Eternal - Oh Baby I... Lyrics

I feel the touch of your hand
And I understand how much I need your love
You have given me wings
And I can do things I've never dreamed of
And I promise for as long as we're together
I will cherish this everlasting love

Oh baby I need you so
You know that I can't let go
Always and forever I just want you to know
I wanna be where you are
No matter how near or far
And I wanna be the only one
Who can open the door to your heart
Oh baby I, oh baby I, oh baby I [x2]

All your secrets I'll keep
They're safe here with me
My arms will comfort you
There'll be no river too wide
No mountain too high
My heart will follow you
I'll go anywhere for as long as we're together
I will cherish this everlasting love

Oh baby I need you so
You know that I can't let go
Always and forever I just want you to know
I wanna be where you are
No matter how near or far
And I wanna be the only one
Who can open the door to your heart
Oh baby I, oh baby I, oh baby I [x2]

There may be times some rain will fall
But I won't mind it if you're here with me
Oh, we'll get by and through it all
We'll have all of the love that we need, oh baby
Oh, oh baby
Oh, my darling
I'll go anywhere for as long as we're together
I will cherish this everlasting love

Oh baby I need you so
You know that I can't let go
Always and forever I just want you to know
I wanna be where you are
No matter how near or far
And I wanna be the only one
Who can open the door

Oh baby I need you so
Together our love will grow
Always and forever I just want you to know
I want to be where you are
No matter how near or far
And I want to be the only one
Who can open the door to your heart

[ad lib to fade]

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Eternal Oh Baby I... Comments
  1. George Ward

    beautiful song

  2. Shai Ful

    Its february 2020 and im still listening and enjoying this song

  3. Jy Ry

    To this day I still dont understand why Eternal and their management and/or record company didnt use the album version of Oh Baby i.


    i like this version more than the album version. at least we are able to hear more of kelle and louise's voice and it seems louise can go very low, oh and louise's new album releases today!

  4. Rebecca Roderick

    Who is listening in Dec 19 ?? ♥️🎄

  5. M Faisal Butt

    Was it Louise last appearance with eternal ? I remember it

  6. Tony Vivo

    Girl Aloud was huge fans of this song:)))

  7. corkystorky

    Eternal was the group, till the Spice Girls came along

  8. Noel McMahon

    I love this song

  9. MJ Knight

    Sensual, classy and beautiful song

  10. Karim Melikian

    Love this song. It’s so sad how racist people were when Louise was in the band. Racial tension was one of the reasons why she quit the band I believe. Not racial tension within the band, but how they were received

    Jeff Rivera

    Karim Melikian kinda sad if you ask me. Their record label or whoever manages them failed then big time . They could had been HUGE here in the US... I know they had 14 top 10 in the UK but still, to me they were far better than the spice girls. The most talented girl group the UK has ever had...

  11. Serban Calafus

    2019? Who is listening it any more? I love it!

  12. Jessica Barbot

    Louise kinda look like Sarah Mclachlan in this vid

  13. Benjamin Vidad

    I love this group.

  14. Paul Hogarty


  15. Jamie Michael Alcock

    Wanted to listen to this today. : )
    I've always been versitile in my music tastes.

  16. ζαρα Ιωάννα

    RnB was much bigger in the US back in the 90s than it was in the U.K. Once the band was a three piece if they could of caught a break over there they had the talent and the potential to be huge and around way longer than they were

  17. Narah Jones

    When my sister bought me CD player, Eternal's CD was one of my first few CDs. I still remember how I enjoyed songs of Eternal.

  18. rikkiej28

    As an 13 year old adolessant white teenage boy Esther was one of my first teenage crushes, great song...

  19. Pi Rho

    I actually prefer Oh Baby to I Wanna Be The Only One; a unique level of heavenly passion; and the stretch 2:00 - 3:99 gets me intoxicated starting with the tune change that generates a rush of anticipatory yearning, followed by superb singing!

