Etheridge, Melissa - Be Real Lyrics

Why can't you be real
You hide the way you feel
You can't manufacture me
Cause I like it naturally
Why can't you be true
Why can't you be you
Stop all your suffering
And do your natural thing

Do you think you're fooling anybody
Your mind is in some kind of control
Your soul isn't inside the body
Your body is inside the soul

Why can't you be cool
You're acting like a fool
You sold your soul for fame, fame, fame,
Me I like the natural game

Do you think you're fooling anybody
You are in some kind of control
I've seen you on the ledge pushed over the edge
Like it was some kind of goal

Never mind, never mind
I will be fine I will be fine

Never mind, never mind
I will be fine I will be fine

Never mind, never mind
I will be fine I will be fine

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Etheridge, Melissa Be Real Comments
  1. James Thomas


  2. Will Will

    She has a beautiful smile.

  3. Will Haskin

    Great Episode! By far one of the Best ones! Get Vladimir Putin next 😂

  4. Marciano Demidof

    Melissa Etheridge🙏

  5. Francisco Montilliano

    Smoaked out..
    Milissa Ethrege is one cool lady.

  6. Will Haskin

    By far one of the best episodes of the Smokebox! Thanks B-Real

    Get Riff Raff Next!

  7. laSmileyIII

    Thank u for sharing such a good message, maybe people will appreciate cannabis more. 👊

  8. Way High Radio

    You should get John prine, Taj Mahal, Nappy Roots, Luniz, Bone thugs, icp, kottonmmouth kings, Dj Paul, john butler trio, ice t

  9. Nathan Waid

    Get Chappelle on tha box

  10. E Flores-Galan

    dope episode.

  11. Larry Copes

    Weed wine just blew my fuckin mind.

  12. Blake Schiffman

    More like this please. Worlds.coming together helps unite us all

  13. Marcus Whitted


  14. William Elliott

    You gotta get Willie Nelson on the show..

  15. Shawn LeBlanc

    Great video thanks for sharing! 😜👍🏻

  16. Alliswell

    she's giggin it bro

  17. Tim Dewhurst

    UK ??? dizzie / skepta / giggs

  18. Joshua Garcia

    Wow. B Real breaking it down and so down to earth. He humbled himself and had so much respect for this woman. It was great to watch. I have more respect for him as a individual. He has to play that persona everyday but I think he is more enlightened than most people give him credit for.

  19. Willie Jophryn

    Stop talking so much and just smoke

  20. Luke N. Lindquist

    Nice Qupe Syrah is something I grew up with in my baby bottle hahaha I make the same kind of wines on both sides though thc and the cbd.

  21. cory arnold

    I wonder if B was into Black Uhuru back in the day..I wonder if Black Uhuru is still around ,and what they are up to today? I know Puma died (RIP).

  22. noly ryan

    Get someone on here that doesn't smoke, and chamber that bitch.

  23. wink419216

    One of the coolest interviews in the Smokebox with one of the coolest rockers!

  24. amchav 71

    Joe Rogan

  25. amchav 71

    Get woody harrelson or Matthew mcconeghy or harrison ford or joaquin phoenix or quention Tarantino or Hank William's III or Phil Anselmo

  26. Ian Harrison

    I bet if she had a son he'd look like David Crosby

    Kamile Stone

    Ian Harrison David Crosby is her kids sperm donor lmfqoooooo

  27. Cisco Gomez

    steve o of jackass, spm;s daughter

  28. Cisco Gomez

    orlando brown

    Cisco Gomez

    chris brown, haystack, moonshine bandits, hed pe

  29. Cisco Gomez

    eddie griffin, katt williams

  30. Cisco Gomez

    you should get andrew tosh or tosh1 or dre tosh, skip marley, jomersa marley, zuri marley

  31. Cisco Gomez

    danial boone of rehab, bubba sparxx, big boi, andre ice cold 3000

  32. Cisco Gomez

    should get chris webby

  33. freddie morin

    Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes please. They started the movement with y'all at the same time or Phil Anselmo. Top 3 bands that supported the herb in the 90's

  34. Steve Ruiz

    Its fucking awesome how not just rappers are in the smokehouse. Melissa etheridge is chill as fuck!

  35. Jessica Perry

    Fuck yeah that was beautiful.

  36. The peacemaker

    My dad once said to me I've smoked weed for over 50 years, he then went on to say my friends who chose to drink and take hard drugs arent here with us anymore, he said that to him proves that marjuana is the safe and can change the world.

  37. Joseph Medel

    Get Ramon Ayala in the smoke box.

  38. Debbie Bloodworth

    This session was really Cool AF🚬🚬🚬
    I really enjoyed it and always learn something new. It took me to get older to truly embrace the culture and gain all the beneficial properties that it brings. I need a case of that wine 🍷

  39. meezy meez

    Nice episode

  40. MondoNMind

    Gey Nate Diaz in the smoke box!!!

  41. 1985pza

    both of this guys are nice people. i will give you a like

  42. Bird Man

    If you don't get fucked up off one hit, you're smoking trash.

