Estefan, Gloria - Famous Lyrics

What in this world, feels so alive
Makes us then breaks us
Then helps us survive
Buries our hopes, then revives
Our desire to succeed
We're all greed

Who in this world, see's when i cry
Throws me then shows me
That i'm justified
Measure my worth then decide
That i'm not what they need
They've agreed

Where in this world can i hide
Where can i find
Someone that see's me inside
To confide

How in this world, can i go on
Wondering if you'll think
Of me when i'm gone
Shielding my eyes from
The pityless light of the glare
Should you care

When in this world is it enough
I never thought
It could be quite this rough
Living my life as if
Millions of people don't stare
They're not there

Why should i have to defend
Or derive
Most of the rules of the game,
I've defied
Though it's been hard on my pride
It's been one hell of a ride
I didn't set out to be..

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Estefan, Gloria Famous Comments
  1. Lucy Williams

    My strongest musical influence by far!!! Her technique makes me cringe as she strains A LOT. BUT, her heart and spirit can be seen like crystal clear spectrums. Can’t think of any other artist since “La Lupe” that had this ability to truly bear her soul as beautifully. 💖💖💖

  2. Dario Rojas

    Te amoo ❤

  3. Fabian Garcia

    La mejor simplemente la mejor!

  4. TheTuiqqu

    Actually God has Blessed Gloria very much...
    I think it is beautiful song, i think if it is inspired by stalker then well...beautiful song it made, Gloria is so good on singing.Blessed be everyone is what i say :)

  5. BlondeMarss

    que maravilla ¡¡¡ me encantas Gloria ¡¡¡

  6. CaptainPond

    *newsflash* It has nothing to do with you! It's simply a song written by Gloria Estefan about her unique life. I love it :)

  7. Miracle4908

    I was raised to love freely - Was blessed to have a wonderful father and brother whom are no longer here on Earth with me..I still share life's disappointments with them..I feel them close when I get treated so badly by the one whom said all the right things..Only to mistreat me and make me feel unworthy..Why should I have to defend.No its been hard on my pride - Its been one hell of a ride..But overall I find peace in knowing I am not alone and shame on those that go out of there way 2 hurt us!

  8. aishawithkay

    One of her most personal songs... She's so amazing. God bless her!