Estefan, Gloria - Anything For You Lyrics

Anything for you
Though you're not here
Since you said we're through
It seems like years
Time keeps dragging on and on
And forever's been and gone
Still I can't figure what went wrong

I'd still do anything for you
I'll play your game
You hurt me through and through
But you can have your way

I can pretend each time I see you
That I don't care and I don't need you
And though you'll never see me cryin'
You know inside I feel like dying

And I'd do anything for you
In spite of it all
I've learned so much from you
You made me strong
But don't you ever think that I don't love you
That for one minute I forgot you
But sometimes things don't work out right
And you just have to say goodbye

I hope you find someone to please you
Someone who'll care and never leave you
But if that someone ever hurts you
You just might need a friend to turn to

And I'd do anything for you
I'll give you up
If that's what I should do
To make you happy

I can pretend each time I see you
That I don't care and I don't need you
And though inside I feel like dying
You know you'll never see me cryin'

Don't you ever think that I don't love you
That for one minute I forgot you
But sometimes things don't work out right
And you just have to say goodbye

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Estefan, Gloria Anything For You Comments
  1. Seth Navabi

    Ahhhhh the 80s. The music moves me. Reminds me of my childhood so much. Literally every verse sends a quiver down my spine listening to one of my favourite ballads of all time. Gloria can't you make more music for us?


    My moms favorite song. RIP belia martinez. I miss you daily. Cancer sucks!

    Ricardo Olguìn

    RICKY RAMIREZ sorry for your lost. its a beautiful song... hugs to you

  3. golfdude2007

    an American of Cuban decent .....what a Voice and a Woman

  4. Trend Setter

    Gloria, I have always LOVED your music!!! ❤️♥️❤️

  5. jim walmsley

    Love you babes so much
    My Jo xxx

  6. George Armerding

    another masterpiece

  7. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Alamater at Eleven royal at seven soprano Cynthia Corcoran as stage name only Gloria Estafan it illegal to launder

  8. Naty

    Esta música era The best of the best !!!
    Que linda música 😍🥰💕
    Ella y Emilo 👏👏👏 Siguen siendo los grandes de la música latina.
    Me emociona tanto escuchar estas canciones , los 80 s y los 90 s fue la mejor música de la historia .Los videos todo era genial .

  9. zoraida rodriguez

    That hair, hoops and jacket are everything. So gorgeous, she was one of the first big Latin crossovers. She doesn't get the props she deserves. Forever in love with this song.💓💓💓

  10. Mery Braga

    Hum.... Sei , n ia gostar dele se vingar

  11. جمال صالح الصباحي

    هههه يحفظك ربي .

  12. Gail Capilano

    I went to a concert non the 80.. it was fabulous!..

  13. Robert Silva

    They really don't make songs like this no more

  14. Robert Silva

    They don't make music like this no more they do not mix songs like this no more I miss the 1980s in the 1990s

  15. Melkam Al

    There was no mobile phone, Facebook, YouTube and twitter- the 80s was the dark age - am glad I wasn't born then...

  16. RBS

    ...what ELSE can be said about this FABULOUS #1 from Summer, 1988!? ...I've always LOVED the last shot of Gloria (3:43), when she sees the 'ex' approaching her; '....aaw, s#@t, here we GO, again...' ...ha-HAAA!!

  17. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    what has happened to talent like this in 2019? where are those music producers? can't believe more than 20 years have passed since this song and still so living and awesome.

  18. Steve Ironside

    God bless you Chuck, I’m sure your wife will be waiting for you

  19. Noriya Woodard

    🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ MSM!!!!!

  20. Keith Driggers

    What I'd give to go back to this time period in my life times of our life and we just didnt know it .......we were ready for the adult life......who knew.......please take me back

  21. Tom Sheldrick

    Beautiful song 😢😢

  22. Abgail Costa

    Gosto muito dessas músicas antiga queria muito viver nos anos 20 a 80 série tão bom as coisas tinham mais valor

  23. Ms. Anime

    I really love this song 😢

  24. Mark Presley

    God shes so beautiful here, she just has it!

  25. Joseluis Valdivia


  26. Peter Lee

    Got to admit, Gloria at that moment was the sexiest !

    Orale Bonified

    Better looking than Boy George? No way, that chic was smoking hot.

