Ester Dean - Love (What Did I Do) Lyrics

Oh, what what did I do
Oh, what what did I do
Oh, what what did I do
Oh, what what did I do

This is my farewell goodbye
No need to stay ‘round and cry
Wish it had been so much more
Wish it had held more in store

I wish the stories were true
Wish that Prince Charming was too
You never made your debut
You left me longing for you

Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, why are you not talking to me
Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, (ay ay) what did I do to you
Oh, (love, love, love,)
(Ay, Ay) What did I do to you
Oh, (love, love, love,)
(Ay, Ay) What did I do to you

Seems like you just look away
Because I see your work everyday
But, in my life you won’t play
A part in my destiny

I wish the stories were true
Wish that Prince Charming was too
You never made your debut
You left me longing for you

Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, why are you not talking to me
Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, (ay ay) what did I do to you
Oh, (love, love, love,)
(Ay, Ay) What did I do to you
Oh, (love, love, love,)
(Ay, Ay) What did I do to you

Oh, love did you forget about me
Love, did you forget about me
Oh, love did you forget about me
(Ay, Ay) What did I do to you
Oh love…love.. Oh love…
(Ay, Ay) What did I to you [2x]

Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, why are you not talking to me
Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, (ay ay) what did I do to you

Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, why are you not talking to me
Love, why are you so mad at me
Love, (ay ay)

What did I do to you
Fades out..

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Ester Dean Love (What Did I Do) Comments
  1. Songwriter HOPE

    I don't think anyone understands how f****** awesome this f****** song is. This song is so f****** awesome. This song is the this song Still bangs in 2019 this is the best song since I the 90s. Ain't s*** out that's on this level Point Blank.

  2. Adonis Dakidd The Ad Show

    Nah this song is ahead of its time she need to revise this song and drop it again🔥🔥🔥

  3. Only 1 Dominiq

    Still a bop in 2019

  4. Andi Sofian

    ooohhh Ester Dean you are amazing .. And your song is all good.

  5. A leelee15

    My Jam!

  6. Kelly Smith

    I love her voice.. Where is she?

  7. Many Moon

    The fact that this song is only 3min long. I need a whole ALBUM like this song. 80s love songs.

  8. damian de oxala olokum

    2019 love song

  9. William Cody

    Pornhub brought me here 👀😆

  10. JMA

    I’d pay good money for an Ester Dean 90’s themed album. Her voice is mesmerizing..

  11. Ruby Manus

    Love u! My husband wrote a song that he would love you to hear, called Baby the wedding song by Michael Bell. Beautiful.

  12. Toychest85

    2019 still love this song and her voice ❤️👌🏾🎶

  13. Petey Lavoy

    This is Baby making Music ! I love it !

  14. Pass it On

    I came here from songland she is like candy b.... she is very talented....

  15. seyven dreon

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music

  16. prosper joseph

    It sounds like computer love zapp and roger

  17. Moran Guap

    2019 ? Or 2O2O ?

  18. KAY DENÉ

    This is so dope. Why is this not on iTunes???

  19. JO 7Z

    I would prefer that she sings the song that she sold to Rihanna; she is much better, effective, and less whawhawha, na na na na , bah bah bah...ect...

  20. Wife & Momof6

    Still my ish ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    2019 and still 🔥

  22. Bridgette Concentine

    I will be forty this year and this will stay on my playlist until I'm gone!!!

  23. Bridgette Concentine

    Great voice!!! I could listen to her everyday!!! Young Shirley Murdock!!! Her voice is so special!!!!

  24. Trin Marie

    I can’t believe this having hit 1mill yet the way I play it ...

  25. Phoenicia Hudson

    Still listening in 2019 and beyond. Born in 83 so this takes me back with this old school feel.

  26. The Funny Side Up

    Man I had to come back and jam again. This should have been a HUGE HIT. 💯🔥❤️

  27. Mychelle Mitchell

    I love it 😍😘🤗😍

  28. Jacob Small

    Anybody still makin babies to this song in 2018??🙋🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂👀

  29. Ragga Chat

    I can wait to manage a mad t guan

  30. Alexander Robertson

    Baby'Girl Really Different 😍😍😘💦💯 Had A Crush On Her Since This Song Came Out, Really My Favorite Song By Her, Her Voice Is Everything 💕😏💯

  31. Princess Laya

    Its 2018 and its still litty in the gritty😍🔥, 2018 anyone??

  32. Erica C

    2018 & still Loving this song!

  33. gwendolyn whitt

    Yassss😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍Ester you killed it babe girl

  34. Janelle Mason

    I like this just now hearing it.

  35. Jimmy Grove

    Missy Elliott's niece😘

  36. Doesn'tMatter *

    Cool vid❤

  37. S h a s h i


  38. simply alejandro

    more music in 2018

  39. Arlene M.

    heard this on one of tommy sotomayor's videos. i looked up the lyrics and here I am.

  40. Mesha Capone

    This song is life

  41. Wife & Momof6

    This fire in 2018 💖💖💖💖

  42. Namoe Timoteo

    How come this song ain’t on Apple Music or tidal

  43. Tatyana Najee

    Why the song didn’t do numbers ?I remember being in high school sneaking and listening to this😭😭😩

  44. Andrew Solorzano

    Why is this not on Spotify

  45. __majucha_

    Omg i love you <3 This song is amazing :D

  46. LindseyDominique

    Here because of Stanley & Stahr lol

  47. Likedbymany

    She has a sick voice. Very underrated. she getting her coin behind the scenes writting tho.

