Estefan, Gloria - Don't Wanna Lose You Lyrics

Sometimes it's hard to make things clear
Or know when to face the truth
And I know that the moment is here
I'll open my heart and show you inside
My love has no pride
I feel with you I've got nothing to hide
So open your eyes and see who I am
And not who you want for me to be
I am only myself, myself

I don't wanna lose you now
We're gonna get through somehow
I don't wanna lose you now or ever
'Cause baby, I've finally found
The courage to stand my ground
But if you want me
I'll be around, Forever

We all make mistakes, We all lose our way
But we stood the test of time and I hope
That's the way it will stay
It's all up to you to tell me to go
'Cause it won't be me to walk away
When you're all that I know
And I know that

I don't wanna lose you now
We're gonna get through somehow
I don't wanna lose you now or ever
'Cause baby, I've finally found
The courage to stand my ground
But if you want me
I'll be around, Forever

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Estefan, Gloria Don't Wanna Lose You Comments
  1. nhpramono susilohadi

    I was 16 when I listened to this song ... it meant a lot to me .. falshback

  2. Marcelo Gomes

    Galera isso não é uma musica ...e sim um belíssimo hino👏👏👏

  3. Pieter ten Voorde

    prachtig dit nummer voor altijd
    als van gisteren

  4. Rosa Batista

    Amoooo essa música 💕🎶🎵🎼... Quantas lembranças boas 😢... Muitas saudades 💔!!!

  5. 40intrepid

    Where is this, LA Aqeduct?

  6. A. Edelmann

    'Nostalgy & Memoires'

  7. Łukasz Nowakowski

    My childhood.
    Gloria and her album "Cuts Both Ways".
    I was 10 years old and still in my heart.
    Gloria!Who listening in 2020?

  8. Elidon chaves Costa

    Tempos que eu vivi e nao volta mais, nunca mais....

  9. Ivan Souza

    Natiel Azevedo
    Gosto muito desta musica e nao e de hoje e desde alguns anos mas o que sera que a letra desta linda musica fala

  10. iris sereia

    Marcou minha infância que vontade de voltar no tempo❤😢

  11. xxcharmed1xx

    So in love with this song. This came out when I was 3. Wish I could go back to simpler times

  12. Luis santos

    Monique to pantanal filha to Demi é da Rose Te amei muito
    Ass Luís 99297 1947

  13. Luis santos

    Época boa

  14. Castro Joseph

    The people that dislike this song. Doesn't have brain

  15. Irma Lucero

    To my ex-Assyrian boyfriend who could not except me for who I was. Ah' so long ago and I think of you now and then Alan!

  16. Saul Lazenby

    I’m only sixteen so I missed all the great classic songs 😔

  17. Marina Oliveira

    Lindas as músicas de Glória Estefan! Suaves, românticas,inesquecíveis o estilo q agrada, uma voz linda e marcante. eu amo essas músicas! 💖💖😘🎼🎶🎵🎤🌹😍🤙

  18. Dayse maria

    Muita confusão de pernas nesse vídeo, pra quê isso? A música fala de pernas por acaso?

  19. André Luis N. Saconi

    2020 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  20. codzeedee dee

    They stop singing love songs....because there's no love in the world only hate violence revenge negative crap take me back to 90s anyday😊🇦🇺

  21. Ana Mercedes Jimenez

    Que belleza de música

  22. M.VanFleet.84

    I will never be able to wrap my mind around how someone can be so blessed with such a voice :-)

  23. Yasmin Medeiros

    😍🎧🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶💛 #LoveGloria

  24. Xwatch Z

    2020 but still listening now.

  25. Mike Stone

    Still the Queen of latin music. Gloria is the Queen of Cuba as well.

  26. Cor Born

    Always cry ❤️

  27. Bayu Aji

    Indonesia hadir om 🇮🇩

  28. Bay2 Perry


  29. Fine & Dandie

    Loved this album saw her in concert in Glasgow on her comeback tour after her spinal injury she was amazing , one of the best concerts ever 👍

  30. Neale Brown

    gloria estefan is beautiful want to see more x

  31. Criss Sterling

    wow amo esta artista sin duda que gran canción 2020!!!

  32. Virtual Ghost

    My Nan Used To Play This Song, Bless Her. R.I.P Nan Miss & Love You Forever❤️😢😇💯 !.

  33. john b

    What a beautiful woman. What a beautiful voice.

  34. Cícero evandro gonçalves de moura Cícero

    quem está ouvindo essa linda canção com glória estefan ?07/01/2020

  35. rmle23

    30 years ago and seems to be today was release!

  36. Hafizha Sarah

    I dedicated this song to My Dearest Hendery. I'm gonna sing this song on his birthday

  37. Ms. Zoe Alfonso

    2020 ♥️

  38. Rowena Bello

    Still in love with Gloria’s music and it’s 2020❤️

  39. Luci Buonavilla

    Uma das mais lindas vozes ! Amo Gloria e seu trabalho. Obrigada!

  40. Gilvan Chagas

    Nice song!.Listening now in 02/02/2020!.Happy new year people of good like!.(Linda musica!.Curtindo agora!.Feliz ano novo povo de bom gosto!.)

