Etheridge, Melissa - Indiana Lyrics

She came to this world on a cold night
Papa turned his head and said
I don't believe she's mine
Single momma raised her in a place where
You can look but never touch
Cause we don't have enough
Don't let your hopes get high
Cause girls like you can't fly

Oh the long nighs in the small room
With the big dreams
Oh Indiana
You're only dying here
And they don't understand you
It's a tough road but you start slow
And before you know it
You're not alone
Looking for a place called home anywhere
Oh Indiana

She tended bar in New York City
People turned their heads and said
Baby you sure look fine
They put her on TV and then they told her
You're gonna be a star
You can go so far
Let your hopes get high
Cause girls like you can fly

In the long nighs in the small room
With the big dreams
Oh Indiana
You're only dying here
And they don't understand you
It's a tough road but you start slow
And before you know it
You're not alone
Looking for a place called home anywhere
Oh Indiana

Those big dreams are flying machines
And they'll take you
Wherever you want to go
Sometimes you find that what's real is inside
You don't have to go away
To find your way home
Oh Indiana

She turned around and sshe topped running
She saw that fame was never an answer to her prayers
She found that answer in her children
When she takes them to a place
Where they can have so much
She lets their hopes get high
Cause anyone, anyone can fly

In the long nighs in the small room
With the big dreams
Oh Indiana
You're only dying here
And they don't understand you
It's a tough road but you start slow
And before you know it
You're not alone
Looking for a place called home anywhere
Oh Indiana

Oh she's going back
Oh oh oh

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Etheridge, Melissa Indiana Comments
  1. Stacy Steele

    This could be the song to my life, but I have to change the ending. I can’t die here 😂

  2. Deborah Bowdidge

    bloody brilliant <3 love from london

  3. Becky M

    Great song. This live version sounds just like the record. :-)

  4. TalkToTheBody


  5. Diana Cornwell

    Me,in lots of in Indiana! Great song

  6. lisa kelso

    I been a Mellissa Eltridge fan for at least 25 years I'm not a part of the gay community but that's her life. All i know she can perform like no other man are woman . Aboustely sets the stage and audience on fire. Mellissa you are the most amazing beautiful strong women that every one should just hear her music let it touch your mind body spirit and soul because that's what's so amazing one the greatest singers in and I listen to music I know no one can come close as her to make you feel better whether your gay straight black white women are man her talent excels I can't wait till Nov 3 , I'm finally going to see her in concert if I make it till then the doctors only gave me two years year and half ago . What do they know I'm going to finally going to see her . Thank you so.much Mellissa and to those who ask what the songs about need to just quit listening to music all together get silence then maybe one day they will understand her music speaks feels listens holds and keeps you rockin and rockin No one makes you feel so alive and how it makes you feel alive love happy sad hurt wanted needed and oh oh just want hear more🎵🎸🎷🎹🎺🎵 Keep on rocking our hearts and minds for all our days🎵~♡~♡~♡~♡~🎵🎸

    Stacy Steele

    Don't have to be gay to love her...I loved her music when I first heard it in the '80's and as straight as they come. Melissa is ethereal.

  7. AxeLady66

    I love these lyrics!

  8. AxeLady66


  9. Karrie Ann

    Great Song! Huge Fan 💖

  10. Samantha Stanton

    Favorite song

  11. Patience Machenzie

    Oh Indiana Missy you do it all so well your the best💕❤❤❤❤👍

  12. Patience Machenzie

    Missys got it in every way music words voice passion.... I've always loved her music she can Rock it anyway anyhow go Melissa love ya girl!

  13. Toni Montanbeau

    Melissa has a voice that won't stop , she has this special sound like Bonnie Ratti & Janice Joplin as well as many other womyn in our history, her music brings me peace of mind at night, after hearing her sing for the first time, I has the first night s sleep in many years, so to I say to Melissa Etheridge th a n-laws you & please keep on rocking, & thank you for your wonderful music. Toni Montanbeau 1-11-18 .

  14. ronald mallette

    Keeping me sane, alive and well.... How does one convey to another human being the depth and breadth they have meant and impacted your life? I only hope the brief encounter we have shared has conveyed the level to which my gratitude is lacking.