  20. kingrapid

    Dayyyyuuuumn!!!! This song just took me RIGHT back to my last year of Primary school.. ready to take that "big step" onto secondary. I miss RnB girl groups from the UK like Eternal and All Saints... LIKE if u agree with me that there's more sh*t on the airwaves than there used to be back in the 90's?

  21. Phillondra Clark Robinson

    They were 3 black female members with one white female member at the time back then.

  22. Ctha Reth

    This song came out at a time when I was with the only woman I have ever loved in my life. We danced to it. Around christmas time, 20 years ago.

  23. micgabtaylorific

    Baby, I am missing you so much. I love you Forever...

  24. Rui Castro

    scumbag producer tommy faragher stole the chorus of the song from me when i sent the song to MCA in US.

  25. Wayne Alexander

    Another CLASSIC!! #blastfromthepast

  26. Hudson123

    there may be times some rain will fall but I won't mind it if your here with me....... 👌👌👌👌

  27. Nafisa London

    Louise was totally overrated. The 3 sisters were amazing ❤️

    Rebecca Henson

    kelly is not related to vernie and easther


    They were the group as far as I was concerned. Louise never fit in to me...

    ζαρα Ιωάννα

    Nafisa al Londoniyyah backing dancer at most


    As successful as they were they should of sold tonnes more records. The first album which featured this track was an excellent debut. A shame Louise left, she added some real sexiness to the group - not that the other girls weren't attractive, but she was the bomb back then.

    Wayne Alexander

    A great 90's group, i miss the 90's, The Best Decade, EVER!

  29. roger surez

    When I was a kid, I had crush with the white woman (dunno her name)

    Mo Kamali

    That's Louise Redknapp

    Gary Phillips

    Louise Nurding (now Redknapp)

    donnn 0666

    Oh for fuck sake how could you bit know her fucking name. A few seconds Google would tell you!!! Lol

  30. Pacifica Northwest

    I do love this song. Although, their water bill is going to be astronomical.


    how good was this a absoulty love this song... always and forever

  32. Anya Santos

    my always and forever favorite. song....

    i can listen to this song even if i am sad or happy...

    Jonathan Avis

    Anya Santos favourite not favorite

  33. westsideAUKILANI

    Memories!!!90's golden era!!!

    Wayne Alexander

    The Best!

    Wayne Alexander

    The Best!

  34. J Fox Khajiit

    THIS is made for people that dont really like music, soulless and passionless !!! is this song about finding a good place to park a car ???

    Pacifica Northwest

    If it is, hopefully it'll be on your foot :)

  35. Riaz Agha

    They all hated each other lol


    Really? Is that true

  36. gammergq

    The crazy thing in the last 20 odd years this is the first time I have seen the video for this song.


    Oh gosh I have too. lol

    Chris Tsuma

    I do believe this song flew underrated, and perhaps if they had been in the US Music Industry the ball park would have been totally DIFFERENT. That RnB tone has MUCH MUCH bigger in the US compared to UK. The song is just supadupa awesome, the singing talent, the tune, the pretty ladies, the beats all of it...The Aura imbued within is PERFECT for LOVE BIRDS.

    Genide Priori

    LOL, I had no clue that there was a video for this song.

    joianne frank

    ME TOO hahaha adored this back on Highschool years on radio playbackswhere I was always daydreaming and swooning.. daang.. now I am a doctor and have no idea how to do LIFE and adulting haha

    WANJOHI Kabugi

    Me too. was my favorite.

  37. toxxxikkkjuggga0069

    this song was in my songpop list and thats how i found it
    <3 it

  38. Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

    first erections!

    ζαρα Ιωάννα

    Mahfuz Munir Khan PT 🍆☺️

  39. Soochz Kookoo

    I wonder what Eternal looks like if it's a trio with Louise?

    Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

    +Soochz Kookoo oreo cookie

  40. Motomotoepink Bk

    This was the 1st CD song my husband Steve bought me, and we've been together 23 years.....

    Wayne Alexander

    Bless x

    ζαρα Ιωάννα

    Motomotoepink Bk Too cute 💑 Congratulations ❤️ Hope the next 23 are just as memorable

  41. Tyrese Green

    Give me this any minute and i'll be fine...I love Eternal!!

