Espanto, Darren - Makin' Moves Lyrics

I took a look at your photograph
The one you posted in Instagram
Can't believe that it's been that long

We took a selfie and closed our eyes
Something about it's got me mesmerized
And now I can't wait to see that face again

Caught me makin'

I don't want, don't wanna fight this feelin
That I can't shake, I can't shake
Come on, come on, let's get it on
Hop skip and step to the beat of my heart
I can't explain, your music takes away my pain
I gotta see you again, so I'm makin moves

So up up up and away I go
Leaving behind the life I know
Tell me why did we wait so long?
Coz I remember you standing there
The smell of flowers in your hair
So won't you take me to that place again

You got me makin'

I don't want, don't wanna fight this feelin
That I can't shake, I can't shake
Come on, come on, let's get it on
Hop skip and step to the beat of my heart
I can't explain, your music takes away my pain
I gotta see you again, so I'm makin moves

Can't stop, I'm on my way to you
I know that I've got to got to make a move
So you've got me all in
I'm coming, I'm coming

I can't explain, your music takes away my pain
I gotta see you again, so I'm makin moves

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Espanto, Darren Makin' Moves Comments
  1. Reduan Ahamad

    Anybody in 2019 december
    With me

  2. {baby mae} Abdulrahman

    2019 na dto padin ako😂

  3. RozzyAhn Pado


  4. Bret Mugs



  5. Daniel Pam

    U can sing.. But this sounds like and looks like... Ya know

  6. ayyxxxhh channel

    I love you from indonesian

  7. LA_ JEE

    Jacko Espanto Junior😍😍😍

  8. Ranjana Devi

    u r a very very nice dancer​ and singer😍

  9. Charlie Udasco

    Not a fan nor a hater..

    Voice quality, check.. Darren always have it.. Not a question to his talent...

    But, i dislike the video for some points...
    The song is like a rip off..
    The production of the video can be done by high schoolers..
    The dance SUCKS...
    And the cinematography, choreography and video transition is so cringy..

    Darren is a great artist, pero sa video na to, nag mukha siyang trying hard..

  10. ofelia llorente


  11. sophia monique

    hahaha ginawa nilang joke ang mv ni darren... it deserve more , bagay sana s kanya ang song nato.. 😂😍

  12. Wiwit Safitri Wijaya Sinaga


  13. LA_ JEE

    darren is full packages being a great future singer in the world...everyone loves his voice

  14. Krystal Simbahan

    2019 anyone??

  15. Jocy Balta

    How old is darren here?

  16. Naya Dhiti faizah

    Darrrn is amazing we love you Darren so cool nice im fans you you idol me

  17. leonora layague

    Cute mo daren sana hinfi kz ktulad ng ama mo

  18. sophia monique

    ung png international ung singer pro ung mv is png amature lng hihi

  19. Cowok Cakep

    darren i love your vocal colors ... i really want to meet you .... success darren ... hope your career is getting brighter ... greetings from indonesia....😊👍👍💖

  20. yhang ledesma

    balik balikan ko music nya ang cute nya

  21. yhang ledesma

    wlang problema basta c darren na

  22. yhang ledesma

    gusto ko maka jaming ka

  23. yhang ledesma

    singer pa dancer pa

  24. Warren zaoldyck Salanguit

    d total performer

  25. Talyn Garcia

    so cuteeeeeeee

  26. Master Killer

    I loved the video

    Master Killer

    @Fiercy Jhomz Vlogs done po

  27. gian baldecosta

    I love you

  28. V0nn \\GP


  29. Helbert Magan

    2018 everyone??? 😍😍

  30. Joshua Ren

    Just Dance Untimate dance Pack👍👍?? Darren Espanto With Making Moves 😮😮

  31. Heart Puso


  32. jennie ruby jane


  33. Jhulie Ann Reyes

    Ok ka lang kuya Darren

  34. Jhulie Ann Reyes


  35. Jhulie Ann Reyes


  36. Alykate Quevasz

    From Makin Moves to POISON



  38. renzy polvos

    wow super galing mo talaga idol

  39. Darren Espanto

    I love you Darren

  40. Memes before dreams


  41. Bea Torres Mendaros

    i love u darren ko pogi mo

  42. PUTRA99 Dwl

    The song nice

  43. KVNL X

    Here 'till 2018 💯✨

  44. Arjie Sanchez

    Yung spatos nya n umiilaw yun yung sinuot nya nung 7th birthday ni lynelle eh😄😄😄

  45. Peach Kang

    Parking lot! Darren dont deserve this.

