Esmée Denters - Journey Lyrics

Sometimes it feels like
There is no end in sight
You've travelled for so long
Wondering when will you arrive
Trying to get to paradise
It's right here
Just look around and
Open up your eyes

Cause there's a story behind every scar
We can't turn back now that we've come this far

'Cause nothing worth having
Ever comes easy
We gotta keep fighting
For what we believe
And when the road gets hard
And brings you down to your knees
Just remember it's all about the journey

When the doubts
They start to cloud your mind
Hold on to hope and
Trust that things
Will be alright
We're all just trying to find our way
There's no shortcuts you can take
To any place worth going

'Cause nothing worth having
Ever comes easy
We gotta keep fighting
For what we believe
So when the road gets hard
And brings you down to your knees
Just remember it's all about the journey

It's about
All the people that you meet
Along the way
All the lessons that you learn
Through your mistakes
All the moments that take
Your breath away

It's about
All the people that you meet
Along the way
All the lessons that you learn
Through your mistakes
All the moments that take
Your breath away

'Cause nothing worth having
Ever comes easy
Just remember it's all about the journey

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Esmée Denters Journey Comments
  1. Alex King

    I love how honest and personal your music is. Deep and meaningful pop music is a rare thing these days. Definitely your best

  2. Hart Kittinan

    Thank you Premier League for made me know this song

  3. Jorge Tuna

    I loved it!

  4. Messi Comps

    I saw this from the Premier League. It was such a beautiful song and a beautiful video

  5. Rafael Goncalves

    Premier League❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Igor Reis

    Quem veio pelo vídeo da Premier League??? Dá like por favor.

  7. Felipe Carlos

    I heard your song on ESPN Brasil. With you singing and showing the way of the Premier League teams to the title. You sing very well.

    Nathan Nascimento

    Estou procurando o vídeo original, mas só tem no site da ESPN Brasil

  8. mikeyhelikesit

    Beautiful Esmee!

  9. Ireva Narhcoc

    This is such an indescribably *beautiful* song! Thank you so much!

  10. Chad Walker

    You are the most prittyest girl I have seen beside my mom

  11. Chad Walker

    I dance to this song for my solo

  12. Nijia Johnson

    How could anyone dislike this song it's amazing maybe they have never been through a storm and came out with a rainbow

  13. Elizabeth Roberts

    favorite song out of all the songs ive heard from these days and these days part 2..your voice sound absolutely beautiful!!!!


    Thanks Elizabeth! x

  14. rawstarmusic

    The fight song. So who wrote the song and the words?

  15. Ryan Hidayatulloh

    This deserve much more views !

  16. Milou Burgemeister

    this is so beautiful, i got goosebumps. you are so talented, i wish you the best!

  17. Garanke Bah

    It's a shame Timberlake did her dirty

  18. Tyler Edwards

    absolutely love this, I think most people can relate to this song. should be a no1 hit xxx

  19. Leroy Sanchez

    Keep fighting for your dream. Your voice just brought me back to when I first found you many years ago and it’s grown so much. 💪💪💪


    Leroy Sanchez Thank you Leroy! I really appreciate the support you’re an amazing artist. 🙏

  20. MichaelTandian

    LOVED THIS SONG!!!!!!!! it's SO GOOD! The lyrics says it all!!!

  21. Svenjaa _123

    You can sing sooo good😱❤️

  22. Rosali Moh

    Omg it is so beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Ivana Smolkova

    OMG that voice.... i love u

  24. Kayosima

    Wow, so beautiful, hopeful, positive and inspiring message! And also a very beautiful performance! Thank as allways for your beautiful music!

  25. Ann Nonymous

    My god I've been keeping up with your music since I was 11

  26. Steeben009

    Ik moet dit vandaag even zeggen. Maar wat ben je ook een mooi mens! :) Dankje ook voor je eet en kook video's. <3 you and wish you the best!! Esmee. Mooi piano spel :D. En je kan zooooo mooi zingen! Wow. :') :*) <3<3:D


    Steeben009 Dankje voor de lieve comment! Je bent een schat😘

  27. Ceylan J. Morgan

    Esme I wish you much success. I hope we can see these numbers up again. This is a very beautiful song, but I just had the thought maybe if you put something significantly new/fresh, thats you but still an unusual part of you into the videos or songs more people might come and stay... clicking on your videos maybe thinking "wow that's looks like something I haven't seen before" just an idea... and no offend please. Love you.

  28. Yunjie Chen

    What a beautiful song!! 😍💕💕

  29. Celina Götte

    Love you😍❤

  30. D F

    She could have made it big, when I visit this channel I get so sad for her. She was such a big deal.

    Arab Bodybuilders

    I think that's God's plan for her. He protected her from all the bad things that come with stardom so she didn't have to sell her soul to the devil.

    willie schumann

    maybe her time is yet to come!

  31. The Colorwheel Gallery

    Simply beautiful!