  42. Four

    My favourite girl band of the 90's!!!

    Edd Holland

    +Efthimis Dimitrelias well said m8 i had it on walkman (tape0


    Those crazy Spice Girls had nothing on Eternal...

  43. Tasmiah Hassen

    Oooh so glad i found this song!! Lovit❤️

  44. Vincent Rodriguez

    One of the best songs of 90s.

    Wayne Alexander

    Yes Indeed! #classic

  45. Kami luna

    Love this song x

  46. Joanne Rigg

    Absolutely ❤️ this song...💜

  47. Mac2point1

    So dated

  48. David Lumm

    Forgot about this one! It was a great track!

  49. E'yaniBrandi Taj

    im sorry louise did not fit in not because she was white I think she didnt have soul wit her style

    K Romanova

    What style are you talking about exactly? Could you please describe the styles of each of them then and explain why Louise's was so different?
    Sure...the black girl does not think the white girl fit into the band yet the third black girl that did nothing in the band did fit?
    You are right though...Louise did not fit into the bad....she was far too pretty compared to the other 3


    OK, good racism there buddy.

    donnn 0666

    @bootsamou no not true. Louis was actually older then kelle. And there was only a year or 2 between the sisters. Louis left the band very early thou and has not kept in touch with any of them so I do agree there were problems but it had nothing to do with age. Also the 2 sisters never got on with kellle either and sacked her via email. They did make up to some degree in 2014 with the big reunion and song together. Louis wanted no part of it tho and at the time said she had not spoken to any of the girls in 15 years!!


    @bootsamou Kelle Bryan was the youngest- Louise was a little bit older than Kelle.

  50. Seventh Heaven

    what has this to do with girls aloud group? were they fans of eternal or something. this does send shivers over me, what a lovesong.

    Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

    +Seventh Heaven can i sing this por u?

  51. Kim L

    Big Reunion 2 just a shame no louise !

    Kim L

    Very doubtful doesn't seem to be any love lost there.

    Karim Melikian

    louise must have her reasons for leaving the band. i know that there was a race issue, not among the group, they loved one another like sisters, but in the way that the people were reacting to them.

    Ultra Violet

    @Karim Melikian agree

    Starli Cense

    +Karim Melikian She couldn't sing well to be in Eternal in the first place imo.

    The songs Eternal later sang after she left would have been very difficult for her.


    @Starli Cense Kelle was actually the weakest singer- Louise is a better singer than Kelle.
    I liked them as a four-piece, each of them contributed to making up a great group.

  52. Charlotte Song

    Beautiful group, beautiful girls, and beautiful song. 

  53. Benjamin Lock

    Scenes of Esther, vennie, Louise and Kellie with brown design or waterfall.

  54. CupcakeBeautiana

    I love them. They're perfect. What a beautiful song and beautiful girls.

  55. gunner a wyer

    This was one our songs Sam C, after this time apart I still love you as much if not more than ever. Come back to me sweetie xx x xx

  56. Summer MC Rocks

    my brother wont stay off my youtube account sry

  57. Khamdear TV

    ทำนองเหมือนเพลงเพราะผูกพันธ์ของสมิทธฺ์ เชน จัง

  58. Молочная пенка


  59. Summer MC Rocks

    u dead fucker

  60. Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

    give me back louise nurding :(

    she married a redman! :) YNWA

  61. Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

    the wedding was Eternal!

  62. alun harrison

    my wedding song 1996 and still together in 2013 thanks eternal x

  63. nick corcross

    i agree. this version is okay. close to okay for me actually, because i really love the album version. This Nigel lowis mix kinda dampened the song from reaching the impact or climax that it aims to reach.

  64. anonymous

    she left to pursue solo projects

  65. Karim Melikian

    i don't understand why eternal got rid of louise redknapp. was it racist or what?

  66. Karim Melikian

    give me back the 80s and whitney

  67. Christina Ankeel

    I love this song!