  46. Divine keziah


  47. Ash Gray Levin

    parking lot sirously!? sino manager nan!!! ipatapon hahahaha XD joke joke

  48. Lian Dela Cuesta

    sa parking lot? it's okay kasi nasa tao naman yun but he is still slaying even though sa parking lot yan

  49. Lian Dela Cuesta

    you are the best! you are really talented! nahiya ako sa shoes mong nailaw! God bless and goodluck!

  50. Misa Mu


  51. Veron Dato

    Who's your stylist.. Camera angles bokya, dance choreo naaah. And ang disturbing nung lights na basta na lang nilagay sa harap mo. :/ ayoko magcomment pero... I think you should think about your vids too. You have talent. :)

  52. jenny fernandez

    I like the song Dee, but there's a lil problem 'bout the mv lol. Hate to say this but it's a bit korni! Upgrade Ph! wooppp luv u deeee

  53. KellyNicole Cochico

    When we meet I'll makin' moves


    my. fieborst songs


    darren kadto di re san dnisio

  55. Maia Gonzales

    Hello guys i am maia espanto fan girl din me ni darren Lyndon Gonzalez Espanto ehh subra at super cute at pogi niya ehh❤😍❤

  56. Pema Tshering

    Your voices i love ❤❤❤💘

  57. Juhairah Hassan

    love love u darren baby..

  58. Woanting Briz

    pang holywood ang mv ehh lab it😍💚

  59. Rizqa Amalia

    Darren 😍😍😘

  60. Calyn

    Hindi ako papayag

  61. Calyn

    May nag sasabi bakla Daw Si Dars

  62. Adriana Magurianu

    I love it😍❤😍🤗🤗

  63. Mary Rose Bisda

    I agree with that guys.

  64. Yna Solis

    Good Darren👍🏼👍🏼😂😂💙💙

    Yna Solis

    Wow good 😊😀😀😀

  65. MaryJ MJT

    i love music wow

  66. Charity Bernido

    darren the real

  67. Chloe Jeanne

    #MakinMoves we love you #darrenespanto

  68. Trisha Delfin


  69. kpop lover 2018

    i loveyou Darren

  70. Jonar Togores

    Amazing Voice! :)

  71. Judy Hops

    nice one dareen

  72. Mhags Dela Cruz

    we all witnessed that darren espanto is such a humble guy .. respect for all of this ... kung idol mo talaga si darren . matuwa ka sa mga performances na ginGawa nya ang bezt nya .. ..thank you

  73. Jonel Escalante

    Who's watching this 2017 ?

  74. Yang yang

    Ghaad ang ganda ng song🌈 Putang ina lang talaga ang nagplan ng music video!! You deserve more than this crap Darren

  75. Ruth Dhana Navarro

    galing ni kuya Darren seryoso. idol po talaga kita

  76. Athalia Cenez Verde

    cute ng dance step 😍

  77. Elsa Sinaga


  78. Krizz 26

    Maganda ung kanta pero bakit ginanap sa parking sa loob ng building??

  79. aiza kubicek


  80. Steven Domingo

    wow kaming mga pinoy talented

  81. jungkook jeon

    ang pogi mo talaga

  82. JERARD El

    lagu yang bagus saya dari indonesia 😊

  83. JERARD El

    lagu yang bagus saya dari indonesia 😊

  84. eztar sabroso


  85. Donna Bella Arcayan

    omg he is so very handsome.i WISH i could see me and I can express my love to him this is zab i'm one of his biggest fan i have a crush on darren

  86. kpop lover 2018

    16 ka na ba ? Darren

  87. Chloe Jeanne


  88. kirsden lastin

    i think this song is for a fan or a friend he fell in love to

  89. Vic aguilar Vlogs

    ang gwapo ng idol ko \ sana tayo nalang

  90. Elmark Quirante

    gandab ng boses at ang gwapo pa solid DARRENatids

  91. Slv Via

    what a great song darren hehe , love u from Indonesia 😘 😉

    john paul tubo

    Slv Via John Paul

  92. Lazada Digital Shop By Eazy

    this is my favorite song
    Darren nice 👍😁

  93. Lazada Digital Shop By Eazy

    this is my favorite song
    Darren nice 👍😁

  94. Angel Panaligan

    napakatalented mo talaga kuya D💚💚

  95. Marc Given magallanes

    Darren espanto... Ang galing nia... At ang gwapo pa😍😍

  96. Edmar Japson

    #IDOL dabest talaga ung mga songs niya :-) :-) <3 <3

  97. Jas elle

    Merry Christmas Darren! i love you - my little sis :)

  98. Andrea Audrie Rodriguez

    I love ya darren grabe gwapo mo talaga parang gusto na kitang i- hug