  32. Lewis Jackson

    You deserve so much more from the music industry its such a shame ❤️

  33. Milane Arunakiri

    Mooi, nu nog een mooie video , maybe een animatiefilm/ tekenfilm. Doet me denken aan frozen

  34. Immanuel Kant

    Celine Deon

  35. Susan-Sue Bal

    Waaw Esmee!! Wat een terugkeer! Super mooie nummers met een geweldige boodschap in ieder nummer!!! Ik ben blij dat je terug bent met je muziek!!!


    *YTSgold* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :)

    Ron ~ Youtubesingers

  37. beth daniels

    Esmee please can you sing at my wedding!

  38. xEsmeew

    I really love this one!

  39. Raisa Velazquez Bonet

    Thanks Esmee, your song has helped me a lot these past couple of weeks! I sing it in the car here and there! ^^

  40. TheMightyUnknown

    I really love your music, and just the person Esmee Denters. I've been a big fan since the early days when you first become known, and i'm so happy that you still fight your way to your dream. Stand up and take what's yours!


    Thank you you're very kind. It's comments like this that keep me going it means a lot! : ) x

  41. Umut Yorulmaz

    Love Ur fresh voice

    Greetz from Germany :)


    Thanks sweetie! x

    Umut Yorulmaz

    Your welcome sweetheart :)

  42. Tosh Time

    Beautiful song! You've come such a long way and we wish you nothing but continued success


    Thanks you're a sweetheart!x

  43. ski n

    Je eigen nummer zijn prachtig, verdient meer radio airplay!

  44. Elise Maxime

    Glad you're back! M'n voorbeeld sinds dag 1!


    Dankje Elise! x

  45. Vera Reijnier

    Esmee Denters hopelijk zie je dit maar je zat op een school waar ik nu op zit Fred Jansen verteld over je ❤ (De Tuimelaar)


    Beautiful song! Keep it going💘


    Thank you Ella! x

  47. Lisa Olsen Jacobsen

    Amazing song. You spoke to my heart too <3


    Thanks Lisa! x

  48. ikstavoorjeklaarnl

    I miss your personal videos =((

  49. Glenn

    Esmee this is my favorite song of yours! Love it!

  50. Nicole Sibering

    Als je weer in nederland bent voor een concert hoop ik zeker erbij te kunnen zijn!

  51. KarperHunts

    Hey esmee cover van Perfect zou nu goed zijn ook voor je vieuws denk ik

  52. Nad mar


  53. kt2003

    I like this song could you do it without the echo and extra. Can you make a version with just your voice and piano?

    Immanuel Kant

    katey03 exactly. Over production is so 90s

    Immanuel Kant

    Grace vanderwall is a good example. Over stylelization is so passe


    I would like to see a choir in the background too with this song. Powerful lyrics, choir gives more depth

  54. Leonie

    Dit is echt geweldig! I'm so proud of you Esmée! I ❤ You!


    Dankje schat! : ) x

  55. David Baetens

    one word for it woow vn song


    Thanks David! : )

    David Baetens

    das graag gedaan ;)

  56. Kathleen Bertier

    Dag Esmee, Dit is weer een mooie song en zo PRACHTIG gebracht. Hartelijke gelukwensen! you touch my heart. liefs Kathleen (vriendin van je mama - Brugge)


    Dankje Kathleen blij dat je hem mooi vind! groetjes uit London x

  57. Karin Orum

    Geweldig Esmee!! Prachtige tekst! ❤️🙏🏻


    Dankje Karin! x

  58. Candiella

    If ever you’re in New Orleans I would love to meet you. Love you!


    Such a beautiful song and voice to match!


    Thanks darling I would love that! x

  59. Nate Ojeda

    Been learning and singing this song for days, I can imagine that final verse on a big stage and crowd, definitely a masterpiece Esmée!


    Thanks that would be amazing! : ) x

  60. hubertgunpowder

    Very beautiful, Esmée !!!

  61. Moany Mike

    That vocal takes my breath away, simply incredible, beautiful control.


    Thanks darling x

  62. roshi95

    It's been a while since I last clicked on one of your videos. But I'm glad I did today :-)


    Glad you did too! : )

  63. Rachel

    Beautiful, love this xxx


    Thanks Rachel : ) x

  64. Christina Akasha

    Best song on the EP. Beautiful and meaningful lyrics <3


    Thanks Christina! x

  65. EchoNine

    Freaking Amazing! You spoke to my heart with this one. I love it!


    Thank you happy to hear that x

  66. delize anne-lise

    Sublime!!! 😍


    Thanks sweetie!

  67. Janina

    I LOVE IT!


    Glad to hear that thank you! x

  68. Iago Jordan

    This is your best song ever. Vocally and lyrically. For real.


    So happy you like it! x

  69. David Z

    Awesome EP 🎶


    Thanks David!

  70. Leonard Ballou

    Awesome song as usual love your voice just love it all


    Thank you Leonard!

  71. Tahir Miah

    I love that I have your music in my life...Love you xxx

  72. Like My Name Get Your Own

    Hola Miss Esmee how are you doing today?