  27. Sergio Escamilla Navarro

    Bellos recuerdos...

  28. Itsyourworld Imjustpassingthrough

    one of the hits playing on the day i was born

  29. Ayman Hussein

    Such a beautiful song I hear it since it was released until today. The golden age 👌

  30. Yolette Joseph

    Long Island university brooklyn😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭farmingdale long Island N.Y.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. XanltheCSG

    Who's here cause they found that Time Life CD commercial

  32. Cooper Hsu

    ❤️❤️❤️still so loving this song after these years!!

  33. Diding Winarko20

    November 3 2019...say hi from Indonesia...I'll do anything 4 u

  34. Maxwell

    Props to the band. The music at the end is so good

  35. Zdenko Kovac


  36. Eugene Harris

    To all the lovely people in this chat. You're here because you value great music and you value true love. This song is great but please remember: don't do anything for someone who doesn't do the same for you. You are worthy of receiving the same quality of love you want to give.

    Orale Bonified

    Shut up

    Eugene Harris

    @Orale Bonified Hi Semper. All the best for the festive season and for 2020. God bless.

  37. Joyce Hewitt

    Talk to

  38. Michelle Gray

    The song is beautiful, singer is beautiful and the rhythm is so beautiful, every thing about this song selection is beautiful..... 😍😍😍

  39. time traveler are we there yet

    ohhhhh nooooo!........the memories.....
    this song and her other one......dont wanna loose you now!
    let me get off here before i start cryin.
    omg lol im sooo tearing up right now.

  40. Mark Nicholson

    My aunt Helen George passed away as this song was playing in a girls room who was in a coma.

  41. 郡司功

    千秋へ   いさお

  42. Gabi Fiat

    amazing song of 80' ..somebody know's the name of boyfriend of Gloria from this video ? it is a actor ?

    Juliette A

    Beautiful, right? Scott James Wells was his name - RIP

    Gabi Fiat

    @Juliette A thank you very much fot the sad to here that is gone..very sad..yes a very good looking man, very handsome..

  43. 斉宮頭藤原


  44. Chester Mlodzinski

    Is Gloria Estefan still alive ? if so I would want her to sing the first Dance at My wedding if I ever get Married what a Beautiful Voice

  45. darrenmuse

    I love this song, but I think it's overproduced. At least in the modern sense, it should have acoustic music as not to get in the way of Gloria's voice.

  46. Dustin Headrick

    Still listening

  47. Paul Lober

    One of the best love songs!

  48. D Rich

    Some things can still reach this stone hearted Marine...

  49. Lanzoone30

    2019? Best Classics of all the times.

    Joseph E. Rodríguez Pagán

    Lanzoone30 the best november 2019.

    Beast Mode

    Yes sirrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. เเบงค์ ปิติรักษ์


  51. Paul Philippou

    Love her songs. Was in Florida 1975-1987, was an excellent time in my life. Thanks GE for your lovely songs.

  52. Joachim Veit

    Hallo Brenda Williams/Hof

  53. Don F

    Such a beautiful clear voice when she sings lyrics. You can't misunderstand a word when she sings, unlike many signers tdoay

  54. picvic7

    Song also made a cameo on FX’s Pose 🖤

  55. Sandy Naylor

    Anything for u though your not HERE.since U said were THREW it seems like YEARS.Time keeps dragging on and on.And 4-ever feeling GONE.STILL i can't figure WHAT Went Wrong. I'd still do anything 4 u I'll play your game's,but u hurt me through and through but u can have your way,i can pretend each time i see you i don't care and i dont Need u.but you'll never c me cryin though inside i feel like diein.I'd do anything for u in spite of it ALL,I've learned so much from u,u made me strong don't u ever think that i DON'T LOVE you,4 1 minute i 4got u,sometimes things dont work out RIGHT,u just have 2 say goodbye.i hope u find someone 2 please u,someone who'll care about u,but if that someone ever hurts u,u just might need a friend to turn 2.and i do ANYTHING 4 u I'll give u up if thats what i should to make u happy i can pretend each time i c u i dont CARE and i DON'T NEED u,........ Great LYRICS LOVE Gloria Estefan A great Artist.