  43. manue3l1976

    Bring me on the Box Dog...I was don’t beat the shit out of Cypresshill 1991 Latin Lingo

  44. Ninja Nachi

    Kathy Bates needs to be in the box

  45. Jamid Molina

    Wily nelson in the smoke boxxx

  46. Jake Leach

    Dude Melissa Etheridge is cool as FUCK

  47. BagsOfun420

    wow what a great segment. B-real you the man! melissa you the women!

  48. Colin W

    Loved this! More Tommy Chong please but get Cheech in with him. Your the man B-Real!

  49. jame gooo

    She's not even smokeing

  50. Fernando Ramoa

    melissa ethridge this is soo cool!

  51. Tony Harris

    Let us don't forget Charlo Greene :

  52. Jon Talkasquan

    I <3 Lesbian Rock.

  53. Jenn Baby


  54. Lennon Myers

    This is AWESOME...She a LEGEND B Real you Da Man...

  55. Uber X Confessions

    Is she even gonna smoke?

  56. Angela Pruitt

    Smoke box is a Brilliant idea! I'm watching this s*#t like cable

  57. RisingSun

    she is my idol, and I knew she smoked, but to SEE her smoke, just made my day! how did i not see this sooner?
    best hot box session i have watched..
    thanks for this video!

  58. Yung Hussel

    seth rogen in the smoke box

  59. 2Phaktor smoking with a 4th grade art teacher.

  60. blondemom1642


  61. Karim

    she sleep on his joint ,give me that shit if you sleep

  62. San Sam

    Melissa reminds me of a hippy Hillary Clinton. This I'm sure is what she looked like in the 60s.

    kimberly Morinvil

    San Sam her and Bill


    Lol! Classic

  64. funguy29

    Wow typical weed conversation lol

  65. mark1138

    dr Ram kept 27 plants and substances out of the uniform controlled substance ya !

  66. Jennifer Saunders

    Sunny day honey stick!! Now I get the lyrics lol

  67. Jennifer Saunders

    Take the ridicule the fear? You got balls Melissa, not everyone would openly put themselves on camera

  68. Jennifer Saunders

    Refreshing! Brill smokebox

  69. Jesse

    down to earth souls. great convo.

  70. Maranda Rights

    just came across this and wanted to say that I think this is awesome! This is the same criteria i use on my radio show. My show Hash it Out made history here in Colo Spri ngs on the worlds 1st N Only fcc approved marijuana radio station. Much 💜to Melissa Etheridge& Hope to Hash it Out w BReal soon!!! #SOS

  71. mike jones

    this show needs to be put on a tv channel like HBO at night!!!!

  72. Blood0cean

    melissa barely smoked. "idk whats wrong with him"

  73. battlerap junkie86

    holy fuck!

  74. keano hihm

    Melissa Ethridge! that's dope.....Literally , what a cool concept this whole thing. good job b-real

  75. Ty Wulf

    Stoner Sloth...

  76. Moreninho12 Lol

    All the weed she smoked back in the day I'm willing to bet was garbage compared to now.

  77. Middlefingerup8

    That's pretty fuckin awesome! Keep up the good work.

  78. deeflores !

    Nick diaz in the smoke box :-)

  79. Silencer thesixthelement

    this one was one of the coolest. i usually smoke while watching these, but my three yr old is in here. Naptime for him.

  80. Silencer thesixthelement

    big homie you must get whoopie goldberg in the smokebox.

  81. 13th Exit

    Joan Jett in the Smokebox.

  82. Clorox Bleach

    im lovin the chemistry! chill interview

  83. Karen The kat ZON

    If B got all the artists he smoke with on a mixtape, I'd fuck wit it

  84. Karen The kat ZON

    I'd burn several wit B-Real any day....legend status

  85. Don Mateo

    cypress your fat asf

  86. Magical Unicorn Tips Support

    this was a great episode!

  87. Mart1m47

    Bring FBZ and UA to the smoke box drgreen ««

  88. Lisa Fransson

    Where's Willie?

  89. Alex Marquez

    this one of the best episodes nothing but a positive vibe.

  90. AshantiLife

    bring Jay z

  91. Terri Lloyd


  92. krupt 919

    Mike Epps u got to get my dude on.

  93. p jay

    Sick smoke halo 7.04

  94. p jay

    Sick smoke halo 7.04

  95. Javi Car

    She looked at the joint like "fuck, this is stronger than I remember" lol

  96. Presence The Gifted

    Get immortal technique in the smoke box b-real, in my opinion i think it'd be the best smoke box video.

  97. Wickedjr Reads

    I have no idea who these people are but this was a great vid even so. Though the "we only use 10% of our brains" is debunked bullshit. It was said by someone originally as a way to call people stupid, not to be taken seriously like so many do today. You can google it. Otherwise though some very true shit :)

  98. len got

    that was nice

  99. Caito Jones

    I just saw her today live, and it's not even my style of music really, but my god she is talented.  She is living proof that, if anything, pot makes you more capable, rather than less capable.