  15. Eva Farrell

    I'm from Indiana also, Lafayette of course. Where Tammy was born and raised, but our age difference is about 20 years so never knew her. Told Melissa during a meet and greet, told her we were from Lafayette. She groaned with her head thrown back, I said don't hold it against us, we didn't know her. We came to see you!! Love you!

  16. Joyce Goodman

    I like how she knows she has no need to dress up her beautiful voice and presence with ridiculous outfits and make-up so heavy it burns your skin. She has talent. The rest is just gravy.

  17. Myrthe Postuma

    Girls like you can fly... love it

  18. Samantha Stanton

    i love that part about the flying machines

  19. Golden Angel

    Natalie Stotz and Stacey Dehaven Browne are your heart, so fly to heaven with your life and partner and family. thanks for the INSPIRATION ETC.

  20. Golden Angel

    Melissa etheridge is MY hero and Jesus Christ.

  21. 18Kaitlyn Renfroe

    Love her

  22. Jason Carpp

    Awesome song! Although I'm not from Indiana, I can't help but relate to what this song is about.

  23. Rita Kaufman

    i live in Indianan

  24. Helga Kury

    One of my favorite Songs of her...
    Oh wait... - She does have to much good Songs!!
    Thanks Missy!! You are such a GREAT Singer- Songwriter!!
    Greetings from Tirol :-*

  25. Stephanie Roberts

    A voice with such presence and strength!

  26. EclecticMusic67

    2 Words! Friggin Amazing!

  27. Pam Humphries

    She's so sparkly.....

  28. EclecticMusic67

    I have been a HUGE Fan of Melissa and her Music since her Debut! I am from Indiana originally and LOVE this Song! Her Music has seen me through so much in My Life! I admire her and could listen to her sing anything and everything all day everyday!

  29. lora woods

    My Sister had to have her daughted Savanna still birth at seven months. She was then told cancer had killed her baby girl and my sister battled on for two years of aggressive chemo and even two weeks on life support. This song helps her deal with her grief. Thank you Melissa!!!

  30. MrBojango

    even janis would have liked her....pure talent

  31. Just Sayin'

    good to hear her rock -n-roll again, rock!!!!

  32. Glissenz S

    <3 this!! Sing it Melissa!! love her voice. always

  33. Becky Davis

    Actually, it helped it. She went from selling a million copies to six million copies after she came out. She's well loved around the world.

  34. The OldGoat

    Get out from under that rock. Melissa Etheridge has never been in a closet. We've known she has a girlfriend from her very first album. But then, we've never given that a second thought... Shut up and listen... If you can't feel it, you're not alive...

  35. The OldGoat

    The reason I'm drawn to her music? She sings to my heart.

  36. Love1War

    Indiana is a peaceful place. But most towns are boring, Nothing to do if you're below 18 years of age. Other then that it's a wonderful place. Move on up here ya here? Summers are sunny and warm. Winters are cold and peaceful. Springs give you the rain. It's a place I like to call home.

  37. Myrthe Postuma

    I think your comment sucks! Nothing to do with her career!! Her music was/is and will still be great ;>))

  38. siobhan scofield

    mellisa wow shes amazing i went watching her in manchester and halfway through the gig i started crying... shes sooooooo talented :)

  39. OFBI7


  40. Niki

    @kakaduty she was awesome in Vienna right?:-)))

  41. Niki

    Melissa Rocks!!

  42. uijens

    I'm 100% straight! Male! And already 25 years a fan of Melissa. Great music.

  43. Di North

    Iv listned to Melissa for over 20 yrs. Going to see MELISSA AT APOLLO MANCHESTER on 16th Feb She Simply BRILLIANT !

  44. kakaduty

    Yeah!! Hope sche`ll play it in Vienna on March 4th!!!! :-))))))

  45. Antonio Jr. Fabe

    I love this song!

  46. Emily Sarah

    I cannot wait to see her live in concert in 2 weeks time, and it is songs like this that remind me why. A bloody mazing. LOVE

  47. ashvic2

    I have never heard of Melissa before, then one day I saw this exact video playing in a shopping mall. I was unable to move, I was transfixed. I dont know anything about her personal life but her music moved me to my core.

