Esmée Denters - Feeling Good Lyrics

I used to look in the mirror
Felt so uncomfortable
I always felt like I was different
From everybody else
I didn't want any attention
I got lost in the crowd
So busy trying to fit in
When I was born to stand out

I felt like my best
Wasn't good enough
But I'm not the same girl
That I once was

I'm no longer insecure
Cause life is just too short to
Worry about what others think
I'm feeling good in this skin
That I live in
There is nothing I would change
I'm feeling good

If you ever feel like I did
No, it don't have to be that way
Cause you are perfect the way you are
You shouldn't have to be ashamed
Cause we are all a work in progress
You gotta work with that you got
Rather be true to myself
Than to be who I'm not

So if you're unlike anyone else you know
That's what makes you original

I'm no longer insecure
Cause life is just too short to
Worry about what others think
I'm feeling good in this skin
That I live in
There is nothing I would change
I'm feeling good

Let go of who you think that you need to be
You are so much more than what they may see
Let it all out and set it free
Darling what you got is all you need
Let go of who you think that you need to be
You are so much more than what they may see
Let it all out and set it free
Darling what you got is all you need

I'm no longer insecure
Cause life is just too short to
Worry about what others think
I'm feeling good in this skin
That I live in
There is nothing I would change
I'm feeling good

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Esmée Denters Feeling Good Comments
  1. Nicholas Hethersay

    Once again a pleasure to always end up back, using your music in helping to express myself. Thank Esmee x

  2. der_naso100

    Please keep on doing music you are a huge talent and I love your music and style, you can do it 😊👍

  3. Sokorey Abdulahi

    Kan ze nog denk je nederlands ? Pomp deze track nogsteeds bijna een jaar weer ga Zo door

  4. Veserium

    We'd love to make a remix of this song. let me know if you have any interest.

  5. esra sağbaş

    great ! your voice is very beautiful . you're beautiful 💕💕

  6. SuperChiko4000

    This is a beautiful song s are confidential

  7. SHASHA BlackSamurai Movement X

    Such a beautiful song with strong message, I love it. ;) Really motivational song.

  8. lickthebean

    What a wonderful message and beautiful way to deliver it; in a track which sounds awesome and makes one feel lovely and great at the same time. I am hoping you are going to be making loads more tunes and I’m also looking forward to listening to them whenever I can. I really hope boyfriend understands just how lucky is. Peace and love

  9. Mia Witowska

    your voice duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  10. 111mrhead


  11. Zonya's Life

    Er komt een Youtube variant van Beste Zangers... op de AVRO/TROS misschien wat voor jou? <3

  12. hrmathe

    Waarom zoveel tekst ?!!

  13. googelybear

    This could be a perfect disney/pixar outro!! This is really nice Esmée! Well done!

  14. The Paunther

    Very,very,veeeeery beautiful song!
    I like your new album very much!
    Stay strong,
    Greetings from Germany💪❤

  15. Janey Bakarbessy

    Wow Esmee blijf jezelf en maak je eigen muziek. Ik heb je van het begin gevolgd en wat klink je volwassen. Weet je nog ik was de stewardess die zo graag met jou op de foto wilde vanuit Los Angeles want je vloog toen met mij terug. Je laat het met dit liedje zeker zien dat je je eigen muziek kunt maken en uitbrengen op welke manier dan ook. Je mag trots op jezelf zijn!


    Dankje schat wat lief van je! Ik herinner me dat moment nog goed. Mijn zus vliegt nu voor de KLM dus misschien kom je dr nog eens tegen! ; ) x

  16. louloutre

    Same boring teenage self-empowerment shit everybody does.

  17. MG Star

    goed nummer :)

  18. Laura van Schijndel

    Dit nummer voelt echt machtig. Goed werk!!


    Dankje Laura! x

  19. Nijia Johnson

    I love her songs been listening to her since outta here

  20. apple88cc channel

    You certainly nailed the message

  21. apple88cc channel

    Made me cry. This is soooo Good!

  22. Nora El

    Wow Esmee, so beautiful to hear that you're back! I honestly don't understand why this video hasn't got more views, but just like u said: everything happens for a reason. I wish you so much good stuff and that all your wishes may come true.. .you are a true exemple for everyone out there: sweet, nice, motivated and very humble...a lot of people wouldn't have had the courage to continue like u did and would have been ashamed to "start all over again". U did and u can be so proud of yourself for that!!! Never lose your goals and try to be yourself along this road.... it's about being happy with your life today instead of making yourself miserable to make it somewhere maybe one day...
    I believe in you...stay strong and go on!!! U can do this!!!
    Lots of love from a Nederlandse who lives in France😘

  23. Ryan Hidayatulloh

    like this video to support her.

  24. Natas30

    eindelijk! mooi hoor!

