascrazymom

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th at Penns Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA!!!!!

  26. Kelly Mcmeen

    Soul talk! You have always been the best!

  27. Dawg Barklay

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I canNOT wait to see you live again, you living angel! Never stop never stopping!!! Love you!

  28. Jen Arnio

    Awesome song you go girl you rock love ❤️ you

  29. Eric Springer

    Excellent track Melissa! I love this!

  30. Tammy


  31. Jola Tubielewicz


  32. Helga Kury

    Yeah!! Thank you ❤️

  33. Nils B

    wow this is bringing me back to my childhood... Grew up with a part of your music cause of my mother. This is gold. Would love to see you live some time in Germany if there will be a concert <3

  34. Reyixx Games

    That's the Melissa that I like to hear,like in the 90's..

  35. Cj Parisien

    I want her cd

  36. Stephanie Davis


  37. Stephanie Davis


  38. Delores Lara


  39. jenk264


  40. Olivia La Forme

    I've literally had this song on repeat since it's release, it is what I'm going through right now and you really do know how to connect with your fans👍🤘 #MedicineShow #MelissaIsBackToSaveLives #SheWillNotBeSilenced

  41. Karen D

    Thank you Melissa and continued success! Aloha always

  42. Melissa Manges

    This new album is saving my soul. Right in line with where I am in my life. I have loved Melissa from the beg, but feel like I'm really really getting her now. She is so lovely..and so fierce. I am so grateful for her lyrics, voice and beautiful resilience. She's a fighter. I'm learning how to be. 😊💓☯️☮🦄🌿

  43. siteofit

    like it

  44. Shawntay Loppe

    Love Her!

  45. Trevor Graham Welch

    Your Singing And Guitar Playing Is Absolutely Up There With Trower, Hendrix, And So Compassionate . I Would Like To Play Guitar With You , ( Oh Sure ) . Take Care Love You . Like To See You Play A Vintage Fender Stratocaster Into a Wall Of Marshall’s . Mississauga Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  46. gaetan landry

    Wow, way to go, love it

  47. Linda Hamilton

    You are amazing Melissa!!♥️♥️ Can't wait to see you in 2 days!! Been too long!!

  48. Alessandro Bernardi

    simply lovely!!! amazing to see Melissa on lead guitar <3 <3 <3 thanks from Italy!

  49. E C

    At first I struggled with getting into this but I was way wrong.... love this song more and more. Vintage Melissa Etheridge

  50. Cory Tate

    Wow Miss Etheridge you shine with talent!!! Talent in the way you sing but also talent in the way you sing to our soul. To me this song speaks words that are at this point of my life Impossible for me to speak. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of hearing this song. I personally could Not have picked a more perfect time in my Life to hear this song. It has made me feel a little bit less lonely at a breaking point of my life. My Life needs a serious change and self understanding. Cause Honestly that is exactly how i feel. Completely alone Hated by most and Misunderstood by All. I am Wild and completely alone in this world and i have never felt so lonely. Thank you for making me smile and not feel so lonely.

  51. kim papagna

    Love this

  52. Shelly Lavigne

    She is an incredible talented woman!!!! Bravo

  53. deborah marshall

    Wow! I do not know if you will really get this message, and if this site is for real.
    I can say you have saved my life more then once. Your music has touched my soul and my daughter's. You were there for both of us. And I feel blessed that we have shared your message. It kept us safe in a very special way. Taking a ride with Melissa we were untouchable. You have been a pillar in our lifes.
    As life changes I can see that you continue to reach the people in need, different stages of our lives.
    and wow you are truly amazing. You lyrics speak. SMILE I do love BRAVE and Crazy. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR Inner emotions that also shows your strength.

    I hope it is in the cards that one day I will meet you in one life or the other. THANK YOU for being you.

  54. Papa Gee

    wow, Melissa! some of your best yet...papagijio

  55. Robin Haspiel

    Glad Melissa is getting back to her intense, thought provoking lyrics. Always loved her acoustic but the guitars fit the intensity of the lyrics.

  56. bill spearhouse

    Always loved Melissa's voice. Terrific song. Can't wait to hear the rest of the CD.

  57. Jana Seiber

    Loved you from the beginning.

  58. Philippe Brasseur

    Good song ! Make a tour in Europe Mélissa, especialy in France...we love you too.

  59. MrRabirushko

    I hidden treasure i just discovered.

  60. Rudi,Albert Lehnert

    Melissa❤️❤️❤️ that you and the sounds are very good🎶👍👍👍 hope to see you so you come to Europe in time and will rock with you 🎶✌️👍👍🤗🌹🌹🌹 have good one now and ever ♥️

  61. Kristine Schuchardt

    Expecting nothing less the brilliant. Congratulations. Melissa 💜

  62. Christy Rhodes

    I can't get enough of this song!  Melissa you are a woman with True Grit!  Thank You so much for all the years of music and raw feelings.  Can't wait till you come to Minneapolis.

  63. route 11

    I’m a big fan of you from Japan.
    I love the song! I can’t wait for the whole album👍
    judging from faded by design and this song, the new album seems to be rocking and have simple, raw sound, which I always expect you to deliver.