    Melissa has personal issues (so what?)
    Freddy Mercury was Bi-sexual (so what?)
    Led Zeppelin were drug users (so what?)

    their music moved us, thats all thats important

    lisa kelso

    That's truth never heard music touch way Mellissas does . Gets way down in your gut and comes out with a soul touching another soul, desperate ,hurting ,wanting be loved and to love ♡ Beacuse of her so many lost ,misguided, strayed , and hurt souls will find there way where ever their home is their heart can guide them mind can tell them be strong spirit will finally find peace . Thank you so much Mellissa Eltridge

  48. indianasoul

    Her sexuality is not hidden. If you idiots don't approve, why are you here watching her video? Come out already!!!

  49. indianasoul

    Melissa....please come back to Indiana....we love you here....Indiana wants you back, but you don't want to go...;(

  50. Viktor Ans

    have 8 IDIOTS!!!

  51. erickdircks

    Nice! Thank you very much for Sharing!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn't it wonderful!
    Keep up the good work. Hope You Are Having A Splendid Day!

    A New Friend

  52. ilymeganfox

    @QtBilly1979 i agree

  53. pcsassy03

    @pcsassy03 The gay community has offered a tremendous amount to this world. They are not a defect. I am not a defect. I work everyday to make my community better, I made something of myself, I work with the addicted, the broken and the unstable to help them. I love, I contribute, I pay taxes. I have a purpose in this world. I feel sorry you don't see that.

  54. pcsassy03

    @peterdaniel66 Well I guess we should all go off of what you say instead of the countless doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and scientists. It has been proven in large communities especially in over populated areas there is a higher instance of same sex attraction. In the animal kingdom, orphaned/abandoned animals are adopted and cared for by same gender pairs. This is especially true within groups of primates. They serve a purpose. Everything serves a purpose.

  55. peterdaniel66

    @pcsassy03 If you mass produce anything, you are bound to have defects. And yes, it is a defect. It does not function as it was intended to or designed to. As far as ignorance? You are simply guilty of wishful thinking and not paying enough attention. Fit in? Purpose? Again, if you want something to be true bad enough, you will create your own truth. It is NOT normal, never was and never will be. Is it bad? Do I hate gay people? No. They are human beings..but stop kidding yourself

  56. pcsassy03

    @peterdaniel66 Society? Are we a club now? This statement is nothing but ignorance. Not every couple has masculine and feminine. I know many who are feminine couples and masculine couples. This is a stereotype and a dumb one at that. Nature has over 1500 documented cases of same gender pairings including primates and each pairing fits in and has a purpose.

  57. peterdaniel66

    kinda funny actually... the LBGT society wants to be treated the same as the heterosexual community but they forget real easily that they have the same issues as a straight couple... and isn't it amazing how they take on the roles of male and female no matter how "gay" they are.. From courtship to breakup, theres always a male and female role to play.. funny actually. Shows you nature knows what the hell its doing..

  58. Yummy Bear

    @backflipdramachic her most favorite yes..always with a partner.. she can't play other than a beautiful Ovation 12 string!!! the fact that she wrotes songs for her partners in life, you can see she's so damn that's hot..i love her

  59. ash k

    I wonder if thats her favorite guitar... because its in a lot of her videos and on her album cover... if it is thats awesome because i have that guitar... and shes my idol... that would be ironic

  60. organicbiscuit

    I first saw Melissa live in a small venue in Indianapolis right around the time she was breaking out with her first album...It was incredible! I got the opportunity to see her again at Deer Creek. Awesome performer!

  61. Yummy Bear

    @Djean70 hhmm how can i order it im in Middle east? melissa's dvd and cd's I can't find here..

  62. Djean70

    Is this going to come out on DVD? Ive got to have it. PLEASE

  63. Elphie3000

    What a rush!!! whew! the rooms too small now, I need a bigger space now

    Samantha Stanton


    i wrote that three years ago? still in a small room. three years later. lol... spontaneous writing rocks

  64. Scampergirl

    @kerrianna58 Dares to step into the spotlight? Are you kidding? She freaking LIVES for the spotlight.! Besides, how else is she going to support her million dollar lifestyle.