  25. Leo de Kleijn

    Toppertje Esmee!

  26. Qdm

    Ik vind dit echt een leuk liedje ga zo door :)

  27. Julia Broderick

    I just love this song so much!! I love the message! And I can totally relate to this song, which is why I fell in love with it! Love your music 🎶 ❤️❤️🌷

  28. Jonathan Bredewout

    I am so in love with her art!!! she is amazing!!! I cant believe what happened to her.. I am a fan!! love from Canada!

  29. Luis Pedroso

    Love your first album. Still listen to it times to times. Glad you back doing your thing. All the best x

  30. Hayley Hall

    This is my favourite song from your second EP Esmèe, so relatable in so many way xxx
    I am going to share this video to a group I am part of for adults like myself with Congenital Heart Disease because I know many of the guys struggle with the way they feel in "their own skin" and I think this song will inspire them like it has me xx
    Thanks for sharing more amazing music Esmèe, you really are bigger, better and brighter than you believe you truly are xxx 😊🌟😘💖

  31. Wouter Vernooij

    Glad youre back Esmee

  32. Stefan Rietveld

    yes dit is top


    Thanks Stefan! x


    Thanks Stefan!

  33. justha vingfun

    Love it


    Thank you! : )

  34. Self Contained

    love it esmee is baccccckkkkkk


    👍😍🎶💕Amazing song!

  36. Nora K

    Leuk nummer Esmee! 😘 Ik vond Outta Here vroeger kei leuk! Nog steeds eigenlijk 😘


    Dankje Nora!

  37. Faizan Ali Mehar

    aha ! the Magical voice 😍
    Finally ! one new song for listening 🤗

  38. Selina

    Love your voice, 💋


    Thanks Selina! x

  39. Selva meansForest

    By far the best song you have ever set on the Tube!! Feeling the vibe of this song. Strong message!! Keep it coming girl!


    Thanks sweetie! x

  40. WTTIMO

    Yes!!! Passed the 10.000 views!!!

  41. Demi

    Blijft prachtig #repeat


    Dankje Demi! x

  42. Jacob Jacks

    I am FEELING this! This really fits your voice and I absolutely love the positive message. ❤️


    Thanks Jacob! : ) great to hear

  43. Leo de Kleijn

    Blijven doorgaan! Mooi nummer!


    Dankje Leo! x

  44. iannacornelia maza

    Best thing you have done after so long, so happy for you! <3

  45. wilmer

    Missed you. Glad ur back!


    Thanks Wilmer!

  46. Brian Puckett

    I still remember 11years ago when you told us your dad had just bought you a new webcam! Sending you vibes on vibes during this upcoming full moon :)

  47. Vanessa


  48. Zelfacceptatie

    Thanks Esmée with this beautiful song. Good of you that with this beautiful song, the subject Self-acceptance is brought to the attention. For more information about the subject self-acceptance, see the website of the Foundation Self acceptance

  49. Jessica W

    Love this song, good message 💕


    Thanks Jessica! x

  50. Asia Nicole Fletcher

    Video please 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  51. Júlia Moniz

    Beautiful message, love from Portugal <3

  52. dsm3ds

    Such a beautiful song, adore you so much.


    thanks darling x

  53. Asia Nicole Fletcher

    Great work love u I standout


    Thank you Asia! x

  54. Jori Haar

    super tof nummer :)


    Jori Haar thanks Jori! 😀

  55. esmeedenters

    Thanks everyone for your kind words on the new song! I've got another exciting announcement. I'll be performing my new music and of course some of my older songs (like Outta Here) at my first headline show in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I really hope to see you there! ; ) This is a really big deal to me and I'm really grateful for the support that you have given me over the years. It has given me the courage to continue on this crazy Journey. I hope to see you there.
    Click here to get tickets!

  56. Concept Creator

    goed bezig Esmee!! klinkt als een meer volwassen nummer ook! Niet teveel gedoe op de achtergrond! keep it up!


    Concept Creator thanks fijn om te horen!

  57. Rikko



    Rikko thank you 🙏

  58. Assia Moslih

    Lovely and nice song ! Live u esmee


    Assia Moslih thank you sweetie 🙏😘

    Assia Moslih

    esmeedenters my pleasures ❤❤❤ all my love

  59. PeterOosterman

    ♡ Great lyrics. Thank you for another great song!


    PeterOosterman thank you for listening 😘

  60. rachelkramersupport

    Sweety, you went tru alot in the music industry! You deserve it to go big! I support you from the beginning,from the moment you upload your vids till forever! This song is everything and you give me strenght with it! Thanks Esmee! Youre one of the greatest singers on earth!! Thank you for this song... XXX


    rachelkramersupport thank you for your kind words! 😀Really grateful to have such lovely subscribers x

  61. Tim Post



    Tim Post 😀🙏

  62. Melissa Al

    Such a strong message I loove love loooove this song ❤️💕💕💕


    Melissa Al thank you Melissa! 😘

  63. showtime gaatjeniksan

    you help a lot of girls to feel better with this song.!!!

