Ester Dean - Rio Rio Lyrics

Let me take you... to Rio
Let me take you... to Rio
Let me take you up
Take you high
Take you far, in the sky
Let me take you
Oh, Let me take you... to Rio

Rio De Jainero just for the weather though
Don’t wait for the moment, it’s everywhere that we go
Don’t worry about the future ‘cause really you never know
Trust yourself, no one can tell you which direction to go
All the time, most of the time, some of the time
Nothing in mind, under the sun, Summer is fine
And whether its bad weather, none of the time
It's nothing but blue skies, I'll deal with the clouds some other time
I'm gone

[Hook x2:]
Let me take you to Rio
Fly over the ocean like an eagle
And we can chill in my gazebo
Oh oh oh oh, na na na

Uh! Show you a life that you never experienced
Open your mind up and witness the limitless
Some things come easy, but some are the trickiest
Learn to relax quit being so serious
Seriously life is mysterious
It appears to be so simple, but also ambiguous
All we can do is enjoy the voyage and soak it up
What an incredible view of the ocean from up above

[Hook x2]

Shake it up fast, wind it up slow now
Just move your body girl
Work it to the floor
Let your body go now, now now, oh oh oh

[Hook x2]

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Ester Dean Rio Rio Comments
  1. Maciej Lange

    Better than despacito 👍


    Maciej Lange love both!

    Maciej Lange



    Maciej Lange Got to run class time Theater.

  2. ZZF _

    This is amazing thanks for lyrics I needed the rap bit for audition


    ZZF _ MP!

  3. Bestfriends Forever

    Am i the only who just finished watching Rio and searched up this song?? 😂

  4. Miley-ray Cookson

    My brothers name is rio

  5. Lala Carballo

    Love this shong


    Lala Carballo song*

  6. Nightmare FazbearGirl16

    Best Rio 2 song I've heard!

  7. Nilda Mendez

    I need more of this song

  8. Nelson Segotso

    Thank you RIO 2..

  9. Addy Higginbotham

    i am addys sister i love this song

  10. Addy Higginbotham

    love this song