  65. Anastaciafan1990


    Thank you so much!

  66. Yummy Bear

    damn she writes her songs so easy..just like frying an egg--that easy for her--a extra-ordinary human being..and a hot woman!!!

  67. Aaron Lynn


  68. Elenice Pires

    Maravilhoso, ela é fantastica!!!

  69. beaka63

    @aleale6932 For your information, Serena Ryder, "that girl" who is the opening act for Melissa's Canadian tour is a phenomenal talent. Which is precisely why she was signed. Before you start shooting off your mouth in derision toward any artist, you should check them out. Keeping an open mind does you, and everyone else, a greater service. Just sayin'.

  70. lovethemack

    Was 123$ plus fees an postage for one ticket.Plus if i wanted a decent seat AKA Pre Sale, is another 50 JUST to join Mean.I go to many many shows a year this was a $ shock is my point.And as for support on the Mel forum, is just people complaining about an opening act making Mels set shorter.Read the trade mags like Pollstar, touring is way down the last few years in N A, at these inflated prices I can see why.

  71. J C

    @lovethemack travel packages is completly different story its include many other things....I do not why but I have impression that Serena fans have some problems with Melissa... or...? Serena support during Melissa tour is official mentioned or Melissa webpage and as I saw reaction from Melissa fans is positive, however I can not say it about Serena fans...? what's the problem? take care

  72. J C

    @lovethemack sorry folks, but I am little bit lost here... what's the problem? that ticket for Melissa concerts are too expensive or in general tickets? I checked MEIN right now and it is 175-265$ for 2 tickets,you really think that it is so much? I mean, I ask seriously... in Europe prices for single ticket is around 100 euro... I payed 100euro for place in middle of nowehere for DM concert, I saw ticket for Celine Dion in Koln few years ago and the best places were around 250 euro each... so?

  73. lovethemack

    @aleale6932 For pre sale tickets you need to join mein, at 50 bucks.Or for pre sale package can only buy in pairs at over 1000 lol.In Canada Its tough enough to pay American ticket companies like Livenation or ticketmaster EXTRA fees on top of the ticket price without the artist finding new ways to GOUDGE over an above the ticket price as well is what I was saying.Ive never seen a Canadian Artist or act do that.Its not helping the declining live music scene either.

  74. aleale6932

    @lovethemack ok, but you don't have to buy tickets this way? you don't have to be member of Melissa fan club to listen her music or see her on concert? in the next step you can start to complain that you have to buy a CD, or maybe you don't have to because you already "found it" in net? Melissa fans see talent and great Artist every day,... and that girl who will open the show... we will see how good is she....Melissa rocks!!

  75. Darren Soper

    This song reminds me of the gurl I love, the parents, living in america, no-one understanding, it reminds me exactly of her, also her name is Indiana, I love songs tht remind me of people i am close to, I jst hope I can make her fly :-)

  76. lovethemack

    from her forum "We are no longer offering the 1 ticket option" Plus its 50 bucks to simply get in a club for presale tickets at all? wow id be ashamed to be a fan of such clear greed it makes Livenation jealous lol.
    She sounds like Tina turner on a very bad day anyway.At least her fans will see a genuine TALENT and a Canadian artist with integrity opening on the new tour

  77. killakitty75

    @bjbcoach Seen the same concert in Dallas and agree 110% with you!!

  78. Jan Davis

    This is a sad song I saw her sing in in L. A. I am glad she is finding herself

  79. peterdaniel66

    there are some voices in this world that are unforgetable.. Bruce, Barbra and Melissa come to mind.. timeless and original and insanely powerful.. Thank you Melissa for following your dream..

  80. Elyse Bontrager

    had dreams of singing and all that... but now my college aged kids and their talents r my world.. dream on my loves.. u can anything, and I will be there....