  68. paul richardson

    My first love gave me this in 1994! Seen her once in the 18 years between,meeting up soon,who said romance is dead :)

  69. cloudkicker06

    "Oh Baby I..." One of Eternal's best songs in their arsenal if not the best one. I did not know that they made video for this song; while this version is okay. I love the album version more.

  70. BigBoy Shiro

    the song itself takes you to a place where it is ok to fall and express how much he/she means to you...never keepin,always yielding..a promise of forever...this song and the voices of the gurls just nails it!!! and I love the violin and orchestra section on this song!!! its almost heavenly..the violin just glides in the last part to fade...its simply hypnotic...!!!

  71. Flumper45

    Must be About 12 Years Since there Demise But There Music Is Eternal And Still Sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday

  72. astrobum

    @1977UK --Thank you for the info!

  73. 1977UK

    @humpmud EMI only released their first album and about 2 singles. Stay and Sweet Funky Thing. EMI in the US had lots of management issues and did not release anything for any EMI artist there apparently. EMI were going to release an Eternal album named Dreams in 97 which had songs form Eternal's 2nd and 3rd albums, but then that got cancelled. Apparently lots of Eternal music was bought on import from the UK and Japan to the US. Eternal were known of. They could have been huge there.

    Cat Harbin

    I wish they had been I'm a huge fan of their work


    @humpmud That's EMI for you - every mistake imaginable.

  75. Jordan Luces

    i don't want to see even a single dislike on this!

  76. astrobum

    If "Oh Baby I" had been released in the US it would have been huge here--and couples would have it played at their weddings. What a shame EMI didn't do a US issue. Beautiful lyrics and melody.

  77. I. Poppius

    This is so well shot...such a classy video...they don't make them like this anymore..:(

  78. csartsong

    Yes ti steamyboy69, this is a different mix than the album, it is the single "radio" mix. Personally, I prefer the album version. Love the song, just don't know why the volume seems low on this one.

  79. rochey1010

    I love these...I miss the Old RNB...It was sooo much better :((

  80. Hotmami1982

    ik krijg hier kippevel van
    i miss those days

  81. troggbl

    Ahh sweet memories of lusting for Louise, anyone else have the massive poster of her than came with FHM/Loaded/Some lads mag. Was about 5ft tall.

  82. Aze Rabor

    the 90's songs brings back memories of highschool... those were the best years of my life. ^_^

  83. steamyboy69

    is this the radio version? because the album version is 5 minutes long and a bit different vocal arrangements, anyone else noticed the difference?

  84. ryam bell

    im so sooooo in love right now wanna here this song playing over and over tonight till i sleep! <3 oh baby i

  85. ryam bell

    oooohhhhh im just so in love <3 <3<3

  86. Konsker

    Big Fan OF Louise

  87. verkaforever

    I heard this song for the first time in my life this week. I think I will download it from Amazon, it is beautiful.

  88. ummarah khan

    so many good memories of yesteryear

  89. manuel seio

    como uma letra, uma palavra, uma voz de uma musica pode fazer alguem feliz;-) adoro voces

  90. Amah Habim

    Oh Baby I...Gorgeous song. Gotta give a shout out to the writer/producers of this gem--Lotti Golden and Tommy Faragher. My sister played this song at her wedding.

  91. kim hansen

    GIVE ME BACK THE 90´s !!!

  92. pakokz

    music videos before are so, so simple compared to music videos of today.
    simplicity makes u relate more to the song itself. specially this song.. it so brings up good memories :)

  93. thfcyidz

    A true guilty pleasure

  94. MsTeo

    wait to i find that perso who stole my eternal cd watch me and them i love this song

  95. tye h

    loves this song reminds me of derby uk

  96. Dreamersdream

    i used to have the biggest crush on louise.... funny watching back now.

  97. sbabatunde1

    Very nice ballad!

  98. mikmarilynmusika

    feckin' love this song!

  99. Lif Pan

    i LisN 2 THiiS aFTeR ii HiiT ThE GyM!!!

    ReLaXiiNg :D