    If possible, I hope to see you collaborate with Philip Sayce again someday😊

  64. mohammed hasan

    Nice song

  65. Fabíola Leite de Matos

    Vc é um show.

  66. yafit24

    I've been huge fan for years and never thought I'll get to see you on tour since I lived in Israel... but one of my biggest dreams is coming true, I will see you May 1st! So excited!
    Oh and the song is amazing, so emotional and powerful.

  67. Miss Valerie

    Love it ❤💙💜💛

  68. Marta Minder

    And she is back... been listen to her music from the beginning never disappointed... love it keep strong ME

  69. blanca mena

    Wild And Lonely

  70. Carrie Hart

    Ahh, I love you and your music so much, you speak to my soul! Btw, can I have a job?

  71. Deborah Larkowski

    I love this song but i love all your songs and you Melissa.ive loved you sence the 80's.i understand how you feel in this song i relate to this.

  72. Lisa Bernard

    Love this and you!

  73. Smalltown Vids

    Yes I've listened to Wild and Lonely for days I even danced first time as I have some health issues but with earphones on kicking it old school thank you Melissa for bring back some of the roots lady you will get a Grammy on this your music truly helps me w pain and my health prevents me from going to concerts but I fall asleep at night listening to your fantastic talented tunes and I'm your age. My kids are like Mommas Rocking to Melissa again... You give it your all much appreciated blessings and you and Linda enjoy this tour Blessings Lady you truly are the best❤🎁😍

  74. Laurie Mahoney

    I love this... just love how her songs are so raw/ sensual/impolite... yet so smart and clever, filled with symbolism and double meanings. She's such a great songwriter.
    Really amazing!❤

  75. John McCready

    Great performance. She’s still got it. Remember playing her off my turntable back in 1989.

  76. Scamper Scamper

    Oh wow...Melissa is back to her roots. Love this song!


    Strong voice woww

  78. Smalltown Vids

    He'll yes Melissa Wild and Lonely I see another Grammy for such a talented woman She's so dang good the best❤❤❤❤

  79. Michele Batson Moss

    Sounds like someone is still hung up on Tammy

  80. Jaime Castro Hernán-Gómez

    Saw her in Copenhagen one week ago and was an amazing concert. So happy to know she has a new album.

  81. Dina Gleason

    Your music has saved my wife from the darkest of places. Thank you for being you and being so freakin AMAZING!

  82. Ren Karasu

    I love the song and her voice!

  83. Sarah Bondy

    Awesome song Melissa! Keep cranking out the hits!

  84. Kyleen Downes

    A new favorite for me! Love the tone of that solo 😍 Can't wait to hear it live in Springfield Ohio :D I'll be the one rocking out in balcony left!

    Jasmin Gonzalez

    same here.. thrilled shes coming here

  85. CJ Steam Stanley

    Once again you rock my soul, Melissa. This is a great new tune & I love the 🎸 solo. Glad you took on the lead guitar. You Rock 🤘

  86. Blazie Bluez

    songwriter!! love your vibez M.E.

  87. Tracy Myers

    I already love this song... Thank you so much Melissa, for your awesome music and thank you for the great concert in Düsseldorf!!!!

  88. Melissa Etheridge

    Thanks everyone for the love on Wild And Lonely! #Gratitude

    Jimmie Wright

    Wild and crazy

    Jimmie Wright

    @Pandora . Seaclearly u make me nervous

    Jimmie Wright

    @Kim Lewis ya buddy

    Musikus 70

    Best song of the album. Reminds me of the earlier albums

    Pim Patinkin

    Okay so, you wrote Bring Me Some Water about my Mother turning you down for a date. You made some money off that song even though it's NOT so good of a song, still you turned around and told someone that my Mother couldn't come to your party at your house when you rented on Melrose, right in front of everyone! You were showing off and used her again to gain popularity. You're a BAD person and SELFISH MEAN SELF CENTERED BYCH. You owe her as far as I'm concerned and I know this is you. Mary Ellen told us how you asked my Mother out and how she turned you down because she didn't wanna cheat with you when you b/c you had a gf named Cathy. We don't care how long ago it was.You''re gonna need some FN WATER! PAY UP CHEATER!

  89. Crimson Fire

    Awesome!!!!! Just like the older albums.


    Great song! You're beautiful, Melissa! I love you!

  91. bebehas bebehas

    This is an over-milf! Milflord, the milf queen!

  92. tom


  93. gwendolyn2001

    Thank you for this. Brava.

  94. Brittyn Tunney

    *a clear picture of woahvicky when she grows up*

  95. 2ladybughippies

    Wow! Melissa still got it!

  96. Victor Alfonso Fernandez


  97. L F

    I like a lot of music. I really like Melissa's voice and her soulfulness. Listening to her sing and play the guitar is pure magic!

  98. inFREDweTrust

    Look kids.. old folks can make good music too!

  99. Rhonda Robinson

    I love this record, Melissa! I will see you in Oklahoma this April! ❤️❤️❤️

  100. Levi Orr