Etheridge, Melissa - The Wanting Of You Lyrics

She's got her sweet children
She's got her home she's got some land
Her earthly possessions
She's got a ring upon her hand
She tried to be a good girl
She tried to make everything right
She tried to kill the voices
That haunt her each and every night

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

She married in high school
Oldest was well upon her way
But that wild night Chicago
It's left a mark she can't erase
A phase you'll just get over
That's what her friends have always said

You dip your toes in water
She's in way over her head

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

Keeping her desire paralyzed
She catches in the corner of her eyes
Tank top, smooth skin, soft lips, tanned thighs
How the hell's this ache ever gonna die
And we make our choices
Doing what wee think is good
We deny our own dreams
'Cause we think we've been told we should
We think we've been told we should

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

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Etheridge, Melissa The Wanting Of You Comments
  1. Sweet n Sassy

    Have always loved and admired this woman!

  2. Eva Farrell

    She talks to me when she plays this.

  3. TalkToTheBody

    Fearless Love is by far the best album by this awesome lady, if you like powerful, guitar driven music this is a must buy album

  4. Sonya Madden

    this is my national anthem

  5. Kathy O'Malley

    love these words!!!!! bless...………………...

  6. Patience Machenzie

    I meant Lady your so talented I identify w the words music omg your so good...

  7. Patience Machenzie

    Its like she knows what were thinking my Lord shes so Rocks our world I can identify w this song loving ya Melissa ty for making it Real....Lady yur so talented im in awe👏❤👍

  8. HeadNtheClouds

    boo : (. she should not be headlining a blues festival. this is not blues, & I listened to 10 songs under the Memphis album & this ruins the blues festival, she should be playing the back porch stage. boo, get Walter Trout, anyone but this!!!

  9. Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge


  10. Peter Holdstock

    Who is the other lead guitarist ? He`s damn good , so is Melissa

  11. Judy Miller

    Melissa is Great, I have been to about 10 shows with my dad when I was young Her music got me through my first major depression when I was a child and now as an adult I look to her music to get me through this major depression from a unhealthy relationship that needs to change or end . thanks Melissa.

  12. Justine Lewis

    Wish my Husband was alive but this song is totally us, I was always attracted to women even in kindergarten I was fascinated by my teacher to the point that's all I thought about! As I got older it still stayed with me I was in Love with a woman's curves, breast, soft skin but I had a older brother who came out and I wanted no part of what he went through. Met my husband in 83 had a daughter in 85 got married in 89 then in 96 or 98 when WebTV was made my husband bought me one and I started going in lesbian chatrooms. Needless to say I talked to a woman for 6 months and loved who was on the other line, when she wanted to meet me I told her I took vows so if my husband doesn't agree then I'm sorry! I asked he cried but said you've been molested for 10 years then raped and pistol whipped so if I have to give you up as my wife then so be it! Please just don't take my Best Friend away! Till this day I cry when I think how unconditional Bob loved me!💖💖💖


    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story wih us!

  13. Jayme Fretta

    I have loved this Women Forever.... USF Campus Florida...1985,,,, YOU WERE AND ARE THE BOMB.... Love You Lady !!!!!

  14. Lauren Eynon

    Amazing song and I love to sing along in my car

    DavidMinton Silva

    Love the truth you free up with you great sincerity of art

  15. Justine Lewis

    Melissa is so Cocky and Confident that she could make a straight girl bend!!!

    Terri McClure

    love it....well put!


    brilliant comment

    Patience Machenzie

    I know Right. Omg were about the same age too and listening to her explains my life wow Missy is sweet happy and full of life God bless her,❤She us truly the best!

  16. Jennifer Saunders

    Speaks to say many people this song, amazing

  17. Trekkie Loafer

    My favorite Melissa song! Speaks to so many people!!

  18. TrueBlueSue49

    Mike Hand has sent this to me and then he forgot Lol

    Paul Robichaud

    LOL! You Are Funny Sue!
    Won't comment that one will let you express yourself !
    Your a smart Lady !


    @Paul Robichaud It's true! Lol

    Paul Robichaud

    You bet it's TRUE! LOL !
    Thank You!

  19. Anna Rosa Molina

    Lovely song. :) 

    mxrvqn .-.

    melissa etheridge-like

  20. Procommenter

    *The "songs" of Melissa Etheridge are very gynecological.*


    I love Melissa, good voice and  very good song.
    Kiss from Bordeaux Fance.