  48. Cora Alexander

    Who cant get pass 1:21? This is the tenth time in COUNTING

  49. Jesse Barton

    what album is this song from

  50. Taja Thomas

    Got a 90s feel to it

  51. Starr'sEye Candy

    It's 2017 & this still my shit Lol

  52. Achaia Jones

    I love her. Her vocals are so litt

  53. John Mcintosh

    Evelyn Champagne King. kisses dont lie vibe!! Hard vocal Kashif style keys.The!!

    Talisa Lucas

    John Mcintosh trueee

  54. 19FizZ91

    Proud to say my baby was conceived to this,first week coming of contraception! Thanks ester!😘

  55. Cherri Babiiee

    This Should Have Gotten Way Bigger😍😍

  56. Charleston Berry

    Ester baby...this is my jam. I done played it like 10 times in a row!

  57. Kabria Macdonald

    This is my joint!!!

  58. Ms. Jayda Jazz

    Ya girl hella still jam to this

  59. ed8080ify

    The type of song that's the black females anthem to having bastard kids out of wedlock.She so fast,she so hot in the ass when you let your hormones rule your head.A black woman's weakness.White males,having bastard kids,and accepts being gay.Need i say more factual things about it?Enough!

  60. Kluqe

    im a random white boy and i gatta listen to this shit daily

  61. Kluqe

    im a white boy i stay smokin every time i get high i gatta listen to dis shit lmao

  62. Mz shay33

    I love this!!!

  63. Mz shay33

    Love this!!

  64. O. Talley

    I love dean so much🎵🎶💗😍😘😘😘😊

  65. Don Savage

    I was watching tommy and heard this song at the end and fell in love immediately. Thank god for YouTube.

  66. Many Moon

    Dear Ester, please make an album with this vibe.

  67. Royal Rich187

    she sounds like Angie stone

    Talisa Lucas

    Royal Rich187 true she has the similar rasp to her voice

  68. Antonio Banks

    Wow! Genius! She's paying homage to the 90s r&b. I first heard a drag queen do this song. Thought it was a song that feel through the tracks from the 80s or 90s. Still surprised!!!

  69. dUsTjUnKy2000

    DAMN this girl's voice gives me goosebumps.
    thanks to Tommy Sotomayor for showing me this video

  70. Antoine Dodson's Bandana

    I came here after watching Tommy Sotomayor lol


    haha me too. TNN RAW AND UNCUT

  71. Antoine Dodson's Bandana

    Great song with a very 80's sound but I honestly thought it was a man singing, when I first heard it.

  72. Lanae Curry

    i did not kno this was her in pitch perfect I sat down an watched the movie I love it I love ester dean period!!

  73. Trill Mactown

    I heard u from Oklahoma. hold it down okie FAM!

  74. folkon Brown

    nice song love the riddem

  75. 19FizZ91

    can't stop playing, making me smmmmile

  76. earlibee

    Damn she sounds like Lauren hill in this song.

  77. Biyonee J. official

    I'm so surprised y'all just listening to this song . I've had it on my laptop since 2012

    Asha-lee Davis

    Biyonee J same

    Latisha Mitchell

    Biyonee Chantè Awww

    Mudia Tahir

    This came out in 2014...

    Justin Nelson

    @Mudia Tahir Actually it was released in 2012.

    Mudia Tahir

    @Justin Nelson Oh ok lol

  78. Artiponte Rodrigues

    Gosto desta musica

  79. Yolanda Birmingham

    she can hit higher than mariah carey

  80. Ofentse Tshepe

    i came here by myself ,i typed Ester Dean in the YouTube search box then pressed enter and this video came up.

    Victoria Sanders

    Ofentse Tshepe I'm dead


    lmaoooo i love this comment ( i did the same) ..

    Cynthia Isako

    Ofentse Tshepe Lmao 👌


    SAME ✊🏽😂

    Sharkia Johnson

    Same here

  81. Tualagi Saupo

    I can't find it on iTunes 😔 someone help me!

    Slim X

    Lani saupo Just Google It..

  82. Dávid Miklós


  83. JustBeingJessica

    Thanks To Stanley and Stahr . I love this song !

  84. baek

    It's very strange to find this style of songs without so much auto-tune and showing at least strong voice, but here it is

  85. Jaylien Daniels

    Dam I love this song Yes Yes

    A Pride Designs reaction every time I replay it lol

    Jaylien Daniels

    +APrideDesigns lol lol me to

    Jaylien Daniels

    Lol lol

  86. Kevvv Griff

    stanley and stahr brought me here no tea no shadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Biyonee J. official

    I've always loved this


    who is stanley and stahr and what did they say lol


    misstonyaj34 They played this song in one of their vlogs

  87. KristianoB

    Why I thought the chick in the beginning was Tamar!! LMFAOOO she was pretty and I love the vid!

    Jaylien Daniels

    I love this song to

  88. Jerry C

    Damn you can sing!

  89. Tj Reid

    Ester.... You've got me hooked on that VOICE...... SANG GIRL

  90. Marián

    who came here because of Stanley and stahr??

    olivia gibbs

    lol me ahhh

    Shavon King

    Marián me lol

    Shawn Ramirez

    Marián meee 🙋🏽‍♂️

  91. Soraya Eutsey

    stahr &Stanley brought me here lol


    same lol

  92. Saucyking


  93. deangelo sheppard

    came here because of stanley and stahr milan lmao

    A Pride Designs

    someone post the link!

    Jada Jones

    I downloaded it off jungle vibes because I don't have an iPhone lol

    A Pride Designs

    +APrideDesigns (link to Stanley and Stahr video??)

    Charlotte G

    Same lol

    All About Arren

    me too 😂

  94. Rekless Musik

    Oh yooohooo where you at Ester? This track is fire

  95. Aja Chambers

    Never heard it but i like it

  96. KnotTee

    Why wasn't this song ever released for purchase?

  97. Gazelle keeling

    Love this song as well lol