  81. wendyleet

    Melissa writes music from her heart, & this song is no different. My wife & I saw her in Denver and in CA twice in Aug this year and she is amazing.....more open and centered than the previous 9 shows we've seen since 2003. We had a meet & greet & she was very gracious to everyone. She had a hard time making in thru Indiana 2 of the 3 nights, but it's a great song and I'm glad she plays it each night. I wish her, Tammy & all the kids the best; and I hope she keeps putting out great tunes! Peace.

  82. gerri dudley

    @QtBilly1979 yes but she is showing her kids that they can fly.And not doing them like her mom done her.

  83. Karliang

    @wadjela HEY it's a FANTASTIC song! I think it's pretty unfortunate too (and this song WOULD be pretty awkward for all of us who know who it's about) but this is seriously an amazing song and I wouldn't like it to be retired.

  84. Karliang

    Why can't you guys separate her work from her personal life?

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in her too, for all her words about being gay and appreciating love and relationships (see Kathy Griffin's ep), it's so hypocritical she's singing this song about her ex, but it IS an AWESOME SONG.

    @jwr108 I would still go for the concert, AND donate the money to TLynn. Melissa's music is beautiful.

  85. kakaduty

    @tippngthevelvet Why is she a hypocrite??? Did I miss something?

  86. tippngthevelvet

    You obviously have not read her biography, Truth Is ... She has no appropriate sense of her own privacy, or that of anyone else. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleave, she's completely inside-out. That's fine if she wants that carry on for herself, but she also drags Tammy's and Julie's children into her maelstrom of egocentric self-absorption.

  87. tippngthevelvet

    I made those comments after hearing and watching watching interviews she's done. I thought she was at least going to keep it private and dignified, at least for Tammy's children's sake. But no, she has to be the big 'I am', an incredibly insatiable desire for attention. She needs to grow up and have some decorum. She disgraces us with her hypocrisy, and feeds the anti-gay marriage brigade.

    All I hear now is from the anti people is 'well what about melissa?' FUCK her !!

  88. CDBLGD904

    I have to say that her personal life is just that, PERSONAL. Yes she is a public figure, but she is entitled to some privacy. I respect that she hasn't been vocal about the situation. As for her concert---I got to see it in Dallas and was completely AMAZED! SHE ROCKED! I am a fan of the music and plan to be for a long, long time!

  89. Anastaciafan1990

    What is this song about?

  90. ekydami

    Melissa has set herself up as matriarch and wise woman, the one who shows us the path and way to eternal peace and love. Hypocrite, yeah.

  91. Nancy Moore

    Hey all you haters... life happens and it happens to everyone. Judge yourself, not others.

  92. Tasha Lindsey

    I am not part of the Gay community but I am a Melissa fan. I do not like the fact that she is now divorced a second time for the KIDS SAKE. I hate that you all are asking Melissa to be some matriach. She is a human... she is a woman... she deserves to be happy... We are not living her life.... we do not know first hand what she is going through. My love for Melissa is still strong and will remain that why because I love her for the artist that she is. Let's not be judgmental.

  93. wadjela

    If Etheridge had ANY RESPECT,
    she would retire this song.
    But she hasn't, so she won't.

  94. ekydami

    I wish Melissa would just shut the fuck up!
    Yep, we know she's a millionaire, and she's got four babes to two mothers, if she cared about them or her fans, she would go through this whole process with some sense of didnity and decorum. She's no better than a "dead beat dad".
    She does more harm to the GLBTQ community than good, especially TODAY with THIS SONG!!

  95. banksiasong

    Yep agree, her once proud and strong reputation is in complete tatters.
    Behaving like an ex-husband is about the lowest a gay gal can go.
    A real "smoke blower".
    Good luck to Tammy's children, and to Julie's.

  96. Ceryni


    <3 for Fort Wayne :]

  97. 026marcuseriksson

    God damn, this is so good it makes me cry....
    I love it!
    I love it!
    I love it and Melissa forever!!!

  98. diane currier

    i call indiana home and it can be about any indiana women!! it appeals to me.

  99. chitchant

    I love the repertoire of melissa.
    I absolutely hate vevo.

  100. Court Clark

    This song and "The Wanting Of You" are the best tracks from "Fearless Love."