  64. JAZkr3w/JelmerBoele

    Muziekwereld is weer compleet!😍


    JAZkr3w 😀

  65. Kira Lee

    Love you're voice❤👍
    You deserve so much more.❤

  66. delize anne-lise

    Tu es toujours au top 😍


    delize anne-lise Merci! 😘

  67. Aurora Ann

    Finaly a new track! #youmadeit! 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍


    Aurora Ann 😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀

  68. John A. Czerkies

    Love it! Just added to my play list!! Keep reaching to the stars!


    John A. Czerkies thanks John 🙏

  69. Chantal

    Wat een prachtig nummer ik heb je gemist esmee xxx


    Chantal Dankje Chantal fijn om te horen! 😀x

  70. Jürgen Koller

    Like it a lot Esmee, well done!


    Jürgen Koller Thanks glad you like! 😀

  71. Simone Van Der Holst

    Denk je dat het je weer gaat lukken 11 miljoen kijkers te krijgen voor een videoclip?

  72. Eleftheria Chatzitheodoridou

    Good one Esmée! 💖💖💖


    Eleftheria Hatzitheodoridi Thanks sweetie x

  73. Sien10

    Good Vibes Esmée! Top.


    Sien10 😀😘

  74. rarebliss

    I'm so happy to hear new music from you!!! 😊😊😊


    rarebliss thanks sweetie 😘

  75. Steven Armando

    I’m in a battle with personal issues, after my car accident, this song made me smile. 😁 🙏🏾


    Steven Armando Hi Steven happy to hear that! Hope you’re OK

  76. hubertgunpowder

    Beautiful, Esmée !!

  77. Mary sofia

    I love you sooo much and your voice . I am so sorry what the music industrie's did to you . Love you 😍😍

  78. debbiestar123

    love your music as always ❤

  79. Guilherme Pires

    God how I love your voice, I'm excited for more new music <3

  80. JustLocal

    Lekker hoor! Maar of ze dat op de radio gaan draaien, ik denk het niet..

  81. superhunk1989

    This is such a beautiful FEELING GOOD song.

  82. Daniël vd burg

    Nice song i love it Nice voice

  83. Whitney Williams

    Thank you sooo much Esmee. This song is helping me more than I could ever explain. It brings tears to my eyes on how much this song motivates and inspires me. I love you Esmee

  84. chris 1989

    Amazing can't wait to see a video for this

  85. Nate Ojeda

    It feels good! Go Esmée, so proud of you

  86. Yu Vivian

    Thank you for always being so inspiring ~ I’ll always love you ❤️

  87. Dustin

    I will always support you! You are so talented! You deserve all of the success!

  88. DaeOnYoutube

    I've been here since Halo, and have continued to support! I love this new song and I hope you get so many opportunities in life, because you deserve them, you're so talented!

    Your cover of It's a Man's World on Ontsofa still continues to blow me away every time I listen to it.

  89. OverKooked

    Fantastisch! Super lyrics ook 👌🏽 As always, well done!

  90. Ivka Ivi

    Omg i love this song!!!!!! Wow!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Hugs from Croatia! :)


    Thanks sweetie! : ) x

  91. Christina Sheppard

    Buying it to support you!! I hope others follow suit :)


    Thanks Christina you're the best! x

  92. Christina Sheppard

    I love her voice!!! I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Fabienne Eschen

    Love it❤️

  94. QueenDramatic

    It's just amazing how long I have been following and hearing your voice grow.. I have been following since you did the cover of Beyoncé song. I remember I was little I use to sing it with while you were singing it 🤦🏾‍♀️! & that was 11 years ago. & still here im getting old. I love the song keep it up! 🎤👍🏾


    Thanks sweetie it's been a long time coming but I'm glad you like the song! x

  95. Imani Renee

    I’m literally crying because this has been my struggle my whole life. This song really changed me


    Now we are both crying ; ) lol thanks Imani I really want my new music to be honest and the fact that you recognise yourself in these lyrics and they have made you feel this way means the world! x


    Imani Renee ㅏㄱㄹㅋㄴㄷㄲㄴᆢ룩ㄸㅋㅌㄱ느드ㅡㅌㄴ트ㅡ귿ㄱㄴ특슫ㄹ튻ㄴㅌㄹㄸㄱㄹㅌㄴㅅㄴㄸㄴ

  96. Leon Lee

    Love love love this ❤


    Thanks Leon : )


    Thanks Leon! : )

    Leon Lee

    esmeedenters It's that "Beautiful" by Christina kind of anthem!

  97. harrisxu1

    sing so nice