Etheridge, Melissa - Only Love Lyrics

I takes me so long to understand sometimes
Why it's so hard to understand sometimes
It takes me two or three times sometimes
To try to get it right sometimes
To get it right
I've got some coins in my pocket
I've got a colored TV
It's gotten so complicated now
What does it mean to be free

Only love is real
Everything is love
Everything you feel
That's what your world is made of

And when I took a good look around I see
My thoughts are coming back to me
So look around
We are in charge of our own dreams
We have more power than it seems
So look around
Come on now show me who you're lovin'
Then show me just who you hate
Tnen I can show you all our amgels yeah
That guard your heaven's gate

Only Love is real
Everything is love
Everthing you feel
That's what your world is made of

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Etheridge, Melissa Only Love Comments
  1. lokpal durham


  2. Heidy McInnis

    Wow! Awesome!
    Thank you so much.

  3. Angela L.

    Your video gave me goosebumps with such a powerful song!

  4. quantuman2010

    How very true the words are. Amazing song right in the vortex.

  5. Jezebel7705

    WWOOWWW!!!! Thank you so much or this!!! I can tell you're heart is full of love!!!