Eternal - If She Breaks Your Heart Lyrics

Came as total surprise
But I kept the tears from my eyes
And now I've got to shake off this pain
Because there's nothing here to gain
I tried to hold onto our yesterday
And not the reasons things faded away
But, boy, I still carry this flame
And hope it's with a name

If she breaks your heart
Who will mould it back?
If she makes you cry
Who will make you laugh?
And if you lose your way
Who will take your hand?
And lead you back to love
And lead you back to love

Guess I gotta get on the mend
This I cannot pretend
In my heart I believe
That we're still meant to be
I thought it'll last 'till the end of time
And there'll be no end to this dream of mine
How can love between our two hearts
Now be oceans apart?

[Chorus x2]

Where, where my love will always remain
For eternity and a day
Let's not fight our destiny
Or what we're meant to be

[Chorus x2]

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