  22. Ingrid's Voice

    "We deny our our own dreams because we think we've been told we should" story of my life, thank you Melissa for saying what I couldn't.

    Dallas Darling

    Yes!!! Love all this could be my lifes story for real she truly feels my heart Melissa my fav 4ever

  23. Marketha Phillips

    I hear your heart, it touch me so, come on over like to get to know you

  24. pennybeth65

    I'm in the lie still. Tried to make things right. Can't keep it hidden anymore. Not sure what to do. Fell for someone hard, but it can't be with anyone until I am free. I just don't how to do this anymore.

  25. Diane Jackson

    Been there before , but free now to be me Still have my sweet children .....and now grandchildren

  26. Teddy Black

    So do straight guys

  27. Andrea Jung

    Reminds me so much of me .. I was going to marry a guy, even if always knew I am a lesbian .. in the end I left him before our wedding .. I just couldn't take it anymore.
    I'm in love with a woman now and happy. <3

  28. hollyraeraeful

    Look to heaven...but what about when heaven doesn't answer.....

  29. Yummy Bear

    i loveeee her voice!!! unique..raspy and sooooo full of energy

  30. Yummy Bear

    shit she rocks!!!!

  31. Justina Rose

    I love Melissa Etheridge, she is my favorite artist, EVER ! Oh, and I love that jumping girl at 3:48 ! Haha, I would sooo be like that too if I was there !!

  32. Lori Jones

    Omg! What an incredible song!!
    She continues to amaze me!!!♥♥

  33. blurose7

    This song is about me, literally. It is a painful place to be.

    Patience Machenzie

    I feel u i cried when i first heard it its likr how can she read our minds....She is so talented and feels it like no one ive ever heard before love this song...

    Patience Machenzie

    I know exactly how you feel.... been doing this dance for over 40 yrs wondering if its to late to leave start over my way my rules and they will never contain nor condone abuse physically or emotionally of me

  34. Deb N

    Melissa this is your best to go through all you have been through with your health and life and still be so awesome, God Bless you!!! Love you lots!

  35. Dave Grosskopf

    And what's wrong with The Wanting Of You? Why can't the wanter have it all? "She" should ask "Him" to allowher the freedom to explore and express. If you don't ask, you don't get in this world. You never know the surprising reply from "Him" (after he picks himself up off the floor). They are definitely going to want to get a babysitter for Saturday nights out, though.

  36. Dave Grosskopf

    Now here's a controversial lyrical arrangement. Imagine that: us as human beings and "The Wanting" even though we seem to have all that we need. Melissa has always been edgy and true. She and her band rock this song near the end.

  37. CDBLGD904

    I totally agree, this music is RAW! The CD does not do it justice. Only hearing it LIVE! does it justice!

  38. AngelOne11

    @bjbcoach I thought I was the only one who hears her songs as RAW.... I am glad that you hear them the same way I do or better "like the way I do" ;)

  39. AngelOne11

    @SwtPoison7 Amen sister.... That's what I said when I watched this video. I heard it first while I was put on hold on the phone and I was like "That's sounds like Melissa! Does she have a new song?" So I googled it and sure enough there she is. She is the bestest :)

  40. Sezza333

    One of my most fave Mel songs ♥ (:

  41. Lisa Nigro

    Melissa's back!

  42. blazerliz

    Oh my God! I am sitting in a Krystal's in Birmingham, Alabama and this song just started playing on the restaurant overhead! This is an absolutely amazing song and I love it's message. I had a girlfriend who lived this song and the oppression, internal and external, nearly destroyed her. I hope folks sitting in hamburger joints around the world hear this and stop denying their dreams and their love because they think they are supposed to. Be true to yourselves, sisters and brothers!

  43. Bonnie Beachy

    "She dipped her toes into water...She is way oveeeer her head"! Nobody but Melissa could put it in those words!

  44. Bonnie Beachy

    Ahhh, the dilemma of a married woman, who has feelings for women, "She loves him, won't hurt him, can't stop the wanting of you". "Tank top, smooth skin, soft lips, tannnnnn thighs". Melissa's music is real and raw! Fearless Love music is her best! Check out these songs Indiana, Company, Gently We Row...

  45. SwtPoison7

    Amazing as always,,my Melissa is back....Love you Melissa..