  41. Sabrina Persaud


  42. Marcio jose Freitas Rodrigues

    Essa música não é dez não é mil lindíssima show de bola dá até vontade de chorar escutar lindas músicas do passado como essa

  43. Bader Khan

    The 80s , Chicago summers, oh how i miss thee 😢

  44. Jamison Trotter

    Some how you lost me left me.but I'm still here loving you forever...Ronnie Corrales..listening in 2020❤

  45. Jeremy Redding

    Who likes in 2020???

  46. Ellen Pascoe

    Open your eyes and see who i am 🎶 🎶 ♥

  47. Adriano Souza

    Nossa que música linda para relembrar dos bons tempo que não volta mais adorei

  48. Beth Lacaya

    Gloria Este-fan since fetus! 😀💖

  49. Khali Sanchez

    It's my pleasure to take you back in time poison throwback rythme

  50. Aline Muniz

    Love It🎶

  51. Christy Lee Stewart

    Beautiful then and beautiful now.
    Thank you so much for sharing your voice.

  52. Fwl Fwl

    Saudade da rádio antena 1 aqui em Goiânia.

  53. Alessandro Ramalho

    Essa Glória Stefan além de uma cantora magnífica é também na minha opinião um Monumento......

  54. Fabricia Dassilva


  55. Alan Cogan

    I dunno about her music career. But when Gloria Estefan had that bus crash. Her spine went platinum.😆

  56. Laribi Laribi


  57. Nelcivan Araujo

    viajando no tempo

  58. Phil Knickenberg

    If only we could turn back time,it would be the 70s. For me I’m afraid thats life

  59. Jose Sanfils

    Yo diciembre 25 2019

  60. Marvin Santos

    Whos watching this after graham norton show?

  61. maria harroun

    every time I hear this I cry reminds me of my mom when she left my dad

  62. Víctor Vilches Cuadra

    Hermosa Gloria. Eternos e imborrables recuerdos! Unforgettable recalls! Pretty and eternal Gloria ♥️🌹.

  63. ana

    I don't wanna loose you now,I am shamed and scared to tell you that...
    I now..I have no rights...
    No rights at all...but heart
    Telling another story,beating so hard,strog....that feel pain..
    Yes I'm worried,to not see you again,everyday is not the same without you....
    You are my drug...a good and positive one....

  64. Evelyn Tiu

    I love this song

  65. LoOT NuKe'Em

    Why is it I just can't cruise with this song blasting in my car without ppl thinking I'm going thru something tragically sad

  66. Dorota


  67. Lynlie Beazley

    When I think and use the music to find my words and the words I'm unsure of as they are too sad to say..we break through the hardest times and we allow change for me for my son's 🙏 allow a chance of opportunity to let u experience the other side of the pathway that was always waiting for you me and brothers sisters..who deserve the same this song..

  68. Luis Vasquez

    21 december 2019!!!!

  69. Alberto vaz

    Grande Gloria Stefan 20/12/2019 escutando sempre 🎶🎶🎶😘

  70. Him Self

    Who else thought it was Sade before today

  71. Gilvan Chagas

    This is music!.Wonderful!.Good times(1989)for 17/12/2019,30 years!.Listening now!.Anyone?.Yes?.(Isto sim e musica!.Maravilha!.Bons tempos!.Curtindo agora!.Alguem mais?.Sim?.

  72. celso cardoso

    Eu sempre amei essa música!

  73. Fiona A

    DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU NOW.....OR AGAIN....!!!! ♥️♥️♥️😘

  74. Araceli's Channel

    2019 December still listening because I dont wanna lose my darling Alan❤️

  75. Andrea Sajama

    Temaso de esta hermosa cubana!! Saludos desde Argentina!

  76. f. fernandes


  77. Marinete Pereira

    Glória stefan welcome my channel is wonderfull . Love you ok

  78. Irene Rocha

    Minha cantora preferida.

  79. Lisa Gallant

    Love this song!!

  80. Jeffrey Rudd

    It's all in this song my love explains everything I wanna say and I hope we become stronger then ever as a unit I want nothing but the best for us I miss and love you with all my heart and soul Jnae Poe!!!

  81. francisco ramirez


  82. DJR

    One of her best tunes.

  83. Joseph E. Rodríguez Pagán

    Listening in 2019 💪🏻🙋🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

  84. Lucas Gomes

    Obrigado por incentivar Ariana Grande

  85. Lisa Green

    These music never get old

  86. Lu Nunes

    Quanta saudade de uma época a qual eu não vivi.

  87. Dolanno Ferreira Alves

    Amo esta cantora e música, lindo lindo ! ♥️

  88. Almir Matias

    Minha primeira namorada
    Meu primeiro amor
    Regado com essa
    Bela cancao bons
    Tempo que nao volta

  89. Eddie Williams

    This song brings back memories.

  90. Irwing San Gomes de Lima

    2020, alguém? Amo <3

  91. Jacqui Maryun

    Such talent beautiful lyrics it will never be lost Jacqui Maryon South Africa

  92. me mann


  93. Christine Lazzaro

    Gloria Estefan awesome singer, still listening in November 2019

    David Parkinson

    Me to you don't get music like this anymore

  94. Eraldo Barreto


  95. Wongs Mduma

    We all lose our way indeed baby girl. Ohw....what a beautiful song to feed a broken soul.

  96. 72tompol

    Love this song

  97. sisi 3

    one of my favourite lady singer from my youth until now...this song brings back my old memories....i need a time machine that can go back to that years and turn me young again...