  56. Smiley Mobzzz

    This is 1 of my all time favorites I’m stuck in the 80z lmfaoooo😫😁☺️

  57. Jean Bolognesi


  58. Jodie Lane

    1 of my all time fave songs

  59. Carmen Carmen


  60. Stephen Sanders

    good song clap clap

  61. John Dyer

    Look, no one texting on a phone!!!! Why? Because they were too busy producing real music rather than wasting time on a phone. Just sayin..

  62. Sonny Manurung

    Utk Natasha ex CS bank mandiri.... Where r u know.... Call me... 08179144820...sorry for anything

  63. Marshall Mallory

    Miley wishes she could sound half this good.

  64. Tom Sheldrick

    When I hear this song i feel like crying. It’s so beautiful

  65. LI TE

    Gloria made the sweetest most beautiful music which touches my heart today as much as the first day she sung them

  66. Brown Suga

    Listening now 2019❤❤❤🙏🤲

  67. Fission Pulsar

    2020 listening 🎶

  68. Doriano Carta

    Boy this guy sure gets around. First he knocked up Madonna and then he got Gloria all heartbroken... sheesh

  69. Rick Rodrigues

    The lyrics of this song expresses the feeling of many...& she sings it with so much passion!

  70. Raymond Monks

    such a beautiful lady and the music is just as good, love you Gloria

  71. Jean Bolognesi

    Hermosa canción #1 in 25 countries

  72. Jose Orlando Ceballos

    AvAn Saludos Gloria S Miami

  73. Forlorn Dream

    She could've rode my face like a stolen mule, for starters.

  74. Aurora Klippert

    I gave him up. You know when the time comes, that it's just not gonna work out. For me anyways, I don't know what it is. One hurt act towards me or one fed up look is all I seem to need now to just walk away and never look back. Sad and lonely as I am, I rather stay single than to have someone with me out of obligation or guilt.

  75. Roax 77

    Love u song my favorite me

  76. DrRiddlez2015

    This song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1988

  77. Ulccxx de la o

    gloria estefán song love me year 1984

  78. Daniele Di Lorenzo

  79. olusheyi banjo

    Happy Birthday Gloria

  80. John Smith


  81. zeze do bone

    Convince them to "Pay my money down" and i'll take you anywhere you want....
    I promise...
    With that money i can buy a 'portable air conditioned' and survive the heat.... (kidding)

  82. Umar Bentley

    This song sure pulls at those heartstrings doesn't it.Glorias voice is powerful!!

  83. Angel girl

    I have done what she’s doing at 3:43
    It’s almost like your thinking “oh man.. it’s him”

  84. Lisa desire

    I long the song and the model so tall dark and handsome 😍

  85. BlackFriday Shopper

    I never wanted to say goodbye, It was 1987 I said goodbye to the love of my life, when I hear this song it all comes flooding back. I still love you Vanni then and now. This song will always have a place in my heart.

  86. Shaggy IRL

    This song was released 2 days before I was born

  87. Mad Meddling Maddow

    I sent this song a few years ago to my girlfriend after we broke up...and we worked shit out.

  88. Brad Hill

    This song came out when I was 19...I still find it so stirring at 51 yrs old now...Love lost...Love that was never meant to last....How many of us can relate to this at least 1 time in their life...Bitter sweet experience...We all have that one special person that for whatever reason got away...

  89. zeze do bone

    I don't believe a word...

  90. David Brunson

    This beautiful ballad was Mrs. Estefan's first number 1 sometime around April 1988.

  91. Courtney Scott

    Gloria Estefan Anything For You I love this song so much and it's my favorite song ever 🎤🎵🎤🎵🎤🎵👍🙂❤

  92. Lee L

    Always Loved this artist soo much🌸

  93. akis papas

    Was 18 years old when this came out .......miss those days ....?

  94. Rick Rodrigues

    Wow ...she's got a way with words...sooo beautiful!

  95. Robert S

    OMG I miss the 80s so so much.  Good times and a lot of great music.  I cant remember a single dull moment in the 80s, it was just such a special decade for a lot of us.  I wonder if they even still play music videos anymore on MTV.  I stopped watching MTV years ago when they started having reality shows.

  96. Rosemarystephen Upton

    In this video Gloria has to be the best looking women ever and a voice to melt your heart, wow

  97. Ravi Peiris

    Reminds me of 1988 as I was about to enter college as a freshman and my father was still alive.

  98. Junior Jr

    Canta muito